Stone Broken Debuts New Single, ‘Black Sunrise,’ Companion Lyric Video

Courtesy: Spinefarm Records

Stone Broken is giving audiences another preview of its next album, Revelation, with the lyric video for its latest single.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Black Sunrise‘ and its companion lyric video Friday. The song is the second single from the album, which is scheduled for release April 15 via Spinefarm Records. The band unveiled the album’s lead single/title track and its video last month.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Black Sunrise’ is a notable difference from that of the album’s title track. Where the title track’s arrangement harkens to works from the likes of Muse and Imagine Dragons as well as Theory of a Deadman, ‘Black Sunrise’ leans more directly in the direction of Theory of a Deadman, as well as some harder edged acts, such as Drowning Pool and Shinedown.

The lyrical theme featured in the band’s new single touches on the matter of people staying true to themselves, according to front man Rich Moss.

“‘Black Sunrise’ explores the darker side of portrayal,” Moss said.  “Sometimes people only want to show a certain side of themselves, maybe even an exaggerated version or completely fictitious personality. The truth is, it’s going to be hard to keep up the act. The mental impact will ultimately take its toll. This is where the title stems from: a ‘Black Sunrise’ doesn’t exist; it’s the opposite of reality.”

The lyric video for ‘Black Sunrise’ features the song’s lyrics over the visual of a tarot card with a sun on it. The song’s musical arrangement plays over the visual.

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Downfall 2012 Added To 2022 ShipRocked Cruise Lineup

Courtesy: Yvonne’s World PR

Downfall 2012 has been tapped to join this year’s ShipRocked cruise.

The announcement came through a news release distributed Monday. The six-day cruise is scheduled to launch Jan. 22 from Galveston, TX and to make stops in Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico before returning to port Jan. 27. Information on room reservations and tickets is available here.

Lamb of God and I Prevail are scheduled to headline the 2022 cruise. Also featured in this year’s event are bands, such as Nonpoint, From Ashes to New, and Drowning Pool. The cruise’s full band lineup is available here.

In related news, Downfall 2012 premiered the video for its cover of Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing‘ in November. The band premiered its take of Motorhead’s timeless classic, ‘Ace of Spades‘ in July.

More information on Downfall 2012’s stint on the 2022 ShipRocked cruise is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Drowning Pool’s Debut Getting The Vinyl Treatment; Band Announces New Live Dates

Courtesy: Craft Recordings/Wind-Up Records

Drowning Pool has partnered with Craft Recordings to re-issue Drowning Pool’s debut album.

The recording, Sinner, is scheduled for release on vinyl Sept. 17 through Craft Recordings. Pre-orders are open. The re-issue, which marks the 20th anniversary of the album’s original release, is the first ever vinyl presentation for the record.

Front man Jason Moreno had only positive things to say of Drowning Pool and Sinner during a recent interview.

Sinner is literally perfect,” said Moreno. I remember hearing and seeing it all come together.  We shared the local Dallas scene back then—Drowning Pool and an old band I used to be in—and I’d like to say we kept each other honest and made each other better through competition…but it was never even close. Dave and the guys were the dudes shaping the scene. I shared many stages with Drowning Pool before I was ever their lead singer, and I remember feeling hyped after each performance. I remember believing we’d finally upstaged them. I would have that hope right up until they took the stage and began to play, and then the truth was evident—Dave, Stevie, C.J., and Mike were always multiple steps ahead of any other band on the scene.”

Added Moreno, “The Sinner album was magic, and the guys were on fire. I believe that the record is perfect as a whole, full of catchy hooks both vocally and musically. I heard and saw those songs before a million other people around the world did, and I knew back then that Drowning Pool was destined to win. It feels crazy to go from a hater to their frontman, but let that be my testimony to the undeniable force that remains Sinner.”

Drummer Mike Luce expanded on Moreno’s comments with his own thoughts.

