Black Veil Brides Will Impress Its Most Devoted Audiences Again With Its Latest LP

Courtesy: Sumerian Records

Veteran rock band Black Veil Brides is scheduledto finally release its latest album this week in the form of The Phantom Tomorrow.  The band’s sixth album, it was originally scheduled for release June 4.  Its release was delayed in order to allow the comic book that will accompany the record to get up to speed with the album.  The album stands out in part because of its general presentation, which will be discussed shortly.  The record’s musical presentation works with its general presentation to make for more appeal.  It will be discussed a little later.  The album’s production rounds out its most important elements and will also be discussed later.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the album.  All things considered, they make the album another work that the band’s most devoted audiences will appreciate.

Black Veil Brides’ forthcoming album, The Phantom Tomorrow, is a presentation that audiences will find well worth hearing at least once.  That is proven in part through the album’s general presentation.  In regards to the general presentation, the album is presented not as just a collection of songs, but rather a concept album.  Now while concept albums are typically reserved for the prog realm, this approach is nothing new for this band.  The band has already released two other concept records in the forms of Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones (2013) and its “prequel,” Vale (2018).  In the case of The Phantom Tomorrow, front man Andy Biersack noted in a March 2021 interview with, that the album’s concept centers on essentially the human nature of idolatry.  It just takes a bit of a darker turn in this case.  Biersack is quoted as saying of the concept, “The story is essentially the idea…In our society, especially now, we have this love of building up heroes and obsessing over other people who often don’t give a s*** about you or anybody else and we kind of have these false idols and heroes.  And so the story is about taking this mythological character and the people putting all of this power on to them, and ultimately turning their back on the character because nobody can fulfill the dreams and ideas that you put on somebody else.”  He goes on from here to shorten the summary, pointing out that the story centers on humans’ obsession with those in positions of power and celebrity, and the resultant impact of that obsession.  It is a timeless theme considering that, again, people have that tendency to idolize, and then react a certain way when they react that those they idolize are not who and what they thought.  It makes the story here quite interesting and well worth hearing in itself.  To that end, the general presentation is clearly in itself reason enough for audiences to give The Phantom Tomorrow a chance.  It is just a part of what makes the album worth hearing, too.  The record’s musical presentation builds on the interest and appeal generated through the general presentation to give the album even more reason for being heard.

The musical presentation featured in The Phantom Tomorrow is of note because of its approach.  For the most part, the band takes a distinct metalcore style approach.  The only real deviation comes in the album’s finale, ‘Fall Eternal,’ which comes across more as an emo type composition.  All of this is important to note because the approach taken with the music here clearly shows the band’s continued growth and evolution away from the more glam rock/Motley Crue-esque sounds that made the band famous in its infancy.  It shows that continued willingness to take risks and grow, as noted and is something that will appeal, again, to the band’s most devoted audiences and to more casual audiences.  Keeping that in mind, it is one more way in which the album proves itself worth hearing at least once.  The production of that musical content rounds out the most important of the album’s items and completes its presentation.

The production of The Phantom Tomorrow is important to examine because of how much it plays into the record’s musical content.  As noted, the arrangements featured in this record continue to exhibit the growth and evolution of Black Veil Brides as a band and individually.  While the album, for the most part, presents a distinct metalcore approach, the songs featured here still boast their own unique identity separate from so many other metalcore acts out there.  The record’s production plays into that identity.  It serves to accent the arrangements’ melodies, and the nuances therein, even within the vocals, to really bring out the fullest body of each composition.  At the same time, the production ensures that no one part of each instrumentation overpowers its counterparts from one work to the next.  The overall result of that attention to detail in the production is that the arrangements keep listeners fully engaged and entertained throughout the album.  It puts the final touch to the whole and completes the presentation, showing once more why this record is worth hearing at least once.

