Buckcherry Debuts ‘Wasting No More Time’ Video; Offers Tour Update

Courtesy: Round Hill Records

Buckcherry premiered the video for its latest single this week.

The band premiered the video for its new single, ‘Wasting No More Time’ Tuesday. The song is the third from the band’s forthcoming album, Hellbound, which was released June 25 through Round Hill Records. Its premiere follows that of the videos for the album’s first two singles, ‘So Hott‘ and ‘Hellbound.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Wasting No More Time’ is unlike that of its predecessors. Where those songs are more energetic, this song is more reserved, but still bluesy, like the other singles. A close listen makes it easy to liken the arrangement to works from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers considering the balance of the guitar, bass, vocals, and drums.

No information was provided in the press release announcing the video’s premiere. However, a close listen to the lyrics and equally close watch of the video leads audiences to infer that the song’s lyrical theme is meant to encourage listeners to live their lives; To avoid control from internal and external forces.

The ‘Wasting No More Time’ video, directed by KasterTroy, features the band performing its single in a desert setting. What looks like an old mechanic shop and the body of an old jet join the band against the dry, mountainous backdrop to enhance the visuals and feel from the song’s musical and lyrical content.

In other news, Buckcherry will continue the North American leg of its tour in support of Hellbound Friday in Columbus, OH. The tour is scheduled to run through Nov. 10 in Jacksonville, NC. It additionally features performances in cities nationwide, such as Blackthorne, NY; Walker, MN and Tempe, AZ.

The tour’s schedule is noted below.


7/30 — Columbus, OH — King of Clubs
7/31 — Marietta, Oh — Adelphia Music Hall 
8/1 — Indianapolis, IN — Hi Fi ANNEX
8/3 — Madison, WI — Majestic
8/5 — Dubuque, IA — Five Flags Event Center
8/6 — Sioux City, IA — Hard Rock Hotel & Casno
8/10 — Columbia, MO — Blue Note
8/14 — Shiley Acres, VA — Shiley Acres
8/15 — Knoxville, TN — Cotton Eye Joe’s
8/17 — Hobart, IN — Hobart Theatre
8/19 — Ft Wayne, IN — Pieres
8/20 — Lombard, IL — Brauerhouse
8/21 — Escanaba, MI — UP State Fair – Grandstand
8/22 — Green Bay, WI — Epic Event Center
8/27 — Fountain, MN — Beaver Bottoms Saloon
8/28 — Walker, MN — Northern Lights Casino
8/29 — Clear Lake, IA — Surf Ballroom
8/31 — West Peoria, IL — Crusens 
9/1 — Lexington, KY — Manchester Music Hall
9/3 — Nashville, TN — Brooklyn Bowl
9/4 — Charlotte, NC — Park Expo Center
9/5 — Chattanooga, TN — The Signal
9/7 — Ardmore, OK — Heritage Hall
9/10 — Flandreau, SD — Royal River Casino
9/11 — Milwaukee, WI — Summerfest
9/12 — Flint, MI — Machine Shop
9/14 — Cleveland, OH — HOB
9/15 — Syracuse, NY — Sharkey’s Event Center
9/17 — Hampton Beach, NH — Wally’s
9/18 — Blackthorne, NY — Blackthorne Fest 
9/24 — Santa Clarita, CA — Canyon Club
9/25 — Agoura Hills, CA — Canyon Club
9/26 — Montclair, CA — Canyon Club
9/28 — Tempe, AZ — Marquee
9/30 — Salt Lake City, UT — Royal
10/1 — Cheyenne, WY — Outlaw
10/2 — Billings, MT — Pub Station
10/4 — Seattle, WA — El Corazon
10/5 — Vancouver, BC — Rickshaw
10/7 — Calgary, AB — Eagle Event Center
10/8 — Dawson Creek, BC — Encana Event Center
10/9 — Edmonton, AB — Century Casino
10/11 — Red Deer, AB — Bo’s Bar Stage
10/12 — Saskatoon, SK — Coors Event Center
10/14 — Regina, SK — Conexus Art Center
10/15 — Winnipeg, MB — Burton Cummings Theatre
10/18 — Thunder Bay, ON — NV Music Hall
10/19 — Sault Ste Marie, ON — SOO Blasters
10/21 — Sudbury, ON — The Grand
10/22 — London, ON — London Music Hall
10/23 — Ottawa, ON — Barrymore’s
10/25 — Halifax, NS — Marquee
10/26 — Moncton, NB — Tide and Boar
10/27 — Moncton, NB — Tide and Boar
10/30 — Hampton Beach, NH — Wally’s
10/31 — Portland, ME — Aura
11/2 — New Bedford, MA — Vault at Greasy Luck
11/4 — Norwalk, CT — Granite St Music Hall
11/5 — Sayreville, NJ — Starland Ballroom
11/6 — Farmingdale, NY — Mulcahey’s
11/8 — Baltimore, MD — The Recher
11/9 — Harrisburg, PA — Club XL
11/10 — Jacksonville, NC — Hooligans

Courtesy: Atom Splitter PR

After the band completes the North American leg of its tour, it will open 2022 with a brief co-headlining tour with Fozzy in Australia that is scheduled to run from Feb. 21 – 26.

The tour’s schedules are noted below.


