Ancient Aliens brings more mysteries in Season Three

Courtesy: A&E Entertainment

 Aliens are big business in American movies and television.  As much as people might want to pretend like they’re not, many Americans are fascinated with the possibility of life outside of our own planet.  And just as many wonder if beings from other worlds have visited Earth in the distant past.  In its third Season, History Channel’s, “Ancient Aliens” continues to postulate the possibility that not only have beings from other worlds been to Earth eons ago, but that they have visited this planet as early as the days of the Old West.Season Three opens with an investigation into the possibility that beings from other worlds and even other dimensions have visited Earth as early as the days of The Old West.  This episode came as a result of the recent Daniel Craig/Harrison Ford big screen adaptation of the graphic novel, “Cowboys and Aliens.”  One of the key moments of this episode is the investigation of allegations surrounding an alleged UFO crash in Aurora, TX in the 17th Century.  It is alleged that not only did a vehicle from another world crash there around 1857, but that whatever being was said to have piloted it died and was buried in an unmarked grave in the town’s cemetery.  At one point, metal detectors had been taken in to the supposed alien pilot’s grave and found traces of metal below the ground.  Later, when investigators returned, it was claimed that a series of holes had been dug, and the metal that was said to have been there had been removed.  Also tied in to this legend were claims that the man who had first discovered the crashed vehicle actually had taken the ship’s remains and thrown them into a well.  Later in his life, he developed terrible arthritis that was alleged to have been linked to radiation from the ship.  Whether this happened is anyone’s guess.  But it is an interesting concept to debate.

From actual encounters with other-worldly beings, Ancient Aliens moves to the Native Americans.  The episode moves into an investigation of the famed “Serpent Mound” of Ohio.  The connection is made to the ancient Native American burial mounds in the region of the Serpent Mound.  The show’s narrator points out that the “Serpent Mound” is not a burial mound.  A comparison between the “Serpent Mound” and the Nazca Lines is made, arguing that the only way it could have been constructed so precisely was by having seen it from the air.  In turn, it is argued that this could mean only that it was meant for beings from another world to see it.  Whether or not any of this is truly the case, no one knows.  Regardless, there is no denying how incredible this formation is.  Its construction, mixed with the legends surrounding it makes it definitely a worthy topic for this season of “Ancient Aliens.”

From the investigation surrounding the ancient “Serpent Mound” of Ohio, “Ancient Aliens” goes far deeper into history with discussions on the possibility that the ancient Mayans may have in fact not only had contact with beings from other worlds, but that they could have, in fact, been descended from those same said beings.  Examinations of structures at the city of Copan are argued to be evidence that there had to have been some link between the Mayans and beings not of this planet.  the example of a being with what looks allegedly like a space suit have led some to wonder if that could actually be what is being viewed.  And if it is, did that mean that the Mayans had the technology to travel the stars, or did beings from the stars actually come to Earth?  This segment discusses whether or not it was possible that the knowledge to build the temples and other skills were handed down to the Mayans by those same beings.  Again, all of this is mere speculation.  Everyone is going to have his/her own views on whether or not beings from other worlds have visited this planet as far back as the days of the Mayans.  These mysteries may never be solved in our lifetimes.  That aside, the theories discussed in Season Three are worthy of at least some discussion.

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