Black Veil Brides’ new, forthcoming album, The Phantom Tomorrow, is a presentation that the band’s most devoted audiences will agree is another positive addition to the band’s catalog.  Its success comes in part through its general presentation.  In this case, the general presentation is that of a concept record, something to which the band is no stranger.  The concept here will resonate with listeners, too, because of its accessibility.  The album’s musical presentation adds to its appeal because it continues to show the band’s development and growth.  The record’s production puts the finishing touch to its presentation, bringing everything full circle and bringing out the best in each song.  Each item examined here is important in its own way to the album.  All things considered, they make The Phantom Tomorrow a record that will have plenty of tomorrows in audiences’ libraries.

The Phantom Tomorrow is scheduled for release Friday through Sumerian Records.  More information on the album is available along with all of Black Veil Brides’ news at:




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Monster Energy Aftershock Festival Lineup Announced; Tickets On Sale Now

Courtesy: Danny Wimmer Presents

The Monster Energy Aftershock Festival is coming back to California this year.

The annual festival is scheduled to be held October 13 and 14 at Sacramento’s Discovery Park.  Now in its seventh year, the festival will be headlined this year by System of a Down, Alice in Chains and Deftones.  This year marks the first time that System of a Down has performed at the festival.

Along with being the band’s first year at the festival, System of a Down’s performance at the Aftershock Festival will also be the band’s first announced U.S. appearance in three years.  It is also part of the band’s 20th anniversary celebration of its landmark self-titled album’s release.

While System of a Down, Alice in Chains and Deftones are the two-day festival’s planned headliners, they are not the only bands on the bill.  Also scheduled for the performance are Godsmack (which is currently touring in support of its brand new album When Legends Rise), Incubus, Seether, Jonathan Davis (whose latest solo album Black Labyrinth is scheduled for release May 25), At The Drive-In and Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators (who are currently working on their latest album) as well as Bullet For my Valentine (whose new album Gravity is scheduled to be released June 29), Sevendust (whose album All I See Is War is out now) and many more.  The full lineup for this year’s festival is noted below.

The current band lineup for Monster Energy Aftershock is as follows: System Of A Down, Deftones, Alice In Chains, Incubus, Godsmack, Shinedown, 311, Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators, At The Drive-In, Seether, Jonathan Davis, Bullet For My Valentine, Underoath, Black Veil Brides, Hellyeah, Asking Alexandria, Sevendust, Everlast, GWAR, Emmure, Stick To Your Guns, Dance Gavin Dance, Monster Magnet, Red Sun Rising, Bad Wolves, The Fever 333, Dorothy, Wage War, Plague Vendor, Hyro The Hero, Amigo The Devil, All Them Witches, Slothrust, The Dose, Viza, The Jacks and more to be announced.

Providing food for this year’s festival will be a variety of vendors including: Southern Hospitality Concessions LLC, Danny Wimmer Presents’ affiliate concessionaire.  Food trucks will also be on hand, providing savory and sweet treats from: Angry Bird Grill, Bacon Mania, Barrett’s Burgers, Barrett’s Sliders, Big Joe’s BBQ, Bubba’s BBQ, Cousins Maine Lobster, Dippin Dots Ice Cream, Dogtown, Drewski’s Hot Rod Sandwiches, Florez Bar & Grill, La Mex Taqueria, Mac Attack, Mount Olympus, Sausage King, Smokin’ Hot Pizza, Spicy Pie and Xochimilco Mexican Restaurant.

Beverages will be available from a variety of vendors, including vendors for festival-goers 21 and older.  Those vendors include: Caduceus Vellars & Merkin Vineyards Wine Garden (owned by Tool/A Perfect Circle/ Puscifer front man Maynard James Keenan) and the Belching Beaver Bar (featuring drafts from the Vista, CA brewer including the Phantom Bride IPA, a collaboration with the Defones).  Mrkt N Jolt will also be on site, offering hot coffee, cold brew and other items.

