The Magpie Salute To Release ‘High Water II’ Next Week

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Mascot Label Group/Sony

The Magpie Salute will release its new album next week.

The band is scheduled to release High Water II Oct. 18.  Pre-orders are open now.  The album will be available on CD, 2LP and digital platforms through Eagle Rock Entertainment domestically, Mascot Label Group in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and through Sony in Japan.

High Water II‘s release will come a little more than a month after the band released its new EP In Here.  The band debuted the lyric video for High Water II‘s lead single ‘In Here‘ on Aug. 13.

High Water II was recorded simultaneously with its predecessor High Water at Dark Horse Studios in Nashville, TN.  High Water was released in 2018, also through Eagle Rock Entertainment in the U.S.

Front man Chris Robinson talked briefly in a recent interview about the new album.

We’re all really happy to put out the second half of High Water,” he said.  “Since its inception, I always viewed it as a single piece.  High Water II will tie together both albums into a whole journey.”

Robinson produced High Water II.  Alison Krauss makes a special guest appearance on the album, as an added bonus.

More information on High Water II is available online along with all of The Magpie Salute’s latest news at:






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Robinson’s Re-Issues Are Must Haves For His Fans And Black Crowes Fans

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/UMG

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/UMG

Early last year the Black Crowes announced that after more than two decades making music together the seminal Georgia-based rock band was calling it quits.  For some the split came as a surprise.  For others it was less of a surprise.  That is because brothers Chris and Rich—the band’s core—had been busy with their own projects in the years leading up to the band’s breakup.  There had also been some not so hidden tensions between members of the band in the years leading up to its finale.  Considering all of those factors, the band’s split becomes even less of a shock.     Even with the Black Crowes officially rock history the brothers Robinson are anything but done making and releasing music.  Just last year Chris released his latest album under the Chris Robinson Brotherhood moniker Betty’s Blends Volume 2.  And last month Rich Robinson re-issued two of his classic recordings in the form of Paper and Llama Blues.  Whether one is a fan of the Black Crowes or of Rich both of these vinyl re-issues prove to be items that audiophiles on both sides of specific aisle will appreciate.  That is thanks in large part to the recordings’ featured songs.  That will be discussed at more length shortly.  The recordings’ sound and packaging are just as important to their presentations as their featured songs.  Each recording comes complete with a card for a digital download of the recordings.  That element rounds out the recordings and brings everything full circle.  All things considered Rich Robinson’s new vinyl re-issues are great pieces for any Black Crowes fan.

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/UMG

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/UMG+

Rich Robinson’s new vinyl re-issues of Paper and Llama Blues are both great pieces for any Black Crowes fan.  This is thanks in large part to the songs featured on each of the recordings.  This is especially the case with Robinson’s double-LP recording Paper.  Richardson notes in the album’s liner notes the full story behind Paper’s creation and near loss thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  Luckily, as he goes on to note, he was able to save the album’s basic tracks, thus allowing them to be re-recorded last year along with some bonus songs that went on to be included here.  The end result is a seventeen-song, double-LP album full of great songs for Black Crowes fans and classic rock fans alike.  That is because the songs mix both elements together from start to finish in this record for an experience that will keep listeners engaged all the way through.  The very story behind the songs is in itself more than enough reason to note the importance of the album’s songs.  The songs, when coupled with the story, make them all the more important.  In regards to Llama Blues this recording is a re-issue in a purer sense of the term.  This four-song EP was originally released on December 5th, 2011.  Its songs are another great collection of compositions for audiences with their blues-infused sound.  They are exactly the same numbers included in the EP’s original release.  While there are only four songs here, their total run time tops the sixteen minute mark.  Sixteen minutes of classic twelve-bar blues-infused rock is sixteen minutes worth of music that is well worth having regardless of whether or not listeners already own this EP.  Keeping all of this in mind, the songs that are featured throughout Rich Robinson’s new vinyl recordings show in their own way why they are important to the overall presentation of these vinyl re-issues.  Whether one is experiencing them for the first time (as most will be in the case of Paper) or for the fiftieth (or more) audiences will agree that the records’ songs are an extremely important part of the records.  They are just one part of what makes them such a joy for fans of the Black Crowes and the Robinson brothers.  The records’ collective sound and packaging are just as important to their presentation as their songs.

