‘Bulletproof Live’ Is Another “Bulletproof” Live Recording From Reckless Kelly

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Reckless Kelly hit the road last week in support of its forthcoming live recording Bulletproof Live.  The tour is scheduled to run through Nov. 29 in New Braunfels, TX, with performances in cities across America in-between.  While the band’s tour is extensive, taking the band to cities throughout the Midwest, Southwest, Pacific Northwest and west coast, there are still lots of cities and fans who will not get to experience the band’s live show.  That is where Bulletproof Live comes into play.  The recording gives fans – those who are and are not lucky enough to experience the band’s live show – the opportunity to experience the joy of a Reckless Kelly live show on CD.  This recording, which culled performances from the band captured during its 2018 west coast tour, is an enjoyable offering.  That is due in part to the set list, which will be discussed shortly.  The band’s performance of said set list adds even more enjoyment to the recording.  The recording’s mixing and production puts the final touch to its presentation, and will also be discussed later.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of Bulletproof Live.  All things considered, they make the recording an offering that all of Reckless Kelly’s fans will appreciate.

Reckless Kelly’s new live recording Bulletproof Live is a presentation that all of the band’s fans will appreciate.  That is due in part to the recording’s set list.  The set list features all 14 songs from Bulletproof in the exact same sequence as they are presented on said record.  While the recording’s packaging does not list the exact dates of the recorded performances, that is beside the point.  The fact of the matter is that audiences get here, Bulletproof in its entirety in the same sequence as its original studio presentation, but better, because it is presented here in a live setting.  Some of the versions are close to the original studio takes while others, such as ‘American Blood’ and ‘Passing Through’ give audiences a slightly different, but still equally enjoyable, take on said songs.  Simply put, the set list at the center of Bulletproof Live forms a solid foundation for the recording’s presentation.  It gives audiences the band’s whole album in the same presentation from its original recording.  It does this by presenting (audio) glimpses of Reckless Kelly’s live show at various performances.  This in itself adds to the interest because it is not just one performance.  It gives a wider understanding and appreciation of the band’s live show.  It is just one aspect of the recording that audiences will appreciate.  The band’s performance of the songs adds even more interest to the recording’s presentation.

The band’s performance of each of the album’s songs adds to the recording’s engagement and entertainment in that each member gives audiences something special in his own performance throughout. From beginning to end, each of the performances featured in the recording mirrors the songs of Bulletproof closely.  Yet at the same time, there’s a certain sense of intimacy established in the performances that it translated so well from start to end. That is due to the focus put into each song’s performance by the band’s members.  From the thoughts of an old country dive bar generated through the band’s performance of ‘California Blues’ to the energy of the opener ‘Ragged as the Road’ to the deeply bittersweet feel of ‘Don’t Say Goodbye,’ listeners can tell that the band’s members are each fully focused on giving audiences the best show possible in each performance.  The same applies with the rest of the featured songs, too.  The result of that focus being so well translated leads the recording in whole to be just as enjoyable as its studio source material.  When it is considered alongside the very fact that the recording’s sequencing presents Bulletproof’s sequencing in precise order, the two elements together make the record that much more appealing, for aesthetic and emotional reasons.  While the two elements go a long way toward making Bulletproof Live appealing to Reckless Kelly’s fans, they are not the recording’s only key elements.  The recording’s production and audio mix are just as notable in examining the recording’s presentation.

The production and audio mix is important to note in examining the whole of Bulletproof Live because they play directly into the translation of the band’s performances.  Front man Willie Braun’s vocals are expertly balanced with the work of his band mates – Cody Braun (vocals, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica), Jay Nazz (drums) and Joe Miller (bass)  — in each recording.  Not having the venues listed in the recording’s packaging and not having the recording available on DVD or Blu-ray, one can only assume the size of the venues in which the performances were recorded.  That aside, it is clear that those who handled the production and mixing took into full account those exact items – the venues and their acoustics – in producing the final product.  As a result of that focus, the sound in each performance translates each performance with full clarity, adding even more to the recording’s appeal. When that appeal is considered along with the appeal generated through the recording’s set list and the band’s performance thereof, the whole of Bulletproof Live becomes a presentation that will heartily appeal to any of Reckless Kelly’s fans.