As if the music, food and drink isn’t enough for festival-goers, this year’s festival will also offer lots of entertainment options.  Those options include the Monster Energy Experience, which gives audiences the chance to meet and greet the bands while also sampling the festival’s various offered drinks, The Music Experience, which is an interactive exhibit and music instrument retailer.  Non-profit animal rescue organization Take Me Home will also be on-site along with Dyin 2 Live/FXck Cancer, a wish-granting organization.  Fans can buy music from the festival’s bands on site at the f.y.e. Fan Experience.

Festival-goers can win prizes and check out the latest products from Zippo Lighters at Zippo Encore and charge their phones at SWFTCharge.

Tickets and VIP packages for this year’s festival are on-sale now.  Prices are listed below.  Service fees on all ticket purchases include a $0.50 charity fee for the T.J. Martell Foundation, a foundation aimed at researching and fighting cancer.  Active military personnel get discounts on their tickets through GovX.

Initial ticket prices will be as follows:

  • 2-Day Weekend General Admission: starting at $149.50 + fees
  • 2-Day Weekend VIP: starting at $299.50 + fees
  • Single Day General Admission: starting at $89.50 + fees
  • Single Day VIP: starting at $179.50 + fees

VIP tickets include: VIP entrance lanes to the venue, shaded VIP hang area with seating for dining, a VIP-only viewing area of main stage, video screens featuring a live feed of main stage inside the VIP hang area, upgraded food and drink selections, dedicated VIP restrooms and commemorative VIP Monster Energy Aftershock laminate.

A park & ride shuttle is being offered again for this year’s festival as parking at Discovery park is very limited.  Every ticket includes parking at Sleep Train Arena and non-stop shuttle directly to the festival site.

The Monster Energy Aftershock Festival is produced by Danny Wimmer Presents and fueled by Monster Energy.  It is sponsored by f.y.e., Coors Light, Jack Daniels, Zippo Encore, The Music Experience, SWFTCharge, Fxck Cancer, Ace of Spades, Take Me Home and Belching Beaver.  More sponsors will be announced later.

More information on this year’s Monster Energy Aftershock Festival is available online now at:






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Alive And Burning Is A Good First Live Effort From Alive And Burning

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Glam/Goth metal act Black Veil Brides will release its first-ever live recording this week. The recording, dubbed Alive and Burning, will be released tomorrow, July 10th on DVD and Blu-ray. For those that are fans of the Hollywood, CA-based band its debut live recording proves to be a good first effort. The main element of the recording that fans will appreciate in this concert is its set list. The seventeen song set list lifts from all four of the albums that the band has released since it first formed roughly nine years ago in Ohio’s Queen City. The band’s stage presence is also of note in regards to what fans will like about it. Last but not least worth noting is the concert’s collective audio and video mix. The audio mix by itself is slightly problematic. It is not perfect but still bearable. On the other hand, the work of the camera crew does an expert job of capturing the band’s energy and the effect of that energy of the audience in attendance. The end result of their work is a concert that translates quite well not only that combined energy but also captures the very essence of a BVB live show. For those that are not able to attend a live BVB show for one reason or another, this is very important. So, kudos to the camera crew for that. That having been noted, it is one more reason that BVB fans will enjoy this recording. All things considered, Alive and Burning is not a perfect first live outing for Black Veil Brides. But it is a good one nonetheless. It is one that any of the band’s fans will want to have in their own collections.

Alive and Burning is a good first live effort from Black Veil Brides. The seventeen-song, eighty-two minute concert will entertain any fan of the glam/goth rock band. The set list in question is the primary reason that BVB’s fans will enjoy this recording. The show’s set, which was recorded during a stop on the “Black Mass Tour 2014,” covers all four of the albums that the band has released since originally forming roughly nine years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio. Examining the set list even more closely, fans will be interested to know that not one of the band’s albums is featured more so than any of its others over the course of the concert. All four albums are equally represented throughout the course of the concert. The band even included its cover of Billy Idol’s hit ‘Rebel Yell’ and its original composition ‘Coffins’ that were both included in its 2011 EP Rebels in te show. Simply put BVB fans get a set list in this concert that is both full and fully representative of the band’s career so far. It’s just one reason that BVB’s fans will enjoy this recording. The band’s stage presence throughout the show is another reason that fans will enjoy the show.

