Delta Rae Featured In New True Blood Trailer, Confirmed For More Performances

Courtesy:  Warner Brothers Records

Courtesy: Warner Brothers Records

Fans of HBO’s hit series, True Blood have been waiting anxiously for the show’s new season.  Now, a new trailer for Season Six has been released to the masses via YouTube.  And any fan of the show that lives in North Carolina will have even more reason to smile when they watch it.  That’s because Durham, North Carolina’s own Delta Rae is featured prominently in the trailer.  Or rather, the band’s music is featured.  The band’s debut single, ‘Bottom of The River’ from its Warner Brothers Records debut album, Carry The Fire is used as a music bed for the trailer.  The band was quite excited about having its music used in the trailer.  “We’ve been immense fans of True Blood since the pilot” vocalist Brittany Holljes explains.  “The show captures southern myth and the magic of American folklore — the same mysterious storytelling that inspires so much of our music. To go from dressing up like the whole cast (Yes, I was Sookie) for Halloween three years ago, to hearing our song on the trailer is utterly MIND BLOWING.”  The trailer for True Blood Season Six can be viewed on YouTube at  The official video for the single can be viewed at fans can even check out a very special performance of the song with a group of young fans with Staten Island, NY’s famed PS22 Chorus.  The PS22 Chorus has also performed with Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, and a number of other famous artists.   Along with its performance of ‘Bottom of the River’, the band also performed renditions of ‘If I Loved You’, ‘Dance in the Graveyards’ and ‘Fire’ with its young fans.  Links to the performances are available via YouTube below. 

‘Bottom of the River’:,

‘If I Loved You’:

‘Dance in the Graveyards’:


Having its music used for the trailer for a hit TV show is just one of the many things going on for Delta Rae right now.  It has been scheduled to perform at this year’s annual Bonnaroo festival, Austin City Limits, Hangout Festival, Firefly, and Bumbershoot.   The dates are just part of a very busy Summer touring schedule, which is available below.

North American Summer Tour Dates:
05.18     Hangout Music Fest – Gulf Shores, AL
05.20     House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
05.21     Bronze Peacock/House of Blues – Houston, TX
05.23     The Kessler Theater – Dallas, TX
05.24     Levitt Pavilion – Arlington, TX (FREE)
05.25     The Parish Room – Austin, TX
05.28     The Vanguard – Tulsa, OK
05.30     Wakarusa Festival (Outpost Stage) – Ozark, AR
05.31     Wakarusa Festival (Main Stage) – Ozark, AR
06.01     Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival – Elmer, NJ
06.07     Smoky Hill River Festival (Eric Stein Stage) – Salina, KS
06.16     Bonnaroo Music Festival – Manchester, TN
06.20     Musikfest Cafe – Bethlehem, PA
06.22     Jefferson Theater – Charlottesville, VA
06.23     Firefly Music Festival – Dover, DE
06.27     Nashville Dancin’ – Nashville, TN (FREE)
06.28     The Old Rock House – St. Louis, MO
06.29     KANROCKSAS (Kansas Speedway) – Kansas City, KS
07.12     Bunbury Music Festival (Sawyer Point) – Cincinnati, OH
07.20     Robert Mondavi Winery Summer Concert Series – Napa, CA
07.21     The Grand Del Mar – San Diego, CA
07.27     FLOYDFEST – Floyd, VA
07.31     First Canadian Place (Outdoor Stage) – Peterborough, ON
08.01     First Canadian Place (Outdoor Stage) – Toronto, ON
08.02     Illuminaqua Festival – Welland, ON
09.02     Bumbershoot – Seattle, WA
09.20     Port City Music Hall – Portland, ME
10.04-06     Austin City Limits – Austin, TX
10.11-13     Austin City Limits – Austin, TX

To keep up with the latest tour news and more from Delta Rae, fans can go online to or its official Facebook page,  Fans can also stay up with all the latest from Delta Rae on Twitter at

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Delta Rae To Perform at Democratic National Convention