“To be here marking twenty years of Sinner is just mind-blowing,” said Luce. “There are so many memories of this record that I’ll carry for life.  It would require a book to properly express all that’s in my head and heart and all that led up to and came out of its release. As a kid growing up and playing drums, I dreamed of being in a band with my buds and maybe someday putting out a record. Well, we did – and it kicked ass! Thanks to all that allowed this messed-up, work-in-progress of a soul to live a dream.”

Sinner peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard 200 and certified platinum following its release in June 2001 through Wind-up Records. Its lead single, ‘Bodies,’ reached the Top 10 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart, and No. 3 on the UK’s Rock and Metal Chart. Additionally, the song gained popularity through use in televised World Wrestling Entertainment events, and various TV ads and shows, as well as movies.

Sinner‘s track listing is noted below.

Sinner tracklist:

Side A

1.     Sinner

2.     Bodies

3.     Tear Away

4.     All Over Me

5.     Reminded

6.     Pity

Side B

1.     Mute

2.     I Am

3.     Follow

4.     Told You So

5.     Sermon

In other news, Drowning Pool has recently announced an extensive summer/fall tour that will take the band across North America. The tour is scheduled to launch Sept. 2 in Corpus Christi, TX and to run through Oct. 31 in Phoenix, AZ. It features performances in cities nationwide, such as Hartford, CT; Bozeman, MT and Tacoma, WA.

The tour’s schedule is noted below.

Drowning Pool 2021 tour dates:

Sep 02 – Corpus Christi, TX @ Concrete Street Amphitheater

Sep 04 – El Paso, TX @ Speaking Rock

Sep 05 – Ozawkie, KS @ Paradise Point

Sep 06 – Iowa City, IA @ Wildwood

Sep 08 – Harrison, OH @ The Blue Note

Sep 09 – Columbus, OH @ The King Of Clubs

Sep 10 – Louisville, KY @ Diamond Concert Hall

Sep 12 – Concord, VA @ Blue Ridge Music Festival

Sept. 29 – Abilene, Texas @ Abilene Convention Center

Sept. 30 – Dallas, Texas @ Granada Theater

Oct. 01 – San Antonio, Texas @ Rock Box

Oct. 02 – Houston, Texas @ Warehouse Live

Oct. 04 – Destin, Fla. @ Club LA

Oct. 05 – Atlanta, Ga. @ Center Stage

Oct. 07 – Hartford, Ct. @ Webster Theater

Oct. 08 – Portland, Maine @ Aura

Oct. 09 – Hampton Beach, N.H. @ Wally’s

Oct. 10 – Worcester, Mass. @ The Palladium

Oct. 12 – New York, N.Y. @ Gramercy Theater

Oct. 13 – Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Roxian Theater

Oct. 14 – Flint, Mich. @ Machine Shop

Oct. 15 – Joliet, Ill. @ The Forge

Oct. 16 – Belvidere, Ill. @ The Apollo Theatre

Oct. 17 – Fort Wayne, Ind. @ Pierre’s

Oct. 19 – St. Louis, Mo. @ Red Flag

Oct. 20 – Milwaukee, Wis. @ The Rave II

Oct. 22 – Colorado Springs, Colo. @ Sunshine Studios

Oct. 23 – Grand Junction, Colo. @ Mesa Theater

Oct. 24 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ The Royal

Oct. 25 – Bozeman, Mont. @ The Elm

Oct. 26 – Missoula, Mont. @ Wilma Theater

Oct. 27 – Tacoma, Wash. @ Spanish Ballroom

Oct. 29 – Roseville, Calif. @ Goldfiend Trading Post

Oct. 30 – West Hollywood, Calif. @ Whisky A Go Go

Oct. 31 – Phoenix, Ariz. @ The Marquee Theater

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Shawn Perry Debuts ‘Six Feet Apart’ Lyric Video; Planning Official Video

Independent singer-songwriter Shawn Perry is addressing the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact in his new single, ‘Six Feet Apart.’

