PBS Distribution’s First-Ever ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ DVD Box Set Is A Largely Successful Presentation

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Parents looking for a way to entertain and educate their children while they wait out the end of the COVID-19 pandemic have a new option thanks to PBS Distribution and Fred   Rogers Productions.  The companies released a new collection of episodes from PBS Kids’ hit animated series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood last month in the form of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Tigertastic 50 Pack.  Released Feb. 9, the three-disc set is a positive presentation, though not perfect.  The positive and negative alike come from the matter of the set’s featured episodes.  This will be discussed momentarily.  The set’s average price point plays its own important part to the collection, considering the amount of content featured here.  It will be discussed later.  When it and the content are considered together, the collection in whole remains a mostly successful presentation.

PBS Distribution’s recently released DVD box set presentation, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Tigertastic 50 Pack is an interesting new collection of episodes from the hit animated PBS Kids series.  The collection succeeds in part because of its content.  As the set’s title infers, it is composed of approximately 50 stories from the show.  They represent more than half of Season One’s 40 total episodes.  Specifically, approximately 25 Season 1 episodes are featured in this collection.   Even more interesting here is that the episodes actually run in chronological order to a point.   That chronological presentation ends at episode 17, which features the stories, “Good Morning Daniel,” and “Good Night, Daniel.”  From there, the episodes become random in their ordering.  That is a bit confusing that the episodes would run in order, but only up to a point.  That aside, that audiences get the majority of Season 1 featured in this collection and largely in chronological, is itself a strong starting point for the collection.  It is certain to appeal widely to audiences.

While the vast amount of content featured in this set and its overall sequencing is in itself quite positive, it does lead to one issue.  That issue is that the episodes cherry pick from the series’ previously released standalone DVDs so to speak.  Audiences who own that multitude of standalone DVDs will find many but not all of this set’s featured episodes in those discs.  Even with so much of Season 1 featured here, this presentation allows for the removal of only two of the noted standalone DVDs.  They are Life’s Little Lessons and Daniel Tries Something New.  In other words, it barely saves audiences any space in their homes.  The DVD Welcome to the Neighborhood features the stories, “Daniel’s Birthday” and “Daniel’s Picnic,” both of which from Season 1.   However, it also features the episode, “Neighbor Day,” which is featured later in Season 1 (Episode 29 to be exact), so removal of that DVD (if audiences own it) is impossible for the moment.  For another example of the concerns raised through the set, the story “Clean Up Time,” another Season 1 story featured in the new Tigertastic 50 Pack, is featured in the standalone DVD, Daniel Visits The Farm.  It is accompanied by other episodes, “Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm,” “Daniel Uses His Words,” and “Margaret’s Bathtime.”  “Daniel Uses His Words” is featured in the new box set, but the other noted episodes come from other seasons.  Again, here audiences are going to be left feeling compelled to retain this DVD because no other set featuring the episodes exists.  For yet another example of how the  featured episodes pose a problem here, the Episode 2 story “Daniel Visits The Doctor” is featured in the DVD Daniel Goes to The Doctor while the episodes “Daniel Gets a Shot” and A Stormy Night” are also in this standalone presentation and the new box set.  However, their companion episodes (six in all) come from later in Seasons 1 and 2.  So yet again, audiences who own this DVD still cannot eliminate it from their home libraries.  Long story short here, the impact in terms of being able to eliminate the standalone Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVDs is minimal at best even with this extensive new box set.  Sure, it would have been great to have had the whole of Season 1 here, but had that happened, the set’s average pricing would be more expensive than it is.  Speaking of the set’s pricing, it rounds out the set’s most important elements.

