MPI Home Video gives fans “The Best of Barnabas” in new compilation

Director Tim Burton and superstar Johnny Depp have teamed up for a remake of the classic gothic daytime drama, Dark Shadows. The big screen remake will hit theaters May 11th. In celebration, MPI Home Video has released two single disc compilations dubbed, “The Greatest Episodes Collection.” Yesterday, we focused on the first of that pair in the “Fan favorites” compilation. Today, we focus on “The Best of Barnabas” collection. This collection boasts nine of the best episodes centered on Barnabas. One of those episodes sees Barnabas prematurely age as a result of Dr. Julia Hoffman’s attempts to cure him of his vampirism. In another of the compilation’s best episodes, Barnabas’ love interest, Victoria, is having a bad dream that centers on Barnabas, after Angelique comes back into the picture as Cassandra. This leads Barnabas to confront Victoria, and take matters into his own hands. And in another of the compilation’s best episodes, Barnabas travels back to 1897 to solve a mystery of Collinwood. Yet again, Angelique is there to cause trouble for Barnabas. Together with the remaining episodes in this set, “The Best of Barnabas” is one more great addition to any Dark Shadows fan’s library. Episode 349 sees Barnabas prematurely aging as a result of Dr. Hoffman’s attempts to cure him of his vampirism. Because her attempts backfired, Barnabas blames her. He starts to think that the only solution is for him to return to his vampire state. Victoria shows up while Barnabas and Dr. Hoffman are talking. Fearing her reaction, Barnabas sends Victoria back to Collinwood. After Victoria leaves, Dr. Hoffman suggests that Barnabas use Victoria to return to his vampire state. But he refuses to do that. Dr. Hoffman keeps pushing Barnabas as much as he keeps telling her he won’t do it. When Victoria returns, Carolyn comes in to talk to her. When Carolyn goes out with her male companion, she tells him she wants to investigate the claims against Barnabas, but he convinces her to leave it alone. Later that night, Barnabas gives in to the pressure of using Victoria, or so it would seem. He turns into a bat and flies to Collinwood and slips into her room. When he enters her room, he’s still unable to bring himself to bite her. Then, Carolyn comes to check on Victoria after hearing a noise, which causes Barnabas to turn back into a bat and slip out of Victoria’s room. As the pair is talking, they hear a noise and turn to see a bat outside the window, ending the episode. The way in which Episode 349 ends is just one example of what made Dark Shadows such a great show. It always found great cliffhangers to keep audiences coming back. though the cliffhangers were only one part of the whole story that made each story so great. The stories themselves were the real stars of Dark Shadows. And another of the great stories included in this set is in Episode 535. In Episode 535, Victoria is having a bad dream that is centered on Barnabas. But she refuses to tell anyone, including Barnabas, what she sees in her dream. That is until Barnabas confronts her about it. When she tells him about her dream, Barnabas takes matters into his own hands, and puts himself into a dream state to confront Angelique, who is now under the guise of Cassandra. Even after having gone through the dream state, Barnabas tells Julia that he still has a lot of questions; perhaps more questions than answers. Speaking of questions, questions surrounding the past history of Collinwood lead Barnabas to travel back in time to the year 1897 to investigate one of the mysteries of Collinwood’s past. Yet again, Angelique is there to cause problems for Barnabas. She keeps making advances on Barnabas. But he keeps spurning her advances. So she shows him a vision of someone putting a stake through someone in a coffin. She hints to Barnabas that its him being killed. While this is going on, Quentin convinces Jamison to get information on Barnabas, and what he’s doing there. Quentin believes Barnabas cursed him. It all makes for a really great story for audiences. Dark Shadows is loaded with great episodes. Whether the episodes in the “Fan Favorites” compilation, or any of the episodes included in the “Best of Barnabas” compilation, fans of this classic daytime drama have eighteen total classic episodes to enjoy all at an affordable price. This pair of compilations may not have all the episodes from the show. But at roughly six hundred dollars for the entire set, which ran five-years, paying about ten dollars per compilation is just as worth the money. In the meantime, one can only hope that certain television networks will resurrect this classic for a whole new generation, just as these dvd’s will definitely do, too.