NCircle, PBSKids come “To The Rescue” for parents this summer

Courtesy: NCircle Entertainment/PBSKids

Every year, we see the ads on television about kids losing months of learning during Summer vacation and putting them into this or that learning center for whatever exorbitant amount of money.  In a time when parents and families in general are trying to save money any way they can, those centers are less and less of a logical choice.  Not that they are that logical to begin with.  So what are parents to do if they want to educate their children during the Summer?  Thanks to NCircle Entertainment and PBSKids, a brand new dvd featuring four new WordWorld episodes will hit stores August 21st.

WordWorld:  To The Rescue features four more fun filled episodes for young audiences from the hit PBSKids show.  WordWorld is a wonderful learning tool for preschoolers and Kindergartners.  It literally shows how letters come together to form words, and what those words are.  It’s especially great for those young audiences who are visual learners.  One of the best examples of the show’s genius included in this collection is the opening episode, “Firefighters to the Rescue.”  In “Firefighters to the Rescue”, Duck and Fly are helping Frog build a firetruck.  When Frog tells Duck and Fly what firefighters are and what they do, Duck and Fly ask Frog if they can be firefighters.  Frog tells them that they need to be trained first.  Of course, they don’t go through the rigorous training that real firefighters go through.  But Frog does teach them about spotting smoke.  The problem is that after Frog tells them about spotting smoke, they think that they see smoke everywhere.

At first, Duck and Fly spot steam coming from a train, and mistake it for smoke.  So they run to Frog and tell him they’ve spotted smoke.  The trio get to the train and Frog has to explain that what they’ve seen is steam, not smoke.  And then they spot fog around the lighthouse, and mistake it for smoke.  Again, they go to Frog and tell him about it.  Frog has to correct the pair on this, too.  But then finally, Duck and Fly earn their badges when they really do spot smoke coming from a campfire.  Pig has accidentally set his marshmallows on fire.  The flames are sending up smoke.  So the trio goes to put out the fire.  Once everything’s good, they re-light the campfire safely, and Duck and Fly get their firefighters badges.

On the surface, “Firefighters to the Rescue” is a wonderful way to teach children new words.  On another level, though, parents and/or can use this episode for perhaps Kindergartners to lead in to a discussion of firefighters and fire safety.  It’s a great introduction for fire safety week at a school or simply to teach kids at home about fire safety and what to look for.  So kudos to NCircle and PBSKIds for that.

Another of the really great episodes from this collection also stars Duck.  That episode is “The Best Nest.”  Duck wants to take his nest to school for show & tell in this episode.  But when he tries to pull his nest to school, the letters for the nest come apart because it’s too heavy.  So Duck has to hunt down the letters that make his nest.  He gets the “N” off of his head.  He has to swim after Turtle because the “E” is on Turtle’s shell.  And the “S” is in a branch right above him when he gets back on land.  Last, he catches the “T” just as it’s beginning to head out to sea, only to lose it again on a train car.  When the train stops, Duck falls out.  But luckily, he has the “T” with him.  So he goes in and puts the word together to re-form his nest and show it to his classmates.

The episodes included in this collection are just one part of what makes it a great collection.  When parents put the disc into the dvd drive of their computer, they can link to the PBSKids website.  There’s also a fold out poster that parents and kids can hang together in a bedroom.  Overall, this is a wonderful collection for young audiences.  It’s a great watch for kids whether during the Summer or any other time of the year.

Parents and/or teachers who might be interested in purchasing this dvd can pick it up in stores August 21st, or order it online at

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