Empresarios’ New LP Will Leave Listeners With Their Own Positive Vibes

Courtesy: Press Junkie PR

Courtesy: Press Junkie PR

Independent Latin group Empresarios’ latest full-length studio recording The Vibes is an impressive new release from the Washington, D.C.-based collective. The ten-track, forty-minute musical ride provided by the group is one that will bring together audiences of all tongues. This is despite the fact that of those ten tracks eight feature lyrics presented entirely in Spanish. The musical content of each of those tracks more than makes up for the lack of any English-translation for the songs’ lyrical content, again showing why this album will unite audiences of all tongues. So what of the remaining two songs? The songs, interestingly enough, are included as the album’s final two compositions. Both compositions are full-on instrumental tracks that stand just as well on their own merits as the pieces that precede them. The whole of those songs leads The Vibes to be just as solid of an introduction to Empresarios’ sound for those that are less familiar with the group’s sound as it is a welcome return for those that have followed the group from early on. While the songs that make up the body of The Vibes are in themselves plenty of reason for audiences to pick up this latest release from Empresarios, the sequencing of the songs is just as important to note. From start to finish all ten songs are ordered in such fashion as to keep the album’s energy flowing just enough to never lose listeners. The end result of that attention to detail in the album’s sequencing and to the songs themselves is an album that is one of the best of this year’s New World music offerings.

Empresarios’ new album, its third full-length studio offering, is one of the best of this year’s new World Music offerings. It is a ten-track, forty-minute collection of songs that is certain to bring together audiences of all tongues. This is even without English translations for any of the songs included in the album that feature any lyrical content. The songs in question are so powerful in regards to their musical content that said musical content alone will have listeners on their feet, moving in time to those songs. The album’s opener ‘No Vamos A Parar’ is just one example of the group’s ability to bring audiences together. The song’s very title, which roughly translated into English means “We Are Not Going To Stop”, is hint at that. The group’s “Tropicaliente” is clear as day here with its mix of Latin and Afro-Cuban musical influences. The light, playful sound of the horns that opens the song sets a wonderful tone for the song. The equally light guitar line and hip-hop beats couple with the group’s rapping to make this song one that in full honesty doesn’t necessarily need lyrical translation in order to be enjoyed. Sure, it would be nice to have. But just considering the positive *ahem* vibe of the song’s musical content and from the very delivery of the song’s lyrical content, it is clear that this is a song that will in fact make listeners not want to end. It is just one example of how the album’s main body of songs makes this record just as enjoyable for those that speak Spanish as for those that don’t. The instantly club ready ‘A Fuego Lento,’ which translates roughly to ‘slow fire’ or ‘slow burn’ is an interesting piece because of the contrast of that title to the song’s overall content. The song does start somewhat slow and reserved. However, that reserved sound only lasts a matter of seconds before the song really kicks into gear and gets listeners moving again with that mix of different Latin sounds. ‘Salsoul,’ is one more example of the ability of Empresarios to reach audiences of all tongues. This song is yet another club-ready composition that is sure to get listeners on the dance floor. The band even goes so far as to encourage listeners to dance along with the band in the song’s lyrical side. And dance they will, too in hearing the song’s infectious grooves. It shows once more just why The Vibes is such a surprisingly impressive record regardless of listeners’ native language. That is not to discount any of the album’s other full lyrical/musical compositions. Each one of those songs not directly noted adds its own enjoyment to the whole of The Vibes to make its main body of songs plenty of proof as to why it is such a surprisingly enjoyable album. They are not the only reason that listeners will enjoy The Vibes. the album’s finale pairing of songs–‘Rootsy jam’ and ‘Alegria’–are just as important to the album’s enjoyment as each of the eight songs that come before them.

