Eagle Rock Winding Down 2012 Impressively With Patti Smith Live BD

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Eagle Rock Entertainment has led the field of companies releasing live recordings throughout 2012.  Its live recordings released through its partnership with Montreux Sounds have been especially impressive.  Now as the year winds down, the two companies still have shown that they still have some steam left in them with the release of Patti Smith Live at Montreux 2005.

Patti Smith Live at Montreux 2005  shows one of the most acclaimed vocalist and songwriters of all time at one her finest moments.  Each song performed will take viewers back to the days of fellow classic writers such as Bob Dylan.  The songs are more than just songs.  One of the best songs from this performance is the performance’s closer, ‘People Have The Power.’  In an age in which there is still so much political unrest across the nation, it serves as a reminder to today’s society that people have the power to make change happen, regardless of at what level.  It could be argued that it’s almost “Jeffersonian” in nature.  It was Jefferson after all who said, “When people fear the government, there is tyranny.  When the government fears people, there is democracy.”  It’s just one of so many highlights from this performance.  On a less political level, fans will also appreciate Smiths’ cover of the Rolling Stones’ hit, ‘Like A Rolling Stone.’  Smith’s vocal style and the song itself are a perfect fit both for her and for the performance.  And there is even the radio classic that is ‘Because The Night.’  Audiences watching from home will easily find themselves singing along to this song.

Smith’s vocals are as powerful and distinct as her song choices.  They’re raw, edgy and real.  The influence of her vocal style over other artists is so easily understood.  Her ability to vary between a distinct growl to a more raspy, almost Janis Joplin-esque style makes her that much more of an original.  Her vocal style simply put is unlike that of any other vocalist out there today and even of any vocalist of her time, period.

Audiences are offered so much in this new live release from Patti Smith.  Whether just for the song choices or for Smith’s vocals or for both combined, this is one more successful release from Eagle Rock that continues to show why this company is one of the leaders in home live entertainment.

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Every Rocker And Metal Head Should Care About Who Cares

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Armoury Records/E-A-R Music

Who Cares, the new collaboration between Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi and Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan is a must for any Black Sabbath or Deep Purple fan.  This double disc album is front loaded with great music that will have any rocker hanging their horns high with pride from start to finish.  Add in that at its base, it’s a fundraising record to help rebuild a music school in Armenia, and it becomes that much more appealing.  It’s proof yet again of the power of music.  Iommi and Gillan wanted to record this record to help spread music through the world.  To say that that is commendable would be an understatement.

The finished product of Who Cares is a top notch record for any rocker and metal head.  It opens with the hard rocking and deeply emotional ‘Out OF My Mind.  This song fittingly opens the album, as it discusses the tragic earthquake of June, 1990 that destroyed he music school for which this album is being sold to raise funds.  What’s really interesting about this song is its genesis and growth.  Ian Gillan explains in the liner notes of how it started out as a rant against the No Smoking signs on airplanes, and soon thereafter become about the destruction in Armenia.  That’s quite a leap in subject matter.  And it does quite the job catching what people must have felt in the earthquake’s aftermath.

Of course the collected recordings included in this compilation do get a little lighter in their lyrical content.  There’s a song about an incident with a car that turned out to belong to Bill Ward in ‘Trashed’, even an outstandingly amazing live performance of Deep Purple’s famed ‘Smoke On The Water’ with the London Symphony Orchestra, just to name a couple.  Gillan pays tribute to the late metal legend Ronnie James Dio when he writes of this performance.  He notes that he and Dio actually shared vocal duties on this rare performance.  There’s even more back story to this song.  But to find out what Gillan had to say about it, fans will have to pick up this compilation for themselves.  There are even more stories included in the set’s liner notes about each song, making for yet another bonus to checking out this set.  Who Cares is available now in stores and online and can be ordered online via Eagle Rock Entertainment’s website, http://www.eagle-rock.com.  

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