Carey & Sample’s New Collaboration Is A Beautiful Collection Of Songs

Courtesy:  Groundloop Records

Courtesy: Groundloop Records

‘Til The Morning, the new album from singers Edie Carey and Sarah Sample, is a good collection of songs for any parents out there with young children. The fourteen-song album is a gentle ride that will easily put any young infant or toddler to sleep and carry them on…well…’til the morning. The album’s collection of covers and original songs will entertain parents just as much as they will younger listeners. As a matter of fact, each song is so well done that some older listeners might find themselves getting teary as the album progresses. They will find themselves getting teary not out of sadness but out of the tenderness in the duo’s delivery of each song. It all starts with the duo’s cover of The Dixie Chicks’ aptly titled song ‘Lullaby.’ Sarah Sample’s original ‘North Star’ is another wonderfully moving addition to the album. And those looking for a true tear jerker will love the album’s closer, ‘Now The Day is Over.’ These three songs represent only a small portion of what the Carey and Sample have to offer on their new collaboration. Every listener will find something to appreciate across the course of the album’s fourteen total songs. After hearing each of those songs, it will be agreed that this is an album that any parent will want to have for their child.

Edie Carey and Sarah Sample’s cover of The Dixie Chicks’ ‘Lullaby’ is a fitting opener for the duo’s new collaboration. That’s primarily because it mirrors so well the album’s subtitle, Lullabies And Songs of Comfort. The gentle strains of the guitar set alongside the equally soft vocals as one of the women sings, “They didn’t have you where I come from/Never knew the best was yet to come/And life began when I saw your face/And I hear your laugh/Like a serenade is a near musical mirror image of the Dixie Chicks’ original song. That makes the song all the more moving for any parent. It will have any parent remembering their own child’s younger days even when the child/children is/are still young. And any parent that isn’t brought to tears from that alone simply has no heart.

Carey and Sample could not have chosen a better way to open their new collaboration than with a cover of The Dixie Chicks’ ‘Lullaby.’ It was the perfect way to set the tone for the album. Another equally moving addition to the album is an original written by Sarah Sample called ‘North Star.’ This piece is a little more upbeat than the album’s opener. But that same gentility is there. The manner in which it is performed makes it so easy to see any mother singing this song to her child. Sample writes in the song’s opening verse, “Hush now/Be still/Lay down your sweet head/Soon you’ll be moving/Mountains instead/You shine so bright/In my arms this night/You are my north/My little north star.” Whether it is her or Carey singing is beside the point. It is again that feeling of pure love and devotion to one’s child that makes the song so moving. And it’s that same moving emotion created by the song that once again will leave any parent tearing up once again.

The third example that helps to best show why any parent would benefit from picking up ‘Til The Morning is the album’s closer, ‘Now The Day is Over.’ Sample and Carey sing this piece together. The two-part harmony on this piece adds a certain added emotion as the duo sings, “Now the day is over/Night is drawing nigh/Shadows of the evening/Steal across the sky. Those that are familiar with children’s nursery rhymes will recognize this piece. It’s just been put to music here. There’s almost a semi-Celtic feel about it in this presentation. It’s almost haunting the effect that their combined vocals has. It is the perfect closer to this album. Of course it isn’t the last good example of why parents will appreciate this record. There are eleven more tracks on the disc from which parents can choose as their own examples. Parents will be able to hear those other eleven songs when the album is made available Tuesday, June 10th on Groundloop Records. It will be available online at,,,, iTunes and other online outlets.  The duo will head out on the road after the album drops beginning June 18th in New York City. Audiences can go to both women’s websites to check out the duo’s most current tour schedule.

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