Buddy Guy Fans Getting New Compilation Record From Blues Legend

Courtesy: Stony Plain Records

Buddy Guy will release his latest record this spring.

Stony Plain Records announced this week, the famed blues artist’s new album, Savoy, is scheduled for release April 28 through the label. According to information provided in a news release about the album’s planned release date, its body will consist of a collection of jazz covers, opening with the famed song, ‘Stompin’ at the Savoy.’ The song was originally composed by Edgar Stampson in 1933 and was named after the famed Savoy Ballroom.

Guy said his parents first met at the Savoy Ballroom when Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Webb’s big band were big names at the music hall in 1938, according to liner notes in the compilation penned by Stony Plain Records co-founder Holder Peterson.

Guy said of the songs featured in the compilation, they are a love letter of sorts to a bygone era.

“I heard [the songs on Savoy] as a kid when all of those people who made those musics were alive and speaking to us through the records. Those weren’t just records to collect. Those were like listening to your relatives, your uncles, your cousins, your grandparents speaking to you through that medium, the medium of music.”

“The music was good then. It’s going to be good now,” concludes Taj, “especially when you got people who really respect what it is. Also, [who] respect the gift they’ve been given. It’s a gift to be able to play music, art, dance, write, do science, whatever, ‘cause you’re contributing to humanity. What you’ve been sent to do, that’s the whole thing.”

The track listing for Guy’s new compilation is noted below.

Savoy Track Listing:

  2. I’M JUST A LUCKY SO AND SO – 3:23
  4. SUMMERTIME – 2:50
  5. MOOD INDIGO  – 4:09
  9. BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE – 4:33 (duet with Maria Muldaur)
  10. LADY BE GOOD – 3:52
  12. CALDONIA – 3:32
  13. KILLER JOE – 4:09
  14. ONE FOR MY BABY – 9:14

More information on Buddy Guy’s new compilation is available along with his latest news at:

Website: https://buddyguy.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealbuddyguy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/therealbuddyguy

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Launches New Blues Festival Tour; Announces Tour’s Details

Courtesy: Merlis For Hire

Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his fellow musicians will lead the way on a new blues tour.

The group, formally known as the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, will headline the first “Backroads Blues Tour” this summer. The brief tour is scheduled to run Aug. 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 21 as part of the band’s ongoing Trouble Is25th Anniversary Tour.

The “Backroads Blues Tour” will stop in Providence, RI Aug. 13, Bethel, NY on Aug. 14, Lewiston, NY on Aug. 16, Springfield, MA on Aug. 18, Roanoke, VA on Aug. 20 and Portsmouth, VA on Aug. 21. Buddy Guy and Grammy Award winner Christone “Kingfish” Ingram will joining the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band on the brief tour.

Shepherd shared his thoughts on developing the tour during a recent interview.

“These days nobody mounts a traditional touring blues festival,” he said. “I conceptualized one that will give people a chance to see the best of the best all in one place.  We are extremely excited that  Buddy Guy will be with us for each show. He is, after all, the living king of the blues these days.  Also worthy of great respect is Christone “Kingfish” Ingram who is revitalizing the blues in a potent and powerful way.

Shepherd added, “We’re featuring three successive generations of blues artists, underscoring the resonance of the genre. In the past, I really looked forward to those blues packages both as a fan and as an artist, so I decided to bring the concept back with the Backroads Blues Festival tour. “Those were very special shows and once that ended there was a void.  Our Backwoods Blues Festival Tour is firmly rooted in that same tradition.”  

Guy also shared his enthusiasm for taking part in the tour.

“I’m excited to be part of the first annual Backroads Blues Festival and back out with Kenny Wayne and looking forward to jamming with Kenny and Kingfish,” he said. ““It’s possible we could do an all-acoustic show; we want to be as inclusive as possible.”

Ingram said he is also looking forward to the tour.

“To be back touring again is really great and the opportunity to join Mr. Guy and Mr. Shepherd on stage will be electric,” Ingram said. “These tour dates will be lots of fun.”