Perry debuted the single’s lyric video Aug. 21 through Ghost Cult magazine.  The video places the song’s lyrics against a simple background that features images, such as an astronaut, a 16-bit video game screen shot, and palm trees.  The overall imagery used in the video matches the song’s musical arrangement, which boasts a distinct 80s pop rock sound.

Courtesy: The Label Group

The song’s musical arrangement was crafted with a specific sound in mind, said Perry in his interview with Ghost Cult magazine. Additionally, he said the song’s lyrical theme happened largely by chance.

“How this song came about was pretty hilarious,” he said. “My manager, Dennis Sanders, actually gave me the idea. We were talking on the phone back in March when the pandemic shutdowns first started happening. Dennis said to me, “You know somebody should write a song called, ‘How can I love you if we’re six feet apart?’ That would be a great country song!” I said, “Dennis, I got this!” Then I wrote the song start to finish in a couple of hours. The next day we had a full demo. I usually fully demo all of my songs by myself before I even show them to the band. We got into the studio as soon as we could – which was several months later in June. The producer we have been working with shut down for safety.”

We recorded the song in just SIX hours!  (Eight if you count set up and tear down),” added Perry. “We couldn’t be happier with the way this song turned out. Needless to say, the finished product is less of a “Country Song”, but that is still in there; like all of my music, but it’s more of a genre-spanning epic power ballad that was HEAVILY influenced by two of my favorite bands: U2 and Van Halen.  I dare you to not sing along, I bet you can’t.”

According to Perry, he is planning to have an official music video filmed for the single “at the end of September.”  The song is available to stream and download by itself here.

‘Six Feet Apart’ was produced by Ben Schigel (Walls of Jericho, Chimera, Drowning Pool) at Spider Studio in Cleveland, OH.  The song was mastered by Maor Applebaum in Los Angeles, CA.

More information on Shawn Perry’s new single is available along with all of his latest news at:





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Messer’s ‘Simple Man’ Remix Album Is A Unique Exhibition of Talent

Courtesy: Maddpants Records

Independent hard rock band Messer is scheduled to release its new compilation record Friday.  The 23-song record Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix is an expansive collection of remixes of the band’s single ‘Simple Man,’ which was released last year. The single is taken from the band’s self-titled debut album, which was itself released April 20, 2018 through Maddpants Records.  The rich collection of remixes featured throughout this record were collected through a contest that the up-and-coming band held for fans last year. The contest was meant to highlight the multitude of talented producers out there who are working daily to make names for themselves.  It is comparable to the remix CDs released back in the 90s from Gravity Kills, with its heavy load of EDM and dubstep style arrangements.  Needless to say, the various takes on the song are creative from one to the next.  One of the most notable of the remixes featured in the recording comes early in its 89-minute run time in the form of the NSTY Remix.  It will be addressed shortly.  The Aeropitune Remix, which comes roughly halfway through the compilation nearly 90-minute run time, is another notable take on the single.  It will be discussed a little later.  The single’s Windmill Remix, which comes near the record’s end, is one more of its most notable remixes, and will also be discussed later.  All three noted remixes show in their own way what makes this remix compilation record such a strong new offering from Messer.  When they are considered along with the rest of the collection’s variety of remixes, the result is a presentation that is a brave new release from the band that could help to establish the band’s name in the rock industry.

