Silvertung Shows It’s Ready To Break “Out” In Its New EP

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Underground rock outfit Silvertung released its new EP Out of the Box earlier this week.  The Baltimore, Maryland-based quartet’s new record is a solid follow-up to its 2013 full-length studio recording Devil’s in the Details.  Listening through the six songs that make up the body of this six-song record, it is safe to say that the record is one of 2016’s top new EPs and that Silvertung is one of the rock community’s best kept secrets.

Silvertung’s new record Out of the Box is one of 2016’s top new EPs.  The band’s third record and first EP, it is also proof that the band is currently one of the rock community’s best kept secrets.  One of the songs included in this record that serves this statement is the record’s new single ‘Never Too Late.’  This radio-ready song instantly conjures thoughts of Shinedown, and other acts of that ilk.  That is evident in the way that the song builds from its gentle, acoustic opening bars to a full on hard rock anthem throughout the remainder of its four-minute run time.  Guitarist Cody Red and front man Speed form the foundation of that arrangement with bassist Skoot and drummer Danno adding to it even more as the song progresses.  The song’s musical arrangement is just one of the elements that makes the song such an important addition to OOTB.  The song’s lyrical content is just as important to its presentation as its musical arrangement.  That is because of the way in which it compliments the song’s musical arrangement.  In regards to its lyrical content, the song comes across as an anthem of self-empowerment; one of those familiar anthems that serves to provide that emotional strength that listeners need when they begin to feel the grip of sadness and depression take hold in their lives.  That is noted Speed sings, “The razor’s edge don’t lie when you slide it/Don’t close your eyes/You might miss the show you started/It’s your time to change those fears you’re hiding down below/Where things get so distorted now/Cause it’s hard to find things you want to say/Tired of being hurt like this/Reach down low/Screamin’ yeah/It’s never too late/Never too late/Never too late to shake it/Never too late/Never too late to make it right/When life gets tough/We can make it better/Turn the page…make it better/Cause it’s never too late.”  The message seems pretty clear here.  As the song’s chorus notes, it’s never too late to change things even when life is in its most difficult moments.  This message is driven home even more in the song’s second verse in which Speed goes on to sing, “I’ve been here once before/No strength lying on the floor/One step from light to black/And there’s no turning back/God let this be the end/Cause I know it’s hard to find/The things you want to say/Gotta reach down low screaming yeah/Cause it’s never too late/Never too late/Never too late/To shake it/Never too late/Never too late to make it right/When life gets tough we can make it better/Turn the page.”  Any doubt about the song’s lyrical message should be shaken by now.  And if any doubt still lingers here then it is remained in the song’s final verse as Speed and his band mates reprise the song’s chorus through the song’s final minute or so.  It is a very familiar lyrical theme and one that is always welcome among listeners of any age.  That is because everybody reaches those difficult points in life regardless of age.  The song’s musical arrangement makes the song’s message even more powerful.  The two elements together make this song a welcome addition to OOTB and a song that would be a perfect on any mainstream rock radio station today.  It is just one of the key compositions featured in this record, too.  The record’s closer ‘You & Me’ is another one of its key compositions.

