Epicloud Is Another Successful Experiment From Rock’s Musical Mad Scientist

Courtesy: Inside Out Music USA/Century Media

The musical mad scientist himself, Devin Townsend, is back again with a brand new album.  Townsend wasted little time with this album, as it comes barely a year after the release of his previous two albums under the DTP moniker, “Deconstructed” and “Ghost.”  And just as those two albums (and the pair that preceded it) were amazingly original opuses, so is “Epicloud.”

Devin Townsend is hard rock’s answer to Dave Stewart.  Just as Stewart does, Townsend has re-invented himself on every one of his albums.  “Epicloud” is no exception to that rule.  The album’s opener, ‘Effervescent!’ is quite the interesting piece.  It’s a short choir style piece that clocks in at just under a minute long.  The “choir” that Townsend uses here also carries through a good portion of the album including a couple of the album’s best songs, ‘Lucky Animals’ and ‘Liberation.’  The subtle addition of a sax part in ‘Lucky Animals’ makes it that much more enjoyable.  The hard driving ‘Liberation’ is a great track in its own right.  In comparison to ‘Lucky Animals’ it’s still a good hard rock song.  But its style is different from that one.  And it’s just as different from ‘True North.’ 

The album’s first trio of actual full length songs is different from one another.  Each song is just as different from one another as the rest of this album’s songs are from each other, too.  What’s more, not only are they different from each other, they’re so entirely creative.  ‘Epicloud’ is such a creative work as it seems to have a touch of Euro-metal mixed in with speed metal, and Townsend’s own mad scientist mixture of ingredients.  Just as with every previous release from this musical genius, every track on this disc is a brand new experiment.  And every experiment is one that will keep listeners’ ears from start to finish.  It proves that just as from album to album, fans never know what to expect from one song to the next even on this brand new release.  It goes without saying that Townsend has impressed yet again with this new release.  He may very well have with this release, one of the year’s best hard rock/metal albums of 2012.

Devin Townsend will be touring across Europe this Fall and Winter in support of ‘Epicloud.’  He will kick off the European leg of his tour October 23rd at Northampton University in Newcastle, UK.  Fans can get a full list of tour dates and all the latest DTP news online at http://www.hevydevy.com.

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