Pilot Front Man Applauds The Mylars’ ‘Magic’ Cover

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Independent rock band The Mylars has received high praise from an unexpected source for its cover of Pilot’s hit single ‘Magic.’

Pilot front man David Paton recently contacted The Mylars, praising the band for its take of Pilot’s timeless tune, which debuted in 1974. Paton had the following to say of The Mylars’ rendition of the well-known, beloved song:

“Hi Guys, I enjoyed listening to your cover of ‘Magic.’ Love the energy and powerful guitars. It’s great to hear a band doing something different with the song and managing to keep it alive and fresh sounding. The harmonies work really well and I enjoyed the arrangement. Sounds like you’ve put a lot of work into it and it’s paid off.”

The band debuted its take on ‘Magic‘ on Jan. 15. While The Mylars’ take on the timeless song stays mostly true to its source material, listeners will note a distinct difference between The Mylars rendition of the song and Pilot’s original work.

The familiar little guitar lick that rounds out the three-minute plus song in the original is absent from The Mylars’ version as is the brief guitar intro from Pilot’s original that leads into the song. Instead, The Mylars opted to jump right into things in its version of the song. Additionally, the more laid back approach that Pilot used for its presentation of the song is replaced here by a more poppy, upbeat approach.

The Mylars’ update to ‘Magic’ gives the original tune a unique new identity separate from its source material that is still largely an enjoyable work.

The debut of The Mylars’ new cover comes more than three months after the debut of the band’s most recent original single, ‘Satellite Girls.’ Released in October, the song was at the time, the band’s first new music since the release of the band’s self-titled album in 2017.

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