Nonpoint Asks Fans To Help Choose Band’s Next Cover Song

Nonpoint wants its fans to choose the next song that it covers.

The band has launched a new campaign that gives audiences the chance to choose the band’s next cover.  The first round of the contest consisted of 64 songs, reduced that number to 32 and now has whittled the list to 16 songs.

The current list of contenders for covers includes, but is not limited to: Jay Z, Metallica, and Genesis.  Speaking of Genesis, Nonpoint covered Phil Collins’ hit song ‘In The Air Tonight’ on its album Recoil (2004).  The band’s major label debut Statement (2000) featured a cover of Busta Rhymes’ hit song ‘Woo-Hah!! Got You All In Check’ and Wu-Tang Clan’s song ‘Method Man.’  The two songs were culled in one song.

The band issued a statement that notes the decision to curate the list came from its fans’ requests for more covers.

“Over the years we have asked this question time and time again on our socials,” the statement reads. “Accumulating answers both traditional and nontraditional, from ages as young as 8 to as old as 80. Seeing how many of you discovered us years ago in this very fashion makes this campaign very special. We have always said that our fans are our lifeblood and always come to bat for us when we need them most. So with this campaign we wanted to show our fans the power they have being a member of the 361 family and Nonpoint Nation”

Nonpoint’s list of contenders for its next cover song is featured below.


Courtesy: Nonpoint/O’Donnell Media Group


Fans can vote for their favorite song through the band’s social media channels.

More information on Nonpoint’s new campaign is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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Steve Hackett Announces New Album Release Date, Tour Dates

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

Steve Hackett will open the new year with a new album, and will support the album with a series of live dates.

The veteran guitarist announced this week he will release his new album The Night Siren on Friday, March 24, 2017 via InsideOut Music.  The record features the former Genesis guitarist’s talents as well as those of a number of other well-known musicians throughout its 11-song body.

The talents featured in the record include the likes of: Nick D’Vrgilio (former Spock’s Beard), Malik Mansurov, Gulli Breim and others.  Hackett explained the music displays music’s ability to bring together people of all backgrounds through both its arrangements and featured performers.

“This latest waxing represents a bird’s eye view of the world of a musical migrant ignoring borders and celebrating our common ancestry with a unity of spirit, featuring musicians, singers and instruments from all over the world,” Hackett said.  “From territorial frontiers to walled-up gateways, boundaries often hold back the tide.  But while the night siren wails, music breaches all defences.  To quite Plato, ‘When the music changes, the walls of the city shake.”

The record’s themes focus on a number of interrelated topics.  The theme presented in the album’s opener, ‘Behind The Smoke,’ focuses on the plight of refugees throughout the ages.  ‘West To East’ focuses similarly on the negative impacts of war on the world’s peoples.

The themes presented are similar throughout each of the album’s other tracks.  The record’s full track listing is noted below.  The album will be available on standard edition CD and special edition CD/BD digipack featuring 5.1 surround sound mix and “making of” featurette.

Full Track Listing:

  1. Behind the Smoke
  2. Martian Sea
  3. Fifty Miles from the North Pole
  4. El Niño
  5. Other Side of the Wall
  6. Anything but Love
  7. Inca Terra
  8. In Another Life
  9. In the Skeleton Gallery
  10. West to East
  11. The Gift

Along with the announcement of his new album, Hackett has announced a tour in support of the upcoming recording.  Hackett will hit the road in support of Night Siren beginning Feb. 14 in Nashville, TN.  His current tour schedule runs through March 3, 2017 in Buffalo, NY.  Performances will songs from Night Siren as well as a number of classic Genesis hits.  Hackett’s current tour schedule is noted below.


