Aftershock Festival 2023 Lineup Announced

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Aftershock Festival organizers have announced the lineup for the annual event, which is scheduled to be held Oct. 5-8 at Discovery Park in Sacramento, CA.

Guns N’ Roses, Korn, Tool, and Avenged Sevenfold have been announced as the headliners for this year’s festival. Also on the bill for the event are other equally well-known bands, such as Godsmack, Incubus, Pantera, Megadeth, Rancid, Queens of the Stone Age, The Cult, I Prevail, AFI, Dance Gavin Dance, 311, Turnstile, and Limp Bizkit.

This year’s event is being put on by Danny Wimmer Presents, and Danny Hayes, the company’s chief executive officer, said he is looking forward to this year’s festival.

“We are so excited for what will be the biggest Aftershock in the festival’s 11-year history,” Hayes said. “We are grateful for our partnership with the city and county of Sacramento and together we have built an amazing brand that showcases Sacramento to attendees from all over the globe.”

Avenged Sevenfold is scheduled to headline the festival’s first day. Other acts scheduled for Day One are the likes of: Pennywise, Beauty School Dropout, The Cult, AFI, and Incubus.

Tool is scheduled to headline Day Two, with the likes of Megadeth, Memphis May Fire, The Hu, Skillet, Limp Bizkit, and Coheed and Cambria joining the band and others on the day.

Korn will headline Day Three. Others on the day’s schedule include and are not limited to: Corey Taylor, Avatar, The Amity Affliction, Parkway Drive, and Babymetal.

Guns N’ Roses will close out the four-day festival. Leading up to the band’s performance, other acts, including and not limited to: Queens of the Stone Age, Rancid, I Prevail, Dance Gavin Dance, Daughtry, and Mayday Parade will also take the stage.

The full list of this year’s acts is noted below. Audiences can put down $10 now toward the price of the passes. Payments toward the price can be made from there between April and August. The down payment can be made here.

The full Aftershock 2023 lineup is as follows (subject to change):

Thursday, October 5: Avenged Sevenfold, Incubus, Turnstile, The Cult, AFI, Pennywise, Nothing But Thieves, L7, White Reaper, Senses Fail, Don Broco, The Bronx, Nothing, Nowhere., DeathByRomy, Beauty School Dropout, Bob Vylan, Holding Absence, Pinkshift, Thousand Below, Starbenders, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Static Dress, Letdown.

Friday, October 6: Tool, Godsmack, Limp Bizkit, Megadeth, Coheed and Cambria, Skillet, Bad Omens, The Hu, Deafheaven, Memphis May Fire, Converge, Fire From the Gods, Polaris, Rain City Drive, Gideon, Currents, Varials, Strange Kids, Dragged Under, Tallah, HANABIE., Widow7, Death Valley Dreams

Saturday, October 7: Korn, Pantera, 311, Corey Taylor, Parkway Drive, Babymetal, Polyphia, Dethklok, Avatar, Fever 333, The Amity Affliction, Sleep Token, Escape the Fate, Boston Manor, Fame on Fire, Catch Your Breath, Ten56., Reddstar, Holy Wars, ’68, Ithaca, Devil’s Cut, Traitors, Fox Lake, All Waves, As You Were

Sunday, October 8: Guns N’ Roses, Queens of the Stone Age, Rancid, I Prevail, Dance Gavin Dance, Daughtry, Badflower, Billy Talent, Mayday Parade, Suicide Silence, Movements, Ayron Jones, You Me At Six, Dead Poet Society, Austin Meade, Alpha Wolf, Jehnny Beth, Redlight King, Tigercub, Call Me Karizma, Ryan Oakes, Gnome, Luna Aura, Asava

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Tremonti Premiere’s Video For New LP’s Lead Single

Courtesy: Napalm Records

Tremonti premiered the video for the lead single from its forthcoming album this week.