The set list pulled for Alive and Burning is in itself plenty of reason for BVB’s fans to check out the band’s new live recording. It covers a relatively healthy swath of the band’s career so far, covering equally all four of its albums and even its currently lone EP. While the set list is pivotal in its own right to fans’ enjoyment of Alive and Burning, one would be thoughtless to ignore the band’s stage presence as part of the recording’s success and enjoyment by fans, too. Fans that weren’t lucky enough to be at the band’s hometown show will be happy to know that the band’s stage presence will keep them rapt. Front man Andy Biersack takes every opportunity to interact with the audience both during and between songs. This includes climbing giant stacks of amps among other things. Guitarists Jake Pitts and Jinx throw back to rhe days of big riffs and even bigger hair with their work on their instruments and teased hair. The pair’s performance, complete with old school glam metal motions, instantly conjures thoughts of Motley Crue, Poison and other well-known names of the 80s. The same applies to bassist Ashley Purdy’s presence. Even drummer Christian “CC” Coma keeps audiences happy with his work behind the kit. All five members’ performances are full of energy and combined they make for a stage presence that translates quite well even to fans watching at home. Being that the band members’ performances translate so well, they show in their own way why they are important in their own right to the success and enjoyment of the recording among BVB’s fans.

Both the set list featured in Alive and Burning and BVB’s stage presence play their own part in making it a recording that the band’s fans will enjoy. While both elements play their own important part in the enjoyment of the show, neither would be worth mentioning without a mention of the recording’s production values. This is where things get just a little bit dicey. The production values, while good, are not perfect. The camera crew is to be highly commended for its work capturing the band’s performance. However, the audio mix is a bit troublesome. Those behind the lenses capture every possible angle of the show both from the stage and from the vantage point of the audience. It is thanks to their painstaking efforts that fans watching the concert in their own homes will find that they have the best seat in the house. What’s more, it is thanks to the camera crew that the energy of the band in its stage presence translates so well. That is because of the pacing and angle of the shots. For all of the quality work put out by the concert’s camera crew, those charged with handling the concert’s audio came up a little bit short. The issue at hand here is that at many points throughout the concert, Biersack is seemingly overpowered by his band mates. There are times at which it even sounds like his mic isn’t even on and he is being picked up by one of his band mates’ mics. It could of course just be this critic’s own take. On the good side, Biersack’s interaction with the audience between songs is much clearer. So why the audio at least seems unbalanced during the songs in comparison to between them is anyone’s guess. Luckily the imbalance isn’t so bad that it ruins the concert. It is bearable. Because it is bearable, it serves to heighten the intensity of the band’s stage presence and the work of the camera crew. The efforts of all involved coupled with the show’s set list more than make up for the seeming issues with the concert’s audio mix and in turn keep Alive and Burning a good first effort from BVB.

Alive and Burning is a good first live effort from BVB. Its career-spanning set list of sorts in itself makes it worth the watch among the band’s fans. The band’s stage presence and the work of the camera crew in capturing the band’s presence work together to provide fans with a show that they will agree makes up for not being there. Even with what seems like some issues of balance in the show’s audio mix, the rest of the concert’s positives more than make up for that one issue. Because they do, they show once more why BVB’s fans shoud see this concert at least once. Alive and Burning will be available in stores and online both on DVD and Blu-ray. More information on this and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online at:




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Black Veil Brides To Release Debut Live Recording This Summer

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Black Veil brides will release its first-ever live recording this summer.

