Adrenaline Mob Celebrates New EP’s Release With New Slate Of Tour Dates

Courtesy:  Century Media/Century Media Records

Courtesy: Century Media/Century Media Records

Hard rock band Adrenaline Mob is hitting the road this Spring in support of its new EP Dearly Departed.

Adrenaline Mob will join Drowning Pool on the road from March 12th to April 3rd as part of Drowning Pool’s “Unlucky 13 Anniversary Tour,” which is in support of the recent re-issue of Drowning Pool’s 2001 debut album Sinner. The tour kicks off Thursday, March 12th in Daytona Beach, Florida and winds down Friday, April 3rd in Dallas, Texas. The complete tour schedule is listed below. While fans wait for the tour to come to their town, they can check out the videos for the EP’s title track and the video for the band’s cover of The Charlie Daniels Band’s hit song ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ online via YouTube. Both songs are included on Dearly Departed. They can be viewed via YouTube at:

Dearly Departed

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

After checking out both videos, fans can also go online and order Dearly Departed via Century Media’s online store now at Fans can also download Dearly Departed online via iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play at:



Google Play:

Adrenaline Mob tour dates with Drowning Pool:

3/12 – Daytona Beach, FL @ Main Street Station – Daytona Bike Week

3/14 – Jacksonville, FL @ Beach Blvd Concert Hall

3/17 – Clarksville, TN @ The Warehouse Bar & Grill

3/19 – Baltimore, MD @ Fish Head Cantina

3/20 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance

3/21 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

3/22 – Beckley, WV @ Muncheez

3/24 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar

3/26 – Fredericksburg, VA @ Hard Times

3/27 – Lancaster, OH @ Mickey’s Bar

3/28 – Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop

4/1 – Laporte, IN @ Johnny’s Roadhouse

4/2 – St. Louis, MO @ The Mad Magician

4/3 – Dallas, TX @ Trees

Also tapped as a support act for the tour is Full Devil Jacket. The Jackson, Tennessee-based four-piece is the latest addition to eOne’s artist roster. It is set to release its new album Valley of Bones this spring.

More information on Adrenaline Mob, including all of the band’s latest tour dates and news is available online at:



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10 Years Announces Tour In Support Of New Album

Courtesy:  Street Smart Marketing

Courtesy: Street Smart Marketing

Hard Rock band 10 Years will debut its latest full-length studio recording this spring. The album, From Birth To Burial, is the band’s sixth full-length studio effort . The band released its debut album Into The Half Moon in 2001. In anticipation of the upcoming album the band announced this week that it will hit the road in support of its new record beginning Tuesday, February 10th on the “From Birth To Burial Tour” presented by Revolver Magazine.

The “From Birth To Burial” tour kicks off Tuesday, February 10th in Sauget, IL and runs for a total of five weeks. It winds down March 21st in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Las Vegas, Nevada’s Otherwise has been tapped as one of the supporting acts for the tour along with Glorious Sons and 10 Years’ fellow Knoxville, TN-based band Luminoth. Otherwise’s addition to the tour is part of the band’s continued push in support of its latest release Peace At All Costs. Peace At All Costs was released last year via Century Media’s “sister” label Another Century. The complete schedule for the “From Birth To Burial” tour is listed below.



10 Sauget, IL – Pop’s Nightclub

11 Omaha, NE – Sokol Auditorium

13 Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre

14 Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep

15 Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue

17 San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge

18 Las Vegas, NV – Vinyl

19 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick

20 Tempe, AZ – The Marquee

22 Lubbock, TX – Jake’s Ballroom

24 Abilene, TX – The Silo

25 San Antonio, TX – 210 Kapones Live

26 Dallas, TX – Trees

27 Houston, TX – Scout Bar

28 Baton Rouge, LA – Varsity Theatre


02 Destin, FL – Club LA

03 Birmingham, AL – Iron Horse

04 Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge

06 Louisville, KY – Expo Five

07 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade (10 Years Fan Summit)