Messer’s new remix collection Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix is an interesting new offering from the up-and-coming independent hard rock band that is well worth at least one listen.  That is because it presents such a rich variety of takes on Messer’s 2019 single ‘Simple Man.’ The song is not to be mistaken with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s famed song by the same name.  This is a completely different work from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s work.  The only thing that the two songs share is that name.  The song’s musical arrangement and lyrical content stand strongly on their own merits.  As the band noted in a news release about this record, the song’s lyrical them focuses on a person who has gotten fed up with the expected norms set by society and social media.  That person just wants to live his life and maintain his individuality.  The original musical arrangement that accompanies that introspective lyrical content does well in illustrating the frustration with the state of the world displayed through the song’s lyrical content, too.  It [the arrangement] is a driving, up-tempo work that is comparable to works from the likes of Drowning Pool, HellYeah, and Mudvayne.  As a matter of fact frontman Dereak Messer even can easily be confused with HellYeah/Mudvayne front man Chad Grey thanks to the sound of his voice as he sings.  The song is streaming through Messer’s official YouTube channel. Keeping all of this in mind, a close listen to Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix reveals at least three notable takes on the song.  The most notable of those works comes early in the ‘NASTY Remix.’

The ‘NSTY Remix’ of ‘Simple Man’ is so notable in part because it stays the closest of any of the remixes to its source material.  The hard rock element is there, but at the same time is so well-balanced with some rather intriguing dubstep elements, and even some horns, which are part of the dubstep arrangement.  They are not their own element.  It even goes so far as to balance the song’s more subdued moments into the whole while creating a unique sound that holds its own along with the noted original material.  The song even brings in the song’s contemplative moment in which Messer whispers to himself “What doesn’t kill me,” and adds a unique touch there to add to the impact of that simple moment.  Simply put, this remix does very well in giving ‘Simple Man’ a unique new identity while also managing successfully to illustrate the emotion exhibited through the song’s lyrics just as well as the musical arrangement in the band’s original work.  It is just one of the remixes that serves so well, to show the strength of this compilation.  The ‘Aeropitune Remix’ is another of the most notable of the featured ‘Simple Man’ remixes.

The ‘Aeropitune Remix’ of ‘Simple Man’ is so notable because its arrangement is so starkly unlike that of the NSTY Remix and the rest of the record’s works.  If anything, this remix is more akin to works crafted by master producer Trent Reznor than anything else.  The subtle, brooding use of the bass line against Messer’s whispered vocals, in which he constantly states, “what doesn’t kill me” has such great impact in its simplicity.  It goes a long way toward giving the song another unique vantage point, this time creating the feeling of the song’s subject perhaps huddled by himself, reminding himself that he is stronger than everything going on.  It is an impressive take to say the very least.  Even as the song starts to build, with the addition of keyboards and some drums, it still maintains a certain level of control that keeps the arrangement so engaging and entertaining.  Whoever was behind the Aeropitune Remix of ‘Simple Man’ is fully deserving of applause for the creation of this remix, because while it does use some of the original song in its presentation, the song in whole is still so unique and enthralling with its balance of those more brooding moments and the slightly more energetic moments.  The song runs three minutes, 30 seconds, and because of the obvious time and thought that went into its arrangement, it hardly feels that long, yet still manages to leave listeners feeling fulfilled.  While this remix is without question quite engaging and entertaining, it is not the last of the record’s most notable works.  The ‘Windmill Remix,’ which comes late in the record’s nearly 90-minute run time is another key addition to the compilation.

The ‘Windmill Remix’ of ‘Simple Man’ stands out among the compilation’s many remixes because while there is a lot of dubstep content featured in the song’s arrangement, it does also try to stay as true as possible to its source material.  The two sides are surprisingly well-balanced throughout the course of the song’s three-minute, 47-second run time.  The use of the keyboards and other electronic elements make this take on ‘Simple Man’ unique from the many other dubstep and EDM remixes that are featured throughout the record.  There is something in the balance between the two sides – the original and dubstep version – that just does so well to again capture the emotion in the song’s lyrical content.  At the same time, it establishes itself completely separate from its counterparts on this record and shows the talent of its creator.  When it is considered alongside the ‘Aeropitune Remix’ and ‘NSTY Remix’ of ‘Simple Man’ as well as the rest of the record’s remixes, the whole of this 89-minute record proves itself one of the year’s most unique presentations and one of the year’s top new independent albums, despite being composed solely of remixes of just one song.

