Lucky Day Could Be Stacey Peasley’s Lucky Album

Courtesy:  The Stacey Peasley Band

Courtesy: The Stacey Peasley Band

Independent children’s entertainer Stacey Peasley recently released her sophomore album.  The aptly titled Lucky Day could be good luck for Peasley as it has proven her potential as a viable commodity in the world of “kindie-rock.”  The songs on this album—Peasley’s second full length release—offers plenty of material for listeners of all ages.  And it all starts with the album’s opener ‘Little Soccer Player.’  While not even two minutes in length, the song paints a picture so vivid that it just begs for a music video.  The album’s midway point, ‘Broken Record’ is a song that speaks both to children and adults equally.  And the homage to vinyl records by guest star Mista Cookie Jar adds a certain extra touch to the song that parents especially will enjoy.  Being that most of the country is caught in the grips of the summer heat, the album’s closer ‘Summer Day’ is just as much a welcome addition to Lucky Day as ‘Broken Record’ and ‘Little Soccer Player.’  These three songs are but samples of what makes Lucky Day a worthwhile listen for parents and children alike.  The album’s remaining songs not noted here each have their own enjoyment.  And families will find their own songs to enjoy when they order Lucky Day for themselves.  They will find in listening to this album that Lucky Day will make their day.

The timing of Lucky Day’s release could not have been any better for this independent “kindie-rock” band.  This is especially the case considering the album’s opener.  The 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament just finished up.  But thanks to this album’s opener, parents everywhere can keep a young person’s love of and interest in soccer alive even with the media hype dying down for the next four years.  The song paints a wonderfully vivid picture of a parent on the sidelines of a youth soccer game cheering on his or her child.  That the parent in question could be a father or mother makes the song even better.  The parent sings to the child, “Little soccer player/In the morning sun/Time for early wake-ups/The season has begun/Little soccer player/See you on the field/Focused and determined/Skills will be revealed/And all the mommies/Have their coffee/They cheer really loud/And all the daddies clap so hard/Cause they are really proud to see you run so fast/Take a shot/Make a pass/Give it all you’ve got.’  The parent goes on to sing about the child practicing so proudly, his sister cheering, too on the sidelines.  As the song nears its end, the band gradually increases the song’s tempo until it finally reaches its ultimate climax.  The interesting thing is that on one hand, that closing could be just as easily left in the air as it could be solidified.  The picture is so vivid that it makes perfect fodder for a music video.  That increased pace in the song’s final moments would be the young soccer player running to the goal in preparation of kicking the ball.  That combination of music and lyrics in this piece work together to make ‘Little Soccer Player’ the perfect opener for Lucky Day and the perfect introduction for anyone that might be new to The Stacey Peasley Band’s music.

