Laurie Berkner To Hold Two Concerts On Halloween

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Family entertainer Laurie Berkner is giving families a way to celebrate Halloween safely.

Berkner will hold two livestream concerts on Oct. 31.  The first is scheduled to take place at noon ET and the second at 5 p.m. ET.  The ticketed event will feature performances of two new songs from Berkner —  ‘What Am I Gonna Be (for Halloween)‘ and ‘The Superhero Mask Song’ — as well as a variety of other favorites, such as ‘The Cat Came Back,’ ‘When I Woke Up Today’ and ‘This Hat.’

As audiences wait for the concerts’ start, the can enjoy music, videos, and Halloween-themed games in a pre-show lobby.

Special meet-and-greet VIP packages for a post-show session with Berkner are available.  The exclusive meet-and-greet sessions run or two minutes and will allow for virtual photo ops with Berkner.

More information on Berkner’s upcoming concerts is available online along with all of her latest news and more at:





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Haunt ‘O Ween LA Organizers Announce More Details For Upcoming Drive-Thru Trick-Or-Treating Event

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Organizers of the first-ever Hauntoween LA are providing more details about the drive-thru event.

According to information provided about the event, is scheduled to take place daily from Oct. 9-31 from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific Time at 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA.  Experiential Supply is hosting the nearly month-long celebration.

Experiential Supply Founder and Chief Experience Officer Jasen Smith said of the company’s involvement in Hauntoween LA, “We can’t wait to show off our creation with all of Los Angeles. The excitement and support have been overwhelming.  There are also a few surprises we haven’t announced yet!”

Families will enter the expansive experience through a large tunnel that is lit by more than 1,000 brightly-lit pumpkins.  From there, guests will make their way through a blacklight tunnel that is powered by the creative forces behind FX network’s hit show What We Do In The Shadows.  The series’ first two seasons are streaming on Hulu.

Also featured in the presentation are mini-maze routes, a pumpkin patch that will let guests pick a pumpkin to take home,  and costumed actors who will provide in-vehicle trick-or-treating on a two-street, built-out neighborhood with lots of candy and decorations for children.

Additionally, family music act The Beatbuds will provide musical entertainment during the event at select, surprise times.  Select photo and video opportunities will also allow families to make their own memories.

Much of Hauntoween LA’s decorations are provided through national retailer Party City. Julie Roehm, the company’s Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, spoke on behalf of the organization about taking part in the festivities.

“We are so thrilled to support the inaugural Hauntoween LA as Party City shares the same mission to help families continue to safely celebrate Halloween,” said Roehm. “Despite an already scary year, there are still reasons to celebrate and plenty of new ways to make the season spook-tacular.”

As added measures, families will have to fill out waiver forms this year before entering.  Off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officers will also patrol the region nightly.  Anytime a vehicle’s windows are open, the vehicle’s occupants are required to wear masks.

Staff working in the pumpkin patch and trick-or-treat areas will have to wear gloves and masks.  All candy will be sanitized prior to being given to families.

Space is limited for the event as a result of precautions taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Tickets are $70 per vehicle.  Advance purchase is recommended due to the limited space.  A limited number of drive-up tickets will also be available.

More information on Hauntoween L.A. is available at:






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Justin Roberts Debuts ‘Glad You’re Here’ Video

Courtesy: Carpet Square/Sugar Mountain PR

Family entertainer Justin Roberts debuted the video for his latest single over the weekend.

Roberts debuted the video for his new single ‘Glad You’re Here‘ Friday.  The song is featured on Roberts’ latest album Wild Life, which is scheduled for release Feb. 28 through Carpet Square.

The video finds a young man talking to his unborn baby sibling as the baby grows in the mother’s womb, telling the child how excited everyone is about the baby’s pending arrival.  The song’s musical arrangement is a stable, mid-tempo work whose positive sounds illustrate the positive emotions presented in the song’s lyrical content.

‘Glad You’re Here’ is the second single from Wild Life.  Roberts debuted the album’s lead single ‘Heart Like A Door‘ last month.

Much like ‘Glad You’re Here,’ ‘Heart Like A Door’ also takes on the topic of parenthood with a new child.  It is a reflection of Roberts’ own recent experience of becoming a parent for the first time.