The full scheduled for the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band’s upcoming tour dates is noted below.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band on tour (Backwoods Blues Festival Tour dates in blue)

4/7                   Kansas City, MO           Uptown Theater

4/8                   Springfield, MO             Gillioz Theatre

4/9                   New Buffalo, MI            Four Winds Casino

4/13                  Warren, OH                  Robins Theatre

4/14                  Glenside, PA                Keswick, Theater

4/15                  Greensburg, PA           Palace Theatre

4/16                  Carmel, IN                    Palladium

4/26                  Midland, MI                   Center for the Arts

4/27                  Champaign, IL              Virginia Theater

4/28                  Milwaukee, WI              Pabst Theatre

4/29                  Green Bay, WI              Epic Event Center

5/1                    Fargo, ND                     Fargo Theater

5/3                   Sioux Falls, SD             The District

5/5                   Ft. Collins, CO              Lincoln Center

5/6                   Denver, CO                  Paramount Theatre

5/7                   Pikes Peak, CO            Pikes Peak Center

5/19                 Norwalk, CT                  Wallstreet Theatre

5/20                  New Brunswick, NJ       State Theatre

5/22                  Annapolis, MD              Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival

5/28                  Marksville, LA               Paragon Casino

6/11                  Ft. Wayne, IN                Sweetwater *

6/12                  Kettering, OH                Fraze Pavilion *

6/17                  Aurora, IL                     Blues on the Fox

6/24                  Wichita, KS                   Hartman Arena (with ZZ Top)

7/9                   Nescopeck, PA             Briggs Farm Blues Fest

7/15                  Houston, TX                 House of Blues

7/16                  Austin, TX                     ACL Live at Moody Theatre

7/30                  Baton Rouge, LA          River Center

8/13                  Providence, RI              Bold Point Park

8/14                  Bethel, NY                    Bethel Amphitheatre

8/16                  Lewiston, NY                Artpark

8/18                  Springfield, MA             Symphony Hall

8/19                  Wantagh, NY                Jones Beach

8/20                  Roanoke, VA                Elmwood Park

8/21                  Portsmouth, VA             Atlantic Union Bank Pavilion 

8/22                  Ocean City, NJ              Ocean City Music Pier

9/17                 Biloxi, MS                      IP Casino & Resort

9/29                  San Diego, CA              Humphreys by the Bay

9/30                  Saratoga, CA                Mountain Winery

10/2                  Reno, NV                      Battle Axe & Tracks Festival

*KWS birthday celebration with Samantha Fish, the Ally Venable Band and special guest Shemekia Copeland

More information on the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band’s run on the inaugural “Backwoods Blues Festival Tour” is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:

Website: https://kennywayneshepherd.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kennywayneshepherd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kwshepherd

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‘Midnight Highway’ Shows The Sun Has Barely Begun To Shine On Quinn Sullivan’s Career

Courtesy: CBG Records

Courtesy: CBG Records

Five years ago, Quinn Sullivan burst onto the blues scene and took everybody by surprise with his debut album Cyclone (2011).  Sullivan wasn’t even a teenager when he released that album.  Fast forward five years.  He followed up that album with Getting There two years later.  Now three years after its release, Sullivan has already released his third full-length studio recording before the age of 18.  The album in question is titled Midnight Highway and was released this past July.  The ten-song record exhibits considerable growth from Sullivan, building on the material presented in his previous records across the board. Between the mix of musical stylings presented here and Sullivan’s own presentation of talent, the record shows that the sun has barely even begun to shine on this young musician’s career.

Quinn Sullivan’s third full-length studio recording Midnight Highway is a musical road that every music lover out there should ride.  That is because it exhibits so clearly exhibits the growth that Sullivan has undergone ever since the release of his 2011 debut record.  The record’s opener, ‘Something For Me’ is just one of the songs that serves to show that growth.  In regards to its musical arrangement it is an infectious, Chicago blues style composition that instantly conjures thoughts of Sullivan’s mentor, Buddy Guy (yes, that Buddy Guy and his counterparts).  It truly pays homage to the golden age of electric blues through its arrangement.  That is just one part of what makes this song stand out as an example of Sullivan’s growth on this record.  The song’s musical content plays its own part in the song’s presentation, too.

The Chicago blues arrangement presented in ‘Something For Me’ is in itself an important part of what makes the song stand out in exhibiting Sullivan’s growth on his new LP.  It is a solid arrangement that hints blatantly at the likes of Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and others of that ilk.  Sullivan doesn’t necessarily throw down the gauntlet, but he definitely shows that he is the real deal with this arrangement and that he has true respect for the genre and its history.  Even with this in mind, the song’s musical arrangement is just one part of what makes it stand out.  The song’s lyrical content is just as important to note in examining the song’s overall presentation as its musical arrangement.  The song’s lyrical content is pretty straight forward.  Sullivan is singing about a woman that he wants.  That is obvious as he sings in the song’s chorus, “You’re a pretty flower/I’m a buzzin’ bee/You’ve got/You’ve got something for me.”  If that isn’t convincing enough, the innuendo evident in the song’s second verse should speak volumes.  Sullivan sings in this verse, “When I weed the garden/I like to take my time/Take it easy baby/Cause I’ve got all night buzzing on my mind.”  That is a pretty blatant statement.  Considering that and Sullivan’s full-on musical arrangement here, the two elements show together that Sullivan has definitely grown up in more ways than one. They also serve to show why this song stands out so clearly as an example of that growth.  Of course it is just one of the songs included in this record that exhibits Sullivan’s growth.  ‘Crazy Into You’ is another song that serves to exemplify Sullivan’s growth.