‘Never Too Late’ is one of the key compositions included in Silvertung’s new EP.  That is due to the combination of both its musical arrangement and equally powerful lyrical content.  The two come together to make the song one of the record’s best compositions and a clear example of what makes the record in whole stand out.  It is just one of the disc’s most important additions, too.  ‘You and Me,’ the record’s closer, is another of the record’s key compositions.  It isn’t just one of those classic all too familiar, over the top tear-jerkers.  Rather it is a well-balanced composition that displays so much heart both in its musical and lyrical content.  Just as with ‘Never Too Late’ this is due both to the song’s musical arrangement and its lyrical content.  The song’s musical arrangement is the polar opposite of that of ‘Never Too Late.’  Whereas the arrangement behind ‘Never Too Late’ was an emotionally powerful work that expertly complimented the song’s uplifting lyrical theme, this song’s musical arrangement is a classic ballad composition.  What’s interesting is that it isn’t one of those classic hair band ballads of the 80s.  Rather it is more akin to the ballad style songs crafted by the members of Alter Bridge.  Listeners will appreciate, in listening to this arrangement the subtlety of its string arrangement both by itself and in contrast to [Codey] Red’s equally gentle, flowing guitar line.  Both lines are expertly balanced throughout the course of the song.  Speed’s gentle, yet gravelly vocal delivery strengthens the song even more as he sings seemingly to his child, “Here we go again/Finding out the hard way/Learning lessons/Never talked back in the day/As the night closes in/The fear sets in/I can’t show at all my face/Cause this little one is counting on me/To be the strength/Left alone in a world so unknown/Finding out there’s no escape/I can deal with it all/Though, the struggle’s getting old/Just as long as there’s you and me.”  The power in his gentility is just as obvious as he sings to his child in the song’s second verse, “Look in your eyes/All I see is the innocence/Knowing one day it’ll all be taken away/Out of my control/There’s nothing I can do/Fear of it all is that I know you’ll be strong/Stand on your own two feet/I can deal with it all/Though, the struggle’s getting old/As long as there’s you and me/And someday you will find yourself/Staring into these arms/So familiar/You’ll see yourself/The fear of it all is that I know you’ll be strong/And stand on your own two feet/I can deal with it all/Though, the struggle’s getting old/As long as there’s you and me/As long as there’s you and me.”  The control in Speed’s delivery as he sings these lines is powerful in its own right.  Together with the song’s other musical elements and the lyrics themselves, the song in whole stands out just as much as ‘Never Too Late.’  It still is not the last composition proving what makes OOTB stand out.  The record’s opener ‘Face The Music’ is one more of the record’s key compositions.

‘Never Too Late’ and ‘You and Me’ are both key examples of what makes OOTB stand out in this year’s field of new rock releases.  One song is an emotionally powerful composition anti-suicide song of sorts that will uplift listeners with its musical arrangement and lyrical content.  The other will move listeners just as much just in another way with its gentle, flowing musical arrangement and its equally touching lyrical theme about a parent’s love for his/her children.  They are two completely different songs.  Yet both have the same impact on listeners due to their overall content.  As much as both songs stand out in the bigger picture of Silvertung’s new record they are not its only key compositions.  The record’s opener ‘Face The Music’ stands out just as much as those songs.  It is a song that will appeal to fans of Eve To Adam.  Yet again this is due to the song’s combined musical and lyrical content.  The song’s musical arrangement is a solid, driving composition that will have listeners’ blood pumping just as furiously as their fists.  It is driven in large part by Red’s guitar line and Danno’s work behind the kit.  Skoot provides just enough low end to the song to solidify its musical foundation.  Speed’s vocal delivery is the finishing element to the song’s musical arrangement.  All things considered the song’s musical arrangement provides a solid overall foundation to its structure.  Of course it is just one part of the song’s overall structure.  The song’s lyrical content proves to be just as important to its presentation as its musical arrangement.  The song’s lyrical content will have listeners’ fists pumping just as much as its arena anthem-style musical arrangement.  Speed sings here, “There comes a time for you to step up and rise/Take a look at my face/Take a look in my eyes/Cause I’m one step closer to no return/My bloodshot eyes’ll tell you that I am done/Was it something I said/Rattling your cage/Now I’m all in your head/there’s mistakes that you never will hide/Like the knife in my back/I’m the thorn in your side/From your cold, cool stale personality/To my one stop shop brutal honesty/Was it something I said/Rattling your cage/Now I’m all in your head.”  The lyrical assault doesn’t’ end here.  Speed goes on to go after his subject as he sings confidently, “You’ll never measure up/To be that man/Well step up if you think you can/Ready or not…It’s time to face the music.”  The lyrical (and musical) energy doesn’t let up one bit from here.  Rather it stays just as solid right up to the end of the song’s roughly two and a half-minute run time (technically 2:34).  The energy exuded by the combination of the song’s musical and lyrical energy makes this song not just a solid opener for the record but also another of the record’s key compositions if not its absolute best making even clearer why OOTBB is in whole one of 2016’s top new EPs.

