The Cult safe after bus crash in Croatia

Courtesy: The Cult

The Cult frotnman Ian Astbury tells the media that he had quite the scare after the band’s tour bus was involved in an incident earlier this week in Croatia.  the band was on its way to Slovenia from Croatia when it slammed into a guardrail, causing the bus to tip before finally writing itself.  The incident damaged part of the front end of the bus.  In an interview, Astbury explained what happened.  “I was the only one awake,” he said.  “All of a sudden, the bus veered violently, hit the guard rail and tipped on a 45-degree angle, then righted itself and came to a halt.  The guard rail was the only thing that prevented us from going over an 80-foot drop.”

Being the only one awake at the time, Astbury was thrown into the bus’s aisle, causing injuries to his back, neck, and shoulder.  He was the ony one who sustained any major injuries.  the band was able to work on the bus and make its way to its next stop.

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The Cult releases second single from its new album

Courtesy: Cooking Vinyl

Veteran rock act, The Cult, has officially released the second single off of its highly acclaimed new album, “Choice of Weapon.”  The song, ‘Honey From a Knife’ is the hard rocking opener to the new album.  Behind the work of the band–Billy Buffy (guitar), Chris Wyse (bass), John tempesta (drums) and Ian Astbury (vocals), this song comes right at listeners. 

Along with being released to radio stations nationwide, “Honey From a Knife” is also now available as a ringtone on all U.S. carriers. 

The Cult is currently touring in support of “Choice of Weapon.”  And fans can check out all the current and upcoming tour dates online at and on its Facebook page at  They can also keep up with all the latest on the band’s Twitter page at, on Myspace at  If you’re not hearing ‘Honey From a Knife’ at your favorite radio station, make sure to call them up and request it right now!

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Members of The Cult to appear on Rockline May 23rd

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA–Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, of The Cult, will appear on the nationally syndicated music based radio show, Rockline.  The duo is scheduled to be on the show May 23rd.  They will be discussing the band’s new album, “Choice of Weapon.”  The album is currently slated to hit stores May 22nd.  They will also debut new songs from the album and take listener calls.  Fans can talk to the band by calling the Rockline toll free line, 1-800-344-ROCK (7625). 

The duo’s appearance on the show comes just before the band kicks off its world tour in support of the new album on May 25th.  the band kicks off its tour in San Diego, California at Humphreys By the bay. 

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