Messer’s brand new remix album Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix is an engaging and entertaining work that puts on display the talents of many otherwise unknown producers while also giving new attention to Messer’s single ‘Simple Man’ and the band’s self-titled 2018 debut, from which the song was lifted.  The various remixes featured throughout the album give ‘Simple Man’ so many unique identities as the three remixes featured here show.  Whether it be those songs or the rest of the record’s featured remixes, the whole of the record gives listeners plenty to take in.  Keeping that in mind, the compilation proves itself a unique presentation that is one of the year’s best independent albums, even being just a collection of remixes of one song.  More information on Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix is available online along with all of Messer’s latest news at:










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Red Tide Rising Covers Tears For Fears, Preps For New Tour

Courtesy: Head First Entertainment

Courtesy: Head First Entertainment

Red Tide Rising released a new single this week.

The hard rock quartet released its cover of the Tears for Fears classic ‘Mad World’ this week.  The inspiration for recording came from fans’ reaction to the band’s performance of the song on its summer tour with Sevendust.

When the band finished its run with Sevendust, it entered The Keep Studios with Mike Luce (Drowning Pool) to record the song.  Front man Mathew Whiteman said the song has always been a favorite of Red Tide Rising’s members, and added the band’s approach to the song makes this arrangement stand out.

“We covered ‘Mad World’ because it fits into the theme of our music,” Whiteman said.  “The choice allowed us to create a dark and melodic spin to the song that showcases our diversity in tonality that is demonstrated from the first note to the last.  Besides, the song is a band favorite and we always wanted to pay tribute to it.”

Audiences can download the band’s cover of ‘Mad World’ for free now via the band’s Bandcamp page.  It can also be downloaded via iTunes for $0.99.

Later this month, the band will head back out on the road for the “Not-So-Silent Night Tour” with Drowning Pool, Gemini Syndrome and 9Electric.  The tour launches Nov. 29 in Colorado Springs, CO and runs through Dec. 23 in Dallas, TX.  The tour’s schedule is noted below.



29 Nov – Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep
30 Nov – Denver, CO – The Roxy Theatre
01 Dec – Wichita, KS – The Cotillion
02 Dec – Springfield, MO – The Regency
03 Dec – Waterloo, IA – Spicoli’s
04 Dec – Lisle, IL – BaseCamp
06 Dec – Flint, MI – The Machine Shop
07 Dec – Ft. Wayne, IN – The Rusty Spur
08 Dec – Mansfield, OH – Whiskey Warehouse
09 Dec – Stafford Springs, CT – The Palace Theater
10 Dec – Lawrence, MA – Claddagh
11 Dec – Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance Theater
12 Dec – Stanhope, NJ – The Stanhope House
14 Dec – Clarence, NY – Nashvilles II
15 Dec – Amityville, NY – Revolution
16 Dec – Jacksonville, NC – Hooligans
17 Dec – Raleigh, NC – The Maywood
18 Dec – Leesburg, VA – Tally Ho Theater
20 Dec – Dayton, OH – Oddbody’s
21 Dec – Evansville, IN – KC’s Time Out
t22 Dec – Merriam, KS – Aftershock
23 Dec – Dallas, TX – Trees


More information on Red Tide Rising’s cover of ‘Mad World’ is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:










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Drowning Pool Announces New Live Fall, Winter Dates

Courtesy: Adrenaline PR

Courtesy: Adrenaline PR

Drowning Pool has announced a new group of live dates.

The band announced today that it will embark on the “Not-So-Silent Night U.S. Tour” this fall.  The tour launches November 29 in Colorado Springs, CO and runs through December 23 in Dallas, TX.  The tour also includes a performance at Hooligans in Jacksonville, NC on Dec. 16 and Raleigh, NC on Dec. 17.  The tour schedule is listed below.