‘Something For Me’ is a clear example of how much Quinn Sullivan has grown over the course of the past five years.  It serves to exhibit that personal and musical growth both through the song’s musical arrangement and its lyrical content.  It is just one example of how much Sullivan has grown over that time.  ‘Crazy Into You’ is another song included in this record that exhibits Sullivan’s growth.  Just as with ‘Something For You,’ this song exhibits Sullivan’s growth primarily through its musical arrangement.  This song’s arrangement is the polar opposite of ‘Something For You.’  Rather than being another blues arrangement, it is a clearly pop sound that is driven primarily through Sullivan’s guitar work.  The short, almost percussive riffs and their sound conjure thoughts of Maroon 5 believe it or not.  They are infectious riffs that easily get stuck in listeners’ heads.  When those riffs are set against the work of drummer Tom Hambridge and bassist Tommy MacDonald, the end result is an arrangement that becomes one of the album’s best arrangements.  The infectious, poppy musical arrangement presented in this song is just one part of what exhibits Sullivan’s growth in this song.  Its lyrical content exhibits that growth just as much as its musical arrangement.

The musical arrangement presented in ‘Crazy Into You’ is in itself a clear example of how much Sullivan has grown since the release of his debut record.  It is only one part of the song that exhibits that growth, though.  The song’s lyrical content also shows that growth.  That growth is exhibited as Sullivan writes playfully in the song’s chorus, “You’re the reason I’m not completely crazy/Maybe you’re the reason I am/Everybody comes around and tries to save me but they don’t really understand/You’re the one that can make me lose my mind/But I love everything you do.”  That’s a statement that, at 17, is pretty mature.  It says something to which so many much older people can relate.  That in itself speaks volumes about Sullivan’s growth just as much as his ability to balance his blues roots with a more pop-centered sound in the song’s musical arrangement does.  Keeping that in mind, both the musical arrangement presented in this song and the song’s lyrical content show in their own way Sullivan’s personal and musical growth.  When they are combined together, they serve to make this song another standout example of the growth present throughout Midnight Highway.  The song, in whole, is just one more of this record’s examples of Sullivan’s growth.  ‘Eyes For You’ is one more example of Sullivan’s growth on this record.

‘Something For Me,’ and ‘Crazy Into You’ are both clear examples of Sullivan’s growth in his new album.  That is made clear through each song’s musical arrangement and lyrical content.  While both songs clearly show in their own way, just how much Sullivan has grown on his new album, they are not the only songs that serve to exhibit that growth.  ‘Eyes For You’ is yet another example of that growth.  ‘Eyes For You’ serves to exhibit Sullivan’s growth, just as with the previously discussed songs, primarily through its musical arrangement.  Instead of taking a pop or blues approach this time, Sullivan opted for a folk sound, believe it or not.  It was a big risk for him to go this route, and a risk that paid off, too.  There is a certain reserved feel to Sullivan’s guitar work that wonderfully accents the uncertainty of the song’s subject as he addresses a certain woman.  The two part harmony that is incorporated into the song adds even more depth to that approach, too.  The fact that the song’s arrangement is almost entirely acoustic adds its own layer to the song, too.  All things considered, the song’s musical arrangement makes a strong statement about how much Sullivan has grown yet again in terms of his musical abilities and sensibilities.  It is just one way in which the song shows Sullivan’s growth.  The song’s lyrical content presents that growth just as much as its musical arrangement.

