Raffi Debuts ‘Baby Beluga’ Video Featuring Fan Art

Courtesy: Sugar Mountain PR

As the 40th anniversary celebration of Raffi’s beloved song ‘Baby Beluga’ continues this year, the famed family entertainer is marking the occasion in yet another new way.

Raffi debuted a video featuring fan art inspired by the song on Monday set against the song.  The artwork came from more than 40 fans and features images of the little whale in a variety of situations, such as carrying a guitar, swimming beneath the waves as the moon and stars shine above, and with what is assumed to be its mother in others.

The rendition of the song featured in the new video is the original take of the song, complete with saxophone, muted trumpet and light brush against snare.

Raffi partnered with famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma in July to craft an updated take on ‘Baby Beluga.’  The duo recorded the song separately due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic..  the contest for the new artwork-driven video was announced in July when the duo debuted their performance of the song.

Proceeds from sales of the single are benefitting the grassroots organization The Climate Mobilization.  The agency works daily to address climate change on a global level.

In other news, Raffi has opened his first official store.  The store offers audiences, a variety of ‘Baby Beluga’ bundles.  One of the bundles features the Baby Beluga book — from Knopf/Random House Children’s Books — which was recently re-issued with updated cover, along with two other books, Wheels on the Bus and Down By The Bay.

Baby Beluga board game is also available through the store.  The game teaches social-emotional learning for young players.  Raffi’s albums are also available through the store.

More information on Raffi’s new store and ‘Baby Beluga’ performance is available online now along with all of his latest news and more at:










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