Tuesday, February 14th City Winery Nashville, TN

Wednesday, February 15th    City Winery Nashville, TN

Friday, February 17th Victoria Theater Newark, NJ

Saturday, February 18th  State Theatre Ithaca, NY

Wednesday,February 22nd  Ridgefield Playhouse  Ridgefield, CT

Thursday, February, 23rd  NYCB Westbury, NY

Friday, February 24th  Santander PAC Reading, PA,

Saturday, February 25th  Playstation Theater New York, NY

Sunday, February 26th  Wilbur Theatre Boston, MA

Tuesday, February 28th  20 Monroe Live Grand Rapids, MI

Wednesday, March 1st  Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, MI

Thursday, March 2nd  The Oakville Centre Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Friday, March 3rd  Kleinhans Music Hall Buffalo, NY


More information on Hackett’s new album and tour is available online now along with Hackett’s latest news and more at:










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Eagle Rock Entertainment Off To A Solid Start In 2015 With Live At Knebworth

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Woodstock. Live Aid. Farm Aid. The Concert For New York City. These concerts are just some of the biggest concert events of the 20th century. As memorable and important as they are to the music industry and the history of modern popular music, they are only a small handful of the most important concerts held throughout the 20th Century. Next Tuesday, Eagle Rock Entertainment will add another concert to that list when it releases Live at Knebworth. The concert was held June 30th, 1990. Tabbed as “The Best British Rock Concert Of All Time,” it was held to raise money for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and for The Brit School For Performing Arts. Even a quarter of a century after it was originally held, it proves to be just as enjoyable a concert experience as any that have been held since, including those previously noted. One of the reasons it proves so enjoyable twenty-five years after it was originally held is its lineup. The show’s lineup consists solely of British acts, many of whom had themselves received the coveted Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef Award at one point or another. Along with the acts tapped to perform at the benefit, their choice of songs for the concert adds to the concert’s enjoyment. Having noted both the concert’s lineup and the performers’ chosen songs, they would be nothing without equally notable production values. Thankfully, the audio and video both prove to be quality even a quarter of a century after the concert was first held. The audio has even been tweaked, creating a sound that especially those with home theater systems will appreciate. The combination of all three elements in this one presentation makes the package in whole even a great start to 2015 for Eagle Rock Entertainment.

When it was originally held on June 30th, 1990, Live at Knebworth was tabbed as being “The Best British Rock Concert Of All Time.” When compared to other major concert events such as Woodstock, Live Aid, Farm Aid, and others that have been held since, it proves to be more than just “The Best British Rock Concert Of All Time.” It proves to be one of the best concerts of all time, too. One reason for the concert being bestowed both titles is its lineup of performers and acts. The concert’s lineup is composed of some of the greatest British acts of the 20th Century including but not limited to names that today are music royalty. The list includes the likes of: Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, and Genesis. Audiences will be interested to find out that many of the acts tapped for the concert also were recipients of the Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef Award. That aside, audiences will especially enjoy every act’s performance. From Clapton’s full on performance of ‘Tearin’ Us Apart’ to Paul McCartney’s emotional performance of ‘Hey Jude’ to Pink Floyd’s ethereal ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ to its equally driving show closer ‘Run Like Hell,’ the acts chosen for this concert and their performances keep audiences fully engaged from start to finish, clearly showing the importance of their inclusion in the show.

Speaking of the songs , the songs chosen by the acts on the bill are just as important to the presentation in whole. That is because in large part, the songs chosen by each act are songs that were familiar to fans then and are just as familiar and popular with the current generation of fans. Dire Straits’ set included the hugely popular ‘Money For Nothin.’ Genesis included its beloved hit ‘Pinball Wizard’ in its set along with ‘Mama’ and ‘In The Midnight Hour’ among a number of other fan favorites. The Beatles’ ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ and ‘Hey Jude’ are even older than this recording. But they are just as popular with Beatles fans of all ages today as they were when Paul McCartney was part of the then Fab Four. So having both of those songs included in his set will create a sense of both joy and nostalgia among fans of both McCartney and the Beatles regardless of age. The sight of McCartney’s late wife Linda singing along, handling keyboard duties serves to enhance those feelings even more, this showing even more the importance of the set lists chosen by each act. Robert Plant’s mix of solo material and Led Zeppelin classics generates just as much enjoyment for anyone that has any knowledge of Plant’s career both on his own and as part of what remains one of the greatest rock bands of all time. The songs noted here are songs that are still played on classic rock radio stations across America and even the U.K. to this day. The fact that they were just as insanely popular back then as they are even today speaks volumes. It’s just a microscopic view of the impact of the acts’ set list on the enjoyment of this recording. There are plenty of other songs that could make that argument just as easily. And audiences will agree with that sentiment, even finding their own songs to make that argument when they pick up this recording for themselves next week. It still isn’t all that makes the concert so enjoyable for audiences. The quality of the footage both in terms of its video and audio lies at the base of everything. If not for the quality of the footage in both avenues, neither the acts nor their set lists and performances overall would be worth the watch.