08 Newport, KY – Thompson House

10 Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club

11 Allston, MA – Brighton Music Hall

13 Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live

14 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre

15 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop

17 Battle Creek, MI – Music Factory

18 Arlington Heights, IL – Home Bar

19 Spring Lake Park, MN – POVS

20 Ringle, WI – Q  and Z Expo Center

21 Ft. Wayne, IN – Piere’s Entertainment Center

All of the latest updates from 10 Years on its upcoming album and tour is available online at:




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Adrenaline Mob’s Fans Will Hold The Band’s New Compilation Dear

Courtesy:  Century Media/Century Media Records

Courtesy: Century Media/Century Media Records

Hard rock band Adrenaline Mob will release its latest record Dearly Departed next month.  The record is the second compilation and its fourth overall release following Omerta (2012), Coverta (2013) and Men of Honor (2014).  It comes almost a year to the day since the band released Men of Honor, too.  And while it is mainly a way to tide over fans until the band releases its next new full-length, it proves in the end to be a rare worthwhile release for the band’s fans.  The record, which is essentially an EP, proves to be a worthwhile compilation thanks to its musical mix.  Not only does it boast the band’s own compositions, but it also presents quite an interesting array of music from the band’s own influences.  Among the influences whose music is included on this record are Black Sabbath, Queen, and of all things The Charlie Daniels Band.  Yes, The Charlie Daniels Band.  Adrenaline Mob offers up its own take on The Charlie Daniels Band’s hit song ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ as part of its upcoming record.  And it goes without saying that this song is the best of the covers featured on this record.  In terms of the band’s own songs, the acoustic take of ‘Crystal Clear’ stands out most of all.  The song’s stripped down sound in its acoustic take gives the song a whole new depth.  The previously unreleased ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’ is just as much of a bonus.  The song is one of likely many more recorded during the sessions for Men of Honor that ended up on the cutting room floor when the album’s final track listing was arranged.  Now fans get to hear this song for themselves.  And as with the record’s other works, it’s just as welcome an addition to the record.  These three tracks are just a fraction of what makes Dearly Departed an enjoyable new compilation from Adrenaline Mob.  The album’s remaining six songs each add their own element to the finished product.  And together with the songs noted here, all nine tracks prove Dearly Departed a record that will be anything but dearly departed in any AMob fan’s music collection.

Adrenaline Mob’s upcoming compilation record Dearly Departed is not the first of the band’s compilations.  And that only two years have passed since the release of Coverta some might be left scratching their heads as to why the band would put the two records so close to one another.  The reason for that is anyone’s guess.  That aside, it still proves in the end to be a good record considering its mix of covers and alternate takes on its own music.  One of the best of the covers included on this record is the band’s cover of The Charlie Daniels Band’s timeless classic ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia.’  The song was originally included on TCDB’s 1979 album Million Mile Reflections.  In the three decades plus since its debut, any number of bands, artists, and groups have covered this song.  There have been some good takes on the song and some not so good takes.  Adrenaline Mob’s take on the classic is one of those that fits into the relatively good category.  Drummer AJ Pero keeps a solid beat while Mike Orlando drives the song forward with his work on the song’s guitar line. Audiences will especially appreciate the old school shredding style exhibited by Orlando in his performance. Even more impressive is that even with that old school shredding, he still keeps the original song’s guitar line intact. He more than deserves his due credit for holding such balance in the song.  And front man Russell Allen gives the song even more punch with the power in his vocals.  Bassist Erik Leonhardt adds just enough low end to round out the song and show that while it may be a country song at its roots, ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ is just as enjoyable as a hard rock song, too.  In proving this, it makes this cover one of the best compositions included in Dearly Departed’s body.

