‘Revolt’ Is Set To Help Dymytry Break Through In America’s Hard Rock, Metal Communities

Courtesy: AFM Records

AFM Records has, in the past year or so, released some impressive albums from a number of well-known acts, such as U.D.O. and its front man, Udo Dirkschneider, Gus G. (Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne), and Firewind.  The label has also taken on so many bands that could easily become big names in their own right.  One of those bands, Dymytry, is set to release its latest album, Revolt Feb. 18.  The band’s sixth album, it has primed the band to finally break out in America.  That is proven through its musical and lyrical content alike, as its opener/title track shows.  That song will be discussed shortly.  ‘Never Gonna Die’ is another way in which Revolt shows its strength.  It will be examined a little later.  ‘Tick Tock,’ which comes much later in the album’s run, is yet another example of what makes the album successful.  When it is considered along with the rest of the album’s songs, the whole makes Revolt a powerful new statement from Dymytry and an equally powerful first impression from the band for American audiences.

Dymytry is a band that every American hard rock and metal fan should be watching.  That is proven from the 12-song record’s opening to its end through its musical and lyrical content alike.  The album’s opener/title track supports the noted statements.  The song’s musical arrangement immediately grabs listeners with its driving guitar line and steady 4/4 beat from drummer Milos Meier.  Vocalist Alen Ljubic’s gritty vocals and the equally gritty choruses from Ljubic and his fellow performers makes for an interesting, infectious effect.  The whole is a sound that is comparable to the harder-edged sound of Five Finger Death Punch and to a lesser degree, works from the likes of Powerman 5000.  The whole is a strong opener for Revolt and an equally strong first impression for audiences who may be new to the band and its work.  The aggression and energy exuded through the song’s musical arrangement does well in pairing with the song’s lyrical theme to make the song even stronger.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Revolt’ is clear.  It is a call to unity and to stand up against all the powers that be that would hold people down.  This is inferred right from the song’s lead verse and chorus, which state, “Stand up/It’s time to stand up/Remember to speak up/Tomorrow brings another blow/And now it’s time to stand up/Even when the sun turns dark/Look at me/They call me the revolter/Same old story/That we keep forgetting/We might have lost the battle/But the war is never-ending/Deep inside our hearts/Desire for rebellion/So, rush, rush, rush, rush…Revolt/Time to get together/And face our enemies/You need to stand up/Revolt/Feels like swimming upstream/To find your destiny/No regrets/Stand up and revolt.”  This is a clear statement of defiance and pride that will resonate with any listener.  Its message of standing up against obstacles, whether they be people or something else is hardly new in the rock realm, but is still just as welcome here as from any other act.  The message continues in the song’s second verse, which states, “Don’t stop/I told you don’t stop/And I won’t say it again/’Cause when the time will come/I want you to remember/The promises…I don’t wanna see you going down to hell.”  Not having a lyrics sheet to reference, a little bit of the content here is difficult to decipher.  Enough of the verse is understandable though, that a relatively clear understanding is easy enough.  It is that continued encouragement to stand up together, to fight against life’s obstacles, including those people that would try to stop people from achieving their goals, whether personal or otherwise.  It is, again, a powerful statement, and when considered with the content in the song’s lead verse and in the song’s musical arrangement, is made that much harder hitting.  All things considered here, ‘Revolt’ proves itself a clear example of what makes Revolt such a strong new offering from Dymytry and an equally strong introduction for new audiences.  It is just one of the songs that serves to show the record’s strength.  ‘Never Gonna Die,’ which comes just prior to the album’s midpoint, is another example of how much the record has to offer.