Reckless Kelly’s forthcoming live recording Bulletproof Live is a presentation that is certain to appeal to every one of the band’s fans.  That is due in part to the recording’s set list, which despite being recorded at various points through the band’s 2018 west coast tour, mirrors the sequencing of its source material exactly.  The band’s performance of each song adds its own share of interest to the recording, too, along with the commendable mixing and production that wet into the recording’s final product.  Each item discussed here is key in its own way to the whole of Bulletproof Live.  All things considered, they make this recording another positive live offering from Reckless Kelly.  More information on the recording is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:




Website: http://www.recklesskelly.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/recklesskelly96

Twitter: http://twitter.com/recklesskelly




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Oleander Returns With A Solid New Rock Record

Courtesy: Re_Ignite Records

Courtesy: Re_Ignite Records

Oleander is back with its fifth full length studio release.  The band’s new album, Something Beautiful set to be released next Tuesday, April 16th

Oleander has come a long way since the days of its breakout 1993 hit, ‘Why I’m Here.’  This latest release from the Sacramento, California based band shows a lot of growth all the way around.  It has more of a pure rock sound and less like something that would be more fitting for any top 40 station.  This is actually a very good thing.  Something Beautiful opens with a high energy rocker in ‘Fight!’  This song is an excellent opener, with its driving guitars and chants of “Fight!/Fight!/Fight!/Fighting for our lives!”  Front man Thomas Flowers isn’t singing about literally fighting for one’s lives.  It comes across in more of a metaphorical sense.  He sings, “It’s a little bit late now/To look at the clock/There’s not a moment to waste/And not a second to wait/We gotta pick up the pace/There’s no time left to stop/Keepin’ your heartbeat racing/Feel it with every breath you’re takin’/And it’s all or nothing now/Standing on pins and needles/my mind’s in overdrive/Fight for our lives!”  It comes across as a statement of making the most of every second in life, and doing whatever it takes to succeed.  Keeping this in mind, the song’s musical side makes for a solid companion to its lyrical side and together, the pair makes it a solid first impression after just over ten years between albums.

‘Fight!’ is followed up by two more equally driving songs in its title track and the follow-up, ‘Bulletproof’ before pulling back just a little bit in the ballad, ‘Until It’s Over.’  ‘Until It’s Over’ is exactly what audiences expect from a ballad.  It starts off softly with a semi-acoustic sound before moving into something slightly heavier.  Flowers sings about a person’s devotion to a relationship here.  He sings, “I ain’t going anywhere/Not walking out/Not leaving.”  He goes on presenting a handful of worst case scenarios that could break a relationship for one reason or another.  But through it all, the figure in his song declares his (or her even?) dedication no matter what.  It’s one for all the romantics out there.

Things pick back up after ‘Until It’s Over’ as the band moves into ‘Never Too Late.’  The band keeps the energy flowing straight through ‘Daylight’ before pulling back again and ending more gently with ‘How Do We Say Goodbye.’  There is a bonus song that is just as subtle after this piece.  By the time listeners reach this point, they know that having listened through this whole album, they have realized that while Oleander may not have released a new album in ten years, this band hasn’t missed a step with this new release.  The band is hitting the road in support of Something Beautiful with a tour beginning next Saturday, April 20th.  The band will be at Buzzfest in The Woodlands, TX alongside Bush, Shinedown, Stone Sour, and Hollywood Undead.  More tour dates are possible.  For a full tour rundown and all the latest tour dates, news and more, fans can follow Oleander on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/oleanderband and its official website, http://www.oleander.net

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“Beneath The Scars” is 12 Stones’ best work yet

New Orleans, Louisiana based 12 Stones is likely one of the most underrated bands in modern mainstream music today.  Frontman Paul McCoy played a role in the debut hit from mega stars, Evanesence.  12 Stones also found a place on the soundtrack to the hit 2002 Dwayne Johnson movie, The Scorpion King.  And with three successful studio albums under its belt, one would think this band would be much more well known than it is.  With the release of its fourth full length studio, 12 Stones may have finally cemented its place in mainstream rock.

