Gillies’ New Post Silverchair Project One Of 2012’s Surprise Hits

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Ben Gillies’ name likely doesn’t ring a bell to most audiences.  But with the release of the debut album from his new band, Bento, the former Silverchair drummer’s name may become far more prominent among music audiences.  Diamond Days is such an intriguing record in that its sound is something similar to a hybrid of indie pop and rock.  The album’s title track opens the whole thing.  It’s a solid opener that’s driven largely by a moving piano part and equally solid drumming.  The song’s lyrics do their own part in the song’s success, too.  Gillies sings happily, “These are the/Diamond Days/My vision/Of golden sands/They were the/fractured dreams/No more/Of broken hearts/I got this feeling long ago.”  The whole positive, upbeat spirit of the song makes it not just a solid opener for the album, but an instant hit for the band.  It is without a doubt the best possible first impression for Gillies and company on this new project.

Gillies and his band mates keep the positive vibe moving in the album’s second track, ‘Words of Love.’  The title alone leaves no question as to the song’s topic.  And the lyrics back that up, as Gillies sings, “Take this heart of mine/And make it yours to keep/It’s your gift here waiting/It’s your cherry tree.  Again, the band leaves little doubt about the song’s topic.  The standard sappy love song lyrics aside, it’s still a good song thanks to that continued up-tempo vibe of the song’s musical half.  Even those people who aren’t fans of the love song genre will enjoy this song if only for the fact that it’s a forward moving piece.  For that matter, it’s another highlight of this debut release from Bento.

Gillies moves in a different direction after ‘Words of Love.’  The album’s third track will take children of the 80’s back in time with its keyboard part.  It’s a throwback to the nu-wave sound of the 80’s.  From there, he moves back to a more light rock oriented sound on ‘Glue’, another of this album’s high points.  This song especially would be a good fit at any mainstream rock radio station, given the chance.  It actually boasts something akin to a classic rock vibe.  Some might even compare it to material from music legend Bob Dylan.  It’s another song that comes across as being about personal relationships.  But that aside, the music makes it another great listen, and one more piece of the overall successful musical picture that is Diamond DaysDiamond Days is available in stores and online now.  It can be ordered online direct via the official Bento website,  Fans can also get all the latest news and more from Bento on its official website, as well as,,,, and

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