The band debuted the video for its new single, ‘If Not For You’ Thursday. The single is featured in the band’s forthcoming album, Marching in Time, which is scheduled for release Sept. 24 through Napalm Records. Album pre-orders are open, and audiences who pre-order the album now will get the track as an instant grat download.

The album will release on a variety of platforms, all of which are noted below.

Marching In Time will be available in the following formats:
-CD Digipak      
-Digital Album  
-2LP Gatefold Black      
-2LP Gatefold Pink Transparent (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500)
-Die-Hard Edition: 2LP Marble Transparent Black + Guitar Pick + Print (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500)  
-Deluxe Box: Flag, Wristband & More! (Napalm Mailorder Only – limited to 500)

‘If Not For You’ is one of the heaviest songs that Tremonti — the brainchild of Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti — has released to date. It is a heavy, melodic hard rock opus that builds on everything that Tremonti himself has composed over the years as a member of Alter Bridge. This is especially evidenced in the song’s bridge, which finds Tremonti offering up a riff that can be argued to present some thrash influence. The contrast of that against the melodic hard rock approach of the rest of the song makes for an interesting overall presentation.

No information was provided as to the song’s lyrical theme in the press release distributed about the video’s premiere. A close listen is certain to generate its own share of discussion and interest. That is especially the case considering the chorus, in which Tremonti sings, “If not for you/Then I might be dead/So run while you can/I will follow from now/Until the end.” Additionally, the mention of leaving “here without a trace” and to “take me far from this place” pairs with the earlier note of someone else trying to “erase me once more” adds to some interest here. It is almost as if the song’s subject is one of those figures that is just completely reliant on someone other, almost to the point of desperation. This is all just the interpretation of this critic and should not be taken as the only interpretation.

The video for ‘If Not For You’ is more simple than the song’s lyrical theme. It features Tremonti and his band mates in a studio setting composed of video walls that play various, random images as the group performs its new single.

Courtesy: Napalm Records
Courtesy: Napalm Records

In other news, Tremonti has an extensive live schedule planned for the remainder of the year. The band is scheduled to tour with Sevendust and Lydia Can’t Breathe from September 3-26. Following that run, the band will take some time off to rest and recharge Daughtry, Sevendust, and Travis Bracht from Nov. 3 – Dec. 17.

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Memory Of A Melody Premieres ‘Burn Alive’ Lyric Video

Independent hard rock band Memory of a Melody debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band premiered the lyric video for its new single, ‘Burn Alive’ Friday. The song is the title track and second single from the band’s EP. It comes more than a year after the band premiered the EP’s lead single, ‘Mary Go Round.’ The EP is available to stream through Spotify.

Courtesy: Yvonne’s World

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Burn Alive’ is a heavy, melodic hard rock composition. The melodies in the vocals, bass, and guitar pair with the equally heavy drumming to make the song in whole comparable to works from the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Daughtry, and others of that ilk.

The lyrical content that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement talks desires of many kinds, according to a prepared statement from the band.

“‘Burn Alive’ is about that feeling you get when you’d rather Burn Alive over not being with someone, or something that you’re in love with, crave or are addicted to,” it reads. “This song is about our hiatus and how we’d rather Burn Alive over never playing together as a band again. 

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Sydney Sherwood Announces New EP Release Date, Art, Track Listing; Debuts EP’s Lead Single, Companion Video

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Independent singer-songwriter and American Idol contestant Sydney Sherwood debuted the video for her latest single this week.

Sherwood debuted the lyric video for her single ‘Creep‘ Tuesday. The song and its video are the first from Sherwood’s forthcoming EP Headspace, which is scheduled for release Feb. 27. The EP, her second — her debut EP Beauty From Ashes was released March 3, 2019 — was produced and co-written by Daughtry guitarist Brian Craddock. The EP was recorded at The Cat Room Recording Studio, which Craddock owns.

The Headspace track listing is noted below.

Track List:
1. Wolves
2. Let Me Down
3. Creep
4. Born to Roll
5. Horizon’s Edge
6. All The Aces

The ‘Creep’ video features the song’s lyrics, which according to a statement from Sherwood focus on the topic of anxiety — a mental health concern — as the song’s bluesy groove plays over.