‘Little Soccer Player’ is a wonderful opener for Stacey Peasley’s new album and an equally impressive first impression for those that might be new to her music.  It isn’t all the album’s only high point, either.  Just as enjoy able is ‘Broken Record (ft.Mista Cookie Jar).’  Whereas ‘Little Soccer Player’ was sung from the vantage point of the parent, this song is sung from the vantage point of the child.  The child sings about his or her parent sounding like a broken record as said figure tries to get the child to brush her hair, to stay in her chair at dinner, why she won’t eat her macaroni and cheese with utensils and more.  This could very well be the wrong interpretation, but the tone of the music and lyrics together seems to hint at the gap in understanding of responsibility between parents and children in this case.  The young child has almost a frustrated tone as she sings of her father’s request, “He asks me once/He asks me twice/And by the third time/He doesn’t seem so nice/Cause it feels just like a broken record/Asking the same thing/Over and over.”  Guest star Mista Cookie Jar’s addition to the song makes it even more enjoyable for listeners.  He sings to his younger listeners that they need to give their parents a break, which parents will most definitely appreciate.  He adds in a little history lesson on the different forms of music presentation, too.  He raps over the track, “So what’s a broken record/Before you ask that/You’ve gotta ask/What’s a record/Way before the invent of MP3s/YouTube/And even before CDs/They made a big brown disc/Made outta wax/Put the needle on the track/And play music back/From the boom/To the bap/Motown/to even rap/Classical/rock/Folk/Pop/Funk/Hip-hop to Jazz/And when the record gets fresh/It gets wicky wicky wack/Cause some sound was straight played/Over and over/Make you lose composure for the record/This defines a broken record/Now that you know/Give your mom and dad a break/You heard?”  Mista Cookie Jar’s explanation and tie in to his brief history of vinyl easily reach both parents and their children alike.  And alongside Peasley’s own story of the gap between parents and children, it paints a picture just as vivid as that painted in the album’s opener.  It makes the album in whole all the more enjoyable, too.
Both ‘Broken Record’ and ‘Little Soccer Player’ are excellent examples of why Stacey Peasley and company are ready to be one of the next big names in “kindie-rock.”  There is at least one more song on the band’s album that serves as an example why every label and listener should check out this record.  That song is the album’s closer ‘Summer Day.’  Considering that the country is in the grips of the dog days of summer, this celebratory song is a perfect fit for the band’s new album.  As with ‘Broken Record,’ this song is sung from the vantage point of the child.  The child (and other children) sing of going to the beach to get through the summer.  They sing, “It’s summer day/Going to the beach/We’re gonna play/In the sand and sun/Summer day/swimming in the ocean/With our friends/Gonna have a ball.  As with the songs previously noted here and those not mentioned, Peasley and her band mates have painted one more wonderfully vivid musical picture to accompany a song that in itself will have listeners of every age singing along happily.

Stacey Peasley exhibits so much talent throughout the course of this album’s ten total songs.  From painting near perfect musical pictures to exhibiting a full understanding of the effect of dynamics, Peasley has collectively crafted an album that could very well be the album that really breaks her in the “kindie-rock community.”  Lucky Day is available now.  It can be ordered direct from the band’s official website at  Fans can also check out Stacey Peasley’s official Facebook page for her latest news and more at  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

30 For 30: Soccer Stories Kicks Off April 15th

Courtesy:  ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

April 15th is perhaps the single most hated day of the year every year. It is the deadline to file taxes on time. This year however, ESPN and ESPN Films are giving everyone reason to be happy on April 15th. That’s because ESPN Films will present the latest addition to its award-winning 30 for 30 film series as a reward for enduring tax day.

ESPN Films will present Hillsborough, the first in the 30 for 30: Soccer Stories series, on April 15th at 8pm ET on ESPN.  Hillsborough examines what is the single worst sporting disaster in the history of the United Kingdom. The film examines the events in the years, months, weeks, and days leading up to the tragedy, which left ninety-six people dead and hundreds more injured at an FA Cup Semifinal matchup between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England.

Hillsborough tells the story of the tragedy through first-hand accounts of fans in attendance and from police officers. Many of those that appeared on camera to share their stories did so for the first time since the horrific events of that day a quarter of a century ago. Many of those interviewed for Hillsborough are still seeking justice for their loved ones to this day.

ESPN Films’ 30 for 30: Soccer Stories is a mix of feature-length films and 30-minute long documentary films promoting ESPN’s coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The series of films is presented by an award-winning group of filmmakers. It tells stories from around the world of soccer both from the United States and around the world. The complete schedule of films in ESPN Films’ is available online at More information on ESPN Films’ 30 for 30: Soccer Stories is available online at

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Soccer Fans Getting More Coverage From ESPN Beginning This Summer

Courtesy:  ESPN/ESPNFC


ESPN is giving soccer fans an early Christmas gift this Summer.  What started mainly on the website has evolved into the first ever full length studio show dedicated to coverage of all things soccer.  ESPN FC on TV will air on ESPN daily on ESPN beginning Sunday, August 11th.  The announcement was made today at the company’s Upfront presentation in New York City.  The new show will take the place of ESPN FC Press Pass, which currently airs on ESPNEWS in the United States.    