The average price point of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Tigertastic50 Pack is $16.31.  That number was obtained by averaging prices listed at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Barne & Noble Booksellers, and PBS’ online store.  It was not listed through Books-A-Million at the time of this review’s posting.  Considering that the set features more than half of the series’ first season in near full chronological order makes that price appealing in its own right.  Walmart’s listing of $20.96 is the most expensive of the listings, though it should be stressed that the list in question is through DeepDiscounts, one of the many outlets with which Walmart partners to sell product.  The company does not have its own listing for the box set.  Amazon and Best Buy are the best buy in this case, with their listings of $11.99 each.  Barnes & Noble Booksellers and PBS each list the collection at $19.99 while Target lists the set at $13.29, a not-so-bad mid-range price listing.  When audiences look at these prices and take each into account along with the amount of content, they will agree that save for that listing through DeepDiscount, the listings are affordable and prices worth paying.  That is even as they near the $20 mark.  Clearly the set’s prices will not break any viewer’s budget, and audiences will get their money’s worth here.  Keeping all of this in mind, audiences will agree that even though the impact in terms of replacing the series’ standalone DVDs is minimal at best, it is still a positive first official box set from this beloved PBS Kids Series.

PBS Distribution’s recently released Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVD box set is a presentation that audiences will agree is largely a successful offering.  That is proven in part through its episodes.  The episodes in question compose more than half of the series’ first season.  To be exact, they represent 25 of the first season’s 40 total episodes.  While the episodes featured in this set make for quite the presentation in themselves, their impact in terms of replacing the standalone DVDs that have seen release so far is minimal.  At best, no more than two of those DVDs can be replaced by this set.  It is a bit of a detriment for those who own the show’s many standalone DVDs released so far.  At the same time, it does not make the set a failure.  It will just leave audiences wishing they could have replaced more of those discs.  With any luck, the second half of Season 1 will see release sooner rather than later, so that audiences can replace even more of those DVDs.  The set’s average price point and most of its separate listings are less than $20.  that is another positive, especially considering the amount of content featured in this collection.  When it and that overall content are considered together, they make the DVD in general a success and a successful first box set from the series.  The collection is available now.

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‘Arthur’ Leads 2019’s Top New Family DVDs/BDs With Its New Celebration Of Diversity

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution

Entertaining children and keeping them  entertained is not an easy task.  Every parent out there can attest to this statement, including this critic.  Thankfully, new DVDs and Blu-rays are released annually that go a long way toward keeping children entertained while also bringing families together.  This year saw its own share of strong new DVDs and Blu-rays for families, too.  That was thanks to PBS Distribution, Shout! Factory  and even — believe it or not — Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.  From Sesame Street to Wild Kratts to even Scooby Doo and more, this year’s family-friendly DVD and BD releases offered hours of entertainment.

As with every list presented so far, this year’s list features the Top 10 titles of the year, plus five honorable mention titles for a total of 15 new releases.  Without further ado, here for your consideration is Phil’s Picks 2019 Top 10 New Family DVDs and BDs.



  1. ArthurArthur Celebrates Community
  2. Ready Jet Go!One Small Step
  3. Ready Jet Go!Space Rocks
  4. Nature CatNature Cat & Mr. Hide
  5. The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales
  6. Mister Rogers’ NeighborhoodMister Rogers & Making Mistakes
  7. Ready Jet Go!Chasing The Sun
  8. Sesame StreetAwesome Alphabet Collection
  9. Sesame StreetCelebrate Family
  10. Scooby Doo & The Curse of the 13th Ghost
  11. Wild KrattsCreepy Creatures
  12. Wild KrattsBriny Blue Sea
  13. Splash & BubblesPole To Pole
  14. Dinosaur TrainDinosaurs Big & Small
  15. Oddsockeaters


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Audiences Would Be “Mistaken” To Not Own PBS Distribution’s Latest ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ DVD

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS

We all make mistakes.  It’s part of who we are.  Those are words spoken by the late, great Fred Rogers multiple times in PBS’ latest Mister. Rogers’ Neighborhood DVD, Mister Rogers & Making Mistakes.  It is such a simple statement, yet so powerful in its simplicity, and is a statement that every person needs to hear every day.  Now thanks to PBS, audiences of all ages can get that reminder in various different ways every day in the recently released DVD.  Released through PBS Distribution Dec. 3, the DVD features five episodes of the timeless series that all focus on the issue of making mistakes.  The presentation of the various ways in which mistakes can happen is key for the DVD’s presentation.  It is just one of the important pieces of the DVD’s overall presentation to note.  The episodes’ sequencing plays into the DVD’s presentation in its own key fashion, too.  The DVD’s average price point is yet another important item to consider in the DVD’s presentation.  When all three of the items are considered together, the whole of Mister Rogers & Making Mistakes proves to be a release that would be a mistake for audiences to not own.