DROWNING POOL “Not-So-Silent Night” Tour Dates:
Nov 29 – Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep
Nov 30 – Denver, CO – The Roxy
Dec 01 – Wichita, KS – The Cotillion
Dec 02 – Springfield, MO – The Regency
Dec 03 – Waterloo, IA – Spicoli’s Rockade
Dec 04 – Lisle, IL – BaseCamp
Dec 06 – Flint, MI – The Machine Shop
Dec 07 – Fort Wayne, IN – The Rusty Spur
Dec 08 – Mansfield, OH – Whiskey Warehouse
Dec 09 – Stafford Springs, CT – The Palace Theater
Dec 10 – Lawrence, MA – The Claddagh Pub
Dec 11 – Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance Theater
Dec 12 – Stanhope, NJ – The Stanhope House (no Gemini Syndrome)
Dec 14 – Clarence, NY – Nashvilles II
Dec 15 – Amityville, NY – Revolution Bar & Music Hall
Dec 16 – Jacksonville, NC – Hooligans
Dec 17 – Raleigh, NC – The Maywood
Dec 18 – Leesburg, VA – Tally Ho Theatre
Dec 20 – Dayton, OH – Oddbody’s (no Gemini Syndrome)
Dec 21 – Evansville, IN – KC’s Time Out (no Gemini Syndrome)
Dec 22 – TBA
Dec 23 – Dallas, TX – Trees (Toys for Tots show, no Gemini Syndrome)

The band’s new tour schedule is in support of its latest full-length studio recording Hellelujah.  The album was released February 5, 2016 via eOne Music.

Drowning Pool won’t be alone when it hits the road next month.  Red Tide Rising, 9Electric and Gemini Syndrome will share the stage as support acts throughout the course of the tour.  All three bands are also touring in support of their most recent efforts—Voices, The Damaged Ones and Memento Mori respectively.

Along with the announcement of its upcoming tour, Drowning Pool also recently premiered the new 360 vide for its latest single, ‘Hell To Pay.’  Audiences can view the video online now here.

More information on the “Not-So-Silent Night U.S. Tour” is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:










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‘Voices’ Will Leave Lots Of Voices Talking About Red Tide Rising

Courtesy: Vanity Records

Courtesy: Vanity Records

Colorado is not typically the first place that people think of when they think of major centers of music.  Though, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats definitely helped put the state on the musical map last year with the release of its eponymous 2015 full-length studio recording.  Now another Colorado-based band is looking to make its mark on the state’s musical community with the release of its new EP Voices.  The band goes by the name of Red Tide Rising.  The five-song record is available now.  Listening through the nineteen-minute record it can be said of the band that it is ready to be not just one of the Denver music scene’s next big names but that of the mainstream rock realm, too.

Red Tide Rising’s new EP Voices, which was produced and co-written by Drowning Pool drummer Mike Luce (except for ‘You’re Nothing), is not the Littleton, Colorado-based hard rock quartet’s record.  It is however the band’s first real chance at breaking through and becoming part of the mainstream rock realm.  That is clear in the disc’s searing closer ‘New Breed’ both in its musical arrangement and its lyrical theme.  The band waste’s no time getting listeners’ attention with the song’s musical arrangement.  Guitarist Andrew Whiteman (front man Matthew Whiteman’s brother) launches right into the song with a full throttle Spineshank style riff.  Drummer Guerin establishes the song’s foundation alongside bassist Michae LeBois’ solid low end.  The combined sound of each line makes for a song that despite being the record’s closer, is its most powerful musical statement.  Of course one would be remiss to ignore front man Matthew Whiteman’s vocals talents as part of the song’s success.  Whiteman channels Mushroomhead front man Jeffrey Nothing in this song  The similarity between the two front men’s vocal styles is especially evident in the song’s chorus.  Speaking of Whiteman, Whiteman’s words are just as powerful and impacting here as are his vocals and the talents of his band mates.  Whiteman sings of false friends—those people who talk out of both sides of their mouths, lifting up a person on one side while discreetly tearing them down on the other side—in this song.  Considering this, the driving energy being exuded by the song’s musical arrangement makes it a solid match with the song’s lyrical theme.  It serves quite well to illustrate the negative energy of those people and at the same time the frustration felt by those who have been wronged by those same people.  Keeping all of this in mind, it serves collectively to show why this song is Voices’ anchor despite being the record’s closer.  It is just one example of what makes Voices potentially Red Tide Rising’s breakout record.  The equally blistering ‘You’re Nothing (But S***)’ is another of the record’s most important compositions.

