Artilley Debuts New Single, ‘The Last Journey,’; Metallica Cover Accompanies Single

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

Artillery is paying tribute to one of its own with its latest single.

The band kicked off the weekend Friday by debuting its new single, ‘The Last Journey.’ The song is a tribute to late Artillery member Morten Stutzer, who died in October 2019. The band announced last month that it was going to release the single, which features guest vocals from the band’s former front men, Flemming Ronsdorf and Soren Adamsen.

The band’s new single is an interesting new offering in part because of its musical arrangement. The arrangement takes a noticeably different turn from the band’s existing body of work. Instead of the heavy, guitar driven arrangements for which it has come to be known, this work instead takes elements of power metal and 80s hair metal to form its musical foundation.

On the surface, the combined elements again make for quite the intriguing presentation. Of course, considering that the song is a musical eulogy of sorts, it makes more sense that it would take a different approach from its existing works.

The song opens, stating, “I am looking at you for the last time/And I know you can’t stay/You are moving to a better place/So far away…Memories are strong/I never lose them/They can steal away your life forever/But they can’t steal your dreams/A dark cloud’s on my heaven/So far from me/Alone with you near me/The son runs deep/In my bones/Through the pain/I know you’re gone/But I will carry on.” Some of the lyrics here are slightly difficult to understand due to the manner in which the vocals are delivered, but the message is clear. The song’s second verse adds to the statement, with comments about “the loss of you” and more. Again, some of the lyrics are difficult to decipher sans lyrics to reference. Even with that in mind, enough is still understood along with the knowledge of the song’s lyrical theme, that the impact of the lyrical and musical content together is not lost.

‘The Last Journey’ is accompanied by a B-side, a cover of Metallica’s ‘Trapped Under Ice.’ This song is more along the lines of what audiences have come to expect from Artillery, stylistically speaking. Artillery’s take on the song stays true to its source material while also giving the composition a new kickstart with the more intense vocals and production.

The songs are available on vinyl in Europe and everywhere else digitally. The vinyl is available in three pressings, noted below.

–Black vinyl (300 copies)
–Blue vinyl (200 copies)
–Yellow vinyl (100 copies)

Both songs were produced and recorded by Soren Andersen at Medley Studio. 

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Retro Champ Debuts ‘Confidence’ Video

Courtesy: Midwest Original, LLC

Independent rapper Retro Champ debuted the video for his latest single this week.

Retro Champ debuted the video for his new single ‘Confidence‘ Thursday.  The song is the latest single from his new EP F.Y.I., which was released last month through Midwest Originals, LLC.  The EP is streaming through Spotify.

The video features the rapper against a variety of backdrops, dropping his rhymes, showing his talent on the flute, lifting weights and more as he performs his new single.

The use of his own flute performance couples with the beats and electronics to make the song’s arrangement a presentation that rap and hip-hop purists will appreciate.  The mood set through the arrangement works well with the song’s lyrical theme, which according to Retro Champ, is meant to encourage others to love and appreciate themselves.

“Confidence is about me finally being confident with myself again,” he said. “I struggled a lot with my confidence growing up, this song shows that I have grown and that I’m happy with who I am. I also want other people to love themselves for who they are and have the confidence in themselves to be them.”

‘Confidence’ is streaming by itself through Spotify.

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Sci-Fi Sequel Import ‘Attraction 2’ Coming To American Audiences Next Month

Courtesy: Dark Sky Films/Capelight Pictures/Columbia Pictures/Sony

The aliens are coming again.

Columbia Pictures and Sony are teaming with Dark Sky Studios and Capelight Pictures to bring the new sci-fi import sequel Attraction 2Invasion to American audiences.  Scheduled for release July 21 on digital/DVD/Blu-ray, the movie is the follow-up from the 2017 movie Attraction.

The story featured in this movie picks up two years after the events of its predecessor.  Julia (Irina Starshenbaum — LetoT-34Kesa) has become a person of great interest to the Ministry of Defense after the events of Attraction.  As study on Julia takes place, she discovers that she is developing seemingly superhuman powers.  As a result of this development, it turns out that the humans are not the only ones who are pursuing her.  Beings from another world are also looking for her, but not for the same reason as those who are studying her here on Earth.

The movie’s trailer is streaming here.

Attraction 2 premiered early this year in its home nation of Russia.  It is presented in its new domestic presentation with English dubbing and in Russian with optional English subtitles.

The movie’s run time is two hours, 13 minutes.

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