According to Sherwood, the song’s lyrical content comes from a personal vantage point.

“Being someone that has struggled with anxiety, when it came to writing ‘Creep,’ I really wanted to give an inside look on what anxiety feels like, the emotions you experience while in a panic attack, and the idea that the same mind that thinks of the beauty of life is also the one that thinks negative thoughts which can really drag you down,” she said. “I found in my experience that some people didn’t understand what it was like to have anxiety and would just tell me to “be positive” or “just don’t think about it” and I wished they understood or could feel what was going on inside. My main goal with this song was to illustrate the war that goes on in your head when you have anxiety as well as how you can either choose to let fear overcome you or you can overcome that fear.”

‘Creep’ is available to stream and download through Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

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Psycle’s Debut Album Could Be Its Breakout Record

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Independent hard rock band Psycle is scheduled to release its new album Kill The Machine Friday.  The band’s third studio recording — and debut album — the eight-song record is the band’s best work to date.  It is a presentation that shows the band’s members – Seth Salois (vocals, guitar), Jay Spyne (drums, vocals), Mike Kaz (bass, vocals), and Joe Nicolazzo (guitar) – at the top of their game.  Between the talent exhibited by each musician and the depth in the songs’ lyrical themes, the record is a strong debut for the band.  Given the right support, it actually could be the band’s breakout record.  That is proven in part through the album’s latest single ‘Last Chance for the Saints.’  It will be discussed shortly.  The album’s second single, ‘Changing Tide’ is another way in which the album proves its strength.  It will be discussed a little later.  ‘Dying To Live’ does just as much as ‘Changing Tide’ and ‘Last Chance For The Saints’ to show this record’s strength.  It is definitely not the last of the album’s most notable songs, either.  ‘Vultures at Play,’ ‘White Flag’ and ‘The Outsider’ are all just as notable as the songs addressed here.  When all of these songs are considered alongside the album’s other two songs not noted here, the album in whole proves itself to be one of this year’s top new independent albums and one of the year’s top new rock records.

Psycle’s debut album Killing The Machine is a positive “first impression” from the band.  The term “first impression” is used because the band has already released two EPs – its self-titled record and the EP Surfaces – ahead of this album.  Spanning a total of eight songs, the album proves itself so positive because of its musical and lyrical content.  That is evidenced in part through the album’s latest single ‘Last Chance for the Saints.’  The album’s penultimate song, it presents a blues-based, straight-forward rock arrangement, complete with chant of ‘Hey, Hey’ in its opening bars.  Throughout the course of the nearly four-minute rocker, the composition in whole lends itself to comparisons to works from Theory of a Deadman, Charm City Devils, and Daughtry to a lesser degree.  Front man Seth Salois’ vocal delivery couples with his work on guitar and that of fellow guitarist Joe Nicolazzo to add a certain depth to the song.  Drummer Jay Spyne’s solid time keeping, fills and cymbal crashes add even more impact to the song while bassist Mike Kaz’s low-end puts the finishing touch to the whole.  What is interesting to note here is that the song’s fiery energy actually plays well into translating the emotion in the song’s extremely serious lyrical theme, that of the nation’s opioid epidemic.