‘Never Gonna Die’ is, musically, a stark contrast to ‘Revolt.’  Where ‘Revolt’ is a pure, hard-driving hard rock work, this song is more industrial in its approach and sound.  The Powerman 5000 comparison is just as prominent here as in ‘Revolt.’  At the same time, the use of the keyboards and electronics also make the song comparable to works from the likes of Crossbreed.  That pairing of influences/comparisons will keep audiences just as engaged and entertained as the more unique pairing of influences in ‘Revolt.’  The almost brooding nature of the arrangement along with its heaviness makes the composition that much more uniquely interesting.  Much the same can be said of the massively heavy breakdown that comes roughly three minutes into the song.  One cannot help but imagine guitarists Jan Gorgel and Jin Urban hitting their marks, heads down, swaying so heavily to their down-tuned breakdown as they play their lines.  It is just one part of what makes ‘Never Gonna Die’ stand out in Revolt’s bigger picture. 

The song’s lyrical content adds its own layer of interest to the song.  The seeming theme presented through this content comes across as a message of defiance and determination.  That is just this critic’s own interpretation.  The inference comes as Ljubic repeats the phrase, “I see fear in your eyes, my friend/But don’t worry/I will carry you out of the darkness again/We will not die/Take my hand…We’re never gonna die, my friend/Until the light forever fades away.”  The last part of the verse is difficult to decipher sans lyrics to reference, but from what can be deciphered, one can tell that the message is one of encouragement and support.  It reminds audiences that things will get better and to not give up.  Again, this is just this critic’s interpretation.  The song’s second, brief verse builds on that inferred theme as Ljubic sings, “We will go to a place without lies, rules, and tears/Where no questions are asked/And answers have disappeared.”  This sounds like a rather good place.  The added mention in the chorus that “We will never die/Until the light forever takes us” is another seemingly uplifting statement that is sure to resonate with plenty of audiences.  When all of this commentary is paired with the heaviness and depth in the song’s musical arrangement, the whole makes this song yet another clear example of how much Revolt has to offer audiences.  It is just one more way in which the album shows its strength.  ‘Tick Tock’ is yet another positive, notable addition to the album.

‘Tick Tock’ wastes no time kicking into gear as it opens.  This forward driving rocker fully immerses audiences in its body with its intense instrumentation and vocals.  The modern rock approach and the depth of the composition makes it such that it will easily appeal to so many hard rock and metal fans.  Making the song even more interesting is the way in which its energy pairs with the song’s seeming topic of dealing with mental health.

The seeming theme is inferred as Ljubic sings in the lead verse that “The past is a broken dream/The future brings fear/I’ve been thinking too much about you/I will never forget/I’m locked up in a clock/I just wanna live/I’m trapped inside/A twisting hourglass/There’s darkness in the future…I’m caught between/What was and what will be/I’m begging for salvation/Someone set me free.”  This is clearly someone dealing with so much inner emotional turmoil, and a unique way of delivering that fully relatable situation, too.  The theme continues in the song’s second verse as Ljubic sings, “I’ve been going forever further/Living in a dark cloud/I’m locked up in a clock/There’s no way out.”  This continued metaphorical reference to time past and future is, again unique, but still clear enough to understand especially when considered along with the content in the song’s lead verse and chorus.  That taken into consideration along with the energy in the song’s musical arrangement makes the song even more impacting and one more example of how much the album has to offer both musically and lyrically.  When this song and the others examined here are considered along with the rest of the album’s entries, the whole makes Revolt a record that is primed to help Dymytry break out in America, given the right support.

Dymytry’s new album, Revolt, is a strong introduction for the band among American audiences.  For those more familiar with the band, it is just as certain to impress.  That is proven through its musical and lyrical content.  The songs examined here all serve to make that clear.  When they are considered along with the album’s other entries, the whole makes Revolt a powerful new record that any metal and hard rock fan will appreciate.

Revolt is scheduled for release Feb. 18 through AFM Records.  More information on the album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:

Website: https://dymytry.cz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dymytrycz

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Another Day Dawns Premieres ‘Psycho’ Video

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Independent hard rock band Another Day Dawns premiered its very first music video this week.

The band debuted the video for its new single ‘Psycho‘ on Tuesday.  The video opens with a series of exterior shots in a seemingly post-apocalyptic setting before moving to footage of the band performing its new single in a warehouse setting.  That footage is crossed with footage of front man Dakota Sean in different rooms, being seemingly tormented by an unidentified woman.