The musical arrangement that is presented within ‘Eyes For You’ shows thoroughly just how much Quinn Sullivan has grown on his new album.  The very fact that he was willing to take the risk to branch out exhibits that growth as does the overall approach taken in that move.  While the song’s musical arrangement does plenty to show Sullivan’s growth once again, it is just one of the song’s elements that exhibit that growth.  The song’s lyrical content does just as much to exhibit that growth.  In regards to the song’s lyrical content, the song presents a person addressing another, expressing his/her romantic interest in said figure.  As Sullivan’s subject sings, “I’ve got see-through eyes/I can see straight through/There’s no place you can hide/I’ve got eyes for you/I was born this way/Nothing I can do/Can look the other way/See I’ve got eyes for you/Well I got eyes for you.”  The gentle manner in which the subject delivers these words combines with the song’s equally gentle musical arrangement to present a certain innocence on the part of the song’s main subject.  It sounds kind of like a stalker, like in a certain other classic song.  There’s no denying that.  But the fact of the matter is that Sullivan likely didn’t mean for the song’s subject to come across in that fashion.  Odds are he wanted to the song’s subject to come across as a star-crossed lover of sorts, someone who is just crazy for his or her romantic interest.  That picture is painted even more throughout the course of the song’s lyrical content with the end result being a picture of someone who just wants to impress his or her romantic interest and win that person’s heart.  It is truly a touching approach.  When this is coupled with the song’s gentle musical approach, the picture that results is one that will move any listener perhaps more than any other song included in this record.  That being the case, it becomes clear why this song is one of the most significant examples of Sullivan’s growth in this record.  When it is coupled with the previously discussed songs, all three songs paint a picture of an artist who is hardly at the prime of his career yet who has grown so much in such a short time.  When those songs are partnered with the album’s other seven songs, the album in whole shows without any doubt how much Quinn Sullivan has grown since 2011.  It also serves to show in whole that as he grows musically and personally, so will his albums.  That means that the sun has only begun to shine on this talented young artist’s career.

Midnight Highway is a shining new offering from Quinn Sullivan.  Only the third full-length studio recording from this talented young guitarist and songwriter, it shows extensive growth in comparison to his first two records.  That is exhibited from the beginning to the end of the record’s ten songs both musically and lyrically.  The growth in question shows that while Sullivan still has plenty of growing to do, that growth is the best kind.  It shows that the sun has only begun to shine on his career.  Listeners can experience that growth for themselves when they purchase this album in stores or online.  More information on Midnight Highway is available along with Sullivan’s latest news and more at:




Website: http://www.quinnsullivanmusic.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QuinnSulivanMusic

Twitter: http://twitter.com/quinnsullivan1




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Foghat To Celebrate New Album’s Success With Record Release Party

Courtesy: Foghat Records

Courtesy: Foghat Records

This past June, veteran rock band Foghat released its latest album Under The Influence. The album debuted on Billboard’s “Hard Rock Albums” chart at #17 and on its “Independent Albums” chart at #40. In celebration of the album’s success, the band has announced it will hold a record release party next month.

The band will celebrate the success of its new album Under The Influence with a record release party September 21st at New York’s famed BB King’s Blues Club and Grill.  Joining the band on stage at the show will be some of the figures who helped record the album. They include: blues guitarist Scott Holt (ex-Buddy Guy), Kim Simmonds (Savoy Brown) and Roger Earl.  The performance will mark the first time since 1970 that the pair has worked together.  The pair worked together from 1968 – 1970 and recorded five albums together in that time.

Simmonds discussed his friendship with Earl in a recent interview.  He spoke highly of Earl and his relationship with his former Savoy Brown band mate.

“I always had a great respect for Roger as a person and a drummer. He certainly helped make Savoy Brown the entity that it is…. It’s always nice to be around people that understand you and know you well,” he said. “Like when you go home to your parents and the family you feel comfortable because you know that your parents really know everything about you. I think it’s the same with Roger and myself. We know a lot about each other and that’s the sort of a comfort that you get from still being in touch with people. I suppose it’s like old school mates or something. In this case we are old band mates.”

Earl spoke just as highly of Simmonds when he discussed the duo’s friendship and working relationship.

“Kim gave me my shot when I was 20 years old and I joined his band,” he said. “I have very fond memories playing with Kim, and also it’s a gas that we can still be friends and make music together. Kim Simmonds is just spectacular on this record. Kim and I remained friends over the years. In fact, we jammed together; when we did the Rock Legends cruise last year. Kim got up and played a couple of songs with us, and I played on another day that Kim and Savoy Brown was playing. I played three or four songs with him. As a guitar player, he was always a great! And he is even better now! He’s a brilliant blues guitarist.”

Foghat is currently touring in support of Under The Influence. The band will be in Uncasville, Connecticut this Sunday, August 28th.  Audiences can keep up with the band’s tour schedule, news and more online now at:


Website: http://foghat.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Foghat

Twitter: http://twitter.com/FOGHAT

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Beck Announces New Upcoming Album, Tour Dates

Courtesy:  MadInk PR

Courtesy: MadInk PR

Jeff Beck has a new album on the way and new tour dates to boot.

The veteran guitarist announced this week that he will release his new album this summer.  The as yet untitled album is currently scheduled to be released Friday, July 15th.  He will also release his new book Beck01 the same week on Tuesday, July 12th.  It will be published by Genesis Publications.  The upcoming album will be Beck’s first full-length studio recording in more than six years.  His last full-length album was Emotion & Commotion.  It was released in spring of 2010.  Cover art, track listing, and more information on Beck’s new album will be announced as the album’s release date nears.

