Niji Entertainment Re-Issuing Dio’s “Magica”

Courtesy:  Niji Entertainment

Courtesy: Niji Entertainment

Ronnie James Dio may be gone, but he is hardly forgotten.  On Tuesday, June 25th, Niji Entertainment will release Dio’s classic album, Magica in a double disc Deluxe CD set.  Magica was revered both for its content and for the fact that it marked the return of guitarist Craig Goldy.  It has been out of print since 2000.  Now thanks to Niji Entertainment, fans can once again enjoy metal classics such as:  ‘Fever Dreams’, ‘Turn To Stone’, and ‘Lord of the Last Day’ among others.  The album originally sold over 100,000 copies.  Much of that success was due simply to word of mouth.  The upcoming deluxe re-issue will feature the entire original album on its first disc.  The second disc opens with the Magica story, narrated by Ronnie James Dio himself.  It will also include the bonus track, ‘Annica’, which was originally available only to Japanese audiences, as well as ‘Electra.’  ‘Electra’ was originally planned for a Magica 2 and Magica 3

The inclusion of the Magica story and bonus tracks are only part of that to which Dio fans have to look forward.  Also included on the upcoming deluxe set’s second disc will be six bonus official Live Bootlegs and a bonus booklet containing the original Magica tour dates and set list, and bonus inserts.  Those bonus inserts include the original Magica story and a Ronnie James Dio postcard.  Fans can find out more about this upcoming re-issue on the official Ronnie James Dio Facebook page and website, and  Fans can also get more information on this upcoming release from the official Niji Entertainment Facebook page,

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The Very Beast Of Vol. 2 Another Hard Rocking Tribute To RJD

Courtesy: Niji Entertainment Group

Ronnie James Dio was not a tall man when he was with us.  That was the very first thing that most audiences noticed about him at any live performance.  But while he was not a tall man in terms of stature, he was a giant in the way of his vocal power and prowess.  Perhaps the only vocalist who deserves to be compared at his level of power and talent would be Judas Priest front man Rob Halford.  And as was the case with Halford and his band mates in Judas Priest, the music crafted by RJD and his metal brethren serves to this day as an example of everything right with rock and metal.  Now almost three years after Dio’s untimely passing from stomach cancer, the legendary vocalist is being honored once more with the brand new release of Dio:  The Very Beast of Vol. 2.

Dio:  The Very Beast of Vol. 2 is the follow-up to 2000’s The Very Beast of Dio.  While it isn’t the only career retrospective from this legendary artist, it was a relatively comprehensive compilation at the time of its release.  It covered a large portion of James’ solo career.  This new compilation covers the second half of RJD’s solo career.  As noted in the compilation’s liner notes, the songs on this compilation come from RJD’s time post-Warner Bros.  One of the bonuses included is the song, ‘Electra.’  Ronnie had been working on the song for the second half of the Magica album.  Sadly it would be one of Dio’s final recordings before his death in 2010.  The best way to describe ‘Electra’ is old school rock at its best.  There’s almost a slight Type O Negative tinge to it, musically speaking.  Dio’s vocals are just as powerful as ever on this track.

‘Electra’ is just one of the many songs that will have fans putting their horns high with pride.  ‘Metal Will Never Die’ is another high point to this compilation.  It’s a slower piece.  But the guitar work and RJD’s vocals are a powerhouse together. The production of the song makes his vocals hit even harder, too.  When he hits the song’s high notes, his screams will simply send chills up listeners’ spines.  If ever there was a metal anthem, this one is it.

Whether it’s these two songs, or any of the others included here, every one of the Dio Disciples around the globe will find something enjoyable about this record.  It’s available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered direct through his official website, and hit Facebook Fan page,   

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