PBS Distribution’s latest Mister. Rogers’ Neighborhood DVD Mister Rogers &Making Mistakes is a strong new release that families and educators alike will appreciate.  That is due in no small part to the DVD’s overall content.  The DVD features five episodes of the timeless series in which mistakes are made (and discussed) in a variety of settings.  In one episode, Mr. Rogers sits down with a famed pianist and talks about the mistakes that he – the pianist – makes in practicing songs and that he even made throughout his life as he learned to play the piano.  In another case, Mr. Rogers receives the wrong tape from Mr. McFeely. He was expecting a tape that shows how erasers are made, but instead, receives a tape showing how books are made.  By connection, Mr. Rogers also discusses an error made in a book that he was reading.  The Land of Make Believe segments feature their own lessons about making mistakes.  Mr. Skunk, at one point, points out that it’s easy for him to accidentally make a foul-smelling odor when he is scared. He points out that he does not do it on purpose – even though in real life skunks do just that intentionally as a defense mechanism – and that it is embarrassing when it happens.  Mr. Skunk is reminded by others that they understand, and that mistakes happen.  Their understanding cheers him up.  In an even heavier moment, Daniel Tiger asks one of his friends if he was a mistake.  Taking on such thoughts and feelings was nothing new for Mr. Rogers, considering that he tackled during his time on television, issues, such as death, divorce and violent acts.  Daniel is reminded by his friend that he is not an accident and is loved because he is who he is.  Mr. Rogers then reminds his own viewers that everyone is different, and that is what makes them so great, stressing that no one is a mistake.  This is a powerful moment and one that is certain to live on forever.  Between these noted moments and others featured throughout the course of Mister Rogers & Making Mistakes, the lessons about making mistakes featured in this DVD make for more than enough reason for audiences to own the single-disc presentation.  It is just one of the positives presented in the DVD.  The sequencing of the episodes plays its own important part in the DVD’s presentation.

The sequencing is important to note in that all five of the episodes featured in the DVD are sequential.  They are not just a handful of episodes pulled from the series.  Audiences get to take in the full story of Audrey Duck and her poem’s reception thanks to this format, and the full week-long focus of making mistakes from Mister Rogers.  This may not seem overly important on the surface, but looking at it on a deeper level, it proves very important.  That continuity creates a feeling of completion among audiences.  That sense of completion, in turn, creates a positive feeling in viewers’ minds.  Yes, it’s mainly a psychological matter, but clearly key in its own right.  It would have been so easy for those responsible for the DVD’s assembly to simply throw in some random episodes.  Those individuals didn’t do that, though.  They paid attention to the importance of fluidity of the episodes.  That attention and thoughtfulness paid off for them and for audiences alike. The result is just as much enjoyment from the episodes’ presentation as from their content.  Keeping all of this in mind, it makes the DVD’s average price point quite important in its own right, too.

The average price point of Mister Rogers & Making Mistakes is $7.62.  That price was reached by averaging prices listed at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble Booksellers and PBS’ online store.  At the time of this review’s posting, it was not listed at Books-A-Million’s website and at that of Target. Barnes & Noble Booksellers presents the least expensive listing for the DVD — $6.63 – while PBS’ listing of $9.99 is the most expensive of the listings.  Best Buy’s listing of $7.99 is the middle ground for the listings.  Regardless of which retailer one uses, PBS will benefit from the DVD’s sales.  It features content that is appealing to audiences of all ages and formatting that makes it that much more appealing.  All things considered, this compilation proves to be a presentation which it would be a mistake to not own.

