The Tigger Movie A Fun, Heartwarming Family Film

Courtesy: Disney Studios

Okay, everyone.  Is everyone ready to sing? *ahem*  ohhhhhhh,  The wonderful thing about Tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things.  Their tops are made out of rubber, Their bottoms are made out of springs.  They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun fun fun fun FUN!  Of course, there’s another verse to this song.  But this first verse of the classic song is a great explanation of why the new re-issue of The Tigger Movie is great, too.  And while it’s not the only one, the new re-issue of The Tigger Movie is just as fun as the previous Tigger movies and Tigger himself. 

The Tigger Movie first hit theaters over a dozen years ago.  And even having been re-issued for the second time recently, the movie still hasn’t lost any of its original flare.  The story itself is still as fun and touching as it was in its original release way back in 2000.  It brings back elements of Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Too (1974).  Not only do audiences get Tigger’s classic song about Tiggers again, but instead of being caught up in a tree, Tigger actually goes in search of a tree.  This time, Tigger goes in search of his family tree when he starts thinking that maybe it’s not so great to be the only one.

The lesson learned in the end of The Tigger Movie is one that’s still just as relatable today as it was over a decade ago.  In the age of the non-nuclear family, The Tigger Movie is still a comfort to audiences young and old alike.  It reminds audiences that family is a relative term.  It’s not such a bad thing to be one of a kind.  Being one of a kind makes a person that much more special.  And just because people may not be immediate family doesn’t make them a family.  Just as home is where the heart is, so is family.  That’s the most important thing of all.

The story and the lesson in The Tigger Movie is still enjoyable and relatable to audiences even today.  As enjoyable and relatable as the story and lesson are, the classic style animation adds that much more sense of nostalgia for adult audiences who grew up with the original Winnie The Pooh shorts and features.  The same applies for their children, too.  And now that it has been re-issued again, a whole new generation can experience the joy of true hand drawn animation. 

The classic style of hand drawn animation and the touching family friendly story go a long way towards making The Tigger Movie enjoyable even over a decade since its debut.  With the newest re-issue of the movie, audiences get a bonus feature that makes the whole experience that much better.  Younger audiences are treated to a family tree complete with stickers that they can apply to the tree to make their own family tree.  Parents can work with the children in writing in who is on their family tree, too.  It’s another opportunity for parents to spend time with their children.  Even more of a bonus is it’s an activity that parents and children can do together away from the television, too.  Disney is to be commended for this.  As simple a bonus feature as it is, it’s a wonderful addition that encourages family interaction, as well as learning one’s own family history. 

There are those who will criticize this most recent re-issue of The Tigger Movie.  But in a time when so many re-issues are being churned out just to have them on blu-ray, etc. this movie is one welcome re-issue for any family that doesn’t yet have it in their own home library.

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