Desert Island Disc Twice As Nice As Deep Sea Diver

Courtesy:  Waldmania PR/Recess Monkey

Courtesy: Waldmania PR/Recess Monkey

Recess Monkey has done it again.  This Seattle, WA based trio of teachers released early in 2013 an album that is without a doubt one of the year’s best children’s albums in Deep Sea Diver.  Now mere months later, the men of Recess Monkey have released yet another impressive new album in the form of Desert Island Disc.

Desert Island Disc is not entirely different from Deep Sea Diver.  Its overall sound though, is noticeably different from that album.  The overall feel of the album is different, too.  And it is that combination of a different sound and feel that makes for a good starting point with this record.  Where the sound and feel of Deep Sea Diver was perfectly linked to its nautical theme, so does the sound and feel of Desert Island Disc follow its more tropical, “beachy” theme.  The album’s opener, ‘Coconut Radio’ is a perfect example of that more tropical, “beachy” theme.  The ukulele, strings, and bongos together backing singer Drew Holloway will instantly conjure thoughts of a sun-drenched tropical island a la Gilligan’s Island (only parents would get that reference).  It will have no problem having young listeners (and maybe their own parents) dancing hula style to the music and singing along.  Making this song even more enjoyable and funny is the mini-cartoon included in the CD’s packaging explaining how to make a coconut radio.  The figure in the instructions must have known the Professor pretty well to be able to construct his own coconut radio ba-dump-bump-bump.

‘Coconut Radio’ is a fun kickoff for Desert Island Disc.  It is in fact just the beginning of the album’s fun.  Along with its generally fun songs, Recess Monkey also has maintained its reputation of including positive lyrical content in with that fun music.  A key example is the equally tropical and “beachy” ‘Trailblazer.’  By itself, ‘Trailblazer’ is another fun song that matches the album’s overall theme.  Lyrically, it’s just as family friendly as it serves to build up young listeners’ self-confidence.  Holloway sings in the song, “You are a trailblazer/You’re gonna find your path/You leap and you sing now/You make us smile and laugh!/You make us, make us, make us smile and laugh…Dream your dreams/And/You’re gonna find your way/Around the world alright.”  Recess Monkey isn’t the only band to craft inspirational songs.  But it can be said that in terms of originality in bringing inspirational messages to young listeners, Recess Monkey is one of the most original acts to do so.  And for that fact alone, the band and its new album deserves even more credit.

The positive messages and fun music work in tandem throughout Desert Island Disc.  They are not just there in the already noted.  The band offers its young listeners plenty of choices from which to choose in terms of songs that are both fun and empowering for its listeners.  For instance, who but this quirky trio could write a song about a hermit crab and actually make it a fun song that can be taken for the fun opus that it is?  Exactly.  There are also songs about appreciating the little things in life such as sea glass in ‘My Treasure’ and the one downside of playing in the sun; sunburn.  Parents will especially enjoy this song with its obvious Beach Boys influence.  They are just a tiny extra sample of what parents and children can expect from Recess Monkey on its new album.

The band is currently touring in support of Desert Island Disc and its companion piece, Deep Sea Diver.  So parents and children will get to hear some of the band’s new music before the album is available when they go to see the band live.  The band will be in Everett, Washington this Saturday morning performing at the annual Peps-A-Palooza.  It will perform alongside The Not-Its and Caspar Babypants among others.  And then next Tuesday, the band will perform for the Mercer Island Preschool Association in Mercer Island, Washington.  More dates are scheduled from here.  Parents can check and see if Recess Monkey will be coming to their town on the band’s official website,  And fans can also keep up with all of the latest news from the band on its official Facebook page,

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Recess Monkey Premiere Video For Latest Single

Recess Monkeys

Courtesy: Waldmania PR

Mark your calendars, parents.  Recess Monkey releases its latest album, Deep Sea Diver on Tuesday, June 18th.  In anticipation of the upcoming nautical themed album, the guys—Drew Holloway (vocals, guitar), Jack Forman (bass, keyboards), and Korum Bischoff (drums)—have officially debuted the video for the new single off of the album.  ‘Fish Sticks’ sees Holloway taking a trip beneath the waves in the band’s “tambourine submarine” to see the “famed” drummer, “Fish Sticks.”  Fans can check out the new video online now at

The band is currently touring in support of the new album.  Fans in North Carolina will get the chance to see the band live when it makes a stop at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC.  The band will perform at The ArtsCenter on July 20th at 11:00a.m.  General admission for the performance is $9.  Friends of The ArtsCenter can get in for a discounted price of $7 along with children.  Children ages 2 and under get in free.  Family 4-pack tickets are available for a price of $28.  Tickets can be ordered online at  And for more information on this and every performance at The ArtsCenter, go online to

To keep up with all the latest tour information, news and more from Recess Monkey, parents and children can follow the band online at and

Courtesy: Waldmania PR

Courtesy: Waldmania PR

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Recess Monkey Returns With More Fun On New LP

