Crack The Sky’s Sixth Compilation Is As Successful As Its Predecessors

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Veteran prog rock band Crack The Sky is keeping itself busy this year.  The band opened the year with the release of its latest album, Tribes, Jan. 15.  The band also re-issued its 1994 compilation Crack Attic in January.  That record compiled songs pulled from the band’s first five albums.  Now Friday, audiences will see the release of another, new compilation from Crack The Sky in the form of Between The Cracks.  The 12-song collection is a presentation that the band’s established audiences will find interesting.  That is due in large part to its featured songs, which will be addressed shortly.  The songs’ sequencing adds its own interest to the record and will be discussed a little later.   The songs’ production rounds out the most important of the record’s items.  It will also be addressed later.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the compilation’s presentation.  All things considered, they make the collection one more presentation that Crack The Sky’s most devoted audiences will appreciate.

Crack The Sky’s forthcoming compilation record Between The Cracks is a presentation that the band’s most devoted audiences will enjoy.  That is due in large part to its featured songs.  The songs in question are deep cuts from the band’s albums which spanned the years 1983 and 2015.  None of the songs featured in this compilation are singles.  Nor are they featured in the band’s five (yes, five) other compilations.  That adds to these songs’ importance.  When these songs are set alongside the songs featured in those records – Classic CrackRare!Crack AtticThe Best of the Rest (And Then Some), and Crackology – that overall body of work gives audiences quite the rich cross section of CTS’ catalog.  Far too often, bands and groups release multiple hits/singles compilations – and do so clearly as nothing more than contractually obligated space fillers – using many of the same songs over and over again in the process.  It is nice to see that Crack The Sky did not go that route this time (and in its other compilations).  Considering everything noted here, the songs featured in this album are reason enough in themselves for CTS’ most devoted audiences to add this compilation to their libraries.  They are just a portion of what makes the record appealing for the noted audiences.  The songs’ sequencing adds its own interest to the presentation. 

Between The Cracks’ sequencing is important to address largely because it is clear that there was an intended obvious chronological order here, beginning in 1983 with World in Motion I and progressing to 2015’s The Beauty of Nothing.  In all, seven of the band’s albums are represented here, including GhostOstrichMachineThe Sale, and The End.  What audiences get in the end is a record that takes audiences through a very specific portion of its catalog.  It would have been so easy for the band to just toss the songs together in some random order, but instead, the band makes it clear that it wanted to take listeners on a journey through its life and catalog.  That in itself adds even more appeal to the compilation’s presentation. It makes the listening experience that much more special for the noted audiences, even with some of the noted albums already having been represented in previous compilations from Crack the Sky.  That is because while some of the albums were already represented, they were not represented by the songs featured, here, reaching back to that element.  Keeping both elements in mind, the whole makes all the clearer why the collection will appeal to Crack The Sky’s noted audiences.  Even with all of this in mind, there is still one more item to address in examining the album’s overall presentation.  That item is the record’s production.

The production that went into each of the record’s songs is important to examine because of its role in the collection’s general effect.  It has already been noted that the songs featured here are lifted from a handful of the band’s existing albums.  The band handled the songs’ remastering itself.  The band’s attention to every minute detail of the songs resulted in 12 songs that sound just as good in this presentation as in their original recordings if not somewhat better.  That includes items, such as echo effects, vocal effects, and the balance in the instrumentations.  Every detail received equal attention.  The result is a record that will appeal to CTS’ fans just as much for its general effect as for its content and the content’s sequencing.  When all three elements are considered together, they make the presentation in whole a record that will appeal mostly to Crack The Sky’s most devoted audiences.

