The Workday Release Debuts New Album’s Lead Single, Video

Courtesy: ENCI Records

Independent music act The Workday Release unveiled the lead single from its forthcoming debut album this week, along with its companion lyric video.

The act, the brainchild of singer-songwriter David Ottestad, debuted the song ‘Say A Lot With Light‘ Friday along with its companion lyric video. The song and its video are the first from Oddestad’s forthcoming album Like the Light of Stars, which is scheduled for release April 16 through ENCI Records.

The track listing for Like the Light of Stars is noted below.

‘Like The Light Of Stars’ Track Listing:

1. Say A Lot With Light

2. You

3. I Do

4. The Future

5. Hospital Grounds

6. Going Up In Flames

7. Every Voice I Hear Is Mine

8. Sunlight

9. Keep Out The Wolves

10. Circles

11. Six Feet From Defeat

The ‘Say A Lot With Light’ lyric video places the song’s lyrics in a cursive font against an image of Ottestad sitting in front of piano as the song plays. The song’s musical arrangement is a gentle, flowing work. Ottestad’s light vocals pair with the song’s piano line and equally light percussion to make it comparable to works from the likes of The Nomadic, Owl City, and Five for Fighting to a lesser degree.

According to a statement from Oddestad, the song’s lyrical theme touches on the a familiar topic.

“Lyrically, it’s a love song about not settling for someone just because it’s convenient or less scary than being alone,” he said. “The chorus of the song says, “I’ve been waiting on someone who’s truly one million to one so I can say it, and say a lot with light.” I really liked the lyrical concept of speaking with light. To me, it represents this feeling of peace that comes with being with the right person.”

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