Sydney Sherwood’s New EP Will Put Listeners In A Positive Headspace

Courtesy: Keep It Simple Records

Independent singer-songwriter and American Idol contestant Sydney Sherwood officially returns this weekend with her first new studio recording in almost three years.  Sherwood is scheduled to release her sophomore EP Headspace Saturday through Keep It Simple Records.  The six-song record is Sherwood’s sophomore EP and is an interesting new presentation from the up-and-coming singer-songwriter that is worth hearing at least once.  That is thanks to the record’s musical and lyrical content, as is evidenced in part through the record’s lead single, ‘Creep.’  This song will be addressed shortly.  ‘Let Me Down,’ its second single, is another example of how the EP’s overall content makes it successful.  It will be addressed a little later.  ‘All The Aces,’ which closes out the record, is yet another of its most notable additions.  It will also be examined later.  When it is considered along with the EP’s other three songs, the whole of the EP proves itself a positive new offering from Sherwood.

Sydney Sherwood’s forthcoming EP, Headspace is a positive new offering from the up-and-coming singer-songwriter that gives some hope for the future of her career in the music industry.  The 24-minute record’s musical and lyrical content serve well to support that statement.  Its lead single, ‘Creep’ is just one way in which the EP’s collective content makes the record engaging and entertaining.  Its musical arrangement is immediately infectious with its bluesy groove and smoky vocals.  The bass and solid time keeping work with the guitar and vocals to fully immerse listeners in the composition.  The whole of the arrangement is infectious, but it also plays its own important part to the song.  That relaxed almost…sensual vibe exuded in the arrangement actually does well to help illustrate the song’s lyrical theme, that being the relatable topic of mental health.

Sherwood openly talked about the noted topic during a recent interview.  She said of the matter, “Being someone that has struggled with anxiety, when it came to writing ‘Creep,’ I really wanted to give an inside look on what anxiety feels like, the emotions you experience while in a panic attack, and the idea that the same mind that thinks of the beauty of life is also the one that thinks negative thoughts which can really drag you down.”… My main goal with this song was to illustrate the war that goes on in your head when you have anxiety as well as how you can either choose to let fear overcome you or you can overcome that fear.”

Her statements are illustrated in the song’s lyrics, which state in the song’s lead verse and chorus, “We’ve all  got our demons/And we’ve all got our reasons for dealing/With this heavy baggage/The  way we do/It takes a hold of you/Oh no/Here it comes again/Feels like  I’m trapped inside a room/No blinds/No way to see it through/Locked down/I never knew/A beautiful mind/Could be so cruel/I’m blind/Down on the upside/Hide behind a smile/But I can’t lie/ Locked down/I never knew/A beautiful mind/Could be so cruel/Just inhale/Exhale/Count to ten/Before the thoughts creep back in.”  That last line is where the   song’s title comes from.  The overall statement here clearly achieves Sherwood’s goal of translating what the noted figures go through in battling anxiety, feeling it literally creeping into one’s mind.  The continued statements in the song’s second verse, of “living with ghosts” but having “figured you out” shows perhaps a hint of managing to overcome the noted negative thoughts and emotions.  Again, the song’s musical arrangement works with these lyrics to sort of hint at how those thoughts and emotions tend to so coolly slide into a person’s mind.  At the same time, the musical approach also echoes the ease in one’s mind in recognizing and overcoming the situation at hand.  It makes the song a good example of why Sherwood’s new EP succeeds. 

‘Creep’ is a good example of why ‘Headspace’ works as well as it does, and is just one example of why the EP is worth hearing.  ‘Let Me Down,’ the EP’s second single, is another example of what makes the record worth hearing.  The song’s musical arrangement is its own interesting presentation.  It is an up-tempo work whose subtle keyboards work with Sherwood’s vocals and the other instruments to give the song a sort of country-pop sensibility.  At the same time, those noted keyboards also give the song the most subtle of an 80s infusion.  That overall approach and sound is certain to engage and entertain listeners in its own right.  It is just one part of why the song is notable.  The lyrical content that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement adds to the song’s appeal.