Courtesy:  Recess Monkey/Waldmania Publicity

Courtesy: Recess Monkey/Waldmania Publicity

Recess Monkey is back!  This kid friendly Seattle, WA based trio of teachers has released yet another album that both kids and adults will enjoy.  Its mix of sounds and equally fun and funny songs are sure to get younger listeners moving and parents tapping their feet.  One part Jack Johnson and one part Presidents of the United States, the band’s new album is a good introduction to the band for any first time listeners.  This time out, the band—Drew Holloway (guitar, vocals), Jack Forman (bass, keys), and Korum Bischoff (drums)—presents audiences with fifteen tracks of seaworthy silliness and some more serious subjects handled in a wonderfully family friendly fashion.  Having listened through this whole record, it stands out as one of the year’s best children’s albums.

Deep Sea Diver, the newest album from Recess Monkey, opens with the silly song, ‘Tambourine Submarine.’  While it may not be entirely intentional, this song is sure to conjure up instant comparisons to The Beatles’ famed ‘Yellow Submarine’ as well as certain compositions by Jack Johnson with its poppy grooves.  Younger listeners likely won’t get the references.  But the silly lyrics combined with the up-tempo music make together, for a solid opener to this album.  Holloway and his band mates sing on this song, “Hear the jingle jangle beat/That gets the big propeller spinning around/The periscope’s up.  We’re looking for a crew/Could it be you/To dance around to the sound/Down, down, down we’ll go/To move and shake/And make some waves/On the ocean floor below.”  It’s just a fun, happy song that will, as the lyrics note, get young listeners to dance around and have a fun time.  Those same young listeners will have just as much throughout the course of the album’s tracks, including what is sure to be a hit with both parents and kids alike in ‘The Deep End.’

‘The Deep End’ is a fun, beachy tune about a family trip to the pool.  Though its tropical vibe mixed with the topic of swimming is sure to invoke images more of a family beach trip than to the pool.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though.  Considering this combination of sound and images, one could close one’s eyes and see images of a pool with palm trees rising around as the sun shines overhead.  This is one of those songs that simply shout music video.  Parents will especially appreciate ‘The Deep End’ because of its horn section.  The backing horn section plays a rhythm that sounds oddly like a certain 80s tune titled, ‘I’m Walking on Sunshine.’  Keeping this in mind, this song is another hit both for kids and parents.  Kids will enjoy the tropical rhythms and the lyrical expression of a child’s excitement over going swimming on his or her own early on.  Parents will enjoy it for the tropical rhythms and for the nostalgia generated by the horns.  And of course, as fun as this song is, it’s a wonderful candidate for a music video.  All of this combined proves even more what makes Deep Sea Diver such an enjoyable album.

Deep Sea Diver boasts loads of fun, beachy and summer themed songs throughout the course of its fifteen songs.  For all the fun songs included in the album, Recess Monkey also touches on more serious issues without being too serious in a handful of songs.  One of the most notable of those songs is ‘Shrimp.’  This funky song touches on the ever growing epidemic of bullying in our country through the concept of kids picking on other kids for their height. This may seem a trivial issue.  But for children it is a very serious topic.  In an age when words really can hurt, kids need to be able to express themselves.  And they need encouragement from adults that it’s okay to be who and how they are.  Enter, ‘Shrimp.’  This song offers that reassurance in a fun fashion that even parents will appreciate.  Hollway and company do a little “rap” session here, writing, “Don’t look in the mirror/And wish you grew/Gotta love everything you see about you/Instead of staying home/Crying boo hoo/Start thinkin’ ‘ bout the things/Only you can do.”  This verse alone exemplifies everything that children need from adults.  It is that encouragement.  From here Holloway goes on to describe the things that smaller people can do such as: not worrying about hitting one’s head on the trees in the forest, or on a funnier note, not having to eat much to be full and thus being able to get to dessert quicker.  Now, who wouldn’t love that?!  Who doesn’t love dessert?  Exactly!  There’s also mention of smaller individuals being able to get into tighter spaces that taller people wouldn’t stand a chance of getting into and so much more.  In short, this whole song is all the inspiration that young people need even if only in this one area.  And what starts as a tiny bulb can grow into a giant tree.  Confused yet?  Simply put this one song could be the seed to having great confidence later, no matter what bullies may try to do to knock one down.  So kudos are in order in the biggest way, to Recess Monkey for including this song on the band’s new album.  It’s one more of so many songs that parents and kids will love to listen to again and again when the album drops on Tuesday, June 18th

While families await the release of this enjoyable album, they can also check out the guys live.  A handful of performances around Washington state have been posted to the band’s main website,  The first of those dates is a duo show with Jack and Drew at the Everett Family Fun Fair next Saturday, May 4th at 1pm.  Fans can check out the full list of performances and all the latest Recess Monkey tour dates and news on the band’s website as well as the band’s official Facebook page, and on Twitter at  And to download the band’s music—including its upcoming release—fans can get to it via iTunes at   

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