The acts chosen for Live at Knebworth, their performances and set lists are all equally important to the concert’s overall enjoyment. However as important as each element proves to be, not one of them would be of any importance without the hard work of those charged with restoring the footage for its presentation here. Of course, being a live recording from Eagle Rock Entertainment, only the best is expected. And the best is what audiences get here. The audio has been re-worked and presented in DTS-HD. This will make anyone with a home theater system very happy as it will re-create with ear precision the feeling of actually being there. Even those without such a system will appreciate the work in question as the concert sounds just as good on a standard HDTV; especially one that allows audiences to switch to a “music” setting with their remotes. And while the original concert footage was recorded in standard definition, it doesn’t show thanks to the work of those charged with restoring the footage. Unlike so many older recordings that have been up-converted, the picture is relatively clear instead of grainy. While there is at least a little bit of that grainy look, it is hardly enough to work against the footage. Rather, it actually enhances that feeling of nostalgia created by the acts’ set lists. So to that extent, the work of those charged with restoring the concert’s footage has paid off even more than they might have known. Coupled with the set lists, the performances, and the very list of performers, the restoration work done for this concert becomes part of a whole that any classic rock fan will wholly appreciate, and that proves once more why Eagle Rock Entertainment remains today the leader in live recordings.

Live at Knebworth will be available on SD-Blu-ray next Tuesday, March 17th. Proceeds from the sale of the concert will continue to raise funds for Nordoff-Robbins Therapy and the Brit School for Performing Arts. More information on this and other releases from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online at:




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Eagle Rock Entertainment Releasing Classic All-Star Benefit Concert This Spring

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release what is one of its biggest recordings to date this spring when it releases on SD Blu-ray Live at Knebworth.

Billed as “The Best British Concert Of All Time,” Live at Knebworth will be released Tuesday, March 17th on SD Blu-ray. It is presented in upscaled standard definition with uncompressed stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio. The concert was originally recorded on June 30th, 1990. It was held as a benefit concert for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and The Brit School for Performing Arts. Its lineup included some of the most well-known and respected musicians and acts from the UK. Many if not all of the acts in question had each themselves received the Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef Award. They included: Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Robert Plant, Elton John, Phil Collins, Genesis, Dire Straits, Tears for Fears, Cliff Richards and the Shadows, and Status Quo. Most incredible of all was that of these performers, each one performed free of charge to support the cause.

McCartney offered up renditions of ‘Hey Jude,’ ‘Birthday,’ and ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ for his performance. When Clapton took to the stage, he gave audiences ‘Tearin’ Us Apart’ and ‘before You Accuse Me.’ Elton John moved audiences in his own way with performances of ‘Sad Songs (Say So Much’ and ‘Sacrifice.’ Genesis gave one of the most interesting performances of the concert with a medley of ‘Somebody to Love,’ ‘Pinball Wizard,’ and ‘Turn It On Again.’ Robert Plant was joined on-stage by his Led Zeppelin band mate Jimmy Page for performances of ‘Wearin’ and Tearin,’ and ‘Rock and Roll.’ Pink Floyd’s performances of ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Run Like Hell’ were some of the concert’s most memorable moments. And they were just some of the key moments that make up the concert’s thirty-two song concert. The concert’s complete track listing is noted below.