The lyrical content featured in ‘Let Me Down’ centers on the all-too-familiar topic of a broken relationship.  Sherwood talked about that during a recent interview, noting, ““I wrote ‘Let Me Down’ with one of my favorite songwriters a few years ago after getting over someone I had feelings for for some time.   I like to see the good in people and deep down I knew this person had good in them, but I looked at what that person could’ve been instead of the person that was standing right before me. I gave this person every chance to prove themselves and time and time again I was let down. I was so blinded by this false sense of reality that when this person let me down it felt shocking. I think a lot of people can relate to the fact that when you care for someone, you tend to overlook the negative things they do because you’re consumed with feelings, but now I realize it’s important to have one foot in reality at all times. Writing this song was one of my biggest moments of clarity to see that I deserved more. While the song is definitely not in favor of the guy, his actions opened my eyes to see what I don’t want and what I won’t tolerate. Had I never gone through this experience, I would’ve never known to look for those red flags in the future and I guess I have him to thank for this killer song.”

These comments are illustrated right from the song’s outset as Sherwood sings in the song’s lead verse, “These days are not feeling right/How could I be so blind/The only thing you did/Was so inconsiderate/You pulled the wool over my eyes/Now I’m just confused/Because of you/I gave you every chance/You threw my heart around…”  The last couple of lines are slightly difficult to decipher without lyrics to reference, but more than enough of the content is understandable that it is easy to see that Sherwood has done well to translate her comments in this case.  The song follows in quite similar fashion in the second verse, opening with Sherwoood telling that other person, “I wish you could see/How selfish you could be/And how it makes me feel/I wish the person that you were in my mind/Lined up with who you are for real/But now you’ll never say/I’m afraid you’ll stay the same.”  Again, there is a lot here to which listeners can relate.  Going back to the song’s musical arrangement, the energy in that element makes one believe that these are words that Sherwood is saying to that person in her mind, not quite to that person’s face.  It would explain that energy, as it reflects perhaps, her racing thoughts at that moment.  There is a certain sadness that goes along with those racing thoughts, adding even more to the interest of the song in whole.  Keeping all of this in mind here, no question is left as to why the song was chosen as one of the EP’s singles.   It does that much by itself to show why the EP is worth hearing.  It is just one more of the songs featured in the EP that shows the record’s strength.  ‘All The Aces,’ which closes out the record, is yet another way in which Headspace proves itself worth its own attention.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘All The Aces’ is a catchy, southern-tinged style work whose gritty guitar sound and vocals immediately lend themselves to certain works from the likes of Carrie Underwood.  It is a song that is certain to become a fan favorite especially for live shows (whenever live shows return).  The sense of confidence exhibited in the song’s musical arrangement pairs well with the song’s equally seemingly positive lyrical theme.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘All The Aces’ comes across as someone who is just trying to put the past behind —  perhaps from a bad relationship — and move forward in life.  This is inferred in the mention that, “No more/I’ll tell you the truth/Those days are gone/Gotta get back on and soldier on…go on and try me again/I wouldn’t recommend it/Can’t wait to see the look on your face…”   There are points here that are difficult to decipher sans lyrics to reference.  That aside, just enough is understandable here that this song is a (seemingly) direct contrast to ‘Let Me Down.’  It shows someone who has worked through the emotions of whatever happened with whomever in the past and decided to let it all go.  It is a song that promotes self-empowerment, again making itself easy for listeners to relate.  That accessibility, together with the entertainment and engagement ensured by the song’s musical arrangement, leaves no doubt as to the EP’s appeal.  When it is considered alongside ‘Creep,’ ‘Let Me Down’ and the EP’s remaining trio of songs, the whole makes the EP a presentation that is deserving of its own share of attention.