The amped up take on TCDB’s ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ is a great addition to Dearly Departed.  It is one of those songs that while a cover, is already so infectious and popular that it’s a favorite among audiences of all ages.  That Adrenaline Mob would give it a whole new life in its amped up reworking will not only give the song a new identity and life, but it could even serve to bring older audiences who otherwise wouldn’t listen to Adrenaline Mob into the band’s audience base.  It is that impressive.  For that reason alone, ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ more than proves its value to this record.  As valuable as ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ proves to be to the whole of Dearly Departed, the band’s acoustic take of ‘Crystal Clear’ is equally valuable of an addition to the record. The full electric version of the song that is included in Men of Honor is a deeply moving song within itself. But the acoustic take of the song gives it so much more depth and emotion. It’s obvious the amount of work that was put in to bringing this rendition to life. And that work paid off, too. It doesn’t come across as being schmaltzy unlike so many songs of its ilk. If anything, there’s almost a sort of Alter Bridge sound to the song in this take with Allen even sounding like Alter Bridge front man Myles Kennedy at least to some extent. It truly proves by its last notes to be one more of this record’s highest of points.

Both the band’s acoustic take on ‘Crystal Clear’ and its cover of ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ prove to be great additions to Dearly Departed. They make for plenty of reason within themselves for the band’s fans to add this compilation to their music libraries. One more song included on the album that proves itself just as impressive is the previously unreleased song ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night.’ The song was recorded during the band’s sessions for Men of Honor but ultimately ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor when the album’s final track listing was established. It’s a surprise that it did end up there, too. It is a full throttle rocker that impresses just as much as the other songs that make up the body of Men Of Honor. It is one of those musical middle fingers to those that live only to make the lives of others miserable to which any listener will relate. That’s obvious right from the start as Allen sings, “I heard you running off your big mouth/Wantin’ to lay it all out on the floor/You wanna play with the big dice/Better think twice before you throw/Oh, I hear you/I guess I’m just not fit to understand/Say what?/I can’t hear you/Who just can’t understand.” If the message isn’t clear enough in the song’s opening verse, the song’s second verse makes it—pardon the pun—crystal clear as he goes on to sing, “I hear you knockin’ at my back door/Wantin’ to give me one more time around/I’m hearing rumors that you’re spreading s&*( all over town/That’s what they’re sayin’/You know them crooked vultures never lie/You know they never lie.” He’s saying that even those people one couldn’t trust are trust worthy in this case. And that’s saying something, too. Who out there hasn’t been in the shoes of the subject of this song? It’s sad that there are people like that out there. But they are out there. And because they are, it makes songs such as this one all the more valuable. That because the ability of the song to reach audiences so clearly will help listeners deal with exactly those kind of people. So not only does the song prove to be musical therapy of sorts, it also is just a great, full-throttle, old school style rock and roll song. Being such a versatile song, it proves quite well why it is one more great addition to Dearly Departed. And together with the other songs noted here, it proves once more why Dearly Departed is an album that any Adrenaline Mob fan will *ahem* hold dear. Yes, that bad pun was fully intended, and with the highest of respect for the band, too.

‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’ is a great song in and of itself. Together with the likes of the band’s acoustic take on ‘Crystal Clear’ and its cover of TCDB’s ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia,’ all three songs make for plenty of reason for fans of Adrenaline Mob to add this album to their libraries when it hits store shelves and digital outlets next month. Of course as impressive as these songs are, it would be wrong to ignore the record’s other songs. Adrenaline Mob also covers Queen, Pat Travers, and even Black Sabbath on this compilation along with presenting a couple of other acoustic takes on its own songs to round out the whole presentation. Audiences will each find their own favorite(s) among the record’s nine total tracks. And while everyone will have their own favorite(s), the one thing on which every listener will agree in regards to the record is that it is yet another impressive release from a compilation that will more than tide over fans until Adrenaline Mob releases its next full-length album. Dearly Departed will be available in stores and online Tuesday, February 10th. While fans wait for its release, they can keep up with all of the latest news and tour updates from the band online at:





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Adrenaline Mob To Release New Compilation Record Next Month

Courtesy:  Century Media/Century Media Records

Courtesy: Century Media/Century Media Records

Adrenaline Mob will release a new collection of covers and rarities next month.
Officials with Century Media Records along with the members of Adrenaline Mob announced today that the band will release a new collection of covers and rarities next month titled Dearly Departed. It is currently scheduled to be released Tuesday, February 10th via Century Media. Its track listing consists of four cover songs, a previously unreleased track from the sessions for the band’s 2014 album Men of Honor, three total acoustic takes from Omerta and Men of Honor and an edit of ‘Dearly Departed,’ which was included originally on Men of Honor. Audiences can get an instant gratification download of that re-edit via:



Google Play:

Dearly Departed was co-produced by Adrenaline Mob front man Russell Allen and guitarist Mike Orlando. Its complete track list is noted below.

1- Snortin’ Whiskey (Pat Travers)

2- Dearly Departed (Edited version of Men of Honor track)

3- The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band)

4- Crystal Clear (Acoustic version of Men of Honor track)

5- Sabbath Medley (Black Sabbath)

6- Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Unreleased from Men of Honor sessions)

7- Angel Sky (Acoustic version of Omerta track)

8- All on the Line (Acoustic version of Omerta track)

9- Tie Your Mother Down (Queen)

More information on Adrenaline Mob, its upcoming compilation, and its latest tour updates is available online at:



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Like A Storm Brews Up A Storm With Its New Video

Courtesy:  Another Century/Century Media

Courtesy: Another Century/Century Media

The video for ‘Love The Way You Hate Me,’ the new single from Like A Storm, has officially topped the one million views mark on YouTube. The single is taken from the band’s debut record on Another Century/Century Media. The video is available online to view via YouTube at The announcement comes just as the band—Chris Brooks (Lead vocals, guitar, didgeridoo, keyboards, programming), Matt Brooks (Vocals, lead guitar, keyboards/programming) and Kent Brooks (bass, vocals, keyboards/programming)—announced even more tour dates. The brothers will hit the road alongside Alter Bridge, Thousand Foot Krutch, and label mates Otherwise beginning today in Ringle, Wisconsin.

Front man Matt Brooks discussed the band’s excitement at the announcement of the band’s new video breaking the one million views mark in a statement released to the media. “We were absolutely blown away when our “Love the Way You Hate Me” video hit one million views!” he said. “For three brothers from New Zealand, it is just insane to think that a song we wrote, recorded and produced ourselves has had over a million hits from rock fans all over the world… especially when that song features a didgeridoo! We want to say a huge thank you to all our friends and fans who have made this incredible milestone possible.” He went on to discuss the band’s upcoming fall tour dates, saying “We can’t wait to rock with everyone on our upcoming tours with Alter Bridge, Drowning Pool, Otherwise and more!”

The band’s current list of tour dates is available below.

Like A Storm Tour Dates

w/ Otherwise


18 Ringle, WI – Q&Z Expo

19 Racine, WI – Rt 20

20 Green Bay, WI – The Watering Hole

21 Battle Creek, MI – The Music Factory

22 South Bend, IN – Cheers Pub

24 Ft Wayne, IN – Piere’s

25 Morgantown, WV – Schmitt’s Saloon

26 Gardners, PA – Fall Jam 2014

27 Parkersburg, WV – West Virginia Polo

29 New York, NY – The Studio @Webster

30 Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall

01 Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom

w/Alter Bridge

05 Detroit, MI – Fillmore

09 Worchester, MA – The Palladium

10 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom

12 Huntington, NJ – The Paramount

13 Lancaster, PA – Freedom Hall

w/Thousand Foot Krutch

16 Flint, MI – Machine Shop

17 Fort Wayne, IN – Piere’s

18 Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection

w/Alter Bridge

25 San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre

26 Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern

w/ Drowning Pool. “Unlucky 13 Tour”