The presentation Sean being seemingly tormented by the woman crosses with the song’s lyrical content to lead one to believe the song, lyrically, focuses on a difficult relationship between a man and a woman.

In terms of the song’s musical arrangement, Sean’s vocal delivery couples with the driving, guitar-centered work, to make a whole that will appeal to fans of acts, such as Crossbreed and Orgy. Interestingly enough, Sean’s vocals in fact, sound very much like that of former Crossbreed front man James Rietz (and even like that of Puddle of Mudd front man Wes Scantlin).

‘Psycho’ is the latest single to be released from Another Day Dawns’ forthcoming EP A Different Life.  The four-song EP also features the songs ‘Rage,’ ‘All of Me’ and ‘The Broken.’

Another Day Dawns is currently scheduled to perform live this Saturday, Feb. 23 at the One Centre Square in Easton, PA.  The performance is part of the band’s promotion for A Different Life.

More information on that performance, the band’s EP, its new video and more is available online now at:


Website: http://www.anotherdaydawns.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AnotherDayDawns

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ADD_lehighton


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Amaranthe’s Latest LP Is Massively Addictive

Courtesy:  Spinefarm/Universal Music Group

Courtesy: Spinefarm/Universal Music Group

Euro/Industrial metal act Amaranthe released its latest full length studio effort this week.  Massive Additctive, the band’s third album is as many years is one that will impress audiences in its own right regardless of their familiarity with the band.  Anyone that is a fan of Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil and the ilk will enjoy this record from start to finish.  The combination of the band’s bombastic, old school shredding and solos, precision drumming, and the  vocal talents of the band’s co-vocalists make this a record that every member of the Metal Nation worldwide should hear at least once.  The songs’ lyrical content is just as important as their musical sides, too.  All things considered, the combination of each song’s music and lyrics makes Massive Addictive one of the best of the underground rock and metal community this year.

Audiences that are familiar with the sound established by Amaranthe on its first two records will appreciate that said sound is just as prevalent on this record.  What makes this latest full length effort worth the listen regardless of one’s familiarity with the band is the introduction of more and varied electronic elements.  The album’s mix of keyboards, sampling and other electronic elements show a certain amount of growth from the band this time out. That is evident right off the top in the album’s high-energy opener ‘Dynamite.’  This aptly titled song is a fitting opener for Massive Addictive as it launches the album with the furiousness and energy of a keg full of dynamite.  Yes, that was a cheesy cliché.  But hey, it works, right?  The song opens explosively with that electronic/keyboard mix alongside the solid guitar work of Olof Morck.  The influence of other Gothenburg bands such as In Flames and Soilwork in Morck’s performance.  The juxtaposition of Elize’s clean vocals to the screams of co-vocalist Henrik add even more intensity to the song.  The song’s lyrical content matches its energy quite well.  The vocalist pair Light the fuse/See the sign/Unbalanced heart/I’m in my prime/Get out of here while there is still time/I’m reaching overload/I’m going right on top/While you abide my dynamite.”  The message here is pretty clear. This is someone holding in a lot and getting ready to burst.  If that’s not proof enough, then consider the song’s second verse, in which Henrik screams, “No excuse/Break the bonds/A gasp of air/My will is strong/Get out of here/My mind is futile/I’m just a statuette/Without a timer set/While I apply my dynamite.”  This is someone that has a lot of pent up frustrations, it would seem.  And the song’s energy seems to present that message, too when set alongside such lyrical content.  If that interpretation is correct, then such combination makes this song an even more powerful opener for the band’s new album.  That’s because everybody has reached that breaking point and ready to blow.  Having a song such as this to which people can relate could serve to help diffuse that proverbial dynamite lit inside them.