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Alive and Burning on Friday, July 10th. The band’s first-ever live recording, it will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally via iTunes. Alive and Burning was recorded live on November 1st, 2014 during the band’s hometown show at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The show was part of the band’s 2014 “Black Mass Tour” presented by Hot Topic. It features seventeen songs pulled from the band’s now four full-length studio releases including: ‘Knives and Pens,’ ‘Fallen Angels,’ ‘Faithless,’ and ‘The End’ just to name a small handful. The complete set list for the recording is noted below.

Track Listing

1) Heart Of Fire

2) I Am Bulletproof

3) Coffin

4) Faithless

5) Wretched & Divine

6) Knives & Pens

7) Overture

8) Shadows Die

9) Last Rites

10) Rebel Love Song

11) Drum Solo

12) The Legacy

13) Sweet Blasphemy

14) Perfect Weapon

15) Fallen Angels

16) Rebel Yell

17) In The End

Plus bonus feature “Meet The Fans”

Audiences can check out the trailer for Alive and Burning online now at More information on Alive and Burning is available online now along with all of the latest news from Black Veil Brides at:




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Set It Off’s “Duality” Is A Solid Sophomore Effort

Courtesy:  Equal Vision Records

Courtesy: Equal Vision Records

Set It Off releases its brand new full-length studio effort Duality today.  The album, the band’s second full-length release and fifth overall release is an impressive new work. That is because it does so much to continue establishing the band’s identity, separating it even more from other bands to whom it had been compared early on in its existence.  While the band exhibits quite a bit of growth on this album, it also hasn’t lost the sound that made it so popular early on among its fan base.  That makes Dualityeven more of a solid new recording from Set It Off.  The combination of the band’s musical growth is evident in the album’s lead single ‘Why Worry.’  The band’s harder edged sound is present in this song.  But there is also a poppier sound mixed into the whole.  That balance of sounds alongside the song’s thought provoking lyrics makes clear why this song was chosen as the album’s lead.  Staying on a similar page, audiences will also enjoy ‘Tomorrow.’  Its Jimmy Eat World style sound crosses with its equally optimistic lyrics to make this song just as much of a surefire hit with listeners.  On the completely opposite side of things, the lyrically searing ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’ is sure to ignite just as much of a fire in listeners because of its intensity both musically and lyrically.  These songs are just a few that exhibit what makes Dualitya solid second full-length release from Set It Off.  The album’s other eight tracks are sure to become favorites to listeners in their own right, too.  Collectively, all eleven tracks on Duality prove just why audiences will want to check out this latest release from Set It Off regardless of their familiarity with the band and its sound.

Duality is a record that every lover of rock should hear regardless of their familiarity with the band and its sound.  ‘Why Worry,’ the album’s lead single, takes the sound that made the band a fan favorite early on and mixes it with a somewhat more poppy, Fall Out Boy style sound in its chorus to make a song that proves to be quite catchy musically speaking.  The song’s positive lyrics make this piece even more enjoyable.  Front man Cody Carson sings in the song’s opening verse, “This sinking feeling sets/It feels just like a hole inside your chest/I know you’re thinking No, no, no, no it is easier said than done/But please let me attest/I know it’s hard/You’re feeling like you’re trapped/But that’s how you react/When you cannot see the light/But try and see the light/I’m telling you no, no, no, no you’re the only one/Standing in your way/Just take a breath/Relax/And tell me….Why/Please tell me why do we worry.”  The song comes across as addressing those individuals that think to themselves “Oh woe is me.” Carson says to those people in an attempt to motivate them, “You’re the only one/Standing in your way.”  The song’s second verse in which Carson sings about handling each day’s difficulties as they come rather than trying to cross bridges that don’t yet exist.  It proves to be quite the enlightening work and uplifting at the same time.  The addition of the song’s catchy hooks and choruses make it even more enjoyable and clearer why it was chosen as the album’s lead single.  Thanks to a partnership with Fuse TV, audiences can check out the song’s brand new companion video online at 

