Beyond The Horror Debuts Debut LP’s Lead Single, ‘Storm Rage’

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Independent hard rock band Behind The Horror debuted the lead single from its forthcoming album Burn Up This Truth this week.

The band debuted its single ‘Storm Rage’ Thursday through Metal Injection.  The musical arrangement at the center of ‘Storm Rage’ exhibits a distinct prog-metal approach through its heavy yet specifically-time guitar riffs and equally precise time keeping.  The song’s lyrical theme meanwhile comes across as a story of a personal story that ultimately ends with hope.

Burn Up This Truth is scheduled for release Aug. 10 and  will come on the heels of the release of its debut EP …And The Horror Begins, which was released last year.

The band — composed of brothers Gabriel and Lucas Alves — issued a statement about the album in an open letter to its fans.  The letter is available to read below.

A letter for the fans:
”For all those who share that same feeling of love and passion for a dream, for all those who still believe that there is hope and who know that every day is a day of battle and that the enemy never sleeps. For all those who even in the tornado of mishaps that is life hear a distant voice that screams for you not to give up and know that surrender will never be an option. For all those who look at the world and want to change it. Know that we are with you.

This album is the result of an effort of almost 10 years of dedication, blood, sweat and a lot of hard work. So many things happened in that period of years in our lives that in a short note it would be impossible to say everything, so many comings and goings, distances traveled, losses, new journeys, new lives, overcoming and all this was worth it because through the fights eh came the victories . It seems a cheesy and boring cliché, but after all these years and observing how the world is at this very moment the message that we would like to send to everyone who hears this album is, never give up!

And none of this was built by just one of us, we learned that both in battle and in glory, good or bad, life is only worthwhile when you have people by your side to share all these moments. We would like to thank everyone who was part of that dream with us, everyone who once saw our shows, everyone who liked and shared our posts, everyone who extended their hand when we needed, everyone who in any way supported us and was part of this, our thanks, and may the universe allow us to meet again on this road. So without further, Let’s Burn Up This Truth.”

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