Ellefson Announces Release Date, Cover Art For Forthcoming Covers Compilation

Courtesy: Combat Records

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson’s band Ellefson will release a new covers compilation this fall.

The band is scheduled to release its new covers compilation album No Cover Oct. 2 on Combat Records.  The album will feature covers of songs from bands, such as Judas Priest, Queen and Dead Kennedys.  The 13-song record’s track listing will be announced soon.

Pre-orders are open now for No Cover.  The compilation was produced by Ellefson and EMP Label Group Co-founder Thom Hazaert with guitarist Andy Martongelli.  Alessio Garavello, Matt LaPlant (Nonpoint, Lil Jon, Skindred), and John Aquilino co-engineered the record.  Garavello, Ellefson, Randy Burns and others handled mixing duties for the album.

Ellefson talked about the record’s genesis in a recent interview.

“Before any of us started writing our own songs, we all began playing cover songs by our heroes during our formative years as musicians,” said Ellefson.  “So, it’s fun to go back in time and revisit those songs which helped us to become the artists we are today, especially when, ironically, many of those artists have now become peers and friends. During the process of recording some covers for B-Sides and bonus tracks for the upcoming Ellefson solo LP, Thom and I just said, “This is a blast, let’s just do a whole album of covers!” Literally, within 2 weeks, we had the songs recorded, and began calling our friends to join us, many of whom we had just performed with on the MEGA-Cruise back in October. From there, the album just fell into place.”

“A lot of our buddies have been playing covers and quarantine jams on the Internet during the pandemic, so this is really just an extension of that, but we took it the next level and actually recorded a full studio album,” he added.” We’ve been working remotely anyway, as we’re all over the Globe, so it was easy to incorporate some guests jumping in with some outstanding performances of their own. It’s been a really fun nod to making great music with our friends, who are kick-ass players, and many legends in their own right, which is the whole reason we got into this in the first place!”

Hazert expanded on Ellefson’s comments with his own thoughts.

“It’s all songs and artists that really mutually influenced both myself and David, especially a lot of early “Metal” and harder Classic Rock,” he said. “Some stuff I picked, some stuff he picked, but for the most part is was all artists that we both loved. What’s funny, as there’s a bit of an age gap, we were sometimes more influenced by different eras of the same bands. But it was really him saying, “Let’s do this song”, and me saying, “Yes!!! And let’s do this song.” And before we knew it, we had over 15 songs. And it’s a lot of album tracks, deep cuts, early tracks, stuff people might not expect, which was what was so fun.”

“It was also great that we were able to work in a lot of nods to David’s [Ellefson] history, getting Chuck Behler to play with us, bringing in original Megadeth guitarist Greg Handevidt to play on “Love Me Like A Reptile”, a song they used to play in cover bands together before they moved to LA (which we wrote about in More Life With Deth), and Randy Burns is going to mix a track or two,” added Hazert.  “As a singer, these are literally bands I’ve listened to, and covered all my life, and for me, getting to play with Eddie Ojeda, the Tesla guys, Charlie Benante, Jason McMaster, Mark Slaughter, etc, and sing these songs that mean so much to me. I mean, literally, the entire record is my bucket list of people I’d love to play with, and some of my favorite bands. So, it’s truly an honor to put together something so fun, and really as effortless as this was. It truly is a love letter to Rock N’ Roll, an homage to what made us, musically, who we are today.”

Ellefson resurrected Combat Records in 2017 as part of the EMP Label Group family.

Combat Records was a seminal punk and thrash record label in the 1980s.  Its doors closed in the mid-2000s after its catalog was absorbed by Sony Music.  Combat Records’ official relaunch took place in 2018.

Ellefson said in an interview in 2017, Combat Records would handle only new music because Sony has control of the label’s back catalog.

“…And to clarify, we do not own any rights to the Combat Records back catalog,” Ellefson stressed. “That is owned and controlled by Sony, and they have done a great job of curating it through other imprints. Combat Records will solely focus on new releases under the Combat banner. As always, thank you for your support and stay tuned for more details!”

More information on Combat Records, along with its latest news, is available online now






Ellefson is scheduled to release its debut full-length studio recording in spring 2021.  More information on Ellefson is available along with all of the group’s latest news at:






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D.O.A. Announces New LP Release Date

Courtesy: Sudden Death Records

D.O.A. will release its new album this month.

Treason, the band’s 18th full-length studio recording, is scheduled for release March 13 through Sudden Death Records.  The album is a response to the world’s current political state and features songs, such as ‘All The President’s Men,’ ‘Gonna Set You Straight’ and ‘It’s Treason.’

Pre-orders are open now.  The album’s track listing is noted below.



Treason Tracklisting

1. All The President’s Men
2. Wait Till Tomorrow
3. It Was D.O.A.
4. Just Got Back From The USA
5.Fucked Up Donald
6. My My, Hey Hey
7. Gonna Set You Straight
8. It’s Treason



D.O.A. will launch a tour in support of its new album on March 10 in Norfolk, VA.  The first leg of the band’s tour is in support of Dead Kennedys, and runs through March 15 in Brooklyn, NY.  The second and third legs of the band’s tour takes the group across Canada between March 26 and May 18.  The fourth leg of the tour launches June 4 in Port Angeles, WA and runs through June 6 in Tacoma, WA.

The full listing for D.O.A.’s upcoming tour is noted below.



East Coast US Tour Dates

3/10 – The Norva – Norfolk, VA  ***Opening for Dead Kennedys
3/11 – 930 Club – Washington, DC  ***Opening for Dead Kennedys
3/12 – Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center – Harrisburg, PA
3/13 – TLA – Philadelphia, PA  ***Opening for Dead Kennedys
3/14 – Big Night Live – Boston, MA   ***Opening for Dead Kennedys
3/15 – Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NY   ***Opening for Dead Kennedys

Canada Tour Dates

3/26 – Record City – Vernon, BC
3/27 – Gun Barrel Grill – Apex, BC
3/28 – Prospect Pub – Pemberton, BC

Canada Spring Tour Dates
5/7 – London Music Hall – London, ON
5/8 – Lee’s Palace – Toronto, ON
5/9 – This Ain’t Hollywood – Hamilton, ON
5/10 – Starlight – Waterloo, ON
5/11- The Foxx Lounge – Barrie, ON
5/12 – The Mansion – Kingston, ON
5/13 – Les Foufounes – Montreal, QC
5/14 – Dominion Tavern – Ottawa, ON
5/15 – L’Anti Bar – Quebec, QC
5/16 – Rock Café Le Stage – Trois-Rivieres, QC
5/17 – Bar Le Magog – Sherbrooke, QC
5/18 – Warehouse Concert Hall – St Catherines, ON

West Coast US Spring Tour Dates

6/4 – Little Devil’s Lunchbox – Port Angeles, WA
6/5 – Blast Off – Salem, OR
6/6 – TBD – Tacoma, WA




More information on D.O.A.’s new album, tour and more is available online at:


Website: http://www.suddendeath.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DOAPUNK


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