Tears For Fears:

1) Change

2) Badman’s Song

3) Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Cliff Richard & The Shadows:

4) On The Beach

5) Good Golly Miss Molly

6) We Don’t Talk Anymore

Phil Collins & The Serious Band:

7) In The Air Tonight

8) Sussudio

Paul McCartney:

9) Coming Up

10) Birthday

11) Hey Jude

12) Can’t Buy Me Love

Status Quo:

13) Whatever You Want

14) Rockin’ All Over The World

15) Dirty Water

16) In The Army Now

Eric Clapton:

17) Before You Accuse Me

18) Tearin’ Us Apart

Dire Straits:

19) Solid Rock

20) Think I Love You Too Much

21) Money For Nothing

Elton John:

22) Sacrifice

23) Sad Songs (Say So Much)

Robert Plant:

24) Hurting Kind

25) Tall Cool One

26) Wearing And Tearing (with Jimmy Page)

27) Rock And Roll (with Jimmy Page)


28) Mama

29) Throwing It All Away

30) Turn It On Again Medley: Turn It On Again / Somebody To Love /  Reach Out, I’ll Be There / Pinball Wizard / In The Midnight Hour / Turn It On Again (reprise)

Pink Floyd:

31) Shine On You Crazy Diamond

32) Run Like Hell


Proceeds from the sale of Live at Knebworth will continue to raise funds for Nordoff-Robbins Therapy and the Brit School for Performing Arts. More information on this and other releases from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online at:






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Three Cheers For “Genesis: Three Sides Live”

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Last week was a big week for Eagle Rock Entertainment.  The leader in live recordings, Eagle Rock released not one, not two, not even three, but four new archived concert recordings.  Yes, four new recordings.  Two of those new recordings are newly released live recordings from The Rolling Stones.  Another was from blues/rock great Eric Clapton.  And the fourth of last week’s new releases from Eagle Rock is the Genesis rarity Three Sides Live.  The last time that this recording saw the light of day was as part of Genesis’ 2007 box set release The Movie Box: 1981 2007.  Before that release, the last time that it was released was on VHS in 1981.  While it may seem like having the same concert recording released three times now seems a bit much, take into account the it has only been released once on VHS and once on DVD.  That is the first and most important aspect of this recording that Genesis’ fans will appreciate. it will be discussed shortly.  Being that its release last week marked only the third time it has seen the light of day, the transfer of the original tapes to Blu-ray (and other formats) becomes another imporatnt aspect of the recording.  Staying on that same train of thought, those that purchase the recording’s Blu-ray recording will appreciate the audio-only tracks included in the recording as bonus companion material to the primary concert.  Each of the three factors noted here play their own important role in the success and enjoyment of Genesis: Three Sides Live.  All three tie together seamlessly to make it another wonderful release from Eagle Rock Entertainment and more proof of why Eagle Rock Entertainment remains the leader in live recordings.

Genesis’ Three Sides Live is one of four new archived live recordings released by Eagle Rock Entertainment last week.  The concert as originally recorded some thirty-three years ago as part of the band’s North American “Abacab” tour.  The concert was released not long after the tour wrapped in celebration of the tour and the band’s albums Abacab and Duke.  After its release on VHS in 1981, the concert recording wouldn’t see the light of day again for another twenty-six years in 2007.  That release was a DVD release as part of the band’s box set The Movie Box: 1981 – ­2007Only seven years would pass between that release and this latest re-issue of the classic concert recording.  Some might think this somewhat excessive.  In comparison to bands that put out new live recordings seemingly every other year and even re-issue others just as often, it makes this concert’s new re-issue more impactful and enjoyable for the band’s long-time fans.  And considering the direction that music in general is taking in terms of its distribution, physical releases are becoming increasingly rare.  That means that the previous releases are difficult to find to say the very least.  That makes this recording even more important for the band’s fans.  By direct connection, the  quality of the footage in its transfer from VHS to DVD to Blu-ray makes the recording even more a success.

Last week’s re-issue of Genesis’ Three Sides Live marks only the third time in nearly three decades that this classic recording has seen the light of day.  That really isn’t very many times when examined from a larger view.  It isn’t all that makes this recording enjoyable and an overall success.  The quality of the footage in its transfer from VHS to DVD and now to Blu-ray shows how well the footage has stood the time.  Whether it be the actual concert footage, the interview segments, or the other material inter-spliced into the overall presentation, audiences will agree in watching this presentation it hasn’t lost any of its quality in its transfer from its original 16mm footage.  It sounds and looks great.  Much like so many of Eagle Rock’s previous archived live shows, the quality of the recording’s audio and video mix makes the experience like cracking open another musical time capsule; a time capsule that has kept its contents in perfect condition throughout the years.  The sense of nostalgia that such quality production values creates is yet another way in which this recording proves to be another success for Eagle Rock and another enjoyable watch for the band’s legions of fans.  It still isn’t all that audiences will appreciate about this recording, either.  Last to be examined in the recording are the companion audio-only tracks included as bonus material.