The fact that the band took on the topic of the nation’s opioid epidemic is a statement in itself.  Few, if any music acts in any genre can say they have taken on or are taking on the controversial topic.  The way in which the matter is addressed here makes the song stand out even more.  This isn’t just some sad, emotional piece lamenting those who have died as a result of the epidemic.  Rather, it is a striking indictment of the epidemic that forcefully goes after those who have allowed it to continue.  Salois confirmed this in a recent interview, stating of the song’s theme, “This song deals with the damage that has been caused by the opioid epidemic in our country and how others continue to make money off of this damage.  Addiction is something that has touched so many of us in so many ways.  This song hopefully takes a stance against the destruction of so many of those we love.”  That statement is confirmed as Salois sings in the song’s lead verse, “This is the last chance for the saints/Keep making the pills and we’ll medicate/I’ll never refuse while I lie here/The beautiful taste your supply cheers.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, adding to that statement, “Never forget your consumer’s name/It’s written in guilt under stone they lay/It spreads like fire with our hands cold/’Cause killing us young meets the same goal.”  He adds in the song’s third and final verse, “Now it’s fading faster/Leaving you to shake/A beautiful disaster /Chase it down the drain/And we run, down the line but were still here alive/And we run, down the line but we’re still here alive.”  Again, this is a pretty damning indictment of the nation’s drug industry.  This isn’t going necessarily after drug dealers, but rather legal drug dealers; the companies that make these medications to which people are becoming addicted.  Together with the song’s fiery, powerful musical arrangement, the two elements together make the song in whole one of this album’s strongest entries if not its strongest entry overall.  Again, it is at least one of the album’s most notable songs.  The album’s second single, ‘Changing Tide’ is another of the record’s most notable works.

Right from its outset, the arrangement at the center of ‘Changing Tide’ lends itself to comparisons to works from Alter Bridge and its predecessor, Creed.  That is meant in the most complimentary way.  Even Salois’ vocal delivery stands out here along with the work of his band mates, lending itself to comparisons to that of Alter Bridge front man Myles Kennedy.  All of this is important to note because it’s another way in which the record proves musically to be Psycle’s best work to date.  It is another clean, polished work from the band.  In comparison to the work featured on the band’s two previously released EPs, it shows how much the band has grown and evolved personally and collectively throughout the band’s life.  Interestingly, that plays right into the song’s lyrical theme, too.

The song’s lyrical theme is meant to inspire listeners, according to a recently released collective statement from the band.  The statement says of the song’s lyrical theme, “‘Changing Tide’ is about believing in your individuality, accepting the hand that you are dealt and persevering through whatever stands in your way,”  This message is driven home in the song’s lead verse, in which Salois sings, “Hold The Line, and believe in your creation/Make the climb/Never needing their ovation/Face down the storm/That will eat you alive.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “Kill the lies/As it fuels the same frustration/Live your life/As we breathe the elevation/Break down those walls that you keep to survive.”  This is straight forward to say, meaning that it is just as accessible to audiences as the lyrical content featured in ‘Last Chance for the Saints.’  It means audiences will be able to easily relate to this matter.  The song’s chorus drives home the noted theme as Saolis sings, “I’ll never give in/I’ll never give up this fight/If you do, it never changes/We can face the winding road/And the changing tide.”  Once more, audiences can relate easily to this accessible content.  This line in the song’s chorus is what the band wants its listeners to sing, that they, too, will never give in or up.  In times, such as these, such a positive message overall is something that is wholly welcome and needed.  To that end, this song is another notable addition to Kill The Machine.  It is hardly the last of the album’s most notable songs.  ‘Dying to Live’ is one more way in which Kill The Machine shows why it is such a positive debut from Psycle.

Much as is the case with ‘Last Chance for Saints,’ Kill The Machine’s title track and much of the other material, the musical arrangement at the heart of ‘Dying to Live’ is a southern rock-tinged composition with a touch of a blues influence at its base.  Of course while the stylistic approach is similar to that of the album’s other works, the actual sound stands on its own merits.  In other words, doesn’t just rehash the sound of its counterparts in this record.  Keeping that in mind, the song is its own notable work just for its musical arrangement.  The sound and energy in the song’s arrangement couples well with the song’s lyrical energy, which according to Salois, is its own social commentary.