‘Dynamite’ is a strong starter for Amaranthe on its new album.  It’s just one of so many examples of why audiences new and old alike will enjoy this record.  Another example of why audiences will enjoy this record is the album’s latest single ‘Drop Dead Cynical.’  This song comes across as the polar opposite of sorts from the album’s opener with Elize singing, “I need attention/Feed my addiction/I want the action/The satisfaction/You have to feed me/Worse that I inquire/So my discord someday takes me higher.”  While it comes across metaphorically, the message seems relatively clear here.  If this critic’s interpretation is right, that line alone describes the type of person that is full of himself or herself.  That same person has nothing to spread except for negativity.   Henrik’s response to this declaration is a powerful retort. He screams in response, “I hope to thrill you that expectations rise/I want to bring you/So that you can compromise/I’m coming at you like a killer now/So it’s the truth/You are drop dead cynical.”  That is a pretty strong response.  Everybody has met someone like the subject of this song.  There may be people even now that know someone like that.  If so, this song is a great way to deal with said person(s) without screaming at them or worse.  To that extent, it makes for another great positive to this record.

Massive Addictive’s opening tracks make for a solid first impression from Amaranthe on the band’s latest album.  As impressive as those two songs prove to be, the album’s title track proves to be one of its best.  On a side note, the song’s musical side actually bears a slit resemblance to the chorus of Imagine Dragons’ hit single ‘Radioactive.”  The song’s lyrical content aside, what really makes this song such a hit is its musical side.  The bombastic, old school style guitar solo is there alongside Morten’s drumming drive the song.  Elize’s hypnotic vocals and Henrik’s own vocal assault are not to be discounted here, either.   Lyrically, it is certain to create some discussion especially taking into account the song’s infectious chorus.  Elize sings in the song’s chorus, “Massive addictive/And suddenly I’m greatly affected/Like burning fire inside/My cyanide/Scared of losing my mind/Massive addictive/I’m totally completely afflicted/As I inspire the lie like a lullaby/Crawling around in my mind.”  On the surface one would think that the song makes no bones as to its lyrical topic.  It sounds like it is being taken from the standpoint of someone fighting addiction.  Elize singing “Suddenly I’m greatly affected/Like burning fire inside/My cyanide” sounds like what someone might feel in getting that high from whatever drug.  “Scared of losing my mind…I’m totally completely afflicted” sounds like the psychological and emotional effect of said high.  Again, this could be a completely incorrect interpretation of this song.  If it is indeed incorrect, it would definitely be wonderful to hear the story behind the song.  The very fact that it could garner so much discussion is itself reason that audiences will enjoy this song.  The addition of the song’s soaring musical side makes it even more enjoyable and proves why this is perhaps the best of the album’s songs overall.

The songs noted here each make Massive Addictive enjoyable in its own way.  As enjoyable as they are, the album’s other songs not noted here should not be discounted.  At no one point does Massive Addictive fail listeners.  Every one of the album’s dozen total tracks makes this album enjoyable in its own way.  That is something difficult to say about most albums today regardless of genre.  So for Amaranthe to have crafted an album that shines from start to finish shows that this album is just as enjoyable as anything released by the band’s bigger-named counterparts across Europe.  That being the case, Massive Addictive proves in the end to be an album that every member of the Metal Nation worldwide should hear and an album that is one of the best in the underground metal community this year.

Amaranthe is currently wrapping up the North American leg of its tour in support of Massive Addictive.  The band’s audiences overseas will soon enough get to experience the songs from this album live.  They will even get to pick up the band’s new album at the band’s upcoming tour dates.  In the meantime, the band’s North American audiences can pick up Massive Addictive in stores now.  Audiences can check out the band’s current tour schedule and keep up with its latest updates now online at:

Website: http://www.amaranthe.se

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AmarantheBand

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Honour Crest’s New EP Will Impress Industrial Rock Audiences

Courtesy: Indianola Records

Honour Crest’s new full length release, Metrics is a work that established fans of this band will likely enjoy.  The Virginia Beach, VA based band continues its tradition of melding electronics and heavier metalcore sounds to make a sound similar to that of Fear Factory, Spineshank, and Crossbreed.  One of the best examples of the band’s abilities on this release is in its new single, ‘Horcrux.’  Not only does it impress with its melding of electronic elements and its more metal side, but lyrically, it breaks the mold of the standard relationship based songs.  Front man Lucas Borza writes in this song, “We cannot give in/No matter what they will tell us/Our hearts were made to withstand/We cannot give in/No matter what/They will test us/and push us/To the very edge/We cannot give in.”  It’s a very empowering song that will appeal not only to younger listeners, but even to older audiences as there will always be those who will test us and push us to the edge, just as the song’s chorus notes.  The combination of this song’s lyrics and music makes it easily one of the best tracks on this release.

