‘Kids Against The Monsters’ Proves It Was Mostly Worth The Wait

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A little more than a year ago, Hyro The Hero announced to the world that he was working on a new project dubbed Kids Against The Monsters. The record was originally scheduled for release last year, but that obviously did not happen. Why that is the case is anyone’s guess. That is beside the point. The announcement came as part of a bigger announcement that he had released a new single titled ‘Legendary.’ Fast forward to this weekend. The long-awaited project (originally called a “mixtape,” now being marketed as an EP) was finally released Friday. The four-song record is an enjoyable albeit imperfect presentation from the up-and-coming rap-rock star. To its positive, it features three songs that the rap-rock star (a.k.a. Hyron Louis Fenton, Jr.) crafted in 2021. On the opposite side, it is lacking other songs that he crafted last year. This will be examined a little later. One last item to note is the record’s sequencing, which will also be examined later. Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of Kids Against The Monsters. All things considered, they make a record that although imperfect, gives hope for Hyro The Hero’s next record.

Kids Against The Monsters, the long-awaited “mixtape” project from Hyro The Hero, is a mostly welcome filler between his then latest album, 2019’s Flagged Channel, and his next studio recording. Hopefully that new record will come sooner rather than later, but that is entirely up to him. The record works in part because of the songs that it features. Four songs make up the EP’s body. They include the EP’s title song, which features a guest appearance by Slipknot/Stone Sour front man Corey Taylor, and three singles that he released last year, ‘FU2 (ft. AJ Channer),’ ‘We Believe (ft. David Draiman)’ and ‘Fight (ft. Chad Grey).’ All four songs are impressive in their own right, because each offers audiences something different from its counterparts. The EP’s opener, for example, is a heavily blues-tinged rocker that conjures thoughts of songs from Imagine Dragons and others of that ilk. Taylor’s vocals are almost indiscernible to be honest. The subtle use of the turntables and the beats makes for such a great hip-hop vibe. The whole here makes the song so enjoyable in its own right.

‘FU2 (ft. AJ Channer)’ takes audiences in a completely different direction with its high energy approach and its socially conscious lyrical theme. Fenton points the finger at what the world has become in the song’s lyrical theme. That and the energy in the intense nu-metal approach is certain to keep audiences engaged and entertained. Again, it is the polar opposite of the EP’s opener, and that is a very good thing.

‘We Believe (ft. David Draiman)’ takes Fenton’s modern rap leanings and pairs it with a melodic hard rock approach to make the song enjoyable right from the get go. The heavy bass used in the verses clearly exhibit those hip-hop leanings. Draiman’s vocals make for a positive counterpoint to those of Fenton here, making for even more engagement and entertainment. The whole becomes a song that holds its own identity separate from the record’s first two songs, again showing the importance of the record’s featured songs.

‘Fight (ft. Chad Gray)’ is yet another change of pace sure to keep audiences engaged and entertained. That is because it takes audiences back to the sounds and stylistic approaches that made Flagged Channel so enjoyable. The addition of Gray’s vocals to the song makes for another welcome contrast to those of Fenton, in turn adding even more to the song’s appeal. The song’s lyrical theme, which is yet another socially conscious message, adds even more to the song’s appeal.

For all of the enjoyment that the songs featured in this record guarantees, there could have been more music included in the EP. That is because it does not feature all of the songs that Fenton crafted last year. He also released another single, titled ‘Retaliation Generation’ alongside Ice Nine Kills front man Spencer Charnas. That song and ‘Legendary’ are each enjoyable in their own right because of their own musical and lyrical content. Why Fenton decided not to included the songs in this record is also anyone’s guess. It would have brought the record’s total song count to six, and in turn made the record even more enjoyable. That is because they are just as unlike one another as they are from the songs featured in the EP and as they are from one another. So to that end, not including these two songs in the EP is obviously not enough to make the EP a failure, but it certainly would have made the EP’s presentation so much more positive.

Keeping this in mind, there is still one more item to examine. That item is the record’s sequencing. There are, again, only four songs featured in the EP, but their sequencing ensures listeners’ engagement and entertainment just as much as the songs themselves. That is because from beginning to end, it ensures the record’s energy remains stable even as the song styles and sounds change. The whole thing opens with the noted bluesy hip-hop opus before really picking things up in ‘FU2’. The energy keeps flowing in ‘We Believe’ and continues in ‘Fight’. In other words, from start to end, the EP’s sequencing sees the record interesting because of its role in the general effect, doing even more to keep things interesting for listeners. When this is considered along with the songs themselves, the record proves even more worth hearing.