PBS Distribution’s latest Mister. Rogers’ Neighborhood DVD Mister Rogers & Making Mistakes is another positive new offering from the company.  It is a presentation that audiences of all ages will enjoy time and again with its lessons about making mistakes.  Grown-ups will relate to the lessons just as much as children thanks to the very directed aim of the lessons.  The fact that the episodes are featured in precise linear fashion adds even more appeal to the DVD, as it creates a sense of completion for audiences.  The fact that the DVD’s price, both singular and at average, is less than $10 adds even more appeal.  It means that the DVD is affordable to everyone, to say the very least.  Each item noted is important in its own right to the whole of the DVD.  All things considered, they make this release one that audiences would be mistaken to not own.  More information on this and other Mister Rogers­-related content from PBS Distribution is available online at:




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Audiences Will Be “Thankful” They Bought ‘Thank You, Mister Rogers’

Courtesy: Sugar Mountain PR

Fred Rogers was and is one of the most important figures in the modern history of American television, and Americans’ lives in general.  It was through his program, which featured so many invaluable life lessons and unforgettable songs.  He might not have been Catholic, but the ordained Presbyterian minister still worked his own great miracles during his life and career.  Now thanks to independent entertainment firm Act IV Music, some of that music and those lessons have been given new life in the brand new compilation record Thank You, Mister Rogers.  The 13-song record features new arrangements of some of the songs that Rogers and his staff composed for his timeless series Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood that are just as enjoyable as their source material.  Those songs and their arrangements are both key in their own right to the whole of this compilation and each will receive its own attention here.  The album’s sequencing is important to its presentation, too.  When it is considered along with the songs and their arrangements, the whole of the noted elements makes Thank You, Mister Rogers a wonderful tribute to the life and legacy of a wonderful man.

Act IV Music’s new tribute to Fred Rogers and his music is a recording that listeners of all ages will enjoy.  That is due in no small part to the songs themselves.  Every one of the 13 songs that make up the record’s body are works that were featured in PBS’ timeless and beloved series Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor’ and ‘It’s Such A Good Feeling,’ the songs that Rogers sang to open and close the show in every episode are here.  So are ‘Many Ways To Say I Love You,’ ‘Some Things I Don’t Understand’ and ‘Please Don’t Think It’s Funny’ among so many others.  The songs are performed by some very well-known names, adding to the album’s appeal.  Famed singers Vanessa Williams and Kellie Pickler are joined by the likes of TV personality Tom Bergeron (whose performance of ‘Some Things I Don’t Understand’ is one of the record’s most surprisingly enjoyable moments), Jon Secada, Micky Dolenz and Rita Wilson (the wife of legendary actor Tom Hanks) as well as many other figures for the performances.  That such big names were willing to come on board for this project and to perform such beloved songs says a lot about this compilation.  The songs and their performers are collectively key to the whole of Thank You, Mister Rogers.  They are only a portion of the compilation’s appeal.  The arrangements featured in the recording play their own pivotal part to its whole.

The arrangements featured throughout the course of this record are important to note because they do stay true to their source material in large part.  At the same time though, they also give the songs their own new identity in the process.  In other words, they give audiences a touch of something old and something new at the same time.  Case in point is Pickler’s take of ‘It’s Such A Good Feeling.’  Instead of keeping the song in its original form, Pickler took the song a step up, giving it more of a pop style work with a certain mainstream sensibility.  On top of that, Rogers’ famous lines in which he sings, “I’ll be back/When the day is new/And I’ll have more ideas for you/And you’ll have things you’ll want to talk about/I will too” are replaced here with Pickler singing instead, “I’m glad we’re friends.”  It comes across as surprising at first listen, but grows on audiences with each listener.  That combination makes this take of the timeless work more than just another song from a children’s series, but almost a viable mainstream pop song.  Williams’ vocal delivery n ‘Many Ways To Say I Love You’ meanwhile is so angelic.  It works perfectly with the song’s gentle lullaby-style arrangement, making the song’s impact such that it will make even the most emotionally strong person get choked up.  Bergeron’s performance in ‘Some Things I Don’t Understand’ does its own good job on this song is a bit more upbeat than Rogers’ take, yet doesn’t take away from that original by any means.  If anything, it builds on Rogers’ version with its upbeat take and actually does a very good job of sounding and feeling like it is coming from the vantage point of a child.  Some of the “whys” may even leave older listeners smiling and laughing slightly.  The Cowsills’ take on the theme song of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood is yet another example of the importance of the compilation’s arrangements.  Yet again, audiences get here a song that stays mostly true to its source material, but instead of just leaving it as is, gives the song a bit of a kick, upping the tempo and making it slightly more poppy.  The harmonies in the vocals add their own touch to the song’s whole.  Between these arrangements and the compilation’s others, the whole of the compositions featured in this record does more than its share to make the recording enjoyable.  When the arrangements are coupled with the song selections and their featured performers, the end result is a work that is that much more worth adding to any family’s home music library.  The noted elements are not the record’s only notable elements either.  Its overall sequencing is just as important as its content.