2/21 — Perth — Amplifier Bar (Buckcherry Only)
2/22 — Adelaide — The Gov     
2/24 — Brisbane    — The Triffid     
2/25 — Sydney — Max Watts     
2/26 — Melbourne — Max Watts

More information on Buckcherry’s new single, video, album, and tour is available at:

Website: https://buckcherry.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buckcherry

Twitter: https://twitter.com/buckcherry

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The Workday Release Debuts New Album’s Lead Single, Video

Courtesy: ENCI Records

Independent music act The Workday Release unveiled the lead single from its forthcoming debut album this week, along with its companion lyric video.

The act, the brainchild of singer-songwriter David Ottestad, debuted the song ‘Say A Lot With Light‘ Friday along with its companion lyric video. The song and its video are the first from Oddestad’s forthcoming album Like the Light of Stars, which is scheduled for release April 16 through ENCI Records.

The track listing for Like the Light of Stars is noted below.

‘Like The Light Of Stars’ Track Listing:

1. Say A Lot With Light

2. You

3. I Do

4. The Future

5. Hospital Grounds

6. Going Up In Flames

7. Every Voice I Hear Is Mine

8. Sunlight

9. Keep Out The Wolves

10. Circles

11. Six Feet From Defeat

The ‘Say A Lot With Light’ lyric video places the song’s lyrics in a cursive font against an image of Ottestad sitting in front of piano as the song plays. The song’s musical arrangement is a gentle, flowing work. Ottestad’s light vocals pair with the song’s piano line and equally light percussion to make it comparable to works from the likes of The Nomadic, Owl City, and Five for Fighting to a lesser degree.

According to a statement from Oddestad, the song’s lyrical theme touches on the a familiar topic.

“Lyrically, it’s a love song about not settling for someone just because it’s convenient or less scary than being alone,” he said. “The chorus of the song says, “I’ve been waiting on someone who’s truly one million to one so I can say it, and say a lot with light.” I really liked the lyrical concept of speaking with light. To me, it represents this feeling of peace that comes with being with the right person.”

More information on The Workday Release’s new single and video is available along with all of its latest news at:

Website: https://encimusic.com/theworkdayrelease

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theworkdayrelease

Twitter: https://twitter.com/datsettodivad

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Sick Of It All Debuts ‘Paper Tiger’ Quarantine Performance Video

Veteran punk band Sick Of It All continued its live quarantine sessions series this week.

The band debuted its quarantine performance of its song ‘Paper Tiger‘ Tuesday. The performance is the third from the band, following the premiere of its performances of its songs ‘The Bland Within‘ and ‘Alone.’ ‘Paper Tiger’ was originally featured in the band’s 2003 album Life on the Ropes.

Sick Of It All drummer Armand Majidi talked about the album and song in a prepared statement.

“Going back to a much overlooked 2003 album which has a type of cult appeal to a lot of our fans, we resurrect “Paper Tiger” for the third release in our series of Quarantine Jams,” he said. “We’re convinced it’ll remind you that it’s a caustic punk anthem about all the phonies who only flirt with this music just for fashion. We’re not letting this go – we’re calling em out,”

Courtesy: Century Media Records

In other news, the series’ launch late last month came less than a month after the band published its new book The Blood and the Sweat: The Story of Sick of It All’s Koller Brothers.  The book, published through Post Hill Press, is available through Barnes & Noble BooksellersBooks-A-Million, and Amazon.

More information on Sick of it All’s new quarantine sessions series and book is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Drop Top Alibi Debuts ‘Eyes For You’ Lyric Video

Independent rock band Drop Top Alibi debuted the video for its latest single over the weekend.

The band debuted the lyric video for its new single ‘Eyes For You’ Friday through v13.net.  The video is a unique take on the concept of a lyric video.  That is because of its approach.

The video uses one steady, continuous shot of the band performing its single in a dimly lit studio and places the song’s lyrics next to a glass of beer on an amp. The amp vibrates throughout the song, causing the glass to shake, though it never tips over.  This minimalist approach to the creation of a lyric video is a rarely used approach for such presentations.  Most lyric videos out there today are more artistic, with lyrics featured in specific fonts and styles against a specific artistic background.

Courtesy: The Label Group

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Eyes For You’ is just as minimalist as the video.  It is a 90s guitar rock composition that is accessible in its own right.  The juxtaposition of the softer verses and the heavier chorus sections adds to the appeal for the band’s target audience.

The lyrical content featured in ‘Eyes For You’ comes across as being a social commentary, considering the mention in the song’s lead verse, which states, “Look at the costly/Habits and your broken will/Conceptual bodies/Gotta get your nightly fill/Eyes for you/Like a pretty little cover girl/Eyes for you/Like the pusher man rule the world/There’s a monster under the bed/So they sleep on the floor/Now the monster won’t be alone no more.”  That seeming commentary continues in the song’s second verse, which states, “Governing bodies/And doctors/Pass the blame around/Killing you softly/A generation sold by the pound/Eyes for you/So the world will come around/Eyes for you/Because the shaking under your brow.”

‘Eyes For You’ is available to stream and download here.

More information on Drop Top Alibi’s new ‘Eyes For You’ lyric video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/droptopalibi

Twitter: http://twitter.com/drop_top_alibi


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