Roberts is joined on his forthcoming 15th full-length studio recording by Baroque cellist Anna Steinhoff, pianist Lisa Kaplan, percussionist Gerald Dowd and vocalist Nora O’Connor.

More information on Wild Life is available along with all of Roberts’ latest news at:






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Jason Kui’s Sophomore LP Could Be His Breakout Record

Courtesy: Prosthetic Records

Guitarist Jason Kui is scheduled to release his latest full-length studio recording Naka Feb. 14 through Prosthetic Records.  The up-and-coming musician’s sophomore LP, it is a promising new offering from Kui and the musicians with whom he recorded the record.  It boasts a variety of musical arrangements that is certain to keep listeners engaged from beginning to end.  The talent displayed by Kui and company throughout the album does just as much as the songs themselves to entertain and engage audiences.  The record’s sequencing puts the last touch to its presentation, and ensures in its own way, that noted engagement and entertainment.  Each item noted here is critical in its own way to the whole of Naka.  All things considered, they make the album an early candidate for a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new rock albums.

Jason Kui’s sophomore LP Naka is a presentation that, with the right support, could be the record that makes him and the musicians with whom he recorded the album some of the next big names in the rock industry.  It is that strong of an offering.  That is proven in part through the record’s diverse musical arrangements.  From the record’s full-on prog-rock opener ‘Splash!’ – which was inspired by a visit to a water fall in Iceland in 2018 to the more subtle, almost country music style opus that is the album’s title track to the nearly 10-minute prog-metal opus ‘Dance of Awakening The Spirit Part II, The Ball’ and right to the funk of ‘Games Brown (Hey!)’ and the deeply moving ‘Then and Now,’ Kui and company offer a wide range of style of music for listeners to enjoy.  The group never sticks too long to just one style of music, instead, showing their talents and influences throughout.  Some of the other songs that show that noted diversity are works, such as the Joe Satriani-esque ‘Mean Bird (ft. Tom Quayle),’ ‘The Creator / The Destroyer,’ which is yet another full-on prog-metal opuses that fans of that genre will enjoy, and ‘Pixel Invasion,’ the album’s lead single.  The song opens with what sounds like music from an old-school Sega Master system video game.  That brief opening quickly gives way to an upbeat hybrid metalcore/prog-metal opus that boasts its own positives.  That song taken into consideration along with the rest of the works noted here, the diversity of the arrangements is clear.   It leaves no question that it forms a solid foundation for the album.  Kui’s work and that of his fellow musicians within the course of each song strengthens that foundation even more.

From the beginning to the end of Kui’s new 48-minute record, Kui and his fellow musicians display great talent.  Kui himself proves that he can shred with the best of today’s biggest names in songs, such as ‘Pixel Invasion,’ ‘The Creator / The Destroyer’ and ‘Dance of Awakening The Spirit Part II, The Ball.’  At the same time, he also makes sure listeners know that he isn’t just a shredder through the much gentler arrangements in ‘Then and Now’ and Naka’ and the fun, funky ‘Games Brown (Hey!).’  This is important to note because that ability to play just as expertly in faster tunes as in slower, and more easy-going tunes exhibits his versatility as a musician.  Drummer Anup Sastry’s work on the kit is just as worth noting as Kui’s work on the guitar.  Sastrys’ backbeat and fills on ‘Games Brown (Hey!)’ add quite a bit of flavor and flare to that arrangement, never once going over the top, but rather giving listeners just enough.  His work alongside that of the bassist (whose name is not listed with the album’s download link) and that of the horn players adds even more fun to the arrangement.  The end result of all those parts is a work that stands solidly on its own merits.  The full actual, orchestral work on the brief, ‘Interlude – Roseneath’ is another example of the importance of the talent of the featured musicians.  The strings soar, creating a feeling and emotion that makes the almost two-minute opus sound like something that belongs in a movie soundtrack.  It’s just one more way in which the work of the albums’ featured musicians proves so pivotal to the album’s presentation.  The rest of the featured performances do their own share to support that statement.  All things considered, the performances of each arrangement works with the arrangements’ diversity to show even more why Naka is such a strong new offering from Kui.  Taking all of this into consideration, there is still one more aspect to examine in the album – its sequencing.

