FMQB, Philadelphia International Records Heads Pay Tribute To Franklin

“The Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin, has died after a long battle with various illnesses, and with the passing of what is one of the entertainment industry’s greatest figures, tributes to Franklin have already started pouring out.

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Kal Rudman, publisher of the revered Friday Morning Quarterback magazine, has offered his condolences to Franklin’s family, pointing out that her impact on the music industry has been and is invaluable and that there will likely never be another like her.

“Aretha Franklin personified the unbelievable power of rhythm & blues,” Rudman said.  “The magic story of the power of Aretha Franklin emerged when she entered the glory of recording for Jerry Wexler at the incredible Atlantic Records.  her stature in R&B music surpassed anyone before or since.  The Queen of Soul has been taken from her throne, and it shall always remain empty.  This is a monumental loss to music lovers everywhere.  On behalf of the staff of Friday Morning Quarterback, we send our deepest condolences to her family.”

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Philadelphia International Records co-founders — and R&B pioneers — Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff have also offered their condolences, noting not just her talents as a singer but who she was as a person.

“We not only admire Aretha Franklin for her singing ability, but we appreciate what she did to uplift the community,” the pair said.  “We have always been honored and elated — and are still on ‘Cloud Nine’ — for having her cover two of our songs: ‘A Brand New Me’ and ‘Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Without The One You Love.’  While we never got the opportunity to work directly with Aretha, she was our dear friend.  We send our deepest and sincere condolences out to her family.  She was truly the best!”

These are just some of the tributes being offered to the legendary singer, whose career spanned at least seven decades.  The “first couple of hip-hop,” Beyonce and Jay Z have both paid homage to Franklin along with Mariah Carey, former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and Diana Ross among others.

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Entertainment head speaks on Gibb’s passing

CHERRY HILL, NJ – Robin Gibb will forever be remembered for his brilliant contribution with his brothers to the seminal “disco” soundtrack, “Saturday Night Fever.” The irony, however, is that those songs were written by the Bee Gees well before any thought about the movie, or disco. Robin and his brothers totally mastered the skills in writing upbeat music for the fast dancers. And their pride as songwriters exceeded their pride as singers.

Most of the disco hits you’ll never hear again, because they didn’t have legs, as we say in show business. But numbers count, and the Bee Gees had 29 Top 40 hits over 22 years. Like their disco era contemporary, Donna Summer, that high level of longevity doesn’t come around too often.

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