30 Lynchburg, VA – Phase 2

31 Fostoria, OH – The New Nest


01 Macomb, IL – The Outskirts

02 Sioux Falls, SD – The District

04 Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep

05 Denver, CO – Marquis Theater

06 Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theater & Lounge

07 Salt Lake City, UT – Murray Theater

08 Las Vegas, NV – LVCS

13 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven

14 Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory

15 Missoula, MT – Stage 112

16 Billings, MT – Babcock Theater

18 Minot, ND – The ‘O’riginal Bar & Nightclub

19 Spring Lake Park, MN – POV’S

21 Racine, WI – Rt. 20

22 Ringle, WI – Q&Z Expo Center

23 Joliet, IL – Mojoes

26 Joplin, MO – Rock 3405

More information on Like A Storm, its new album and all of the latest news from the band is available online at:


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Peace At All Costs Is Well Worth The Cost

Courtesy:  Century Media Records/Another Century

Courtesy: Century Media Records/Another Century

Las Vegas, NV-based hard rock band Otherwise surprised a lot of people in 2012 when it released its Century Media Records debut album True Love Never Dies. The album was such a surprise among audiences because like label mate Girl On Fire, Fozzy, and Adrenaline Mob, the band’s more mainstream sound wasn’t exactly within the mold of the bands that have made Century Media one of the leading labels in hard rock and metal. That album was met with relatively positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. Now two years later, Century Media has responded to the success of that album by releasing the band’s new release (it’s second for the label and third overall) on its fledgling label Another Century. The new label is the sister label of sorts to Century Media. It serves to focus on the likes of Otherwise and its previously noted label mates. Audiences will agree in hearing Otherwise’s new album Peace at all Costs that the re-assignment of sorts to Century Media’s new label is quite the well-deserved vote of confidence in the band. Peace at all Costs takes the melodic hard rock sound established on the band’s Century Media debut and has built on that sound here, musically speaking. Lyrically, the band covers a range of topics, too. From personal relationships to overcoming one’s own personal demons, and points in between, the album’s lyrical content makes the album just as solid of a listen for fans new and old alike.

Otherwise covers a number of topics throughout the course of its new album. The most prominent topic covered across the album is that of personal relationships. Most of the album’s songs that center on personal relationships deal mainly in the issue of broken relationships as is evident in the album’s first full length song, the aptly titled ‘Love & War.’ The song is a full throttle fist pumper that will have audiences singing along from start to finish. The dual guitar attack from Ryan Patrick and Andrew Pugh set against Corky Gainsford’s drumming provides the song with so much of a punch. The song’s infectious chorus of “Love and war/It’s all the same to me/No use fighting/Lie some more/It’s all I ever need/So why you hiding/Love and war/It’s all the same to me presents a situation to which so many people can relate. The manner in which it was written is especially because it doesn’t necessarily specify if this is being sung from the standpoint of a man or woman. And the sarcasm in front man Adrian Patrick’s voice as he sings, “Lie to me/It’s all I ever need” is perfectly clear. It makes the chorus in whole all the more powerful of a statement. The talent of Patricks’ band mates not only in the song’s chorus but throughout makes the song in whole a solid re-introduction for the band’s older fans and an equally solid first impression for those that might be new to the band’s body of work.