Salois said of the song’s lyrical content, “’Dying to Live’ is really about how we try so hard to fit into certain societal groups or ideas and how we are manipulated into thinking we need to be a certain way or have certain things by others.”  Once again, here audiences get a lyrical theme to which they can relate with ease.  Whether through the media, through our peers or other sources, we as a species feel that pressure every day from so many sources.  As a result of that pressure, many of us end up putting that pressure – unnecessarily so – onto ourselves.  It is yet another topic that will connect with listeners especially through its accessible lyrics.  Salois sings in the song’s lead verse, “When it’s over, can you please let it go/It’s a feeling, like the calm before the storm/Thrown the stone, feel the waves catching up/They will sell you the same old shelter/They will sell you your soul.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “Can you feel it/When you finally take control/And the demons show their face the more you know/Thrown the stone/Feel the waves catching up/They will sell you the same old shelter/They will sell you your soul.”  While there is plenty of metaphorical language used here, the message is made clear, considering Salois’ statement.  That mention of the felling of the “calm before the storm” is something of a statement of that pressure that we feel; that uncertainty that goes through our minds.  The mention of the “same old shelter” being sold over and over again, is like saying those extraneous forces (the media, peers, etc.) will push the same belief set time and again, which leads to the feelings being noted here.  It’s a warning that we need to heed.  We need to take pride in ourselves and who we are – which is the message of ‘Changing Tide’ – and not give in to that pressure to be something that we are not.  Considering the energy in the song’s musical arrangement, that message gains even more traction and impact.  Keeping that in mind, the song in whole becomes, again, just one more example of what makes Kill The Machine such a strong offering from Psycle.  When the song is considered along with the other songs addressed here and the rest of the album’s works, the result is a debut that deserves its own share of attention and a work that is a positive debut from this independent rock band.

Psycle’s debut album Kill The Machine is a positive first impression from the independent hard rock band.  That is proven through accessible musical arrangements that are themselves radio ready and through lyrical themes that are just as accessible as the albums’ musical content.  All three of the songs examined here serve to support the noted statements.  The same can be said of any of the album’s other songs, too.  All things considered, the album in whole could be the work that, with the right support, could be a breakout for Psycle.  Regardless of whether the band gets that support,  it can be said of Killing The Machine that all things considered, this record is one of this year’s top new independent album and new rock albums.  Killing The Machine is scheduled for release Friday.

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Hold On Hollywood’s New EP Could Help The Band Get More Hold On Mainstream Success

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Pop rock band Hold On Hollywood returned early this with its latest studio recording Love Stories.  The four-song EP is an easy fit for any mainstream Top 40 radio programmer’s list.  That is proven through the record’s fully accessible musical arrangements and its lyrical themes, both of which will be discussed shortly.  The record’s sequencing notable in its own right, too.  All three elements are key in their own way to this latest offering from the up-and-coming outfit.  All things considered, they make Love Stories a work that will appeal to most pop rock audiences.

Hold On Hollywood’s recently released EP Love Stories is a work that, given the right support and attention could be a success with most of this nation’s mainstream Top 40 stations.  That is proven in part through the musical arrangements that make up the 18-minute record’s body.  From start to end, the arrangements easily lend themselves to comparisons to works from so many of the band’s more well-known counterparts.  The record’s opener, ‘Second Favorite’ supports the noted statements.  The arrangement at the center of ‘Second Favorite’ immediately lends itself to a comparison to works from Lifehouse, what with the harmonics from the guitars and bass, and the vocal delivery of front man Ian Dartez.  ‘Anything You Say’ meanwhile boasts a similarity to works from Theory of a Deadnan (albeit slight) in its heavier arrangement.  ‘Movies,’ the EP’s third entry, conjures thoughts of early Fuel and Puddle of Mudd, yet again taking audiences back to the early to mid 90s.  The Lifehouse comparison returns in ‘Too Late,’ along with a comparison to Daughtry, before the band takes audiences even father back in time with its cover of Eddie Money’s 80s hit song ‘Take Me Home Tonight.’  Looking back through these arrangements, it is clear that the arrangements bear strong similarity to works from so many of the band’s more well-known counterparts that rose to fame during the 90s.  Even with those influences, the arrangements still boast their own identity that will appeal to fans of those bands.  Keeping this in mind, it becomes clear why this aspect of the band’s new EP is so important to its odds for success.  It is just one of the elements that makes this record a potentially successful offering from HOH.  The record’s lyrical content adds to its appeal.

