Mill Creek Entertainment’s latest is a “grand” success

Courtesy: Mill Creek Entertainment

The Grand Canyon is one of the greatest natural wonders of North America.  As grand and stunning as the Grand Canyon, many people don’t realize that it’s only one part of a much larger natural wonder that is centered on the “Four Corners” region of the country.  That larger natural wonder is known as the Colorado Plateau.  Thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment, now viewers can learn about the entire Colorado Plateau and what makes it the amazing wonder that it is in the new blu-ray release in the National Parks Exploration Series focusing on The Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon focuses on more than just the Grand Canyon.  It focuses on the entire Colorado Plateau, which according to the documentary, covers regions of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.  The Colorado Plateau, according to the documentary, is larger than New York, Illinois, Georgia and Virginia combined.  Yet for its massive size, no one lives there.  However at one time very long ago, it was home to the Anasazi.  That time is covered in one of the four segments that make up the documentary.

“The Grand Canyon” is seprated by four different segments:  “The Colorado Plateau”, “The Beauty”, “Geology”, and “The Parks.”  “The Parks” segment takes up the majority of the documentary’s hour and twenty minute run time.  It’s in this segment that it focuses on the ancient Anasazi people, their cliff dwellings and the art found in and around their homes.  It’s amazing to learn that the roofs for their homes were built using trees taht had to have been brought by hand from roughly fifty miles away.  It’s explained that these people didn’t have the wheel or anything else to use.  They had to bring the trees used for their homes by hand.  The discussion on the art foudn in and around their dwellings is equally interesting.  It discusses how they were drawn, and their signifigance.  And for those who want to believe, it doesn’t avoid the obvious extra-terrrestrial theories, either.  Though those theories are made mostly in a quick passing note.

The focus on the Anasazi is just one part of the in depth feature on each of the National Parks that make up the Colorado Plateau.  Another of the amazing National Parks featured in this segment is the Petrified Noational Forest.  This segment notes that many people come to the Petrified National Forest, expecting to see really tall stone trees.  That’s not the reality, though.  What visitors to this park see is remnants of trees from the late Triassic Period.  They will also see the famed “Painted Desert.”

From the “Painted Desert” to the Petrified Forest, to the Delicate Arch and Balanced Rock, the entire Colorado Plateau offers so much awe, wonder, and beauty.  This documentary does include a segment titled, “The Beauty” that focuses on all of that natural beauty that visitors will experience.  But it’s only part of the entire work that will leave audiences amazed at everything this entire region has to offer.  As noted in the documentary, it’s one of those places that everybody has on their bucket list.  And those who didn’t have a visit to the region on their list will after watching this beautiful video post card.

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