‘No Vamos A Parar,’ ‘A Fuego Lento’ and ‘Salsoul’ are each important in their own right to the enjoyment of Empresarios’ new album. Together with the other five tracks that make up the main body of The Vibes, all eight songs that make up the central body of The Vibes show clearly why audiences don’t have to speak Spanish (or even Portugese) to appreciate and enjoy this record. While they are collectively a hugely important part of the record’s success, they are not all that makes this record so enjoyable. The album’s final pairing of songs–‘Rootsy Jam’ and ‘Alegria’–which are both fully instrumental add even more enjoyment to the album. ‘Rootsy Jam’ boasts an infectious reggae vibe that will instantly conjure thoughts of Bob Marley and The Whalers. ‘Alegria’ on the other hand is somewhat more complex. It opens with a sound that seems to throw back to the days of disco with its mix of keyboards and beats. As the song progresses, horns and bongos join in for a distinctly Latin feel that carries listeners through to the end of the nearly four-minute song. Both songs stand out distinctly from one another. But each is still just as likely to have listeners on their feet, smiles on their faces as the sweat builds. That ability to keep listeners locked in and moving speaks volumes about these two songs. Both songs, set alongside the album’s other eight songs result in a record that lack of translations aside is still a record that audiences of every language will enjoy thanks to musical content that they will want to play all night long again and again.

The songs that make up the body of The Vibes collectively give listeners plenty of reason to check out this latest offering from Empresarios. While the songs are in themselves vastly important to the whole of the album, the album’s sequencing is just as important as the songs themselves. People in general tend to take sequencing for granted. But the reality is that the order of an album’s songs plays just as important of a role in the album’s success or failure as the songs themselves. In the case of this album its sequencing is just as much of a success as its songs. The sequencing of the songs maintains just the right amount of energy from one song to another to keep listeners completely engaged. In keeping listeners engaged, said audiences will agree that The Vibes will leave any listener feeling their own positive vibes. The Vibes is available now online and in stores. It can be ordered direct via Empresarios’ official bandcamp website at https://empresariosmusic.bandcamp.com/releases.

Empresarios’ latest LP The Vibes is an album that is certain to leave listeners with their own positive vibes thanks to the positive vibes that it exudes over the course of its ten tracks and forty minutes. Those good vibrations (bad pun fully intended) are generated through music that will keep listeners moving and smiling from the album’s outset to its end and their smart sequencing. By the end of the album’s closer, listeners feeling those positive vibes will agree that The Vibes is one of the best of this year’s new World Music offerings. It is available in stores and online now. More information on this and Empresarios’ previous pair of recordings is available online now along with the group’s latest news at:

Website: http://www.empresariosmusic.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EmpresariosMusica

Twitter: http://twitter.com/los_empresarios

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Light Flashes Is A Flash Of Indie Musical Greatness

Courtesy:  Press Junkie PR

Courtesy: Press Junkie PR

Independent reggae act Dubbest will release its latest full-length studio effort Light Flashes early next month. The album, the band’s third full-length effort, will be released independently by the Boston-based band. Being that most audiences have likely never heard of Dubbest, its latest record proves to be a good introduction to its sound. This is especially the case for those that are fans of reggae. The band has already premiered the album’s lead single ‘Spend The Day’ as well as a video to go along with the song. That song in itself is a good introduction to the band for those that might not be so familiar with Dubbest and an equally welcome return for the band’s long-time fans. The laid-back grooves of ‘Cross Pollination’ and its intriguing metaphorical writing make it yet another interesting example of what makes Light Flashes a worthwhile listen for any reggae fan. While it is one more good example of what Dubbest has to offer fans both on its new record and in general, it is not the last example. The band also includes no fewer than two instrumental numbers on its new album as part of its whole. The best of those two instrumentals comes late in the album in the form of the song ‘Escape Route.’ The very title conjures thoughts of a beach on a late spring day, the sun shining and palm trees swaying gently in the breeze. It is a great image that will put any listener at ease and in turn yet another example of what makes Light Flashes worth at least one listen. It isn’t the last example of what makes it worth the listen, either. Each of the album’s twelve tracks has its own merits. All twelve tracks noted, Light Flashes shows to be more than just a bright, shining light in the world of reggae and of independent music. That being said, it is safe to say that Light Flashes is one of this year’s best new independent albums.