The very rarity of Genesis: Three Sides Live is by itself more than enough reason for long-time fans of this groundbreaking band to pick up this new recording.  The fact that the footage has more than stood the test of time in its transfer from its original 16mm tapes to DVD and now to Blu-ray makes it even more of a must-see if only once.  Last but hardly least worth noting of this recording that makes it a joy for fans is the inclusion of a handful of audio-only tracks as bonus material.  Seven full-length live songs are included as bonus material, rounding out the whole presentation.  Four of those songs are also included as part of the primary concert feature.  The other two songs–‘Follow you Follow Me,’ and ‘Fountain of Salmacis’ are extra bonuses that were not included in this recording’s set list.  Just as the primary concert has stood the test of time so has the audio quality of the bonus audio-only tracks.  Sure, it’s not the whole concert.  But it’s a good portion of the concert plus a couple bonuses that weren’t included in that primary presentation.  So now with that inclusion, audiences can take in the concert without having to fully invest themselves in it or they can in fact fully invest themselves thanks to both a full a/v experience and an audio only experience.  It’s one more way in which this rare live recording from Genesis shines so brightly for fans.  Together with the overall quality of the footage and that rarity of the concert itself, it is one more way in which Eagle Rock continues to prove itself the leader in live recordings.  Altogether, all three factors together make this concert recording another must see if even once for any Genesis fan.

Genesis: Three Sides Live is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.  It is available in stores and online.  More information on this and other releases from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online at:



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Eagle Rock Announces Upcoming Re-Issue Of Classic Genesis Concert Recording

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

2014 is slowly winding its way down. But don’t tell that to the people at Eagle Rock Entertainment. That’s because the company that rightfully wears the crown as the leader in live recordings has announced that it has yet another new release on the way before the year is out.

Officials with Eagle Rock Entertainment announced Monday that the company will release Genesis: Live Three Sides on Tuesday, November 4th. The concert was recorded originally in November of 1981 on the band’s North American “Abacab” tour. It has previously been released on VHS to coincide with the audio portion of the concert and as part of the band’s limited edition box set The Movie Box 1981 2007. That means that the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of this concert will be the first time that it has ever been released as a stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray. The DVD will retail for SRP of $14.98 while the Blu-ray will retail for SRP of $19.98.

Genesis: Live Three Sides was originally recorded on 16mm film. The concert itself focuses primarily on songs from the band’s 1980 album Duke and its follow-up Abacab (1981). The concert features the lineup of Tony Banks (keyboard/backing vocals), Phil Collins (drums/Lead vocals), and Mike Rutherford (guitar/bass/backing vocals). Also on board for the show during this tour were Daryl Stuermer (guitar/bass) and Chester Thompson (drums). The track listing for this recording is included below.


1) Behind The Lines

2) Duchess

3) Misunderstanding

4) Dodo / Lurker

5) Abacab

6) No Reply At All

7) Who Dunnit?

8) Medley: In The Cage / The Cinema Show  / The Colony Of Slippermen

9) Afterglow

10) Me & Sarah Jane

11) Man On The Corner

12) Turn It On Again


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Hackett’s Latest Live Recording An Easy Candidate For One Of 2014’s Best New Live Recordings

Courtesy: Inside Out U.S.

Courtesy: Inside Out U.S.

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett’s follow-up to his live 2013 box set Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith is a solid companion piece to that release. While Hackett’s former band mates were not a part of this latest live recording (or his previously released live show at the Hammersmith), the musicians with whom he surrounded himself are just as talented as them. That is the first piece of this recording’s success. Another aspect worth noting in the concert’s recording is the show’s set list. And the multiple formats in which the performance is available solidifies the whole thing as one of the best new live recordings of the year.