The sequencing of Jason Kui’s new album is important to note because it does just as much as the record’s overall content to ensure listeners’ engagement and entertainment.  An album can have good songs but poor sequencing and fail because of that sequencing.  Kui’s album is one of those works that is the exact opposite.  It has good songs and good sequencing.  The record opens upbeat with the energetic ‘Splash!,’ which itself is comparable to works from Joe Satriani.  The energy in ‘Splash!’ continues in Pixel Invasion,’ which immediately follows ‘Splash! before pulling back and completely changing in ‘Interlude – ‘Roseneath.’  From the full-on orchestra arrangement of that brief work, the album’s energy changes pace yet again, and in yet another different direction, in the ballad that is ‘Naka.’  ‘Mean Bird’ changes things up yet again, but keeps the energy flowing with its driving, mid-tempo arrangement.  ‘The Creator / The Destroyer’ pushes the album’s energy up a few notches again, giving the metal masses plenty of reason to raise the horns.  Things pick up even more in ‘Dance of Awakening Pat II, The Ball’ before sharply changing direction again immediately after in ‘Games Brown (Hey!).’  This sharp change of pace more than ensures listeners’ engagement and entertainment.  From the funky, feel-good vibe of ‘Games Brown (Hey!),’ Kui and company turn things again to close the album in ‘Then and Now.’  That closer lands listeners gently on another musical shore, closing out the album in perfect fashion, giving listeners one more memorable moment to finish things off.  The rises and falls and changes in general are all at the perfect spots throughout the course of the album.  At no point throughout are listeners left to feel the urge to skip songs.  That is a tribute to the time and thought put into the record’s sequencing.  When this is considered along with the album’s musical diversity and the performances of the musicians throughout, the album in whole becomes a presentation that music lovers across the board will appreciate.

Jason Kui’s sophomore album Naka is a positive new offering from the up-and-coming guitarist.  It offers something for almost everyone, as is evidenced in part through the album’s diverse musical arrangements.  The performances by Kui and his fellow musicians throughout the album give audiences just as much to enjoy as the record’s arrangements.  The sequencing of the record puts the finishing touch to the record.  Each item in itself plays a key part to the album’s presentation.  All things considered, they make Naka another early candidate for a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new rock albums.  Naka will be available Feb. 14 through Prosthetic Records.  More information on the album is available online now along with all of Jason Kui’s latest news and more at:









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Dines’ Latest Record Is A Wonderful Celebration Of The World’s Peoples, Cultures

Courtesy: Sugar Mountain PR

The holiday season is in full swing, and independent family entertainer Katherine Dines has a new album out now to help families celebrate the holiday season.  The album, HunkTa BunkTa Holidays, was released independently by Dines Aug. 26 to give families a chance to start preparing for the season.  This unique record is not just another run-of-the-mill presentation of holiday standards covers.  Rather it is much more than that.  It is a presentation that promotes multiculturalism.  It is also a presentation that presents a rich history lesson about the different holiday traditions that various cultures take part in annually.  Along with all of that, it also presents music that no one will expect from any holiday music compilation. Each of the items noted here is key in its own way to the whole of HunkTa BunkTa Holidays.  All things considered, they make the album another welcome work from Dines and her fellow musicians.

Katherine Dines’ latest HunkTa BunkTa record is a welcome addition to any family’s holiday music library.  That is proven in part through the fact that it openly promotes multiculturalism.  In researching Dines’ previous HunkTa BunkTa compilations, this is nothing new for Dines and her fellow musicians.  Her past records have each done their own part to promote the many cultures of the world.  In an age when xenophobia and racism are running rampant, the world needs more acceptances of others’ ways of life.  That is exactly what listeners get here.  Chinee culture is celebrated here alongside that of Muslims, Indians, Africa-Americans and Christians.  Along with those celebrations are those of the Jewish culture, that of early Mesopotamians and even Scandanavians.  Simply put, Dines and company take listeners around the world, featuring cultures from a wide range of peoples, teaching about their cultures and promoting that diversity along the way.  Again, promoting cultural diversity is nothing new nowadays, but doing so through a holiday album is relatively uncommon.  To that end, Dines and company are to be commended for that approach here.  It is just one part of what makes HunkTa BunkTa Holidays stand out among this year’s holiday music offerings.  The equally rich history lessons presented throughout the album add their own special touch to its presentation.