‘New Breed’ is an important inclusion in Red Tide Rising’s latest offering.  It is just one of the record’s most notable compositions.  The equally searing ‘You’re Nothing (But S***)’ is just as notable as ‘New Breed’ thanks in part to its radio ready musical arrangement.  [Andrew] Whiteman leads the way once again here as he craft’s a solid melodic hard rock sound in the song’s guitar line.  Guerin and LeBois follow Whiteman’s lead, working with him to establish a solid foundation for the song in its musical arrangement.  The song’s musical arrangement establishes a solid foundation for the song.  It is just one part of what makes this song such an impacting work.  [Matthew] Whiteman’s lyrics build on that musical foundation to make the song one of the EP’s strongest moments if not its strongest moment overall.  Much as in the case of ‘New Breed’ Whiteman addresses those types who live just to make others’ lives miserable.  That is evident as he sings, “The bridge is burned/I’m not concerned/I never thought poor to you/In the end/We’ve all gone mad/the story ends here for you/I’m not your slave/I’m not your boss/I’ll never be your g**d***ed scapegoat.”  That’s a pretty telling statement to say the very least.  This is someone that is done with people’s garbage and their games.  It is that proverbial musical middle finger to said subjects.  Now given, this is hardly the first time that any singer/band has ever tackled such a subject.  Yet Whiteman still manages to make his own impact here.  That impact doesn’t end here.  He goes on to sing along with his band mates in the song’s chorus, “I don’t care/What the world has given you/You’re nothing, nothing/I don’t care/What the f*** you think of me/You’re nothing but s*** like me.”  Whiteman doesn’t let up an inch from here.  He goes on to sing in the song’s second verse, “Run your mouth/Everyday/Throw your fit and walk away/B**** at this/B**** at that/Get out of my face/You psychopath.”  From here, Whiteman and company reprise the song’s chorus before launching into one more lyrical salvo.  That final verbal assault is no less intense musically or in terms of Whiteman’s aggressive delivery of said lyrical venom.  As a matter of fact it is just as intense as the song’s previous verses.  Keeping that in mind, the whole of this song proves in the end to be quite the volatile composition.  That is meant in the best way possible, too.  Simply put, the combination of the song’s musical arrangement and its caustic lyrical content makes it one of this record’s strongest showings and possibly even its strongest.  It still is not the last example of what makes Voices such a solid outing for Red Tide Rising.  The disc’s defiant opener ‘Writing on the Wall’ is one more example of what makes Voices solid.