Courtesy:  Genesis Publications

Courtesy: Genesis Publications

Beck01 isn’t just another music memoir.  Rather it traces Beck’s music and cars—more specifically hot rods—and will feature some 400+ rare and previously unseen photographs and items of memorabilia.  The whole thing is narrated by a nearly 20,000 word manuscript.  The limited edition book will also be signed by Beck himself.  It can be ordered online via Genesis Publications’ online store.


Both Beck’s new album and book will be supported by a handful of live performances beginning Tuesday, July 19th in Port Chester, New York.  Fellow guitar legend Buddy Guy will join Beck on a number of those dates.  The tour also includes a special performance on Wednesday, August 10th at the Hollywood Bowl to celebrate Beck’s now five decades-long career.  The first leg of the tour is a run of dates in the northeast and runs through July 26th in Holmdel, NJ.  On July 27th and 29th Beck will be in Vienna, VA and Canandaigua, NY respectively before playing a pair of dates in the Midwest to close out July.  He will open August with a performance in Nashville, TN on Wednesday, August 3rd.  A new group of tour dates was announced this week.  It includes performances in the Midwest and west coast.  The complete tour schedule, including newly announced dates, is available via Beck’s official website and Facebook page.  Tickets go on sale Friday, April 8th for all dates EXCEPT Kansas City (available Saturday, April 16th), Seattle, WA (available Friday, April 22nd), and Saratoga, CA (Available TBA).


More information on Beck’s upcoming live dates is available online now along with updates on his new book and album, news, and more at:


Website: http://www.jeffbeckofficial.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jeffbeck

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jeffbeckmusic


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Zakk Wylde Debuts ‘Sleeping Dogs’ Video

Courtesy:  eOne

Courtesy: eOne

Zakk Wylde releases his new album Book of Shadows II this week.  Ahead of its release, the veteran rocker debuted the video for one of the album’s songs last week.

Zakk Wylde premiered the video for the song ‘Sleeping Dogs’ last week.  The video can be viewed online now via Wylde’s official Vevo channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dtxOKXo9aI.


Courtesy: eOne

Courtesy: eOne


The video follows Wylde as he walks through a rather bleak looking forest setting.  Within the forest is an interesting group of figures.  It was helmed by long time Black Label Society collaborator Justin Reich.  Of Wylde discussed Reich’s involvement in the video in a recent interview, noting Reich’s talents behind the lens.  “Black Label Brethren O’ Doom Father Justin Reich Did Another Amazing job Directing the video,” he said.  He jokingly added of Reich’s vision, “I asked Father Justin to capture the sights, sounds, smell and feel of the first day my parents dropped me off at kindergarten. Watching the video made me realize why I’m so fond of reading and vegetables.”

While he doesn’t appear in the visualized take on the song Slipknot/Stone Sour front man Corey Taylor does make an appearance on the LP version of the song.  Wylde also shared his thoughts on Taylor’s involvement in the song noting, “Having Father Corey Taylor’s brilliant Voice sing on ‘Sleeping Dogs’ fulfilled my vision of the two of us as the modern day Simon & Garfunkel.”  Not one to ever be entirely serious he added of his relationship with Taylor, “We may not be as legendary, talented or as handsome as those two, but we’ve eaten at some of the same restaurants as them.”

Zakk WYlde Revolver Mag CoverAlong with the debut of his new video Wylde is also on the cover of the new issues of Revolver magazine and Guitar World magazine.  He appears alongside fellow guitar legend Buddy Guy in the new issue of Guitar World.  Each can be purchased online via Revolver’s official online store and that of Guitar World.


Courtesy:  Guitar World Magazine

Courtesy: Guitar World Magazine



More information on Book of Shadows II is available online now along with all of Zakk Wylde’s new tour updates, news, and more at:


Website: http://www.zakkwylde.com


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zakkwylde


Twitter: http://twitter.comzakkwyldeBLS


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Jeff Beck Announces Special Live Show For This Summer

Courtesy:  MadInk PR

                                Photo Credits: Ross Halfin

Jeff Beck announced this week plans for a very special concert to be held later this year.

Beck announced this week that he will return to the Hollywood Bowl this summer to celebrate two very big anniversaries. The legendary musician and former Yardbirds guitarist will perform live on Wednesday, August 10th at the famed music landmark as a celebration to mark fifty years in the music industry. The concert will also serve as a celebration to mark the 80th birthday of legendary bluesman Buddy Guy. Beth Hart will also be on hand as a special guest for the event. In discussing Guy’s inclusion in the event, Beck spoke more as a fan of Guy and his extensive body of work than a fellow musician, noting that “Sharing the stage and this moment with Buddy is a dream for me.” He went on to note the importance of Guy’s live shows and his continued influence in the music community even today saying, “His live concerts are legendary and the music world would be a very boring place without his influence.”