Kids Against The Monsters, the newly released EP from Hyro The Hero, is a welcome addition to this year’s field of new EPs. That is due in part to its featured songs. The songs featured in the record are singles that he released last year. Each is different from one another in its sound and style while their lyrical themes will resonate easily with any listener in their own way. From the socially conscious to the more personal, each theme has something worthwhile to offer. While the songs featured in the record do plenty to make the EP appealing, the lack of two other songs that he released last year detracts from the record’s presentation. It is not enough to make the EP a failure, but the record would certainly have benefited from their inclusion. That aside, the EP is still mostly successful. Its sequencing ensures that in its own right. That is because it makes sure the record’s energy stays stable even as the sounds, styles and themes change from one song to the next. Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the EP one more of the best of its field so far this year.

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Unveil The Strength Covers Killswitch Engage With Its Latest Single, Video

Independent hard rock band Unveil The Strength is taking on Killswitch Engage for its latest single.

The band debuted the lyric video for its cover of KsE’s hit single ‘The End of Heartache‘ Wednesday.  Its take on the song takes Kse’s original in a whole new direction and in turn, gives the song a whole new identity and impact.

Unveil The Strength’s take on the song is much more subdued than its source material.  It is a gentle, yet brooding piano-driven arrangement.  The haunting vocal delivery takes Howard Jones’ vocal style and crosses it with a hint of that of Disturbed front man David Draiman for a whole whose impact is powerful in its own way.

Sean Townsend’s work on the piano couples with that vocal delivery style to make this take on the song just as powerful as its originator.  That is especially the case considering the song’s familiar lyrical theme, which focuses on a broken relationship.

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Unveil The Strength’s take on ‘The End of Heartache’ is available to stream and download here.

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Website: http://unveilthestrength.com

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Saul Announces Release Date, Specs For Debut Album; Debuts LP’s Lead Single

Courtesy: Spinefarm Records

Hard rock band Saul will release its debut album next month.

The band is scheduled to release Rise as Equals Oct. 23 through Spinefarm Records.  The album’s release will come more than a year after the band debuted its EP Aeons.  The band signed with Spinefarm Records in April.

The track listing for Rise as Equals is noted below.

“Trial By Fire”
“Looking to Fight”
“King of Misery”
“Get It Right”
“Rise As Equals”
“Don’t Close Your Eyes”
“Here and Now”
“The Toll”
“Things Change”
“Sticks and Stones”
“Welcome to the Machine”

Front man Blake Bedsaul talked in a recent interview, about the lyrical themes presented throughout the album’s presentation.

Rise As Equals is the full embodiment of all the trials and tribulations we face as a band, fathers, sons, brothers, and humans,” he said. “We write about everything from our biggest fears in songs like ‘Looking to Fight’ and ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes,’ while the title track is an ode to the wonderful men and women that make up our amazing fan base known as ‘The Equals.'”

In anticipation of the album’s release, the band debuted its lead single ‘King of Misery‘ over the weekend.  The song, which was co-written by Disturbed front man David Draiman, presents a musical arrangement will appeal to fans of Disturbed, as well as bands, such as Breaking Benjamin and The Veer Union.  That is evident in the combination of the stylistic approach and sound in the guitars and vocals, just as much as in the production of the drums and bass.

The lyrical theme featured in Saul’s new single is that of introspection and facing life’s problems, according to front man Blake.

“‘King of Misery’ is a track that we hope all people can relate to at some point in their lives,” he said. “It’s about being aware that your life is spiraling out of control and warning everyone around you that if they stay, you’ll only drag them down with you. We are the rulers of our own domain but there are certain life lessons that you can only learn in the struggle. At that point, we all become the ‘King of Misery.'”

Guitarist Zach Bedsaul added to his brother’s comments as he talked about creating the song with Draiman.

“It was a very unique experience being able to write a song with someone as influential as David Draiman,” said Zach. “His humble and down-to-earth nature made it such a comfortable experience. It wasn’t ideal having writing sessions over ZOOM. But we definitely made it work. We knew we wanted to write a song that once you heard it, it would give you an emotional concussion.”

“‘King of Misery’ is a blast into reality that most people don’t want to face and spend years running from,” added Zach.”

Draiman offered his own comments about the song and working with the members of Saul on the composition.

“These guys were a pleasure to work with, as they are talented, dedicated, diligent, and already armed with an arsenal of hooks,” he said. “I was honored to be able to contribute.”

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