The lyrical content featured throughout the body of Love Stories matches the record’s title quite well.  That is because all five of the songs featured in this record center on the topic of relationships.  ‘Second Favorite’ seems, in its body, to come from the standpoint of someone who has gone through a difficult situation and is pleading with that other person to not end the relationship, even noting in the song’s second verse about having been afraid to let go and that he will do whatever it takes “as long as you want me.”  There is even the mention here of making amends, so naturally, it can be assumed that this song focuses on a relationship that is on the verge of ending.  ‘Anything You Say’ seems to be much in the same vein as the record’s opener, with the song’s subject adding to the statement that days without that second person are that much more grey.  ‘Movies’ seems to take a different tone in its lyrical content than the lyrical content in the EP’s first two songs.  This work seems to be more upbeat than its predecessors, adding more of a positive, hopeful tone than those songs.  This time, audiences get a work that seems to be more about a relationship that is going well, and at a point at which the couple is remembering how the relationship started.  It serves as a good “break point” of sorts for the record, considering that it does change the record’s overall tone.  That happier tone only lasts but so long as the EP makes its way out of that song and into the more melancholy ‘Too Late.’  This song opens up with front man Ian Dartez stating, “Is it too late…You can just say what’s on your mind/is we’ll never do this again.”  He even notes later in the song, “Looking back/I should have told you/That I’m sorry/It hasn’t been quite as easy/As it seems.” Between these lines and the rest of the song’s lyrics, it becomes obvious that this song comes from the standpoint of a relationship that met its end, and now the subject is looking back in hindsight at how it came to its end.  ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ takes the exact opposite sire of the familiar mater of relationships.  This is a relationship that is not even at it’s beginning, but rather that earliest infancy.  That is clear in the very statement sung by Eddie Money, “take me home tonight.”  This is that early courtship stage.  Looking at this and the rest of the EP’s lyrical content, the band has covered here, pretty much every stage of any relationship.  The closer is that “infant” stage of the relationship.  ‘Movies’ is the late stage with the happier moments.  ‘Second Favorite’ comes across as a relationship on the verge of ending.  ‘Anything You Say’ is that relationship even closer to the edge, and ‘Too Late’ finds the song’s subject looking back at the ended relationship.  It’s definitely something interesting to contemplate, that in just five songs, this record reaches on the key points of so many relationships.  To that end, it will certainly connect with a wide range of audiences, especially when this aspect is considered along with the record’s collective radio ready musical arrangements.  Keeping all of this in mind, the musical and lyrical content featured in this record is only a portion of what makes the EP a potential success for the band.  The EP’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements.

Love Stories’ sequencing is key to address because it ensures the record’s energy remains stable from beginning to end of the production.  Even in the record’s more reserved moments in ‘Movies’ and ‘Too Late,’ the record doesn’t get but so reserved.  Rather the songs manage to keep the energy just balanced enough with their more melancholic vibes.  ‘Take Me Home Tonight,’ keeps the energy right at its key level where it remained through the rest of the record, again ensuring listeners’ engagement and entertainment.  That stability and consistency in the EP’s sequencing works with the songs and their companion lyrical content to complete the EP’s presentation.  All things considered, they make Love Stories a positive return for Hold on Hollywood that any pop rock fan will appreciate.

Hold on Hollywood’s new EP Love Stories is a simple and accessible record that will appeal to a wide range of audiences.  That is due in part to five musical arrangements, each of which is fully accessible for audiences and ready for any Top 40 radio programmer’s play list.  The arrangements’ accompanying lyrical content are just as accessible as said musical content.  The record’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements, ensuring the EP’s energy remains stable from start to end.  All three noted items are important in their own way to the whole of the EP.  All things considered, they make Love Stories a record that given the right support, could be a hit for Hold on Hollywood.  The record is available now.  More information on the EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:










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