The band impresses just as much on the album’s opener, ‘Flux.’  Again, it carries a theme of personal strength mixed with a balance of electronics and harder edged metalcore sounds.  Borza writes in this song, “Stop/Hold your ground/Our enemies can never/Breach these walls/I persevere/In a place that has no cover.”  Again, there is that sense of self assurance and empowerment. That positive message, mixed with the musical backing of the song will make it another fan favorite.

Metrics boasts even more interesting tracks than just this pair.  For example, the pairing of ‘Interlude’, which comes in at just under a minute and a half, and ‘Search and Seizure’ sound like they could have easily fit onto the soundtrack to Disney’s Tron Legacy.  Forget the lyrical content.  The musical side of this combination makes for another high point to this EP.  Metrics is available now in stores and online.  It can be downloaded via iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/metrics/id564027702.  Fans will also get the chance to hear the band’s music live as it is touring in support of the new release.  The band will be performing in Richmond, VA today, and then follow that with a home town show tomorrow in Virginia Beach.  The band will also be in Raleigh, North Carolina for its NC based fans on Sunday, November 4th.Fans can get a full tour listing and all the latest from the band online at http://www.facebook.com/honourcrest

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It Lies Within Has Broken Out Of Its Chrysalis

Courtesy: Luxor Records/Infamous Empire

When one thinks of Michigan, one typically thinks of the University of Michigan Wolverines, the Great Lakes, and Motown.  But if the members of Flint, Michigan have anything to say about it, people may soon be associating Michigan with the metal community, too.  This five-piece has been pounding out its aggressive rhythms since 2008.  In the four years since the band started up, it’s made some big waves in the metal community.  The band has performed on metal festivals such as Rockapalooza, Bledfest, and the Carnival of Chaos.  And now with the release of its new LP, ‘Chrysalis”, It Lies Within is set to become another of the big names in the metal community.

Anyone who is a fan of Dragonforce, Mushroomhead, Crossbreed, As I Lay Dying, or other bands of that ilk will enjoy “Chrysalis.”  Vocalist Zachary Scott does a good job of mixing guttural screams with more melodic sounds throughout the record.  And the use of keyboards mixed in with the guitar work of Matthew Michael and Michael Siva on the likes of ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ and ‘Redefined Identity’ will conjure thoughts of the aforementioned bands.  There seems to even be a touch of Meshuggah in ‘Redefined Identity’ and ‘The Watcher.’  And any fan of Arch Enemy will appreciate ‘Sharp Tongue’, and perhaps ‘Moments and Memories.’  In short, what can be said of It Lies Within on this new release is this.  Whereas so many young up-and-coming bands in the metal community have a tendency to stick to perhaps one influence and try too hard to emulate said band’s sound, It Lies Within shows its versatility with “Chrysalis.”  Consider that the term, “Chrysalis” is a hard outer covering for some living beings.  It’s a fitting title for the band’s new album.  That’s because what this band has shown is that in showing its versatility, ILW has broken out of its chrysalis and is flying free among the young metal masses.  It would be no surprise that with the right coverage and support, this Flint, MI based band may become even more popular as it flies its course.

It Lies Within is currently touring in support of Chrysalis.  The band will be performing a pair of dates in Illinois this weekend and will follow them up with a series of performances across Michigan throughout October.  Fans can get a full tour listing and all the latest from the band online at http://www.itlieswithin.com, http://www.facebook.com/itlieswithin, http://www.myspace.com/itlieswithin, and http://twitter.com/itlieswithin.  The band’s album is available now in stores and online.  It can be downloaded via iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/it-lies-within/id345594889

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