Crack The Sky’s forthcoming compilation record, Between The Cracks is a collection of songs from the band that the group’s most devoted audiences will appreciate.  That is due in part to its featured the songs.  The songs featured in this compilation are not featured in the band’s five other collections of its music.  The songs’ sequencing is just as important as the songs themselves.  That is because it essentially takes audiences on a journey through a specific portion of the band’s catalog.  That element, while maybe secondary, is still important because of its role in the listening experience.  Speaking of the listening experience, the record’s production puts the final touch on that experience.  That is because it ensures the songs sound just as good in this case as in the songs’ original presentations.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of Between the Cracks.  All things considered, they make Between the Cracks a unique addition to this year’s field of new compilations that Crack The Sky’s most devoted audiences will appreciate. 

Between the Cracks is scheduled for release Friday through Carry On Music.  More information on the compilation is available along with all of Crack The Sky’s latest news at

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Amon Amarth Completes ‘Berserker’ Video Trilogy; Continues Tour Schedule

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

Amon Amarth finished off the video trilogy from its latest album last week.

The band debuted the video for its single ‘Mjolner, Hammer of Thor‘ on May 31.  The song is the latest to come from the band’s new album Berserker, which was released May 3 through Metal Blade Records.

The video completes the trilogy that was started March 20 with the video for ‘Raven’s Flight‘ and continued with the video for the album’s second single, ‘Crack The Sky‘ on April 17.  The trilogy’s finale finds Amon Amarth leaving the club where it had performed and where an epic battle took place between the Berserker and a demonic female figure.  Before the Berserker can return to his realm, there is still one last battle between him and that evil demonic female.

Amon Amarth is touring in support of Berserker.  The band is scheduled to perform June 8 in Germany as part of the European leg of its tour.  That tour is scheduled to run through July 4.

Once the European leg of the tour wraps, the band will take the rest of the summer off before returning to North America for more live dates starting Sept. 26 in Seattle, WA.  That leg of the band’s worldwide tour is scheduled to run through Oct. 26 in Los Angeles, CA.  The tours’ schedules are noted below.

Summer European Festival Tour
June 6 – Sweden Rock – Solvesborg, Sweden
June 8 – Rock Im Park – Nuremberg, Germany
June 9 – Rock Am Ring – Nürburgring, Germany
June 11 – Incheba Expo – Bratislava, Slovakia
June 12 – Barba Negra Track – Budapest, Hungary
June 13 – Nova Rock – Nickelsdorf, Austria
June 14 – Greenfield – Interlaken, Switzerland
June 16 – Download UK – Donington, England
June 17 – King John’s Castle – Limerick, Ireland
June 20 – Knotfest at Hellfest – Clisson, France
June 21 – Graspop – Dessel, Belgium
June 22 – Copenhell – Copenhagen, Denmark
June 25 – Mystic Fest Poland – Krakow, Poland
June 27 – Sonic Park – Bologna, Italy
June 29 – Download Madrid – Madrid, Spain
July 1 – Le Bikini – Toulouse, France
July 2 – La Belle Electrique – Grenoble, France
July 4 – Rock Harz Festival – Ballenstedt, Germany

Berserker World Tour – Raid Of North America tour dates
w/ Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Grand Magus 

September 26 – Seattle, WA – Showbox SODO
September 27 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
September 28 – Vancouver, BC – PNE Forum
September 30 – Edmonton, AB – Edmonton Convention Centre
October 1 – Calgary, AB – Grey Eagle
October 3 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
October 4 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium
October 6 – Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theater
October 7 – Chicago, IL – The Riviera Theater
October 9 – Toronto, ON – Rebel
October 10 – Montreal, QC – M Telus
October 11 – Montreal, QC – M Telus
October 12 – New York, NY – Hammerstein Ballroom
October 13 – Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore
October 15 – Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore
October 16 – Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle
October 18 – New Orleans, LA – The Fillmore
October 19 – Houston, TX – House Of Blues
October 20 – San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theatre
October 22 – Phoenix, AZ – The Van Buren
October 23 – Las Vegas, NV – House Of Blues
October 25 – San Francisco, CA – The Warfield
October 26 – Los Angeles, CA – The Palladium

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