‘New Breed’ and ‘You’re Nothing (But S***)’ are both key examples of what makes Voices a solid new effort from Red Tide Rising.  Both songs offer content—both musical and lyrical—that makes each radio ready songs.  They are not the record’s only radio ready offerings.  The record’s defiant opener ‘Writing On The Wall’ could just as easily be used as a single for the record.  As with the previously noted songs this song’s musical arrangement serves as the basis for this argument.  The song opens with a slow, brooding guitar line from Andrew Whiteman.  It doesn’t take long before the rest of the band joins in and really launches the song.  Matthew’s lyrics are just as hard hitting here as in the EP’s other noted compositions, as is his delivery of said lyrics.  He sings here, “I refuse to be left behind/In dust/Haunted by/The ones I lost/But they’re the fire/That keeps on burning/The light shining in the dark/My voice/Can you hear me/My voice has just begun/My eyes have seen the beating/I have witnessed/The writing on the wall.”  This is just a small dose of Whiteman’s verbal assault here.  He goes on to sing in the song’s third verse of facing even more negativity but then goes on to remind himself in the song’s chorus once more of what keeps him going.  So it is very similar lyrically speaking.  And in the bigger picture of the EP’s five songs, it too carries that ongoing theme of facing the negativity in life bravely rather than letting it hold one’s self down.  Keeping this in mind, that theme couples with the song’s musical and lyrical content to show once more why it is yet another of the key offerings from Voices.  Of course it is hardly the last of the disc’s notable songs.  ‘Suffocate’ and ‘The Sound of Voices Screaming’ are both impressive in their own right, too.  They partner with the songs more directly discussed here to show why Voices is, in whole, the record that could help Red Tide Rising *ahem* rise to rock’s mainstream realm.

Red Tide Rising’s new EP Voices only boasts five songs and runs only nineteen minutes in length.  That isn’t much.  But in the course of that time, the Denver, Colorado-based quartet shows that it is truly a band ready to “rise” to rock’s mainstream realm.  That is evident in both the record’s musical and lyrical content from beginning to end.  The musical arrangements in each of its featured songs are on the same level as so many of today’s major mainstream rock songs.  Its recurring theme of facing the negatives in life with confidence in each song’s lyrical content is just as important to note.  When all of those elements are combined, they make a whole that from beginning to end is a record that could break the band into rock’s mainstream realm.  It is available now and will be available at all of the band’s upcoming live dates.  Those dates are available online now along with all of the band’s latest news, member bios, and more at:








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Drowning Pool Announces Title, Release Date For New LP

Courtesy:  eOne Music

Courtesy: eOne Music

2015 is almost a wrap. For many that means plans for New Year’s Eve. For others, such as the members of Drowning Pool, it means looking past the big night and into the new year. The veteran hard rock band has announced that it will release its new album early next year. As a matter of fact, the band has announced that its new album, its sixth, has both a title and release date.

Hellelujah will be released Friday, January 22nd, 2016 via eOne Music. The band’s sixth full-length album, it will be the first for eOne as the band signed with eOne earlier this summer. It will come a little less than three years after the release of the band’s fifth full-length album Resilience, which was released April 9th, 2013. Jason Suecof (August Burns Red, Deicide, Death Angel) manned the boards for the upcoming release. Fans can keep up with all of the latest updates on Hellelujah online along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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SOiL Announced As Support Act For Upcoming Coal Chamber Reunion Tour

SOiL is heading back on the road.

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment/Muen Magazine

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment/Muen Magazine

The veteran Chicago, IL-based hard rock band announced this week that it will hit the road this spring and summer as a support act for the recently re-united Coal Chamber as it tours in support of its new album Rivals (Napalm Records). SOiL will join Dope and The Defiled as support acts during the May/June leg of Coal Chamber’s upcoming tour in Europe and the UK. When the bands return to the US in June and July, they will be joined by Powerman 5000 and 3 Years Hollow for that leg of the tour.

While it will be touring as a support act for Coal Chamber, the upcoming dates will actually make up the third leg of SOiL’s latest tour schedule. For

Courtesy:  Pavement Entertainment/Muen MAgazine

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment/Muen MAgazine

SOiL, the dates are in continued support of its latest full-length studio effort Whole. Whole marks the first time since the release of 2004’s Redefine that front man Ryan McCombs has recorded and performed with his band mates. McCombs left SOiL in 2004 and joined Drowning Pool as its replacement for Jason Jones, who left the band in 2005. McCombs parted ways with Drowning Pool in 2011, and would eventually be replaced by Jasen Moreno as the band’s new front man. More information on SOiL’s upcoming dates is available online now along with all of the latest news from the band at:



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