The new program will be more than just a studio based show.  It will also incorporate the use of into the show via a variety of outlets including social media and ESPN’s industry-leading Stats & Information Group’s data visualization analysis, just to name a couple.  Digital versions of the show will be available online at

Scott Guglielmino spoke on the motivation to expand ESPN’s coverage of professional soccer, noting the increased attention that it is now getting around the world.  “Soccer’s popularity is at an all-time high in the United States as fans are now more familiar with the world’s top players, marquee clubs and national teams.  ESPN FC on TV continues our leadership role in coverage of the sport across all media,” he said.  “ESPN FC will inform, entertain and provide hard-hitting insight on the global sport of soccer,”  It will become ESPN’s signature program for soccer, bringing tremendous value to the company, our affiliates and the ad sales community looking to reach core and casual soccer fans in the United States.” 

Sunday editions of ESPN FC on TV will offer full wrap-ups of each week’s biggest games and looks forward to the coming week, too.  Weekday editions of the show will run for half an hour each day.  Fans can expect from ESPN FC on TV all the latest news and rumors from around the world of professional soccer.  Reporters, columnist, and bloggers from around the world will have all the latest from the Barclay’s Premiere League, UEFA Champion’s League, Spain’s La Liga, Major League Soccer, the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team, and Mexican National Team.  It will also include interviews with the biggest names from around the professional soccer world, and previews of the biggest games from the FIFA World Cup qualifying matches, Manchester Derby, and even more.

To keep up with the latest soccer news from ESPN online, fans can “Like” the ESPN FC Facebook page at and check in daily at the ESPN FC website,

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ESPN FC Offering Extensive Coverage Of Men’s FIFA World Cup Qualifying Matches

Courtesy:  ESPN/ESPNFC


The U.S. Men’s National Team will attempt to qualify for the FIFA World Cup beginning this Friday, March 22nd, and ESPN will have coverage of the game both on television and online at WatchESPN.  The game is the first of two qualifying matches for the U.S. Men’s National Team.  It will pit the Men’s team against Costa Rica.  The men’s team will also face Mexico next Tuesday, March 26th.  That match will take place in Mexico City.  That match will be aired live at 9:30pm EST on ESPN and online via WatchESPN.

The team’s match against Mexico will be preceded by a one-hour pre-game show that will be broadcast live from Mexico City.  The show marks the very first time that ESPN will air a pre-game show before a World Cup qualifying match.  The game is the most anticipated in the team’s quadrennial FIFA World Cup qualification process.   

Commentator Ian Darke will provide play-by-play for the team’s game this Friday against Costa Rica.  He will be joined by analyst Taylor Twellman and sideline reporter Monica Gonzalez.  Bob Ley will be on hand in studio for the broadcast.  He will be joined by analysts Kasey Keller and Alexi Lalas.  Viewers will get a preview of the game on SportsCenter throughout the day.  It will also have post-game results and highlights on the overnight broadcast of SportsCenter at 1am EST/10 PST.  The game will be broadcast live at 10pm EST.  ESPN’s online soccer affiliate will also offer full coverage of the game.  Reporter Roger Bennett will keep the site updated with the latest video reports, match previews, and previews.  He will also offer a profile of sorts of the U.S. team’s coach, Jurgen Klinsmann in the feature, “Is U.S. Men’s National Team Coach Jurgen Klinsmann Getting Things Right?”  Along with this extensive coverage, soccer fans will even get the chance to chat live at the ESPN FC Boot Room during the game.

The second of the U.S. Men’s national matches will take place Tuesday, March 26th at 9:30pm.  Ian Darke will be on hand to cover this game as will Taylor Twellman.  Audiences will get extensive coverage yet again both on air and online.  This includes audiences watching ESPN Deportes, ESPN Deportes Radio and 

To get full information on coverage of the team’s matches, audiences can go online to and

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