In promoting the world’s cultural diversity, HunkTa BunkTa Holidays also explains the roots of the noted peoples’ holiday celebrations.  The history lessons are such that they can be utilized in the classroom just as much as they can the living room.  Audiences will be interested to learn that the Christmas Tree is not just a tree, but rather a real, physical symbol of the Christian faith.  According to information provided in the album’s companion booklet – which is itself a bonus to the album’s presentation – an English monk traveling through Germany a long time ago was the first to utilize a tree as a Christian symbol.  The history lesson is brief, but is a wonderful starting point for so many discussions.  In focusing on the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, Dines tells the story of Judah Maccabee and the fight against the Syrians, and how that battle led to the birth of that holiday celebration.  The discussion on the Indian celebration of Diwali points out the celebration’s Hindu roots thousands of years ago and how it marks the victory of good over evil, despair and darkness.  Once again, the lesson is brief, but still serves as a positive starting point for yet another discussion here.  It’s just one more of the many history lessons that serve collectively to make this compilation that much more appealing to so many listeners.  It certainly is not the last of the compilation’s most notable elements.  The music that accompanies the record’s history lessons and lessons promoting cultural diversity add their own touch to the collection’s presentation.

What audiences get here in terms of musical selections, is a group of compositions that is more world music than just standard Christmas music.  That, again, is because this record isn’t just a Christmas music collection.  It celebrates the music of the world during the holidays as part of the many cultures that make up the world’s peoples.  The Indian music actually incorporates real Indian musical instruments and music that celebrates the festival that is Dewali.  The early Mesopotamian sounds with their related story have their own positive impact on listeners along with the violin sound so common with Jewish music in ‘Eight Little Candles.’  Even ‘Ramadan’ connects directly to the Muslim faith while lyrically promoting friendship between Muslims and Christians.  It is just one more way in which the record’s musical content proves to be just as important to the whole of this record as the album’s other content.  When all of the noted content is considered together, it makes the record in whole a positive presentation that easily holds its own against its fellow holiday music records and even among other World Music albums.

Katherine Dines’ latest HunkTa BunkTa compilation record is a work that will appeal to just as wide a range of listeners as the cultures that it promotes.  That is due in part to its promotion of cultural diversity.  The history lessons connected to the promotion of the world’s varied cultures adds to that appeal.  The record’s music varies just as much as its lessons about the featured cultures, helping it to hold its own even easier against other holiday and even World music records.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of this compilation.  All things considered, they make HunkTa BunkTa Holidays a welcome addition to any family’s holiday music collection.  It is available now.  More information on this and other titles from Dines is available online now at:










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Overkill Launches ‘Welcome To The Garden State’ Documentary Series

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

Overkill launched a new series of “making of” featurettes this week in anticipation of the upcoming release of its new album.

The band premiered the first video in the series, titled “Welcome to the Garden State,” on Thursday.  The first video features the band’s members talking about the band’s infancy and how each member joined the band.

The band’s new video is just the latest to be released in anticipation of its forthcoming album The Wings of War.  Most recently, the band premiered the video for the album’s lead single and album opener, ‘Last Man Standing.’

The Wings of War is currently scheduled for release on Feb. 22 via Nuclear Blast Records. It will be available on a variety of platforms, all of which are noted below.  Pre-orders are open now. Anyone who pre-orders the album will get an instant grat download of ‘Last Man Standing.’

  • CD Digipak
  • CD Digi + T-Shirt + Poster Bundle
  • Green Cassette
  • Grey Vinyl (limited to 1,500)
  • Green with Yellow Splatter vinyl (limited to 500)

The Wings of War was recorded at Gear Recording Studio in SKH Studio in Florida and JROD Productions, with engineering handled by DD and Dave.  Chris “ZEUSS” Harris mixed and mastered the album.  Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth, Soilwork) developed the album’s artwork.

The album’s track listing is noted below.

Below is the track listing for The Wings Of War
1              Last Man Standing
2              Believe In The Fight
3              Head Of A Pin
4              Bat Shit Crazy
5              Distortion
6              A Mother’s Prayer
7              Welcome To The Garden State
8              Where Few Dare To Walk
9              Out On The Road-Kill
10           Hole In My Soul

More information on The Wings of War is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:






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