Silvertung’s new EP Out of the Box is one of 2016’s top new EPs hands down.  That is because over the course of the its ten minute run time the record presents what is a relatively wide range of sounds.  The record’s opener is an adrenaline-fueled, fist-pumping arena anthem that is sure to be a fan favorite.  It is a work that Eve To Adam’s fans will enjoy.  This applies both on record and in a live setting.  ‘Never Too Late’ is another key example of what makes Out of the Box stand out.  That is due to its powerful musical arrangement and equally powerful lyrical content.  The two elements combine to make it a song that Shinedown’s fans will enjoy.  The record’s closer ‘You and Me’ is a perfect finale for its presentation.  It expertly juxtaposes the record’s opener and puts a powerful period to the record’s presentation.  ‘Devil’s Advocate,’ ‘Taunted’ and ‘Ain’t That A B****’ are not to be ignored here either. Each of those songs is just as important in its own right to the record’s presentation as those songs more directly noted here.  All things considered Out of the Box proves in the end to, again, be one of 2016’s top new EPs.  It is even more proof of why Silvertung is one of the rock community’s best kept secrets.  Though, with the right support this band may not be a secret that much longer.  Out of the Box is available now in stores, online and at any of its upcoming live dates.  More information on the record, the band’s live dates, its latest news, and more is available online now at:










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Eve To Adam Announces New Single Release, Tour Dates

Courtesy:  Chipster PR

Courtesy: Chipster PR

Eve To Adam will release its new single later this month.

The band will debut the title track from its new album Locked and Loaded Tuesday, May 27th through all digital service providers (DSPs). The single will hit radio stations nationwide in June. Before the new single debuts, the band—Taki Sassaris (vocals), Gaurav Bali (guitar), Adam Latiff (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Aaron Baylor (bass, backing vocals), and Alex Sassaris (drums)—will hit the road in support of its latest release.

The band’s upcoming tour kicked off yesterday, May 13th in Billings, Montana. It is scheduled to perform tonight in Minot, North Dakota along with Theory of a Deadman. The band’s current tour schedule is listed below.

May 13 @ Babcock Theater w/ Theory of a Deadman in Billings, MT
May 14 @ State Fair Center w/ Theory of a Deadman in Minot, ND
May 15 @ The Venue w/ Theory of a Deadman in Fargo, ND
May 18 @ The Eagles Hall w/ Lacuna Coil in Milwaukee, WI
May 22 @ Trees in Dallas, TX
May 24 @ River City Rockfest in San Antonio, TX
May 25 @ Rocklahoma in Pryor, OK
May 27 @ The Bottom Lounge w/ Lacuna Coil in Chicago, IL
May 31 @ Liberty Memorial Park w/ Korn, Killswitch…in Kansas City, MO
June 04 @ Rapids Theater w/ Theory of a Deadman in Niagara Falls, NY
June 07 @ Six Pence Pub in Parkersburg, W Va.
June 10 @ Blue Note w/Saliva in Columbia, MO
June 11 @ Thompson House w/Saliva in Newport, KY
June 15 @ Diesel Concert Lounge w/Saliva in Chesterfield, MI
June 17 @ The Vogue w/Saliva in Indianapolis, IN
June 19 @ Rock 3405 w/Saliva in Joplin, MO
June 20 @ Awesome Biker Nights w/Puddle of Mudd in Sioux City, IA
June 22 @ 103.9 The Bear’s- Big Growl 3 w/Chevelle in South Bend, IN
July 05 @ Break Away II in Hagerstown, MD
July 19 @ Rock-Fest in Cadott, WI

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Rocklahoma Organizers Announce New Ticket Package

Courtesy:  Ashton Magnuson Media

Courtesy: Ashton Magnuson Media

Organizers of the annual Rocklahoma concert festival announced this week that they will make available a new ticket package for audiences.