The songs that are featured on both of Rich Robinson’s new vinyl recordings are important in themselves to the records’ overall presentation.  In the case of Paper that is especially the case because the album almost never even got released after the events of Superstorm Sandy.  That vinyl’s release marks the first time that any of Robinson’s fans and fans of the Black Crowes have ever gotten to hear the songs in question.  In the case of Llama Blues the songs are just as enjoyable for fans that already own the EP as for those that might be less familiar with Robinson’s solo work or even that of the Black Crowes.  As important as the records’ songs are to their presentation they are not the only important element of the records.  The records’ collective packaging and sound are just as important to their presentation as the records’ songs.  The records sound great on vinyl; especially Llama Blues.  There is something magical about hearing that classic blues-infused sound and the static sound of the vinyl especially considering how recently the EP was released.  The record’s packaging adds even positive vibes to the listening experience here with the picture of the mixing board on the cover and the picture of Rich recording the EP on the back of the package.  It may not seem all that important.  But there is something about the two elements that enhances the overall listening experience with the songs’ vintage sound.  Paper’s single gatefold packaging is highlighted by an original painting created by Robinson.  There is no notation inside the album’s package in regards to its title.  But there is something about the painting’s rich, warm colors and the fluidity of the picture’s brush strokes that works quite well with this album’s songs.  There are even elements of his painting inside the gatefold package.  They are combined with pictures of Robinson performing.  It continues that fluidity, which again flows into the album’s songs.  Listeners will hear and feel that fluidity for themselves when they listen to this double-LP vinyl set.  It is just one more way in which the packaging for these vinyl re-issues proves to be just as important to their presentation as their featured songs.  Of course the packaging and songs are only a collective portion of what makes Robinson’s new re-issues so important for his fans and fans of the Black Crowes.  Each re-issue comes with a card for a digital download of said records.  That rounds out their overall presentations.

The songs featured in each of Rich Robinson’s new re-issues and the records’ packaging are both equally important to their overall presentations.  While they play directly into one another they are only a portion of what makes these re-issues so important for Robinson’s fans and those of the Black Crowes.  Both re-issues come complete with a card for a digital download of said recording.  The downloads are provided courtesy of and Noiseland.  This inclusion means that whether one is more a fan of vinyl or of CDs or even digital fans can now own both recordings in all three formats thanks to the noted companies and to Eagle Rock Entertainment and Universal Music Group.  It also means that audiences can take the recordings with them wherever they go whether it be at home or out and about.  So for all intents and purposes it could be argued that that download cards are in fact bonuses for fans that purchase the re-issues.  Keeping that in mind, the bonus download cards come together with the records’ songs and their packaging to complete their presentations and show in whole why they are pieces that Robinson’s fans and fans of the Black Crowes should have in their own home music libraries.

Rich Robinson’s re-released recordings of Llama Blues and Paper are both available now in their new vinyl presentations.  They are both pieces that Robinson’s fans should have in their music libraries just as much as fans of the Black Crowes.  This is proven primarily through the recordings’ songs and their packaging, which ties directly into the music.  The download cards that come with each record serve as great bonuses for fans.  They allow fans to enjoy the recordings not just in their new vinyl presentations but in digital form and even on CD when they burn the files to disc.  They round out the re-issues’ presentations.  Keeping this in mind both re-issues prove, once again, why they are pieces that fans of both Rich Robinson and the Black Crowes will want to have in their own home music libraries.  They are available now in stores and online and can b ordered online direct via Rich Robinson’s online store at  More information on these and other recordings from Rich Robinson is available online along with all of Robinson’s latest news at:






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Black Crowes Announce New Tour, Live Release