Sydney Sherwood’s forthcoming EP Headspace is a positive new effort from the up-and-coming singer-songwriter.  That is proven throughout the course of the record through the EP’s collective musical and lyrical content.  Each of the songs examined here support the noted statements.  When they are considered along with the record’s remaining works, the EP in whole proves to be a presentation that will put any listener in a positive mindset.  Headspace is scheduled for release Saturday through Keep It Simple Records.

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Lots Of Options Offered By 2015’s Top New Country, Folk, Bluegrass, And Americana Albums

Country music and its related genres (I.E. americana, bluegrass, and folk) are big business in the music world. Just look at all of the karaoke competitions on television today and the number of country singers that go on those shows, trying to make a name for themselves. Look at the reach that it has on radio in general. Artists such as Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood have bridged the gap between pop and country alongside the likes of Rascal Flatts, Eric Church, and so many others. In the same breath, true-blooded country music remains just as much of a driving force today within the realm of country music as its more cross-genre counterparts that have become so popular over the last ten years or more. The dichotomy of the two worls is really intriguing to examine as well as the fan base of both sides of the country music world. Keeping that in mind, country and its offshoots can be said to have just as much importance to the music industry today as any other genre. So having covered the realm of children’s music, independent music, and world music, it seems only fair to offer up a listing of the year’s top new records in the worlds of country, folk, bluegrass, and Americana within their own collective year-ender. This was one of the more difficult lists to assemble because of the sheer variety of sounds and titles available to listeners this year. North Carolina-based Delta Rae makes the list once again with its new album After It All. Americana artists Buzz Cason is on this list, too with his new album Record Machine as are Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard with their new record Django and Jimmie. Of course Geoge Strait, “The King of Country,” couldn’t be ignored in this list. His new album Cold Beer Conversation is on the Phil’s Picks list of 2015’s top new Country, folks, bluegrass, and Americana records, too. They’re just a handful of the acts to make the list this year. There are plenty of others veteran and otherwise alike on this year’s list. Without any further ado, I offer to you, dear readers, the best new country, folk, bluegrass, and americana albums of 2015. As always the top 10 albums are…well…the top 10. the bottom five each get honorable mention. That is not a stab against them by any means. It was just that tough to compile the list and do it fairly because there were so many great new records in this realm just as with the other lists. Enough rambling. Here are the Best New Country, Folk, Bluegrass, and Americana albums of 2015 from Phil’s Picks.


1. Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard — Django and Jimmie

2. George Strait — Cold Beer Conversation

3. Blackberry Smoke — Holding All The Roses

4. Delta Rae — After It All

5. Sugarcane Jane — Dirt Road’s End

6. Alan Jackson — Angels and Alcohol

7. Alabama — Southern Drawl

8. Tim McGraw — Damn Country Music

9. Buzz Cason — Record Machine

10. Darius Rucker — Southern Style

11. Gloriana — Three

12. Luke Bryan — Kill The Lights

13. Chris Stapleton — Traveller

14. Dwight Yokam — Second Hand Heart

15. Zac Brown Band — Jekyll and Hyde

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Aerosmith Set To Celebrate New LP With Surprise Performance

Boston’s favorite sons (aside from the Boston Red Sox) are set to tentatively release the new Aerosmith album in two weeks.  Music From Another Dimension is currently set to hit stores and online outlets on Tuesday, November 6th.  In celebration of the band’s upcoming new release, Aerosmith will perform on the streets of Boston Monday, November 5th.  The performance will not only be a way to promote the band’s new album, but also a way to get everyone to do their civic duty and vote.  The band is scheduled to appear in a surprise location around noon on November 5th and play.

Courtesy: MSO PR

The upcoming performance date is also a pre-party for the band’s upcoming month-long tour in support of its new album.  The tour will take Aerosmith to fourteen arenas across the country along with Cheap Trick.  The first pair of singles from the album has already been released together to radio.  Other highlights from Music From Another Dimension include a duet with American Idol star Carrie Underwood and another song with actor Johnny Depp on backing vocals.

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