The new Zippo Encore Fan Package For Two will be available beginning next Tuesday, March 18th at 1pm ET/12pm CT.  The package includes:

  • Two (2) Weekend General Admission Tickets (inclusive of all service charges and fees)
  • Meal vouchers (two per day)
  • Two (2) Official Festival Zippo Lighters
  • One (1) one-year subscription to Revolver Magazine.

Tickets can be ordered online at the official Rocklahoma website,

Also on March 18th, ticket prices both for general admission tickets and general admission 4-packs will increase.  General admission tickets currently are available for a price of $109 plus fees.  Beginning March 18th, that price will increase to $129 plus fees.  Weekend 4-pack General Admission packs will increase from $349 plus fees to $399 plus fees.  This takes effect beginning at 1pm ET/12pm CT.

Members of the military can get discounted tickets for the Rocklahoma festival online at  Prices for those tickets will also increase March 18th at 1pm ET/12pm CT.

The new ticket package and price increases are not all that organizers announced this week for the annual festival.  Organizers also announced the return of the “Miss Rocklahoma” contest.  The contest runs through April 18th.  Ten finalists will be announced in late April online at  Contestants and fans can register and vote online at

The complete lineup for this year’s edition of the Rocklahoma Festival is:  Kid Rock, Five Finger Death Punch, Staind, Twisted Sister, Deftones, Seether, Motörhead, Jackyl, Filter, Black Label Society, Theory of a Deadman, Killswitch Engage, Skid Row, Tom Keifer of Cinderella, Hellyeah, Kix, Down, Pop Evil, Adelitas Way, Black Stone Cherry, Trivium, Texas Hippie Coalition, The Pretty Reckless, Thousand Foot Krutch, Redlight King, Skindred, KYNG, We As Human, Nothing More, Devour the Day, Heaven’s Basement, Gemini Syndrome, Butcher Babies, Eve to Adam, Truckfighters, Scorpion Child, Twelve Foot Ninja, Kill Devil Hill, Killer Dwarfs, Mandy Lion, Bai Bang, Lynam, ASKA, Black Tora, Firstryke, Mystery, Nasty Habit, Sleepy Hollow, Wicked, Down & Dirty, Loveblast, Ruff Justice, Ratchet Dolls, Ragdoll, Dellacoma, Chaotic Resemblance, Scattered Hamlet, Siren, Mach22, Tempt, London’s Dungeon, Mine Enemies Fall, Station, The Chimpz, Sleepwalking Home, Well Hung Heart, Framing The Red, Blackwater Rebellion, Dryvr, Jet West and Dirty Crush.

The annual Rocklahoma Festival is sponsored by Bud Light, U.S. Cellular, Jagermeister, Monster Energy, Hard Rock Casino, Route 66 RVs, and Jack Daniels.

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Eve To Adam Scores Another Hit With Its Fourth Full Length Record

The fourth full length release from New York’s own Eve To Adam is everything of which purist rock and roll fans dream.  The almost dozen songs written for this record will keep listeners’ horns in the air from start to finish.  The band grabs its listeners right from the album’s opener, ‘Locked & Loaded’ and only lets go once through the entire course of the album.  Considering that this is the band’s fourth album, it’s a surprise that mainstream radio hasn’t picked up on this band, with its mix of catchy hooks and equally infectious choruses.  Maybe this album will finally be the one to prove to programmers what they have been missing all along.