Dubbest’s new album Light Flashes is one of this year’s best new independent albums. The record boasts twelve tracks that reggae purists everywhere will enjoy. That is because it is a sound that continues to clearly maintain Dubbest’s identity apart from the likes of Sublime, 311, and other pseudo-reggae acts. The album’s lead single ‘Spend The Day’ is a clear example of what makes this record stand out from those of Dubbest’s counterparts. The song doesn’t try to be the poppy sort of song that those from Dubbest’s counterparts have churned out over the years. It is reggae, plain and simple. Guitarists Andrew MacKenzie and Corey Mahoney’s gentle strains harken directly back to the days of Bob Marley and The Whalers while drummer Kyle Hancock’s backbeat serves as a solid foundation for the whole thing. Front man Ryan Thaxter’s own vocal delivery style is just as worth noting here. His delivery is just as soft and gentle as that of his band mates on their respective instruments. This even includes bassist Sean Craffey. Looking at the song’s lyrical content, it plays its own role in the song’s enjoyment, too. Thaxter sings in this song, “Feeling the love like never before/Been waiting for a long time and I cannot endure it/I’m sick of the rain/Let it shine like before/I’ve never been sure before/But I’ve never been so sure/Baby come relieve me/I wanna see you today/Maybe come for the evening and tomorrow we can spend the day.” Simply put, Thaxter is singing from the standpoint of a man that wants to be with his woman. Even more interesting is that even though a man is singing the song, there is no indication of gender in this song. So it could just as easily be sung from a woman’s vantage point, too. That makes the song even more enjoyable. Set against the song’s laid back musical side, it generates a positive vibe that those overly sappy, saccharine pre-produced pop songs about love could never even begin to create. Because of this it makes ‘Spend The Day’ a wonderful first effort from Dubbest on its new album and an equally welcome introduction to the band for any fan that might be unfamiliar with its body of work. Audiences can check out ‘Spend The Day” online now for themselves right at its Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/dubbestmusic.

‘Spend The day’ is a good way for Dubbest to introduce itself to its newer fans and to re-introduce itself to its long-time fans. That is thanks in large part to a solid mix of musical and lyrical content. While it does show itself to be a great starting point for the band on this record, it’s just one example of why any reggae fan should hear this record at least once. The equally laid back yet perhaps somewhat suggestive ‘Cross Pollination’ is another good example of what Dubbest has to offer audiences on its new album. The same things that applies to the musical side of ‘Spend The Day’ apply just as much in the case of this piece. That should just go without saying. Of course, there is the addition of what sounds like an old school B-3 Hammond organ added in to this song’s musical backing. It plays more of a supporting role than starring in this song for lack of better wording. Even in a supporting role, it adds so much with its sound. There’ something special about the vibrato of sorts that comes from such a classic organ. It’s something that can’t be fully put into words. It is something that really can only be appreciated in hearing it. It just gives a certain positive vibe that will put a smile on listeners’ faces just as much as the rest of the song’s musical elements. Moving to the song’s lyrical content, Thaxter uses the concept of cross polination of flowers via a bee to discuss a pretty obvious topic. The swagger in those lyrics coupled with that of the music makes ‘Cross Pollination’ yet another solid radio-ready song from Light Flashes.

‘Spend The Day’ and ‘Cross Pollination’ are both good examples of what makes Light Flashes a worthwhile listen for any purist reggae fan. They are just a couple examples of what makes Light Flashes a bright spot in the realm of indie albums and that of reggae in whole. While both songs are equally important additions to Light Flashes the album also boasts no fewer than two full-on instrumental tracks. The latter of the two, ‘Escape Route,’ is the best of the pair. The music crafted by the band in this song instantly conjures thoughts of a tropical beach. It conjures thoughts of the sun’s rays bathing the said beach in their warmth while a breeze blows through palm trees. The gentle, laid back vibe of the whole song makes it such a joy within itself. It may only be an instrumental. But it proves that an instrumental can be just as enjoyable as any song highlited more by lyrical content than that highlighted by the music alone. It proves in the end to be one more clear example of what makes Light Flashes such a surprisingly interesting listen both within the world of indie releases and that of reggae acts. Together with the likes of ‘Spend the Day’ and ‘Cross Pollination’ it makes all the clearer why any purist reggae fan should hear this album at least once. It also proves once more why Light Flashes is a bright flash of a record among this year’s crop of indie records and reggae records.

Light Flashes is one of the best new independent releases of 2015. The third full-length release from Dubbest it is a welcome return for the band’s long-time fans and an equally welcome first-time introduction for those that might not be so famliar with the Boston-based band. It will be released July 7th. More information on Light Flashes is available online now along with the latest news from Dubbest at:

Website: http://www.dubbestmusic.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dubbestmusic

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Dubbest

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