Tickets for the concert are available online now at http://www.hollywoodbowl.com/ or via phone at 323-850-2000. Group ticket sales begin Tuesday, February 16th and “Five or More packages will go on sale March 15th. Individual tickets can be purchased in person from The Hollywood Bowl’s box office beginning May 1st.

Beck has been working on his first book, Beck01 in recent months. The book is currently expected to be published via the London-based Genesis Publishing Group. The book will be available in a very limited number of copies, each signed by the veteran musician. The book focuses on Beck’s two main loves, hot-rodding and music. Along with completing his debut literary offering Beck also is working on an officially sanctioned documentary and his autobiography.

More information on Jeff Beck’s upcoming concert at the Hollywood Bowl is available online now along with all of the latest news from Beck at:


Website: http://www.jeffbeck.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jeffbeck


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ACL Celebrates 40 Years Is A Wonderful Celebration Of A Show And Of Music Itself

Courtesy:  PBS

Courtesy: PBS

PBS and its hit concert series Austin City Limits celebrated two major landmarks for the series this fall. This past October Austin City Limits celebrated forty years on the air. That landmark makes the concert series the longest-running concert series on television to date. Making the anniversary even more special is the fact that this October, the show’s original studio was added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s tenth Rock and Roll landmark. Both of these marks are big honors for ACL and for PBS. In honor of these honors, PBS released on DVD today the brand new concert recording Austin City Limits 40 Years. There is a lot to like about this concert recording starting with the show’s all-star lineup. Featured in the concert is a who’s who of the music industry. It features legendary names such as: Willie Nelson, Buddy guy, Bonnie Raitt, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Foo Fighters, and even the original members of Double Trouble among so many others. There are even performances from up-and-coming blues/rock band Alabama Shakes. It’s a display in its own way of how many generations this series has reached over the course of its four decades on the air. Making the set even better is the concert’s set list. Emmylou Harris covers Willie Nelson’s hit ‘Crazy.’ There’s also an all-star tribute to Sam & Dave with a performance of ‘Wrap It Up.’ And just as enjoyable is the multi-song, all-star tribute to blues legend and Austin native, the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan. These are just some of the examples of what makes the show’s set list so important to the presentation in whole. Last but hardly least noteworthy regarding the recording’s success is its bonus material. Included as bonus material, is forty-five minutes of bonus performances. There is also a bonus behind-the-scenes look at the work that went in to making Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years a reality. It’s all set against a great performance of SRV’s hit song ‘Texas Flood.’ These bonuses, partnered with the show’s all-star list of performers and its equally wonderful set list, serve to help make Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years one of this year’s surprise best new live recordings of 2014. It also serves to show yet again why PBS is the last bastion of worthwhile programming on television today.

Austin City Limits has been on television for forty years this year. That is a huge landmark for PBS’ concert series. It has outlived MTV’s Unplugged Series. It has also outlived VH1’s Storytellers and CMT’s Crossroads. In the four decades since it made its debut, ACL has gone from focusing on just one or two genres of music to being one of the preeminent destinations for some of the music industry’s biggest names. Elvis Costello has been on the show. Kings of Leon appeared just last year. And even none other than Nine Inch Nails appeared this year. It just goes to show how much this show has grown since its earliest days as has its importance in the music industry. That is shown just as much in the list of performers tapped to appear on Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years. The list of performers tapped to appear on this recording is a who’s who of the music industry from past, present, and even the future. It includes the likes of Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, Foo Fighters, Sheryl Crow, Guy Clarke, Jr., Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Emmylou Harris, and up-and-coming blues/rock band Alabama Shakes and so many others. With such a wide swatch of performers, that list becomes for all intents and purposes a music history lesson live on stage. It shows not only where ACL has been and where it is going but where music itself started and to where it has come today. And every act tapped to perform is an excellent example of both histories. It’s just one of plenty of reasons that audiences will enjoy this DVD.

The list of performers tapped to perform on Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years is itself plenty of reason for audiences to pick up this brand new release from PBS. That list is itself a music history lesson and a lesson on the history of ACL. The performers themselves serve as plenty of reason for any music lover to check out this DVD. The songs that they perform make the recording just as enjoyable if not more so. Audiences will love Willie Nelson’s performance of the classic song ‘On The Road Again,’ and Emmylou Harris’ cover of Willie Nelson’s ‘Crazy.’ If that’s not enough, there is a star-studded, multi-song tribute to Austin, Texas’ own Stevie Ray Vaughan. That tribute features performances from Buddy Guy, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and almost every member of the a-list cast of performers. There is also a special tribute to Sam & Dave in the performance of ‘Wrap It Up.’ That song is handled by Bonnie Raitt, Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Clark, Jr. and Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes. As if all of that wasn’t enough, the star-studded tribute to SRV is complemented with an equally gran tribute to Buddy Holly. These are just some of the performances included in the concert that audiences will enjoy in watching this recording. There are plenty of other great performances along the way that audiences will enjoy just as much. Collectively, all of those performances make for yet another wonderful reason for every music lover to see this concert.

