It’s never too soon for Classic Media’s Christmas Classics

One of the biggest arguments that people have every year is how soon is too soon to put up Christmas decorations.  It obviously presses some people’s buttons when others put up decorations at one time or another.  In all of that discussion, we seem to lose the other associated question:  How soon is too soon to start pulling out the holiday movies?  Well folks, if you’re like me, no time is too soon.  Personally, once Halloween is over, I’ll start pulling out the holiday movies at our house.  My wife gets on me sometimes about it.  But I want to get into the holiday spirit, and hopefully have an influence on her, too.  One way that I’m getting into the spirit is with the most recent re-release of The Original Christmas Classics.  Until now, I haven’t owned this set.  This second re-issue (and third overall release) from Classic Media has all the same classic Rankin Bass movies (plus one non RB feature in Frosty Returns) that were included in the previous box set released back in 2007.  There is one tiny change to this set, though.

One change between Classic Media’s 2007 box set and this one is that unlike the 2007 release, this box set doesn’t include the extra audio cd that was included in the previous set.  For those who don’t want to have to keep up with the companion cd, this most recent set is a perfect fit; especially for those who don’t already own the previous releases.  Holiday music cd’s all have roughly the same songs, regardless.  They’re just done in different arrangements.  So parents who want to be able to sing along with their kids can sing along while the feature plays.  And those who want to sing in the car, etc. have plenty of other options.  The last thing that parents need is one more cd to keep up with.  So the lack of bonus cd this time around isn’t that much of a loss.  It’s actually kind of a bonus in itself.

The lack of extra audio cd isn’t the only change to this most recent re-issue.  Also unlike the previous collection, this one has been trimmed down, ableit to a point.  Rather than forcing audiences to fumble with a box that was bulky to begin with, Classic Media has distributed this set in a double disc set.  The discs are each in their own case.  Some people might argue that doing that doesn’t really size it down very much.  But in comparison to the previous release, this one is smaller.  the next step is to size the cases down even more to slimline cases, as with the Die Hard mega-collection, or the recent Indiana Jones collection.

The changes aside, this collection has plenty to offer audiences.  The Little Drummer Boy is a beautiful piece for church groups.  Santa Claus is Coming to Town is just one of many stories of how Santa came to be.  But that’s beside the point.  Aside from that, and the stop motion animation, it stands out in that it teaches the message that a single act of kindness can have a huge impact on anyone.  Rudolph is still timeless, even though some points are really sad.  But they’re just part of the whole coming-of-age story.  And of course, who doesn’t love Frosty’s first line in his movie?  On three…1…2…3…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!.  Yes, it’s just as timeless as the rest of the features on the set.  Whether it’s for Frosty, Rudolph, Santa, or the lesser known features, The Original Christmas Classics is a must for any family that has yet to add it to its holiday collection.