Otherwise could not have possibly opened its new album in a better way than with the aggressive, seemingly relationship based song ‘Love & War.’ Rather than take the standard oh-woe-is-me approach to the issue of a troubled and/or broken relationship, the band takes the polar opposite approach to such a topic, making for a song that deserves consideration as another single to promote the record. The topic of relationships is not the only topic tackled on Peace at all Costs. The band also offers its listeners some music therapy of sorts in the pummeling ‘Wake Up (Coming for the Throne).’ Just as ‘Love & War’ could be used as a single, so could this song. It could be used as a single as both its musical and lyrical content will have audiences singing proudly along, horns high in the air. It comes across as a song promoting self-empowerment. [Adrian] Patrick sings in this song, “Hey kid/Who you fightin’/Fight yourself so you can stand united/With the voices that are screamin’ loud inside your head/Hey kid/Get it together/Every second doesn’t last forever/You could be the president/Or you could end up dead/Take control of the monster inside of you/Focus the rage/All the answers are right there in front of you/Just turn the page/Wake up/When you’re burning inside/And everybody’s gone and lost their faith in you/Wake up/You’d better open your eyes/Look around/’Cause there’s so much love to lose/Heavy is the heart of the one who walks alone/Let ‘em know that you’re comin’ for the throne!” The song’s second verse carries just as much power and is just as infectious. It goes without saying that this song is one of the best additions to this album. Sure, Patrick sings, “Hey, kid” in the song’s versus, seemingly singing to younger listeners. It would make sense. But even older audiences can take something from this song as even adults struggle with feelings of self-loathing, depression, etc. So there is a value even to those audiences. Add in an infectious chorus and some really pummeling guitar riffs and audiences get in this song a work that is one of the highest of highs throughout the album.

‘Love & War’ and ‘Wake Up (Coming for the Throne)’ are both prime examples of what makes Peace at all Costs such an impressive new effort from Otherwise. One song tackles the standard relationship fare that is prevalent on so many records from so many genres. What sets the song apart from those other works is it doesn’t take the standard oh-woe-is-me approach to the topic. It takes that road less traveled. And the empowering, almost anthemic ‘Wake Up (Coming for the Throne)’ is certain to become a fan favorite thanks to its combination of hard rocking music and equally powerful lyrics. Both songs are sure to have audiences talking for both their musical and lyrical content both by themselves and as whole works. There is at least one more song among the album’s fourteen total tracks and forty-five-minute run time that will have audiences talking for a wholly different reason. That song comes late in the album in the form of ‘For The Fallen Ones.’ Patrick and his band mates sing in the song’s chorus, “Raise your glass/For the fallen ones,” leading listeners to think that perhaps the song is a tribute to America’s men and women in uniform. However, the song’s verses paint a somewhat different picture. Patrick sings in the song’s second verse, “Now nothing feels the same/Picking up the pieces/ Color in the secrets/And I don’t feel ashamed/Now that I am older/Another fallen soldier.” It’s tough to figure out if Patrick is using the soldier as a metaphor or if he is directly mentioning a soldier. A look at the song’s opening verse leaves one wondering scratching one’s head, but not in a bad way. Patrick sings in the song’s opening verse, “I don’t need to blame/The scent of my father/The scars of my mother/For the beast that I became/Now I shine the light on my sisters and my brothers/It’s all I needed/To feel alive/We’ll never have to say goodbye.” One could see how this song would be in reference to America’s military personnel. It could be argued that it’s sung from the vantage point of someone that joined the military and became a better person considering his or her past life in turn. It would be interesting to hear from the band itself the exact meaning behind the song. If it is in fact a tribute to the military personnel past and present that made the ultimate sacrifice, it wouldn’t be the first song from the band to have done so. That’s not a bad thing, either. Regardless, the very fact that it could generate so much discussion on its topic all while entertaining audiences with its musical side says plenty of why this is another guaranteed hit, regardless of whether or not it is used as a single. And it is one more example of why audiences will enjoy Peace at all Costs whether they are new to the band’s work or are more seasoned fans.

