Saving Abel’s New LP Another Radio Friendly Rock Record

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Saving Abel’s new record, “Bringing Down The Giant” is a solid readymade radio friendly rock record.  The sound of the band’s new album is exactly what fans have come to expect of the band.  It’s much the same as the band’s previous two albums, stylistically speaking.  It starts off really heavy before slowly getting a little softer and more poppy with each song. 

The album’s opener/title track is the heaviest track on the album, musically speaking.  Coming from a lyrical avenue, the song is empowering.  Front man Jared Weeks sings of facing a bully type figure.  He sings in this song, “Too many lies built up inside/you’re bound to fall/standing face to face you’re not so big after all/Take a bow/You had your shot/at looking down while you’re on top/so now your glory days are gone, gone, gone/Yeah I’m bringing down the giant.”  It’s an empowering song that encourages people to stand up and not let certain types of people try to look down on them and push them down. 

‘Bringing Down The Giant’ is not only the album’s heaviest song, but it’s also one of the LP’s best songs.  The combination of the empowering lyrics and heavy music will make it easily a fan favorite and an arena anthem.  Another song that fans are bound to love is the seemingly social commentary loaded, ‘You Make Me Sick.’  Weeks speaks of the deception of politicians, TV news broadcasters, and all the fake celebrities that are out there.  He sings, “Here comes mister cool thinks he’s lookin’ real fine/all dressed in black tattoos he found online/getting real loose in his daddy’s Cadillac/still livin’ with his mom in a three room shack…look at all these little girls/looking for their dreams/livin’ off these socialites/whose life ain’t what they seem/you make me sick.”  It goes on in similar fashion, eventually going after television news broadcasters and politicians.  Again, it’s a topic to which every listener can relate.  That relateability mixed with a great southern rock sound make this another of the standout tracks on “Bringing Down The Giant.”

Saving Abel tackles bully types on its new album.  And as noted, it also has some social commentary.  For those who want something a little different, there’s a nice anti-love song that any young man out there will love in ‘New Loser.’  Weeks sings in this song of a woman who obviously used him and threw him away.  The thing is, rather than being sad about it, Weeks writes the song from that empowered vantage point.  He writes about the woman in question, “Break away break free/It used to be me to carry all the drama around/It’s only been a pack or two/since I let you/And I can’t believe what I found/Cause it’s just like you to find someone who/Follows your around/What he don’t know she’s gonna kill him slow/Add another to the body count/Who’s the new loser?”  This song in no uncertain terms says to the female figure, “I’m glad you’re gone and I’m better off on my own.”  Of course female audiences could just as easily turn the roles around.  So again, it’s a song to which every listener can relate, making it one more hit from this LP.

The songs noted here are just a small sampling of what Saving Abel has to offer on its new album.  “Bringing Down The Giant” has even more to offer audiences looking for an album with some substance musically and lyrically.  The album is out in stores now.  And the band is currently touring in support of the album.  It will be playing the Madison Theater in Covington, Kentucky tonight.  That show will be followed by a stop at the Elbo Room Lounge in Rhinelander, Wisconsin on Thursday.  Fans can get a full tour rundown and all the latest news from the band online when they go to,,!/savingabel,, and the band’s official YouTube channel,

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