12 Stones’ new album, ‘Beneath the Scars’ is currently slated to be released May 29th via Texas-based Executive Music Group.  The band’s new album is the most rock solid (yes bad pun there) album that the band has released to date.  It opens with the hard rocking social commentary of ‘Infected.’  [Paul] McCoy sings on the album’s lead single, “I feel weak/I feel numb/Had enough/of this poison we’ve injected/living in this world infected.”  The song discusses how the state of things in the country and the world has really gone down.  He goes on to sing as part of the chorus, “Time is running out”, hinting that the world needs to change and soon.  It’s a statement that’s bold without being preachy.  Add in the guitar work of Eric Weaver, and the band has a great start to a great album.

The band hardly lets up after ‘Infected.’  From there, the band launches into the uplifting but equally rocking, ‘Bulletproof.’  This is one of those pieces that every listener will appreciate.  McCoy sings on this song, “The fight has made me stronger/I could never turn my back now/Don’t you point the finger/Your words no longer break me down/I’m finally taking over/The truth has surfaced all around/The days of going under/Have risen up and can’t be found.”  From there he breaks into the chorus singing, “love, hate, pride bottled up inside/let it go/gonna let it go!/I’m feeling superhuman/I’m invincible, I’m bulletproof/I’m on a revolution/I’m invincible, I’m bulletproof/Don’t you know I’m bulletproof?”  All said, it’s a great defiant, full throttle, adrenaline pumping anthem that tells would be bullies they won’t hold anyone down.  It’s the sort of anthem to which every listener can relate.

‘Bulletproof’ is only one of many positive songs on “Beneath the Scars.”  Listeners will also enjoy songs such as:  ‘That Changes Everything’, ‘I’m With You’, and ‘Only Human.’  These tracks add that much more enjoyment to the album.  They’re only part of what makes this album so enjoyable.  One of the biggest highlights is the explosive arena anthem, ‘Psycho.’  It’s one of those songs that will undoubtedly become a major hit of the band’s live shows.  Mccoy sings to audiences, “Join me if you dare/’cause we’re gonna leave the rest behind/I’m feelin’ so alive/losin’ all control/I can feel it in my soul/We can finally let it go/Everybody’s going psycho!”  Psycho here isn’t meant in a bad way.  McCoy is just saying he feels great and in turn, has so much positive energy.  It’s just a great positive arena rock anthem that will get any fan moving whether at home, at a party, or in the arena.  It would be no surprise if this song becomes one of the album’s many potential singles.  Any of the songs on this album could potentially be used as singles.  It is that well balanced both musically and lyrically. 

“Beneath The Scars” is 12 Stones’ best work to date.  The only deciding factor in how well this album does is whether or not it gets the support that it deserves from mainstream radio.  And that rests squarely on the shoulders of the programmers at the stations nationwide.  Regardless of whether or not said programmers give the album its deserved airplay, 12 Stones has made the wait worth it for its fans and audiences in general.

The band is currently out on tour, getting audiences pumped for the release of “Beneath The Scars.”  It’ll head through Broussard, Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama this weekend.  Next week sees the band resting up in preparation for its performance May 20th at the famed Rock on The Range Festival.  Fans in Syracuse, New York will get to see the band live on the 27th.  More dates are likely to be announced.  And fans who want to keep up with those potential dates can do so online at http://www.12stones.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/12stones and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/12stones.