Steve Hackett and his former Genesis band mates may no longer be performing or even recording together. It would be a dream come true for Hackett to reunite with at least one incarnation of Genesis if only for a one-off show. In their stead though, Hackett has surrounded himself with quite the stable of musicians and artists. Roine Stolt (the Flower Kings), Gary O’Toole (Chrissie Hynde, Kylie Minogue), Rob Townsend (Eddie Henderson, Bill Bruford, Django Bates), Lee Pomeroy (Rick Wakeman, Take That), Nad Sylvan (Unifaun, Agents of Mercy), and one time Genesis vocalist Ray Wilson joined Hackett for this performance. Also on board for the show were John Wetton, Amanda Lehmann, and Roger King (Snoop Dogg, Gary Moore, Jamelia). This collection of performers is just as talented as any incarnation of Genesis over the decades. Gary O’Toole covers the drums and percussion with the same ease as Phil Collins in his heyday. And Hackett soars throughout every song. Each of the group’s members gets their own moment in the spotlight, too. That is made evident through the show’s extensive set list, which is just as important to this recording’s success as the group assembled for the show.

The musicians brought on board for Steve Hackett’s Royal Albert Hall performance each bring their own expertise to the concert. They may not be the original Genesis lineup. But they are just as impressive as those musicians if not more so. Their talent is not all that is worth noting in this latest upcoming live Genesis Revisited recording. The show’s set list is just as worth nothing. It totals eighteen songs and approximately two hours and fourteen minutes. Not a single second of the nearly two and a half hours is wasted, either. The inclusion of fan favorites such as ‘Dance on a Volcano,’ ‘The Musical Box,’ and ‘Los Endos’ among so many others makes the recording even more enjoyable. Add in a number of rather extended songs and solid stage performance from every member of the band, and audiences get even more reason to check out this recording.

The collective stage presence on the part of Hackett and his fellow musicians, and the show’s extensive set list together are more than enough reason for any Genesis fan to check out this latest live release from Steve Hackett. There is still at least one more reason for Genesis fans to pick up this latest release from Hackett. That reason is the recording’s multiple presentation formats. The presentation reviewed here is that of the audio only CD recording. It is also available as a triple-disc 2CD/DVD digipack, and limited edition 2cd/2DVD/Blu-ray art book that includes liner notes, photos, and bonus interview segments. It was all recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound. So in total, Steve Hackett: Genesis RevisitedLive at the Royal Albert Hall will actually be available in not one, not two, but three separate formats upon its release next Tuesday, July 8th. The concert’s multiple presentation formats work in tandem with the concert’s extensive set list and the talent of the performers (as well as their o0n-stage presence) to make this latest live Genesis Revisited concert one of the best of 2014.

More information on Steve Hackett: Genesis RevisitedLive at the Royal Albert Hall and all of the latest news from Steve Hackett is available online now at and To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Hackett Announces New Live Box Set, Tour Details

Courtesy:  InsideOut Music

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

Veteran musician Steve Hackett will release a new live box set this Fall.  The new live set, Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith will be released on Monday, October 21st worldwide, and Tuesday, October 29th in the United States via InsideOut Music.  It will be comprised of three compact discs and two DVDs.  The full set was recorded at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on May 10th, 2013.  The recording of the sold out performance features guest performances from Nik Kershaw, John Wetton, Jakko Jakszyk, and Steve Rothery.  It is being released in connection with the return of Hackett’s Genesis Revisited Tour to Europe and the UK for a second run.  The second run is thanks to critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

Hackett shared his thoughts on the upcoming live box set in an interview about the release.  He talked about the 5.1 surround sound audio mix on the performance’s DVD portion and the equally impressive audio mix on the companion CD’s in his interview.  “The 5.1 DVD with stereo CD out on 21st October including the whole show from Hammersmith Apollo is a feast for all the senses,” he said.  I was blown away by the fantastic response to those May UK gigs. The autumn Genesis Revisited shows will include different Genesis material to before as well as all the big faves that bring the house down…See you all soon!”

The full track listing for Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith is available below.