The album’s opener and title track is a solid first impression on this new record.  It’s one of those defiant anthems that is certain to be just as much of a hit both on record and in a live setting.  Front man Taki Sassaris sings to listeners, “Show respect/Looks like you’ve forgotten/Just who I am/Turn the cheek/That’s for someone else/No, not on my time.”  The song’s raw musical energy elevates this line, as well as the song’s equally infectious chorus in which the band sings, “Locked and loaded/I don’t apologize/And I can keep it goin’ all night/All night/You’re outgunned baby/You should have realized/You brought a knife to a gunfight/Gunfight.”  That pure vibe of “you can’t mess with me” exuded here is certain to make this song a fan favorite.  That’s because of its ability to reach so many listeners.  Who out there has not tried to step up to another person in one form or another and try to cause problems?  Thanks to the society in which we live, retribution for such behavior is considered a crime.  Luckily, this song serves as a way to release the angry energy built up by those people without being arrested.  So kudos are in order to the men of Eve to Adam for that.

The energy established in the band’s opener doesn’t let up once that song is over.  It pulls back only slightly at best as the band launches into the album’s second song, ‘Immortal.’  It’s one more that flips the proverbial middle finger at all of the naysayers that would try to kick a person when he or she is down.  This is evident as Sassaris sings, “I’m never gonna need your sympathy/Cause you’ll never have a chance to miss me/You can try to shake me/I don’t care/I’m permanently everywhere/They never misspell my name/How about yours/Cause things I’ve done/are what they’re living for.”  This can apply in the music industry.  It can also apply in everyday life.  There are those that will do whatever it takes to hold down others in either setting.  It reaches so many different audiences of all ages.  That ability to reach such a wide audience group makes it another song sure to be a fan favorite.  And in turn, it makes this album that much more of a must hear for any fan of pure guitar driven rock and roll.

Eve to Adam offers plenty of thundering music and infectious choruses throughout the course of its new album.  Surprisingly, there is actually one moment when the band pulls back on this record.  That point comes in the album’s penultimate song, ‘Shut Out The World.’  The subtle guitars set against the song’s lyrics here make for an interesting juxtaposition to one another.  It would have been so easy for this song to be just as high energy as the album’s other tracks, despite its lyrics.  But the band collectively agreed to make this song more emotional, opting for a softer sound as Sassaris sings “Lock me in this place forever/Throw away the key/Cause all that matters/Is you and me/Lock me in this place forever/It’s where I wanna be/Cause all that matters/Is you and me.”  The band was able to take a breakup song in ‘With The Truth’ and make it a high energy piece.  So the natural question here is why make this song so much more subdued?  The answer might lay in one of the song’s later verses in which Sassaris sings, “Inside this room/You’re safe from all/The pressures you’ve been fighting off/I’ll lift the weight/I’ll light the dark/I’ll let you be just who you are/So open up/And let me see/What you’ve been hiding underneath/You can’t deny/You can’t escape/A bond that holds and never breaks/So lay here with me/And shut out the world/Shut out the world.”  This is more of a tender sentiment.  The subject in question is singing to someone to whom he or she feels that emotionally connected.  It’s clearer through this moment why the band opted t go softer on this song.  And considering that the energy built through the album picks right back up on the album’s closer, it makes for one more interesting addition to the overall presentation.  That addition and the album’s more high energy songs collectively make this record one more that any purist rock and roll fan will want to check out.  Locked & Loaded is available now in stores and online.  Fans can also pick it up at the band’s live shows as it tours in support of the album.  The band has a handful of performances in North Carolina during its touring schedule.  The first of those dates is a performance at Greensboro’s “Chili  & Wing Fling” presented by 100.3 The Buzz.  That performance is in two weeks on Saturday, November 16th.  The band returns to North Carolina two days later on Monday, November 18th at Fayetteville’s Drunk  Horse Pub.  And that date is followed two days later on Wednesday, November 20th at Jacksonville’s famed Hooligans night club.  Fans in other states can get a full list of the band’s current tour dates and all the latest news from the band online at and  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at