Peace at all Costs boasts a total of fourteen tracks. Interestingly enough, the album in whole comes in at less than an hour long. To be exact, its total run time (TRT for any media people out there) is roughly forty-five minutes. That’s a shocker to be honest. One would think fourteen tracks would equal out to a much longer run time. That aside, audiences that pick up this latest effort from Otherwise will agree that each of those tracks offers something that every listener will appreciate. The songs noted here are just a few examples of what makes the album work as well as it does. They are this critic’s own personal favorites from the whole thing. Audiences can pick up the album and pick out their own favorites now as the album was officially released yesterday in stores and online. It can be ordered via iTunes at and via Amazon at Audiences can also pick up Peace at all Costs at any of the band’s live shows as the band is currently touring in support of its new album. It is playing a trio of dates in Wisconsin this week today through Friday before making its way to Michigan Sunday and Indiana next Monday and Tuesday, September 22nd and 24th. Audiences can check out the band’s current tour schedule and keep up with all of the latest updates from the band online at


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Eyes Set To Kill Announces Fall Tour Schedule

Courtesy:  Century Media Records

Courtesy: Century Media Records

The members of Eyes Set To Kill announced the details of a new upcoming tour this week.

Eyes Set To Kill will launch the “Little Liar” tour this fall. The tour begins Saturday, October 4th in Beckly, West Virginia.  The band’s current tour sees it performing eleven dates from October 4th to Wednesday, October 15th.  Two of those dates are in North Carolina.  The first of the band’s North Carolina dates is Tuesday, October 7th at Ziggy’s in Wilmington.  The second of the band’s dates in North Carolina is the next night, Wednesday, October8th at Amos Southend in Charlotte.

Along with its schedule, the members of Eyes Set To Kill also announced that it would not be alone on this tour.  The band will be joined by Providence, Rhode Island’s Scare Don’t Fear for the length of the tour as a support act.  The band is currently touring alongside Nonpoint, which is currently touring in support of its upcoming album The Return, which is due in stores Tuesday, September 30th in North America.  Eyes Set To Kill’s current tour schedule is listed below.


15 – Hartford, CT @ The Webster

16 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium

17 – Portland, ME @ The Asylum

18 – Trenton, NJ @ The Backstage at Championship Bar

19 – New York, Ny @ Webster Hall

21 – Lansing, MI @ The Loft

22 – Des Moines, IA @ Wooly’s

23 – Denver, CO @ Marquis

24 – Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theater


13 – Sacramento, CA @ Discovery Park (Aftershock Festival)

16 – Waterloo, IA @ Spicoli’s (w/ Nonpoint)

18 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection (w/ Nonpoint)

19 – Cherry Valley, IL @ Take 20 (headline with Righteous Vendetta)

20 – Dayton, OH @ Oddbody’s Music Room (w/ Nonpoint)

21 – Erie, PA @ BT Theater (w/ Nonpoint)

23 – Fostoria, OH @ The New West (w/ Nonpoint)

24 – Pontiac, IL @ Freksters Roadhouse (w/ Nonpoint)

25 – Chesterfield, MI @ Diesel Concert Lounge (w/ Nonpoint)

26 – Libertyville, IL @ Austins (w/ Nonpoint)

27 – Ringle, WI @ Q And Z Expo Center (w/ Nonpoint)

28 – Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Hall (w/ Nonpoint)

30 – LaCrosse, WI @ The Cavalier Theater (w/ Nonpoint)


01 – Mishawaka, IN @ Smith’s Downtown (w/ Nonpoint)

02 – Macomb, IL @ The Forum Live (w/ Nonpoint)

03 – Battle Creek, MI @ Planet Rock (w/ Nonpoint)


04 – Beckly, WV @ Muncheez (with Scare Don’t Fear)

06 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Shakas (with Scare Don’t Fear)

07 – Wilmington, NC @ Ziggy’s (with Scare Don’t Fear)

08 – Charlotte, NC @ Amos Southend (with Scare Don’t Fear)

09 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (with Scare Don’t Fear)

10 – Orlando, FL @ Bombshells (with Scare Don’t Fear)

11 – St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre (with Scare Don’t Fear)

12 – Tallahassee, FL @ Atmosphere (with Scare Don’t Fear)

13 – Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits (with Scare Don’t Fear)

14 – Destin, FL @ Club LA (with Scare Don’t Fear)

15 – Bossier City, LA @ Back to Back (with Scare Don’t Fear)


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