1. Watcher of the Skies
2. The Chamber of 32 Doors
3. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
4. Fly on a Windshield
5. Broadway Melody of 1974
6. The Lamia
7. The Musical Box
8. Shadow of the Hierophant
9. Blood on the Rooftops

1. Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers
2. In That Quiet Earth
3. Afterglow
4. I Know What I Like
5. Dance on a Volcano
6. Entangled
7. Eleventh Earl of Mar
8. Supper’s Ready

1. Firth of Fifth
2. Los Endos

Full live show

Behind the scenes featurette

A full listing of Hackett’s most current tour dates is available online at his official Facebook page at and at his official website at  Fans can also stay up to date with all of the latest Steve Hackett news via Twitter at

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Collins’ New Project An Impressive New Prog-Rock Record

Courtesy:  InsideOut Music

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

First impressions are everything in this world.  Whether it be a first date, that first job interview, or a band’s first album, that first impression makes all the difference in said person(s) future successes.  In the case of prog-rock trio Sound of Contact, the band’s first impression in Dimensionaut is quite the first impression.  Fronted by second generation rocker Simon Collins—son of Phil Collins—the band’s twelve-track concept album is one of the year’s most intriguing records.  Being released via InsideOut Music, it also qualifies as one of the year’s best independent releases.  Throughout the album’s sequencing, listeners are treated to a record that obviously draws from a number of influences.  Those influences include the likes of: Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, and even his own dad’s former band, Genesis just to name a few.  The thing of it is that the trio has taken those influences and made a record that improves on the sounds crafted by those bands.  In turn, it becomes an album that stands out as a fully original and enjoyable listen from start to finish.

Dimensionaut offers listeners more interesting moments than can be listed in one sitting.  So one will try to pinpoint just a sampling of what makes this album a success.  Right off the bat, the band impresses on its short, acoustic opener, ‘Sound of Contact.’  The harmonies between Collins and band mates Dave Kerzner (keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals) and Matt Dorsey (guitars, bass, backing vocals) are spot on.  And the gentility of this opener makes it s perfect opener, as it leads to the surprise heaviness of ‘Cosmic Distance Ladder.’  Having gone from the gentility of the album’s opener, it serves a double purpose.  On one hand, it makes for a solid transition within the context of this album.  And keeping in mind the album’s overall concept, the song’s very title makes it all the more well-placed in the grand scheme of things.  On another hand, it proves how effortlessly the band’s members can switch from the softer side of the prog world to the much heavier side of things.

‘Pale Blue Dot’, the album’s third song, is another highlight to Dimensionaut.  This is one of those songs that openly draw from earlier prog bands, including that of Collins’ father.  Strangely enough, if one allows one’s self to fully be immersed in this song, nowhere does he sound more like his legendary father.  If one were listening to this song without knowing it was Simon Collins, one would very easily be led to believe that it was indeed Phil Collins.  That is how close the father and son sound to one another.  In terms of the song itself, it’s another well placed piece in the album’s overall layout.  The album as a whole is about a being that can travel between time and space.  The being’s journey is one meant to broaden the human experience.  So it is only natural that early on in the being realizes how insignificant we are in the universe.  The metaphor is used, comparing mankind to a “pale blue dot.”  It’s a relatively good visual.  And in partnership with the almost ethereal musical style, it stands out as one of the most incredible moments on this album.  It is so easy to close one’s eyes, take in the music and really be able to visualize what the being in question must be experiencing at this point in the story. 

The whole journey culminates in what can only be described as prog-rock at its best in the near twenty-minute epic, ‘Mobius Slip.’  The four-movement opus offers its share of heavy and soft from start to finish.  Its ability to mix its more mainstream elements with material more appealing to prog-rock purists makes it the perfect ending to this musical and lyrically existential journey.  Collins’ drumming is just as solid as his father’s, if not better.  The musicianship of his band mates is just as expert as the epic eventually leads to a conclusion that wonderfully book ends the album, closing it just as it opened.  By the time that the song ends, listeners will have realized that they have just experienced an album unlike anything that they have ever heard.  And they will realize, too, that this is an album that proves the promise of Sound of Contact for the future.  In the meantime, audiences will get to experience this journey live when the band hits the road in support of its debut.  The band will perform at the famed Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, California on Wednesday, August 21st.  The trio will also be playing dates in San Diego, California, Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia and more.  Fans can get the band’s most current tour listings online at and the band’s official website,

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