Ovtlier Debuts New Single, Lyric Video

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Ovtlier recently released its latest single and companion lyric video.

The band premiered its single, ‘Spineless (ft. Danny Leal Jr.)‘ and its companion lyric video Oct. 22. The premiere came less than a month after the band premiered its then latest single, ‘All I Need‘ and its video. Leal is the front man for the metal band Upon A Burning Body.

Leal talked about joining Ovtlier for the song in a prepared statement.

“[Ovtlier front man] Joey [Arena] first asked me if I would feature on this track,” said Leal. “Like any other I wanted to make sure it was something that I felt I could fit in with. I was super pumped on the sound this band has going and am a legitimate fan of this track.”

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Spineless (ft. Danny Leal, Jr.) is a heavy, intense composition. The use of the guitars against the subtle backing keyboard that opens the song sets such a powerful, ominous mood. As the song progresses from there, the verses present a distinct Slipknot-esque sound while the choruses are more melodic but still hard.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the song and video’s debut. Reading through the lyrics presented in the song’s lyric video, it would seem that the song deals with emotions felt in dealing with someone who is simply not a good person.

The song’s lyric video features the song’s lyrics placed against a red backdrop. At the bottom, a person lies curled up in a sort of fetal position. This is all presented as the song plays over that visualization.

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