The sequencing of Thank You, Mr. Rogers is important to note because of the focus that it shows in making sure the record’s energy keeps listeners engaged and entertained.  As noted, The Cowsills’ take of Won’t You Be My Neighbor’ is a slightly more upbeat take of the song than Mr. Rogers’ own original.  It’s not some poppy type of work though.  There is a certain reserved nature to the arrangement, but it is still slightly more upbeat than Rogers’ version of the song.  The energy picks up more from there in the Afro-Cuban arrangement of ‘You Can Never Go Down The Drain’ before pulling back dramatically in ‘Sometimes People Are Good.’  The retro feel of ‘Perfectly Beautiful Day’ picks the record’s energy back up slightly while also transporting listeners back to the 1960s and 70s.  That is something that older listeners will appreciate, that psychedelic sound here.  Immediately after that song, the record’s energy pulls back again in ‘Many Ways To Say I Love You.’  Of course that lullaby gives way to a slightly more relaxed and smooth vibe in ‘Some Things I Don’t Understand.’  ‘This is My Home,’ which immediately follows ‘Some Things I Don’t Understand’ pulls back the album’s energy again before giving way to the more upbeat funk-style arrangement of ‘Let’s Be together Today,’ again changing the record’s feel.  The up-and-down of the album’s energies continues from this point on to its finale, the ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas-esque ‘Thank You For Being You,’ which closes out the record with combined talents of all of the compilation’s featured artists. Simply put, from beginning to end, the album’s energies never remain the same from one song to the next.  They change just enough from one work to the next to make sure they keep listeners engaged and entertained in this facet just as much as the songs and their arrangements do.  Keeping all of this in mind, the thought and time put into the record’s sequencing, the work putting into the song selection and the artist selection makes the record in whole a fitting tribute to the life and legacy of Fred Rogers.

Act IV Music’s new Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood musical compilation Thank You, Mr. Rogers is a work that will appeal to listeners of all ages.  It will take older listeners back to a better time while introducing a new generation to the greatness that was the music of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  That is proven in part through the songs featured in the compilation.  The artists who perform the songs add even more interest to the record, as does the record’s sequencing.  Each item examined here is key in its own way to the whole of Thank You, Mr. Rogers.  All things considered, they make this compilation a presentation that listeners will themselves be thankful they added to their home music libraries.  More information on Mr. Rogers-related titles is available online at:




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PBS Announces Release Date For New Fred Rogers Doc

Courtesy: PBS/Public Media Distribution

Public Media Distribution will release to DVD next month another documentary focused on Fred Rogers and his beloved series Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like was released digitally Sept. 3 and is currently scheduled to be released on DVD Oct. 2. The hour-long documentary, which originally aired on PBS and not to be confused with the other Fred Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor, is a retrospective on Fred Rogers and his beloved series.

Veteran actor Michael Keaton (Batman, Baman Returns, SpidermanHomecoming) serves as host for the heartwarming documentary.  It also features interviews from other well-known figures, such as Yo-Yo Ma, John Lithgow (3rd Rock from the SunThe World According to GarpInterstellar), Whoopi Goldberg (The ViewStar TrekThe Next GenerationGhost) and others.

Mr. RogersIt’s You I Like was produced by JoAnn Young (JFKThe Lost Inaugural GalaOscar HammersteinOut of my Dreams) and John Paulson (JFKThe Lost Inaugural GalaA Raising in the Sun Revisited).  Ellen Doherty and Kevin Morrison of Fred Rogers Productions executive produced.

Mr. RogersIt’s You I Like will retail for MSRP of $19.99 and can be pre-ordered now at a reduced price of $14.99 at PBS’ online store.  More information on this and other titles from PBS is available online now at:


Website: http://www.pbs.org

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/pbs


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