‘Why Worry’ was an excellent first choice to represent what Duality has to offer audiences.  Its combination of catchy hooks and choruses alongside its positive lyrics will both move listeners and get them moving.  Much in the same vein, ‘Tomorrow’ offers its own enjoyment and positivity.  Intended or not, this song exhibits something of a Jimmy Eat World style sound in its musical side.  Lyrically, it is just as uplifting as ‘Why Worry.’  Carson sings in this song, “They’re gonna try to clip your wings/Lock you up and make you sing/But they’ll never cage your dreams/So fly away/Cause we’ve got tomorrow/We’re the pages in the wind/We’ve got tomorrow/We’re the tale that lies within/There’s always another day/Another night/A bittersweet blessing in disguise/Tomorrow/We’re the authors of our lives tomorrow.”  Carson’s note that there’s always another “bittersweet blessing in disguise” is such a short statement.  But it speaks volumes.  He is saying that even things that seem bad could be blessings in disguise. And those hidden blessings are what make tomorrow better than today.  It is truly a positive message.  It is a message from which audiences of all ages can take some heart and hope.  That positive message set against the song’s catchy musical side makes it another of the best of this record’s moments.

The positive messages and catchy music that make up ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Why Worry’ make these songs two of the brightest moments on Duality.  On the completely opposite side of things, the lyrically searing ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ is certain to get any listener’s adrenaline flowing.  The song’s title and its lyrics leave zero doubt as to what the song’s topic.  It is a full-on lyrical assault on those that would attempt to lie and deceive others.  Those people include those people that call themselves friends but are so fast to stab people in the back among others.  Cody makes this painfully clear as he sings right off the top of the song, “Beware, beware be skeptical/Of their smiles/Their smiles of plated gold/Deceit so natural/But a wolf in sheep’s clothing is more than a warning.”  He goes on to sarcastically use nursery rhymes to illustrate his point.  That use of children’s nursery rhymes as a juxtaposition of children’s mentality to that of older individuals adds even more punch to the song.  And Carson’s diatribe that builds into the song possesses enough vitriol to make Eminem proud.  Though in his defense, who wouldn’t want to scream “Burn in Hell!” to those that have deceived us for one reason or another?  It is a powerful finishing touch to what is one more of Duality’s best moments.    Together with the likes of ‘Why Worry’ and ‘Tomorrow,’ Set It Off has proven once again why it is one of the best in the next generation of its genre.

‘Why Worry,’ ‘Tomorrow,’ and ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ are each excellent examples of what makes Duality a solid sophomore effort from Set It Off.  They aren’t the only positives to this album in whole, though.  The album’s gentle closer ‘Miss Mysterious’ is the polar opposite of the album’s opener ‘The Haunting.’  ‘Bleak December’ also offers its own value to the whole as does ‘N.M.E.’  All things considered, Duality is proof that Set It Off has just started and the future looks bright for this u-and-coming band.  The band will hit the road in support of Duality beginning tomorrow, October 15th in Orlando, Florida on the “Black Mass 2014” tour presented by Hot Topic.  Also along for the ride will be Black Veil Brides, Falling in Reverse, and Drama Club.  The tour brings all four bands to North Carolina next month.  It will make a stop at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina on December 5th.  Tickets for the concert can be ordered online via Ticketmaster.  Set It Off’s complete tour schedule is available online along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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Set It Off Announces Release Date, Track Listing For New Album

Courtesy:  Equal Vision Records

Courtesy: Equal Vision Records

Set It Off will release its new album this fall.

