Ill Nino Debuts ‘Mascara’ Video; Announces New Lineup

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“New” is the word of the day for nu-metal band Ill Nino.

The band is back with a new single and lineup. The band debuted the video for its new single ‘Mascara’ Thursday through Loudwire. The single will be available to stream and download Friday.

The video for ‘Mascara’, directed by Hunter Chapman, tells a story that is comparable to something right out of a gangster flick. A man is being interrogated by a really big, scary looking guy who is accusing him of doing something he didn’t do. The interrogation involves a certain amount of torture, so viewer discretion is advised.

The musical arrangement featured in the song presents a sound and stylistic approach that will appeal to fans of Slipknot and Chimera. Its lyrical content, which is featured in Loudwire‘s article, hints that the song centers on the familiar message of someone dealing with people who are not all that they appear.

Front man Marcos Leal discussed the song — which features a guest appearance from Fire From The Gods member AJ Channer — in a prepared statement.

“I’m very stoked to introduce ‘Máscara’ as a great addition to the Ill Nino legacy, and a highlight of my vocal career,” said Leal. “I’m honored to have collaborated with our very good friend and one of my favorite vocalists in the game, AJ Channer, of Fire From The Gods. As someone who’s grown up as a fan of Ill Nino, and as a musician inspired by the band, I take pride and honor in crafting the vocals for the next generation. It’s something fans new and old will appreciate, and I look forward to throwing some chingasos in the pit with our Niño Familia in 2021!”

Ill Nino’s current lineup consists of Leal (vocals), original members Laz Pina (bass) and Dave Chavarri (drums), returning percussionist Daniel Couto, and guitarists Jes DeHoyos (Sons of Texas) and Sal Dominguez (ex-Upon A Burning Body).

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Shawn Perry Debuts ‘Six Feet Apart’ Lyric Video; Planning Official Video

Independent singer-songwriter Shawn Perry is addressing the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact in his new single, ‘Six Feet Apart.’

Perry debuted the single’s lyric video Aug. 21 through Ghost Cult magazine.  The video places the song’s lyrics against a simple background that features images, such as an astronaut, a 16-bit video game screen shot, and palm trees.  The overall imagery used in the video matches the song’s musical arrangement, which boasts a distinct 80s pop rock sound.

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The song’s musical arrangement was crafted with a specific sound in mind, said Perry in his interview with Ghost Cult magazine. Additionally, he said the song’s lyrical theme happened largely by chance.

“How this song came about was pretty hilarious,” he said. “My manager, Dennis Sanders, actually gave me the idea. We were talking on the phone back in March when the pandemic shutdowns first started happening. Dennis said to me, “You know somebody should write a song called, ‘How can I love you if we’re six feet apart?’ That would be a great country song!” I said, “Dennis, I got this!” Then I wrote the song start to finish in a couple of hours. The next day we had a full demo. I usually fully demo all of my songs by myself before I even show them to the band. We got into the studio as soon as we could – which was several months later in June. The producer we have been working with shut down for safety.”

We recorded the song in just SIX hours!  (Eight if you count set up and tear down),” added Perry. “We couldn’t be happier with the way this song turned out. Needless to say, the finished product is less of a “Country Song”, but that is still in there; like all of my music, but it’s more of a genre-spanning epic power ballad that was HEAVILY influenced by two of my favorite bands: U2 and Van Halen.  I dare you to not sing along, I bet you can’t.”

According to Perry, he is planning to have an official music video filmed for the single “at the end of September.”  The song is available to stream and download by itself here.

‘Six Feet Apart’ was produced by Ben Schigel (Walls of Jericho, Chimera, Drowning Pool) at Spider Studio in Cleveland, OH.  The song was mastered by Maor Applebaum in Los Angeles, CA.

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