Call It What You Will, Deadmau5’s New LP Is A Good Record For Electronica Fans

Courtesy: Ultra Records

Turn out the lights and bring up the black lights.  Deadmau5 is back.  And his new album, simply titled, “<album title goes here>” is another record that fans will like.  One of the things that people so rarely understand about electronica is that it really forces audiences on one hand to have an open mind.  On another end, it forces the song composer so to speak to find new ways to take a constant beat and build something creative around it.  Some might call this musical heresy, but it’s almost the modern day equivalent to classical music.  Deadmau5 has shown already that he has a talent at doing this with his previous album.  And now on this album, he has done it again.

One of the album’s highlights is its second track, ‘Channel 42 (ft. Wolfgang Gartner).  It’s a prime example of an artist having to build something creative around a standard beat that will also keep the attention of its audiences.  The pair really built a composition here that has a touch of retro techno all without losing its modern touch.  ‘Professional Griefers’ is another highlight to this album.  The addition of vocals by Gerard Way along with Deadmau5’s own style will make this song an instant hit.  The combination of the two elements makes it less a techno song and more almost an industrial style piece.  And ‘Take Care of The Proper Paperwork’ is an odd name for a song, true.  But the equally different style of this song makes it another high point to the record.  The way it was mixed will make even the most uncoordinated dancer want to get out on the floor and dance.  It would be no surprise if this song ends up getting some mainstream attention.

“<album title goes here>”  has some very interesting pieces throughout its thirteen total tracks.  But if there’s one that stands out more than any other, it’s ‘Closer.’  The use of the famed keyboard part from Close Encounters of the Third Kind was quite creative.  And using it as the base for what can only be defined as a club standard style composition was just as smart.  This new LP has more than its share of songs that Deadmau5 fans will enjoy.  Fans may enjoy songs other than what is listed here.  That’s fine.  This is little more than a sampling of what this record has to offer fans.  Fans who want more from Deadmau5 can pick up this album or his others right now online at his website,

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