Hall And Oates Impress Again In Their First Time Together In Dublin

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Next Tuesday, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release its latest live recording Daryl Hall & John Oates Live in Dublin. The concert, recorded live at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on July 15th, 2014, is yet another example of why to this day Eagle Rock Entertainment remains the leader in live recordings. For a number of years, Eagle Rock Entertainment has released some of the best live recordings out there for audiences. From rock (Stone Temple Pilots, BTO, Slipknot) to rap (Cee Lo Green) to jazz (Stan Getz) and points in-between, Eagle Rock has spanned the musical globe bringing some of the biggest names and best quality concerts to audiences right in their own living rooms. Now early in 2015 it continues to hold its reputation strong with the upcoming release of Hall & Oates’ new live recording. Being the very first time that the duo had ever performed together live in Dublin, the concert instantly becomes something special for long-time fans of this hugely popular pop duo. While not necessarily what one might call a career-defining concert, the show’s set list covers a healthy range of the duo’s seventeen albums. It even pulls from the pair’s 1977 compilation record No Goodbyes. Keeping that in consideration, the set list chosen for this first-ever concert for Hall & Oates becomes the first key element of its success. The stage presence not only of Hall & Oates, but also of the pair’s backing band is just as important to the whole experience. Audiences will not be disappointed in that avenue, either. And last but hardly least worth noting of the recording is its production values (I.E. the audio and video mix). Considering what looks like a relatively small venue in the Olympia Theatre, the camera crew and audio operators must have faced quite the challenge in setting up the cameras and setting audio levels. Their efforts paid off in spades as the concert looks and sounds just as impressive as any previously released live recording from Eagle Rock Entertainment. By itself, the concert’s production values are what make the concert worth the experience. What’s the use of taking in a concert whose production values are muddy and rough? Exactly. That being the case, it shows why this show’s production values are as important as with any concert. Together with the show’s set list and the band’s stage presence, all three elements prove why Hall & Oates fans will enjoy this concert. It also shows once more why Eagle Rock Entertainment remains the leader in live recordings.

Eagle Rock Entertainment’s new Hall & Oates live recording is a piece that any of the duo’s long-time fans will appreciate. It also proves itself in the long run to be another example of why Eagle Rock Entertainment is the leader in live recordings. One key reason for this is the concert’s set list. While not necessarily what would be dubbed a career-defining set list, fans will be impressed with the mix of material chosen for the first-ever concert. The show’s set list goes all the way back to Hall & Oates’ sophomore album Abandoned Luncheonette (1973) and as recent as its 1984 album Big Bam Boom. pulling some of the duo’s biggest hits along the way. There is even one number included in the set that was released only on the duo’s 1977 compilation record No Goodbyes in the form of ‘It’s Uncanny’ and another taken from the 1983 compilation Rock ‘n Soul Part 1 in the form of ‘Say It Isn’t So.’ It all starts with a pair of the duo’s more recent hits in ‘Maneater’ and ‘Out of Touch,’taken from H2O and Big Bam Boom respectively. From there, H&O and company start going back in time beginning with that 1983 hit single ‘Say It Isn’t So.’ From there, the show’s set list hits on some of the biggest hits of Hall & Oates’ career including the likes of ‘Family Man,’ ‘Las Vegas Turnaround’ and perhaps the group’s biggest hit of all time, ‘You Make My Dreams’ among a number of others. The set list reaches fifteen songs, the last two of which are encores. The total run time (trt) comes in at just under the two-hour mark. And while it comes in at just under that mark, it doesn’t feel the least bit short. The concert keeps audiences engaged, singing and dancing along in their own living rooms from start to finish. And the reason for that is also the second reason that this concert will impress any long-time H&O fan, the band’s stage presence.

The set list chosen for Hall & Oates’ first-ever performance together in Dublin is itself reason enough for long-time fans to pick up this new live recording. As with any live performance, a set list is just that without a quality show on the part of the performer(s). In the case of Hall & Oates (and the duo’s backing band), the performance put on by the group makes the set list all the more enjoyable. One of the most memorable of moments that defines that stage presence is a very simple moment in which drummer Brian Dunne is introduced to the audience in attendance. He is apparently wearing a soccer jersey that the audience recognizes. As soon as he stands up in his introduction, the crowd starts chanting and Dunne smiles, pointing to his jersey. Who would have thought such a simple moment would be so memorable and powerful? Yet it helped the band make a connection with the crowd. On the musical side of things, the band in whole exudes such energy in its performance of ‘Family Man.’ While it holds the original song in the performance, the band has noticeably stepped up in this performance. And the funky vibes of ‘It’s Uncanny’ will take audiences back to another age as the band launches into this piece. The band’s live take of ‘It’s Uncanny’ is just as good as its original studio recording if not better than said composition. And the band’s performance of its biggest hit of all, ‘You Make My Dreams,’ is a solid performance in its own right. Interestingly enough, one would think the band’s performance of one of its biggest singles of all would be a big production. But the band opts instead for a performance that while not subdued per se is not the massive production that one would expect. Interestingly enough, because the band saves its energy for the last bars of the song, it makes this moment all the more special and memorable. Whether for that memorable moment or for the band’s performances of ‘Family Man,’ ‘It’s Uncanny’ or any of the moments not noted here, it can be said with ease that the stage presence of Daryl Hall, John Oates, and the duo’s fellow musicians throughout the concert presented here makes the set list and in turn the performance in whole all the more enjoyable for fans.

The set list and performance of said set list in Hall & Oates’ new live recording go hand in hand in making this yet another impressive recording from Eagle Rock Entertainment. Of course without quality production values none of that would matter. But being another Eagle Rock release, it goes without saying that the production values incorporated into this concert are of the highest quality. This is especially important to note considering the fact that the Olympia Theatre doesn’t exactly look like the largest venue out there. Being a seemingly quaint venue, it had to have presented quite the challenge for the show’s camera crew and those handling the show’s audio. The challenge for the camera crew would include placement of the cameras for the best angles and shots without risking damaging any equipment. In terms of the audio management, such a seemingly small venue means having to work even harder to handle every single little nuance of the concert’s sound. The smaller the venue, the easier it is for sound to bounce everywhere and in turn make the overall quality of the audio rather muddled. Luckily, everyone involved was obviously more than up to the challenges put before them. The end result is a concert that sounds just as good as it looks, making the concert in whole even more another proverbial feather in the cap of Eagle Rock Entertainment.

The production values incorporated into Daryl Hall & John Oates Live in Dublin by themselves make this recording well worth the watch by any Hall & Oates fan. If not for the high quality of the production values, neither the show’s set list nor the band’s performance of said set list would be worth anything. Luckily, the audio and video mix proves in the long run to be of the highest quality,which is of course the standard for Eagle Rock’s releases. And because of those high quality production values, the set list and the band’s performance manage to prove their importance to the presentation overall. All three elements taken into consideration, Daryl Hall & John Oates Live in Dublin shows exactly why in the end every Hall & Oates fan will enjoy this recording and why Eagle Rock Entertainment remains to this day the leader in live recordings. Daryl Hall & John Oates Live in Dublin will be available next Tuesday, March 31st in stores and online. Fans may even be able to purchase it at the duo’s upcoming live dates. Speaking of those dates, Hall & Oates’ latest tour dates and news are available online now at:

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