Metallica Proves It Still Has Plenty Of “Fuel” On New Concert Soundtrack

Courtesy:  Blackened Recordings

Courtesy: Blackened Recordings

The soundtrack to veteran rock band Metallica’s new live movie/concert Through The Never is another solid live recording from the Bay area rock band. Having come only months after the release of Quebec Magnetic, it might leave some wondering if it’s worth the money. The answer is yes. This compilation of Metallica’s songs is one that fans of the band’s older material will appreciate. That’s because by and large, the songs culled for this soundtrack come more from the band’s earlier records than its more recent releases. The production values on the soundtrack are relatively solid, too. Though hearing all of the explosions throughout the performance, and the massive mechanical breakdown at the show’s end (not to spoil too much), one would definitely be inclined to find a way to experience the movie firsthand when it makes its grand debut after hearing its soundtrack. It’s all enough to make Through The Never a potential contender for a spot on the list of the year’s best new live recordings.


The very first thing that audiences will notice about the soundtrack to Metallica’s Through The Never is that the band reached way back in its catalogue to set up this performance. Front man James Hetfield and company take audiences all the way back to the band’s 1983 debut record, Kill ‘Em All for its show. Audiences will love the inclusion of hits such as ‘Hit The Lights’, ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’, Battery, and so many other classic fan favorites. That’s not to say that the band omitted its more modern hits. ‘Enter Sandman’ and ‘Nothing Else Matters’ are both there, too off of the famed “Black Album.” The band even went out on a limb and included from its 1997 album Reload, ‘Fuel’ and ‘The Memory Remains.’ Noticeably absent from the concert were any numbers from St. Anger and Load. Who made the final call on this is anyone’s guess. However, it might have been for the better, considering the mixed reaction that both of those albums received from fans and critics alike.  Making a set list from a catalogue as vast as that of Metallica, it can’t be easy which songs to choose though.  This is especially true considering that the band wanted to make more than just another run-of-the-mill concert documentary.  Keeping this in mind, it makes the set list chosen for the show even more impressive.


The set list chosen for Through The Never is sure to impress most of Metallica’s fans base, even being based heavily in its formative years.  Those were the band’s best years.  The set list having been taken into consideration, there’s still another factor to take into account in this live recording.  That factor is the actual performance of the band members.  Suffice it to say that roughly three decades after this legendary act released its debut record, Kill ‘Em All and toured behind it, not one of the band’s original trio of members has lost a single bit of steam.  Guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield still commands the stage with the same swagger that he had in the band’s early days.  The way that he asks the crowd in attendance, “Are you having fun yet?!” shows just how much energy and enthusiasm he has for what he does.  His general interactions throughout the show continue to do so, too.  And drummer Lars Ulrich’s hands and feet move just as fast as any of his much younger counterparts.  This is especially evident when the band blows through ‘Battery’ and ‘One.’  It’s incredible to hear his rapid-fire playing, not missing a single beat.  Even in the slightly more reserved, ‘The Memory Remains’, he shows the extent of his control and how much it adds to even that song.   Kirk Hammett shows why he is still one of rock’s most respected guitarists throughout every solo and every song.  Together with Former Black Label Society bassist Robert Trujillo—the band’s third bassist—the band as a whole impresses nonstop throughout all sixteen songs chosen for the performance.  And since the band currently has no tour dates scheduled, this latest live release is one more wonderful way for Metallica’s legions around the world to enjoy their favorite band live once more.  The concert film’s soundtrack is available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered director from the official Metallica website at  Fans can also get more information on this release, future tour dates and more from the band on its official website, and its official Facebook page,


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The Cult’s ‘Choice of Weapon’ off to a huge start on the charts


The Cult has a lot of reason to be very happy today.  The band’s new album has debuted at #34 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.  That’s only part of the good news for the band.  The album has taken off all over the place.  It has debuted at #3 on Billboard’s Hard Rock chart, #15 on the Rock chart, and #7 on the Indie Albums chart. 

The album’s making waves both in Canada and overseas, too.  The album debuted at #15 in Canada, and at #20 on the UK’s charts. 

The band kicked off its world tour in support of the album May 25th alongside Against Me! and The Icarus Line.  The band will perform at the Congress Theatre in Chicago, Illinois tonight before heading back up north to Canada tomorrow and back down to Pittsburgh Sunday night. 

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