Durham, North Carolina’s own Delta Rae has announced that it has been selected to perform at the Democratic national Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina next Thursday, September 6th.  The convention will be at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium.  Delta Rae will join music icon James Taylor as one of the convention’s performing acts before President Obama’s nomination acceptance speech.  DNC CEO Steve Kerrigan spoke on Delta Rae being added to the convention’s performer roster.  “Highlighting such amazing talent from North Carolina as part of the entertainment at the convention’s closing event is just one way that convention organizers are working to bring the flavor of North Carolina to all Americans,” he said.  He added, “Whether you’re one of the tens of thousands who received community credentials to attend this historic event in person, or tuning in remotely, you will have a taste of the wonderful region that is home to this year’s convention.”

Courtesy: Warner Brothers Records

Delta Rae member Ian Holljes shared his thoughts on being selected as part of the convention and on President Obama’s accomplishments during his first term in office.  He said, “Watching Barack Obama win election to the presidency in 2008 was one of the most affirming and exciting moments of my life as an American.  I am so thrilled to think what he can accomplish in a second term and I couldn’t be more humbled that Delta Rae’ music will be a part of ushering in that great hope.”  He expressed his support for Obama, saying, “We seem to be at a tipping point for so many important movements.  Marriage equality, women’s rights, and the protection of the middle class among them – and I believe President Obama’s continued leadership is essential to landing on the right side of history on these issues.”

Holljes’ brother–and fellow Delta Rae band member—Eric noted the importance of the youth vote in this year’s election.  He said, “There are currently so many issues being discussed and decisions being made in Washington that are going to drastically affect me and my generation.  I truly hope, as young people, we stand up in this election and let our collective voice be heard.” 

One of the songs on the band’s debut album, “Carry The Fire”, tackles the issue of North Carolina’s gay marriage ban.  ‘Chain on Love’ was a response to Prop 8.  Audiences can check out the video for ‘Chain on Love’ online at  Audiences can also check out the video for the album’s lead single, ‘Bottom Of The River’ online at  And to check out a medley of the band’s songs on Warner Sound go to

Along with the band’s upcoming performance at the DNC, Delta Rae will also be performing at Mike Dianna’s Grill in Corolla, NC on Saturday, October 13th.  For a full list of the band’s tour dates and all of its latest news, go online to,,, and on its official YouTube channel,

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Delta Rae Announces New Tour Dates, Releases New Video

Durham, North Carolina’s Delta Rae is quickly making quite the name for itself.  The band recently released its major label debut record, “Carry The Fire.”  Since then, the band has spread its name and its music thanks to performances in some of the country’s biggest venues, and on one of its biggest shows in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and VH1’s The Big Morning Buzz.  Now, the band is offering fans even more chances to see it live.  Fans can check out its live show online and in person.

Delta Rae has released a live medley of songs from its new album that fans can check out now.  The video, which can be seen here,, features the band performing its songs:  ‘Morning Comes’, ‘If I Loved You’, ‘Is There Anyone Out There’, and its breakout hit, ‘Bottom of the River.’  It’s just the band and its instruments, emphasizing the joy of this band’s sound.  If seeing the band online isn’t enough, then there are more chances to see the band live.  The band has announced another batch of tour dates.  Among those dates is a stop at Mike Dianna’s Grill in Corolla, NC on Saturday, October 13th. 

Courrtesy: Warner Brothers Records

Fans can get a full rundown of the band’s latest tour schedule online at,, and  And while waiting to see the band live, fans can check out the band’s music on its official YouTube channel,  Fans can pick up the band’s debut album in stores and online via iTunes at

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Warner Brothers Records releases new Delta Rae medley video

Warner Brothers Records has released a new video of its newest signees, Delta Rae, performing a medley of songs from its debut album, “Carry The Fire” for audiences to check out.  The video is available on Youtube now at  Fans can hear snippets of the song, ‘If I Loved You’, ‘Bottom of The River’, ‘Is Anyone Out There’, and ‘Morning Comes.’