If the who’s who list of performers tapped for this concert and their performances aren’t enough for audiences, the bonus material included on the DVD will convince audiences. PBS has included forty-five minutes of performance footage as bonus material on this DVD. That forty-five minutes includes a performance of ‘Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die’ from Willie Nelson and ‘Freight Train’ from Gary Clark, Jr. and Sheryl Crow among the bonus performances. Robert Earl Keen handles ‘I Gotta Go’ and Joe Ely covers ‘All Just To Get To You’ as part of the bonus performances, too. Partnered with that is a special behind-the-scenes look at the concert set against a performance of SRV’s hit song ‘Texas Flood’ by Buddy Guy, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Robert Randolph, and others. It’s a double whammy for audiences. Not only does it give audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the concert from pre-pro to show but it also offers audiences a bonus performance. Audiences are given another bonus performance by Bonnie Raitt and company in their rehearsal for their performance of ‘Wrap it Up.’ It’s a nice finisher to a concert recording has already more than proven itself one of this year’s best. Together with the aforementioned list of performers and set list, it pushes this recording over the top, once again proving why ACL has run so successfully for forty years and why its original studio is now part of music history thanks to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It shows once more why PBS is the last bastion of truly worthwhile programming.

So much can be said of what makes Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years a success and a total enjoyment. And so much has been said, obviously. It goes without saying that the show’s production values are just as impressive as everything else already noted here. Whether one is taking in the concert on a regular TV or one with a high-priced surround sound home theater system, every viewer will agree that all of the other positives noted here would be nothing without those top notch production values. The concert looks and sounds just as good as other performances recorded over the years. It is that proverbial cherry on top of the musical sundae that is this recording. It is that last part that makes this recording well worth the listen by music lovers of every age.

Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years is available now on DVD. It can be ordered direct online via PBS’ online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=50214636&cp=&sr=1&kw=austin+city+limits&origkw=Austin+City+Limits&parentPage=search. More information on this and other recordings from Austin City Limits over the years is available online at:

Website: http://acltv.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/austincitylimitstv

Twitter: http://twitter.com/acltv

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PBS Celebrates Four Decades Of ACL With Special Anniversary Concert

Courtesy:  PBS

Courtesy: PBS

PBS’ Austin City Limits hit a major milestone this year.  The network’s hit music series celebrated forty-years with PBS.  In celebration, PBS is releasing a special DVD celebrating the long-running series next month.

PBS will release Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years on Tuesday, December 2nd.  Austin City Limits’ four-decade long run on PBS is especially important to both the network and to music lovers alike.  In the four decades that Austin City Limits has been on PBS, it remains the only TV series to be awarded the Medal of Arts.  Also in that time, MTV’s Unplugged and VH1’s Storytellers have gone by the wayside.  And even CMT’s on Crossroads series has failed to maintain the stability and reputation of ACL.  Throughout its now forty-years on television, ACL has seen and continues to see some of the industry’s biggest names take to the stage.  Those names include the likes of Elvis Costello, Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, and so many others.  Many more names are sure to be added to that list as there appears to be no end to this landmark series.

In honor of the series’ fortieth anniversary, many of those same big names have come on board for this celebratory concert.  Bonnie Raitt joins Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Clark, Jr and Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes for a performance of the Sam & Dave classic ‘Wrap It Up’ to open the concert.  Howard returns later in the show alongside Gary Clark, Jr. for a special performance.  Willie Nelson, the red-headed stranger himself, joins Emmylou Harris for a performance of Nelson’s ‘Crazy.’  Singer/actor Kris Kristofferson and Sheryl Crow team up for a performance of Kristofferson’s ‘Me and Bobby McGee.  Foo Fighters even make an appearance to perform Roky Erickson’s ‘Two-Headed Dog.’  That performance was recorded at the original ACL television studio especially for the concert.  Actor Jeff Bridges hosts the night’s festivities.  He also performs a special rendition of ‘What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do’ from the late singer-songwriter Stephen Bruton.  Bruton was a big influence on Bridges’ Oscar-winning role in the movie ‘Crazy Heart.’  As if all of this isn’t enough, Joe Ely and fellow local legend Robert Earl Keen make an appearance.  Blues legend Buddy Guy rounds out the show with a performance of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb.’  And finishing off the whole thing is a star-studded tribute to Buddy Holly and the one and only Stevie Ray Vaughan.  A who’s who of guitarists performs Holly’s ‘Not Fade Away’ and SRV’s ‘Texas Flood’ for the night’s biggest finish.

Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years was taped live at the ACL Live at the Moody Theater and the show’s original studio, Austin PBS affiliate KLRU’s Studio 6A.  The complete list of performers is: Alabama Shakes, Doyle Bramhall II, Jeff Bridges, Gary Clark Jr., Sheryl Crow, Double Trouble, Joe Ely, Mike Farris, Foo Fighters, Grupo Fantasma, Buddy Guy, Emmylou Harris, Robert Earl Keen, Kris Kristofferson, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Randolph, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Jimmie Vaughan.

Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years will be available Tuesday, December 2nd.  It will retail for MSRP of $24.99.  It can be ordered online direct from PBS’ online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=50214636&cp=&sr=1&kw=austin+city+limits&origkw=Austin+City+Limits&parentPage=search.  More information on Austin City Limits is available online at

Website: http://acltv.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/austincitylimitstv

Twitter: http://twitter.com/acltv

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Sullivan’s Star Keeps Rising On His Latest Release

Courtesy:  Superstar Records/merlis for hire

Courtesy: Superstar Records/merlis for hire

Blues guitarist Quinn Sullivan is not even eighteen years old.  But even at roughly the tender age of fourteen, this young musician has achieved things of which other musicians his age can only dream.  The young man was personally tapped by blues legend Buddy Guy as one of the next big names in the world of blues.  And if his new record, Getting There is any indication, the title bestowed on him by Guy might well be deserved.  That is as long as he sticks primarily to playing more blues-related material rather than some of the more poppy material included in this record.  That he is dealing puberty can be forgiven in terms of his vocals.  Once he gets through this stage of his life, his vocals may in fact become just as strong as his guitar playing.  And if that happens, fans of the blues may hear even more from him.

Sullivan hints at his abilities in the first two songs on Getting There.  But it’s in the album’s title track that he really shines both musically and vocally.  The talent that he exhibits here is kind of musicianship not generally expected of someone his age.  So to hear the sounds produced by this young man is impressive to say the least.  Just as impressive is Sullivan’s vocal style and the song’s lyrics.  Instead of being sort of a Johnny Cash tribute, he sings instead that no, he hasn’t been everywhere.  But he is getting there.  He sings about having gone to this place and that, but knowing he hadn’t been everywhere; though he’s working on it.  He sings, “No I ain’t been everywhere/But I’m getting there/No, not yet/But I’m working on it.”  The subtle way that last part is added in gives the song just a little more attitude.  That extra little attitude will have any listener laughing to themselves because while it is noted in a cocky sense, it isn’t an overly cocky tone.  It’s almost as if he’s saying, I know I haven’t gotten there, but I know I will be.  It shows that he’s only a teenager, but he’s already getting the confidence of a seasoned veteran musician.

Another moment on this record in which Sullivan really shines comes in ‘Mr. Gloom.’  This is another solid twelve-bar blues style piece that allowed him to exhibit both his talent on the guitar and with his vocals.  There are some runs that he hits on his guitar that could almost rival the talents of Stevie Ray Vaughan or perhaps Kenny Wayne Shepherd.  Vocally, he is obviously going through puberty.  But there’s a certain quality about his vocals that conjures thoughts of Johnny Lang.  One can only wonder what his vocals will sound like once he passes puberty and gets older.  If this song is any indication, he will definitely have some very strong vocals. 

‘Mr. Gloom’ and ‘Getting There’ are just a couple examples of Sullivan’s abilities on this new record.  There are many more from which listeners will get to choose.  One of those others is ‘Cyclone.’  What makes this song so interesting is yet again he exhibits quite the ability on his instrument in the song’s “A” section.  The somewhat chromatic runs by Sullivan, and the solid timekeeping of his drummer conjure thoughts of Van Halen’s ‘Hot For Teacher’ in the song’s “A” section.  Give it’s not as hard as the aforementioned song.  But there is at least some similarity, interestingly enough.  So not only does Sullivan get to shine on this album, so do his band mates.  And this is just one example of that.  There are other tracks that exhibit his band mates’ talents.  All combined, they make Getting There a record that given the right support the record that breaks out this young musician and in fact proves him to be the face of the next generation of the blues.  Getting There will be available June 18th.  To get the latest news on his new album, live dates, news and more, audiences can “Like” him on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/QuinnSullivanMusic.  They can also follow the latest news and more from Quinn on his official website, http://www.quinnsullivanmusic.com

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