Rock Super Group Covers Tool, Slipknot For New Double Single

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Tempest debuted its new double single Jan. 7.

The band — Ron Poisson (Cult of Individuality owner), Will Hunt (Evanescence, Black Label Society, Crossfade), Doc Coyle (ex-God Forbid, Bad Wolves), Chris Cain (ex-Bury Your Dead, Bad Wolves), and Kyle Konkiel (ex-Scar The Martyr, Bad Wolves) — debuted its take of Tool’s ‘Sober’ and Slipknot’s Dead Memories’ Jan. 7.

The covers came as a result of the pandemic, according to information provided about the songs. Poisson and Hunt were having conversations through social media about how to keep busy during lockdowns. The conversations led Hunt to reach out to the other band members, and the rest (as they say) is history).

Tempest’s take of ‘Sober’ largely stays true to its source material. However, there are some subtle differences in the two takes. They come through the guitar solos. The solos in Tempest’s take on the song move more in a subtle hard rock direction. By comparison, the solo in the original maintains the song’s dark prog approach and sound. Audiences can hear Tempest’s take on the song here.

Tempest’s take on Slipknot’s ‘Dead Memories’ came about as a tribute to the late Joey Jordison,’ who played drums with the band from its formation in 1995 until his departure from the band in 2013. The single stays largely true to its source material. The most notable difference between the original and Tempest’s take on the song is in the vocals. Poisson’s vocals are clearly different from those of Corey Taylor. Where Taylor’s vocals are grittier and darker, Poisson’s delivery style is more melodic.

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Temple Of Thieves’ Debut One Of The Year’s Best Indie Records

Courtesy:  Goomba Music

Courtesy: Goomba Music

Temple Of Thieves’ debut full length album, Passing Through The Zer0s is one of the biggest surprise rock records of 2013.  This hard rocking four-piece has crafted in its debut record an album that is sure to get the attention of any rock radio station’s program director and audiences alike.  It’s eerie how much this band sounds like Tool.  Singer Michael Rock sounds just like Tool front man Maynard James Keenan.  And Rock’s band mates—Flo Mounier (drums), John Ehlers (guitars), and Chief Spires (bass)—each add to that feeling so much that if one were listening to T.O.T. on the radio and didn’t know it was them, one would think it was Tool, or Keenan’s other project, A Perfect Circle.

Right from the album’s opener, ‘In The Garden (Collecting Souls)’, audiences are pulled instantly into this album.  The band balances the song’s softer and heavier sections so expertly throughout that one can’t help but listen to hear what is coming next over its near six minute run time.  Rock’s vocals are just as hypnotic and powerful as Keenan’s throughout the song.  The solid bass line laid down by Spires and the haunting strains of Ehlers’ guitars in the song’s softer sections lull listeners into a false sense of security before the whole band launches into a full on assault that will blow listeners away in the noted heavier sections.  By the time the song’s final notes echo away, audiences will be hooked and eager to hear what is to come next.  Those audiences who wonder are rewarded with the equally heavy ‘Reaping.’

Rock doesn’t lose his Maynard James Keenan doppelganger vocals in ‘Reaper.’  However, listeners will notice a change of style in this song.  This time, audiences get an interesting Tool/Queensryche hybrid sound.  Again Spires and Ehlers shine, as does Mounier.  Right from the song’s intro, Ehlers shows his abilities once again, opting this time for more of a classic rock sound.  His solo hearkens back to rock’s golden age.  One can just see him point his guitar to the air, absolutely shredding the solo, even as short as it is.  And again, Mounier offers a solid backing to the band, keeping time while proving that he is just as talented as any of the biggest names in the drumming community.  He proves here and throughout the album that he can keep the band moving whether in the album’s bigger, more bombastic songs and in its seemingly more gentle moments, too.

The songs noted here comprise just a glance at everything that Temple of Thieves has to offer from its debut release.  The second half of Passing Through The Zer0s offers just as much enjoyment as the album’s first five tracks.  Listeners will enjoy songs such as: ‘Mr. Hixx’, the obviously ‘Sober’ inspired ‘Pull Me Under’ (not to be confused with Dream Theater’s song by the same name), and ‘Species.’  The latter of this trio of songs actually has a video that audiences can watch now via YouTube at  The album will be available worldwide on Tuesday, May 7th.  And while no tour news has been announced yet, the band will likely be touring in support of the album.  To find out the latest tour news and more, fans can “Like” the band on Facebook at  Fans can also Follow T.O.T. on the band’s official website, and on Twitter at

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