Reel Big Fish’s New LP Is Real Big Fun

Courtesy: Rock Ridge Music

Reel Big Fish has rolled a lucky seven on its new LP, “Candy Coated Fury.”  This new album is…well…real big fun.  Rather than take an angry tone, the band takes serious concepts, and approaches them in a much more light hearted manner.  That could be the reason for the album’s title.

 “Candy Coated Fury” opens with a song whose title cannot be repeated due to certain language used in the title.  That aside, it’s a good re-introduction for this Orange County, California based ska band.  Front man Aaron Barrett sings on the album’s opener of how selfish people are, and how he tries to not be like everyone else.  But because of how everyone else is, it makes it tough to not be like them.  That song is followed up with a great punk style song in ‘Punisher.’  When the band breaks into the chorus, singing, “You’re a punisher”, there’s even a touch of The Ramones in the way the band sings.

The band keeps that light hearted tone on the album’s third track, ‘She’s Not The End of The World.’  While the title does seem to be from the male standpoint, women could use it too and make it into a female POV about a guy.  Instead of being another standard oh-woe-is-me style song, Barrett takes the listener like an old college buddy, and sings about a breakup, “She’s not the end of the world.”  The up-tempo musical backing really adds to the positive vibe of the song.  It’s one of those songs that as simple as it is, is really uplifting. 

Speaking of an uplifting song, any of the songs on this album could be defined in that sense.  And everyone will have their own favorite.  One that every audience should definitely hear is the song, ‘Hiding in My headphones.’  This is a straight up feel good song about the joy that music brings.  Barrett sings on ‘Hiding in My Headphones’, “I’m hotter than my headphones/Gonna turn them up so loud/Gonna drown this whole world out/and everyone can see/that they won’t bother me.”  This is another great message for listeners.  It’s something to which any listener can relate.  Who doesn’t love to just turn on some good music and tune out the world and its problems once in a while.  Suffice to say this is one of the best tracks on “Candy Coated Fury.”

Reel Big Fish has been making music for a very long time.  And now on its seventh album, the band has proven that it’s as strong as ever, making music that walks that fine line of ska, punk and pop punk, as noted in the songs presented.  Even if it doesn’t finally give the band the mainstream acclaim that it so rightly deserves, it’s one work that will make its long time fans happy and will even potentially garner the band even more fans, given the right coverage.  “Candy Coated Fury is available now both in stores and online.  It can be ordered directly through the band’s Facebook page,  Fans can also get all the latest news and more through the band’s Facebook page and its official website,

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