Fans can also check out live performance of the band at the Warner Brothers Summer Sessions Concert Series on Youtube.  Just click the links to check them out!  The first video is for a performance of the song, ‘Is There Anyone Out There.’  The second link will allow viewers to see the band performing ‘Morning Comes.’  The band’s third live video is for ‘Bottom of The River, and the fourth is for a live performance of ‘If I Loved You.’ — ‘Is there Anyone Out There’ — ‘Morning Comes’ — ‘Bottom of The River’ — ‘If I Loved You’

Fans can download the album now at  While downloading the album, fans can check out the latest news and more from Delta Rae online at,,, and  Fans can subscribe to the Warner Sound on Youtube at

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Delta Rae shows it can “carry” a tune

Courtesy: Warner Bros. Records/Sire Records

Durham, North Carolina based Delta Rae’s debut album, “Carry The Fire” is a rock solid debut.  The band’s sound–in terms of the general music and the vocalists’ own styles–makes this band one that really stands out among the masses.  It could be argued that when it’s all said and done, Delta Rae’s debut is a darkhorse candidate for one of the year’s best albums.

The band expertly balances pop with blues, bluegrass, gospel and other musical styles without losing listeners throughout any of the album’s twelve songs.  Listeners will have an easy time finding any number of favorites on this record.  Among some of the finest pieces that the band offers are the spiritual-esque ‘Bottom of the River’, ‘Dance in The Graveyeard’, and ‘Fire.’  They are, again just a small portion of the whole that is an impressive debut.

‘Bottom of the River’ is one of the prime examples of what makes “Carry The Fire” such an outstanding work.  Singer Brittany Holljes’ gritty vocals in the song are overwhelming to say the least.  That’s not a bad thing on this song, either.  Little subtleties such as the barely there piano riff and the backing chorus effect really help to add a whole extra level of enjoyment to the song.  She really shows her abilities when she gets to the song’s climax, singing, “Don’t you lift him, let him drown alive\The good Lord speaks like a rolling thunder\Let that fever make the water rise\and let the river run dry.”  It’s one of those moments that will put goosebumps on any music lover’s arms.

Of course, she has another of those moments later in the song, ‘Fire.’  The song itself is obviously about a relationship gone bad.  She sings, “It won’t be pretty\I ain’t no girl cried wolf\I’ll bring the whole **** city\They’ll come from miles around just to see how you cut me down\We used to be friends\but that ain’t true now\You poisoned the well, now I can’t tell who’s on my side.”  That moment builds to a huge climax in which she actually powers out a slight scream, moving into the song’s chorus.  That tiny moment speaks volumes.  It serves to really express the emotion put into writing the song.  Again, it’s one of those moments that will just push audiences back in awe of her vocal abilities.

Brittany Holljes isn’t the only vocalist to show some musical prowess on Delta Rae’s debut.  Brother Ian gets his moments to shine, too.  And on ‘Dancing in he Graveyard’, he really shines, along with the entire band.  Despite what the title may make it seem like, it’s a really celebratory song.  Holljes sings on this song, “When I die, I don’t want to rest in piece\I want to dance in joy\I want to dance in the graveyards, the graveyards\and while I’m alive\I don’t want to be alone\mourning the ones who came before\I want to dance with them some more\let’s dance in the graveyards.”  It comes acros as a song that celebrates life, even when we have lost someone who was close to us. Plain and simple, it’s a beautiful, moving song that’s bound to become just one more of the band’s anthems as it tours the country in support of its debut.

“Carry The Fire” is a solid album from beginning to end.  Its songs run the gamut both in sound and emotion.  It’s one of those works that will give every listener a favorite song, if not many favorite songs.  It’s so impressive that given the right support, it may well be the beginning of something great for this band.

Delra Rae is currently out on tour.  And the band’s North Carolina fans haven’t been left out.  The band will make a stop at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina Friday, July 27th.  That who is designated a hometown album release show.  It will perform at the Bele Chere Festival in Asheville the next day, and then at Kelly’s in Nags Head on Thursday, August 23rd.  Fans can keep up with any more tour dates and the latest from the band online at, on Facebook at, on Myspace at, on Twitter at, and on its own Youtube channel at

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