The Okee Dokee Brothers’ New LP Not Just For Kids

Courtesy:  Okee Dokee Music

Courtesy: Okee Dokee Music

The Okee Dokee Brothers’ most recent album, Can You Canoe?, is a wonderful album not just for children but for the whole family.  While it was marketed as a children’s album, even parents will find this Grammy award winning album enjoyable with its mix of Americana, Dixieland, and even a touch of semi-Celtic sound.  The bonus DVD included with the CD is an excellent companion piece as the visuals expertly bring to life the images that are likely to run through listeners’ minds as they listen to the songs, right from the album’s opener and title track.

The album’s opener is a wonderful, relaxing song that evokes images of a canoe trip with sunny skies overhead and the sounds of nature all around.  That is exactly what audiences see in the bonus DVD as it opens.  What’s more it’s quite the first impression.  Again, one reminds one’s self that this album was marketed as a children’s album.  But the reality of the song is that it could just as easily double as a general folk song, with its themes of enjoying the simple things in life.  For instance, the duo sings on not needing candy bars and car toys, and of needing only the sound of the water instead of amplifiers.  These are themes that both kids and their parents will appreciate and that will never grow old with each listen.

The gentle vibes of the album’s title track are broken only slightly as the duo launches into the semi-Celtic sea shanty style song that is ‘Haul Away Joe’ before moving into more of a Dixieland sound in the fun little song, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Sippy.’  This song will no doubt have kids singing along as the pair spell out Mississippi through song and a story about Mr. and Mrs. Sippy.  From the fun and goofiness of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Sippy’, listeners are transported back to the album’s original, gentler vibe in the album’s fourth track, ‘Bullfrog Opera.’  Much like the album’s opener, the guys sing of the simple things in its chorus.  They sing in the chorus, “The moon becomes a streetlight in Central Park/And the river is a train/Brooklyn bound/The stars turn into pearls/On high heeled girls/Getting ready for a night on the town/Let’s take ‘em to the/Bullfrog opera/And the raccoon’s masquerade ball/We’ve got Broadway tickets to see a chorus line of crickets/and the loons are playing Carnegie Hall.”  These are such simple lines.  But it is their simplicity that makes imagining such visuals so easy.  And for younger listeners, it will hopefully ignite their imaginations enough to make them want to turn off their televisions and electronics and want to experience these same visuals for themselves.  The Okee Dokee Brothers are definitely to be commended for making a song that is both so deep and simple all at the same time here.

The first small portion of Can You Canoe? is front loaded with lots of wonderful material for both kids and their parents.  The fun doesn’t end after the first quarter of the album though.  There are fun songs about a mosquito named Rosita, taking a ride on a train, and lots more for the whole family to enjoy.  They can enjoy them together now as the duo’s album is available now both in stores and online.  The album can likely be purchased at the Okee Dokee Brothers’ shows, including the group’s upcoming show in Carrboro on April 13th.  Fans can get a full listing of the guys’ tour schedule on its official website, and on its Facebook page,

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OCMS’s New LP Will Impress Fans New And Old

Courtesy: ATO Records

Old Crow Medicine Show has only released four albums so far in its time together.  In that time, the band has amassed legions of fans around the world.  Listening to the band’s previous three full length studio releases, it’s no wonder why so many people have become fans of this Nashville, Tennessee based bluegrass band.  The band’s most recent album, Carry Me Back is even more proof of that.  The album is old school bluegrass at its finest.  Even having gone through a lineup change after the release of its last album, OCMS has shown that it hasn’t missed a step.  If anything this sextet of professionals has gotten even better than before this time out.

Carry Me Back opens with its title track.  The balance of the fiddle, guitar, and mandolin along with the vocals of Kevin Hayes make for a strong link back to bluegrass’ Celtic roots.  For those who perhaps don’t know, much of bluegrass and country is rooted deeply in old Celtic music.  Lyrically, it’s an interesting piece.  It tells of a soldier in the Civil War.  Hayes sings about a person wanting to go back to Virginia after fighting in the war.  He sings, “I’m a rebel boy/Born on the banks of the Shenandoah/In ’61 I went to the war/To win one for Virginia/Yeah my brother went first/Then they called me, too/I was green as a clover in the morning dew/So I marched to the drum/And we sang to the tune/Carry me back to Virginia.”   The song goes on, telling of the soldier’s experience on the frontline, seeing other soldiers die around him, and being sent to the hospitals to have limbs amputated, yet he still fights for his Southern pride.  It’s an interesting piece, and a good opener for this album.

From here, the band moves into what can only be described as one of the album’s most interesting tracks in ‘We Don’t Grow Tobacco.’  That’s first and foremost because of the vocals.  If a listener didn’t know any better, one would think that this song was being sung by none other than the late great Hank Williams, Sr.  It’s somewhat fitting that it would sound like Williams, as it comes across as a true old school style country song in its mournful lyrics.  Presented here is the story of someone looking at the changing of the guard so to speak.  The figure in the song sings about how the old way of growing tobacco for income is no more.  He sings, “Grandpa told me this I know/Change is coming/Won’t be slow/Knocking just like thunder at the door/Fallow fields are all around/Empty barns just falling down/Ironweed is coming up through the floor/Once we growed it by the pound/Now the kids all moved to town/And all that’s left are elderly and poor/Now I sure am sad to say/That I lived to see this day/That we don’t grow tobacco round here no more.”  Anyone who has ever driven through the country sides of this country have seen exactly what this song is about.  It really hits home, thinking about it.  The crux of the song isn’t so much about a region not growing tobacco anymore, though.  It’s more about a way of life going by the wayside.  That’s what makes it such a good song.  Despite that introspective lyrical vibe, the song’s musical vibe doesn’t come across as being too sad.  That mix of emotions makes this song another high point to Carry Me Back

For the emotion of Carry Me Back, OCMS also offers its listeners something with a little bit of an edge to it.  ‘Country Gal’ will put a grin on any listener’s face, male and female.  It’s a laid back song that expertly mirrors the song’s somewhat naughty lyrics with a little bit of word play at the same time.  The title of the song says it all.  The lyrics drive it all home.  Hayes sings in this song, “Baby’s on the bench seat/Ready to go/So if you wanna have fun/honey/Let’s have a roll in the hay/Good lookin’ country gal/hey good looking country gal/Mouse in the corn crib/Pig in the pen/pitchforks turn/Just to circle again/It’s a barnyard two-step/Do-si-do/Raising up a ruckus/’Til the rooster crows.”  There’s no doubt what this one’s about.  Yes, it’s got an edge of sorts to it.  But it’s also a fun song that will entertain any older audience because of how it gets its message across.  It’s just one more of so many enjoyable songs on the band’s new album.  There are also slower pieces such as the album’s closer, ‘Ways of Man’, the Bob Dylan-esque ‘Aint It Enough’, and ‘Genevieve.’  They all come together to make an album that shows where Old Crow Medicine Show has been and where it still plans to go in the years to come.  Carry Me Back is available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered direct via the ATO Records website at

Fans can also take in the band’s new album live as the band is out touring in support of Carry Me Back now.  The band will be at the Capitol theater in Madison, Wisconsin on Thursday, November 15th.  It will also have a semi-hometown show later this month on the 25th in Memphis, Tennessee.  Audiences can get a full tour run down and all the latest news from the band online at and

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