Listeners Will Rock Out While Learning Spanish On Riff Rockit’s New LP

Courtesy:  Doggie Doodles Productions

Courtesy: Doggie Doodles Productions

Kindie rock star Riff Rockit released a brand new Spanish-language record titled Luz Verde Vamos! last month. The record, whose title translates roughly to Green Light, Go! is an enjoyable record both for the most fluent Spanish speaking audiences and those that are barely even novices with the language. The album’s opener, ‘Rock Del Alfabeto,’–‘Rock of the Alphabet’—is a fitting way to introduce less experienced listeners to Spanish with its mix of fun, rocking music and equally interesting lyrics. Those that are a little more experienced in speaking Spanish will enjoy more in-depth songs such as ‘Mr. Tux’ and ‘El Invierno.’ They can in turn translate the songs’ lyrics to less experienced Spanish speaking audiences and in turn allow for them to enjoy those songs, just as much. Whether it be for these songs or any of the others that make up Luz Verde Vamos! audiences will agree that this record is just as valuable for those less familiar with Spanish as for those that are more experienced with the language. And because of this, it proves to be one of the year’s most surprising children’s albums.

Riff Rockit opens Luz Verde Vamos! in fitting style with the song ‘Rock Del Alfabeto.’ The up-tempo rocker will have listeners of all ages singing and dancing along as he teaches listeners the Spanish alphabet. As audiences will note, there are a number of differences between the English alphabet and that of Hispanics. For example, the English words for water and beach are completely different than those used in Spanish. Audiences will learn that in Spanish, water is called agua. So it starts off the song. And the Spanish word for beach is playa. So it actually comes later in the Spanish alphabet. There are plenty of other differences that audiences will learn about as they listen to this song. The difference in languages is just the surface of what makes this song the perfect opener for this album. Learning the different English and Spanish words for given words is the beginning of learning about cultural relativity. Parents and teachers can start here and develop lessons about what makes one group of people different from others, and why that makes given groups just as interesting as the young listeners in question. Add in a rocking musical side that will have audiences of all ages singing along and audiences get a song that they’ll love just as much with every listen.

‘Rock Del Alfabeto’ is a great way for Riff Rockit to open Luz Verde Vamos as is evidenced above. It’s not the only song that audiences will enjoy on this record, either. Parents of young children will be taken back in time thanks to the 1980s style opus ‘Mr. Tux.’ The use of the guitars and keyboards in this song is a direct throwback to another era of music. Yet somehow, Riff Rockit has somehow taken that sound and improved on it in this case. The song’s lyrical side makes the song even more fun for listeners. Riff Rockit sings in this song about a tuxedo cat named…well…Mr. Tux. He sings of the cat that he is definitely living the good life. He sings that the cat in question is “Black and white/A fur machine/The coolest kitten in Los Angeles…Got a mansion in the canyon/Yeah, he’s living it good…Making movies/Livin’ the life….he loves to dance/Rocks every gig/he is a legend on the sunset strip.” Needless to say, this is one cat that is living in the lap of luxury. One can so easily see this cat living it up as Riff Rockit sings about the fancy feline, too. That vivid imagery and infectious club style grooves are sure to entertain listeners over and over.

Both ‘Mr. Tux’ and ‘Rock Del Alfabeto’ are great examples of what makes Luz Verde Vamos! a fun album for listeners of all ages whether they speak Spanish or not. There are plenty of other catchy, up-tempo pieces throughout this record that could also serve as examples of what makes this such a fun record. For all of the energy exuded by the songs of this album, Riff Rockit also displays a gentler, more emotional side, too. He exhibits that side in the ballad style song titled ‘Wintertime.’ He sings of everything that makes winter the beautiful time of year that it is every year. He sings against the gentle strains of the guitars, drums, and piano, “When the snow is falling down/You don’t make a sound/It covers the ground/Like a blanket fluffy and white/When the cold wind blows/There’s hot chocolate on the stove/Looking out my window/It’s a beautiful sight.” He goes on to sing in the chorus about families spending time together especially during the holidays and more as he sings, “Coats hangin’ by the door/Boots lined up on the floor/People giving something more/This time of year/Putting up stockings and lights/Fire cracklin’ through the night’/It’s a wonderful life/When everybody’s here/Oh/Wintertime/I don’t mind the weather/Families together/Come around every December/Wintertime.” There are dozens upon dozens of songs about the winter and the holiday season. There are so many in fact, that it’s tough to find anything original nowadays. It makes this tearjerker a breath of fresh air. It would be just as wonderful to see a music video made for this song as it is just as vivid as the album’s other songs.

Whether it be for the deeply emotional ballad celebrating Winter and all of its joys, the more rocking ‘Mr. Tux’ and ‘Rock Del Alfabeto’ or any of the songs not mentioned here, there is something on this record that every listener will appreciate. What’s more the very process of translating the words makes the album even more enjoyable as the process provides an educational purpose to the album, too. The combination of that latent and manifest function together makes Luz Verde Vamos! a record that everyone will enjoy with every listen. It is available now in stores and online. And while no tour dates are currently set, audiences can keep track of all Riff Rockit’s latest tour updates, news and more online at,, and To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at