Photo Credit:  Rod Snyder

Photo Credit: Rod Snyder

Chris Robinson and his band mates in the Black Crowes will be hitting the road again in 2013.  In connection to the upcoming tour, the band has announced that it will also offer a vinyl and digital release of its live release, Wiser for the Time.  The band will release the live recording via Silver Arrow/Megaforce Records on March 19th.  The band’s tour, labeled the “Lay Down With Number 13” tour, will kick off March 24th in Manchester, U.K.  It will take the band through the U.K. through March 30th before coming back to the U.S. April 2nd – May 4th

Tickets for the first leg of the band’s tour will go on sale Friday, January 11th at 10:13 local time.  Ticket information will be available tomorrow, January 1st on the band’s website,  Fans can also go to the band’s website and its Facebook page, to get the band’s current tour lineup and all of its latest upcoming tour dates.

The band’s upcoming vinyl release of its live recording, Wiser for the Time, will be on a four-disc, eight side set.  It will contain a total of twenty-six songs.  Fifteen of those songs will be acoustic.  The remaining eleven songs will be electric.  The collection of songs comes from the band’s sold out five-night stand in New York City from 2010.  The set will also be released as a double album digital download.

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood Puts The Hip In Neo-Hippie

Courtesy: Silver Arrow Records

Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s new album, “Big Moon Ritual” has officially placed itself into this reviewer’s list of 2012’s best new releases.  This album takes listeners back to the days of David Crosby, The Grateful Dead, and so many other great classic bands and artists.  This is a record that’s perfect not just for that Summer road trip, but also for a casual Fall afternoon.  It’s one of those multi-purpose records to which audiences can listen any time of the year, and simply relax. 

‘Tulsa Yesterday’ is the perfect opener for this album. It’s proof that music is the most powerful drug of all.  Who needs chemicals and other junk when one has this near twelve minute jam session?  One need simply turn off everything around, save for this song, and it will take one into another world all by itself.  Forget the lyrics.  The music is what counts here.  Robinson and his band mates let the music flow from their fingers as if it was some kind of naturally flowing energy.  It’s almost the kind of thing to which a person could fall asleep while they listen.

“Big Moon Ritual” is impressive on its opener, to say the least.  It continues to impress on its second song, ‘Rosalee.’  ‘Rosalee’ has a little bit of a funk vibe about it.  Again, the musicianship of the band shines bright throughout the song.  Everything is perfectly balanced in this song.  And the outer space sound effects added in to the experimental sounds of the band make this another standout song on what is a standout album in whole.

‘Tulsa Yesterday’ and ‘Rosalee’ are wonderful pieces to the musical puzzle that is “Big Moon Ritual.”  They are only part of that puzzle though.  When put alongside the album’s remaining five songs, they combine to make an album that isn’t just a collection of songs.  It is a true musical experience.  This is one of those rare albums that will offer fans something different with each listen because of all of its tiny nuances.  Every track has something special to offer listeners.  And just as every track has its own identity and musical joy to share, it will bring each listener their own special experience.  That is what music is all about.  And that is what makes “Big Moon Ritual” one of the top albums of 2012.

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood is currently touring in support of “Big Moon Ritual.”  Fans in North Carolina should mark their calendars for Sunday, September 30th.  The band will be making a stop at The Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina that day.  Fans in other states can keep track of the band’s tour dates and more online at,, and

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Chris Robinson Brother hood announces tour dates to support debut album

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood has officially announced dates for its tour in support of its debut album, “Big Moon Ritual.”  The tour will take the band to thirty-nine cities across the country throughout the Summer and into the Fall.  The tour kicks off this Thursday in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It will then take the band through a handful of dates in the southeast, before heading to the midwest.  From there, the band will swing back to the east coast, starting in the Northeast and head down the coast, including a pair of stops in North Carolina.

North Carolina fans will get to see the band live July 1st in Winston-Salem at Ziggy’s.  Then it will make a trip to Wilming to perform July 3rd at the Greenfield Lake Amphtheater in Wilmington. 

The band will perform its single, ‘Rosalee’ on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno June 5th.  That’s the same day that the album hits store shelves.  “Big Moon Ritual” will be followed up by a companion album, “The Magic Door”, in September.  More information on the band is available online at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at