Duality, the latest full length studio release from Tampa, Florida’s own Set it Off will be released Tuesday, October 14th via Equal Vision Records.  Front man Cody Carson explained in a recent interview the root of the album’s title noting that it has to do with the two sides that each person possesses.  “I’ve always been borderline obsessed with the notion of duality. Something about the juxtaposition of two polar opposites seems so vulnerable and blatantly human to me,” he said.  Everyone has two sides, the side they let people see and the side they hide. In this record I decided to bare exactly who I am and what I go through in my day to day life. Love, heartbreak, sex, alcohol, happiness, sadness, anger, the human experience. I want you to hear this record and experience every human emotion you’re capable of feeling,”

Carson expanded on that train of thoughts, explaining how that thought pattern played a role in hwo the songs on this album came to life.  “It’s not just the lyrical content that represents duality,” he said. “The instrumentals portray it as well. You’ll hear dark, minor verses that transition to bright, happy choruses. Just like our lives, the great involuntary, impulsive non-stop roller coaster ride. I’m sick of fake people and watching them skate by with the idea that it’s okay to put on an act to gain confidence and trust in their peers. Allow me to be the first to tell you this about myself: I am good, I am evil. I am solace, I am chaos. I am human, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be. Be human with us and show us your true duality.”  Duality’s track listing is noted below.

1. The Haunting
2. N.M.E.
3. Forever Stuck in Our Youth
4. Why Worry
5. Ancient History
6. Bleak December
7. Duality
8. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing ft. William Beckett
9. Tomorrow ft. Jason Lancaster
10. Bad Guy
11. Miss Mysterious

In anticipation of Duality’s release, Set It Off teased the album with the premiere of a clip from the video for the single ‘Why Worry,’ which is one of the songs included on the upcoming LP.  That clip can be viewed now here. The band is also currently touring in support of Duality ahead of its release.  It is currently touring alongside Heartist, Our Last Night, and Stages & Stereos.  It will hit the road with Black Veil Brides, and Falling in Reverse beginning October 21st on the “Black Mass 2014 Tour” presented by Hot Topic.  That tour includes a stop at the Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina on December 5th.  The band’s current tour schedule is listed below.

Set It Off and Our Last Night w/Heartist and Stages & Stereos
Aug 13 Houston, TX @ Bronze Peacock at House of Blues
Aug 14 Fort Worth, TX @ Tomcats West
Aug 15 Oklahoma City, OK @ Conservatory
Aug 16 St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
Aug 17 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
Aug 22 Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall+

+ OLN 10 Year Anniversary Show: Our Last Night and Set It Off w/Class of 92 (Matt Arsenault of A Loss For Words), Heartist and Stages & Stereos

Black Veil Brides w/Falling In Reverse and Set It Off
Oct 21 Niagara Falls, NY @ Rapids Theatre
Oct 22 Columbus, OH @ The LC Pavilion
Oct 24 St. Paul, MN @ Myth
Oct 25 Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre
Oct 27 Denver, CO @ The Fillmore Auditorium
Oct 30 Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues
Oct 31 Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee Theatre
Nov 01 Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
Nov 03 San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
Nov 05 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
Nov 07 Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO
Nov 08 Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory Concert House
Nov 09 Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory Concert House
Nov 10 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
Nov 12 Kansas City, MO @ Uptown Theater
Nov 14 Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room at Old National Centre
Nov 15 Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre
Nov 16 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre
Nov 17 Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
Nov 19 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
Nov 21 Stroudsburg, PA @ Sherman Theater
Nov 22 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
Nov 23 New York, NY @ Best Buy Theater
Nov 26 Portland, ME @ State Theatre
Nov 28 Clifton Park, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall
Nov 29 Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore Silver Spring
Dec 02 Louisville, KY @ Expo Five
Dec 03 Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle
Dec 04 Orlando, FL @ House Of Blues
Dec 05 Charlotte, NC @ The Fillmore Charlotte
Dec 06 Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
Dec 08 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Orbit Room
Dec 09 St Louis, MO @ The Pageant
Dec 11 Houston, TX @ Bayou Music Center
Dec 12 Dallas, TX @ South Side Ballroom
Dec 13 San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
Dec 15 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater

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