New Double Album Proves Again Why Reckless Kelly Is One Of Country Music’s Elite Acts

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Alt-Country outfit Reckless Kelly officially returns Friday with its tenth full-length studio recording.  The band will release its new recording, American Jackpot/American Girls digitally on Friday.  Leading up to its release, the double album produced three singles – ‘I Only See You With My Eyes Closed,’ ‘North American Jackpot’ and ‘Lonesome On My Own.’  While all three singles are enjoyable in their own right, they are just some of the songs that stand out on this latest offering from the band.  Considering the double record spans a total of 20 songs, it offers plenty from which to choose both in terms of musical arrangements and lyrical themes.  ‘Lost Inside The Groove,’ which comes late in the record’s 75-minute (hour and 15-minute) run, is another key addition to the album, proving its strength.  It will be discussed shortly.  ‘Another New Year’s Day,’ one of the album’s early offerings, is another of the album’s strong points.  It will be addressed a little later.  ‘Put On Your Brave Face Mary’ is yet another important addition to the album’s body.  When it is considered along with the other songs noted here, the album’s already released singles and the rest of the album’s songs, the whole of the album proves to be one of this year’s top new country music albums.

Reckless Kelly’s latest full-length studio recording American Jackpot/American Girls is another positive offering from the veteran alt-country outfit that audiences are sure to enjoy.  That is due to musical and lyrical content that will keep listeners engaged from beginning to end of the hour-long-plus record.  ‘Lost Inside The Groove’ is just one of the songs that serves to support these statements.  That is proven in part through its upbeat musical arrangement, which will get any listener’s foot tapping.  The song’s arrangement will take listeners back to another age of music, thanks to the incorporation of the organ into its whole.  The same applies to the style presented through the guitar, bass and drums, which collectively create a kind of old school honky tonk sound.  The combination of the classic surf rock sound generated through the organ and the old school country sound doesn’t seem on paper that it would work, but in reality, works quite surprisingly well.  It’s just one part of what makes the song stand out.  The positive energy exuded through the arrangement is enhanced through the song’s lyrical content.

The song’s lyrical content is just as upbeat as its musical content.  Front man Willy Braun sings in the song’s lead verse, “Well my little mamacita, she says to me/You’re everything I ever need/Ain’t no way I’d ever break your heart/She picks me up when I’m feelin’ down/Holds me steady when I’m spinnin’ ‘round/There’s no mistaking the real thing/And I’m lost inside the groove again with you, baby/I never want it to be found/Lost inside the groove again with you baby/This time, I’m not messing around.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “Well my cool, rockin’ mama and lucky old me/We got something that you wouldn’t believe/Flyin’ down lover’s lane on cruise control/She’s pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down/Heart to heart without making a sound/There’s no mistaking the real thing.”  He adds in the end of the chorus refrain, “Use my mind when I get you all alone/All my worries start fadin’ away/I save my trouble for a rainy day.”  A little more is added from here in the song’s third and final verse, but it is very much in the same vein as what Braun presented in the song’s first and second verse, and even its chorus.  To that end, the song’s somewhat celebratory lyrics, which focus on a man who clearly is head over heels in love, will connect with its own share of listeners.  Coupled with the song’s equally upbeat musical arrangement, the two elements join to make this song just one of this album’s most notable highlights.  ‘Another New Year’s Day,’ which comes earlier in the album, is another standout addition to the record.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Another New Year’s Day’ is distinctly different from that at the base of ‘Lost Inside The Groove.’  This song’s arrangement is quite reserved by comparison.  The balance of the piano, guitar and drums forms the foundation of this introspective composition.  That foundation is strengthened through the addition of the violin, mandolin and harmonica.  The whole of that collective makes the mid-tempo work engaging and entertaining in its own unique fashion, and serves well to help illustrate the emotion exhibited through the song’s lyrical content.

Speaking of the song’s lyrical content, Braun tugs at listeners’ heart strings through this work that is not only introspective but contemplative, too.  He sings in the song’s lead verse, “Well I woke up/With a clean slate/As the sun was setting in the west/guest the last day/Was a long one/From now on/I’m gonna do my best/To live my life/Like I always said I would/Shake these demons off my back for good/’Cause it don’t have to be this way/It’s just another New Year’s Day/It’s just another/New Year’s Day.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “Well I went down/With my old pals/For a couple at the burger and brew/And I told ‘em/From now on y’all/things’ll be different like I always do/And I said just watch/this whole room, I’m gonna turn it around/Well they had a good laugh/And they ordered they another round/’Cause it always ends this way/It’s just another New Year’s Day/It’s just another New Year’s Day.”  He adds in the song’s third and final verse, “Well I cam back/To the hotel/And I swear I’m gonna finish this song/But I couldn’t/Help but wonder/Just where the hell it all went wrong/And they say you’ve gotta live like no tomorrow/Well that all sounds great/’Till it’s time to drown all your sorrows/There’s got to be a better way/It’s just another New Year’s Day/It’s just another New Year’s Day/It’s just another New Year’s Day.”  Again, this is pretty contemplative.  It’s as if he is saying in these words, the more things change, the more they stay the same, no matter how hard we try to change.  It makes a person look at one’s own life and perhaps try harder to not let the next day be another SSDD scenario.  Keeping that in mind, this song clearly stands out from others in this album, including ‘Lost Inside The Groove.’  It’s just one more example of what makes Reckless Kelly’s new album stand out, too.  ‘Put On Your Brave Face Mary’ is one more notable addition to the album that is unique in its own way.

‘Put On Your Brave Face Mary’ offers audiences another song that stands so starkly apart from its counterparts on this record in the best way possible, beginning with its musical arrangement.  The arrangement is a heart wrenching composition that is born in Braun’s vocal and instrumental performance.  It is a modern, melancholy work, but not melancholy just for the sake of it.  It really works well to accompany the heartbreaking story featured in the song’s lyrical content.

The story that seems to be presented in this song’s lyrical theme appears to center on a military veteran who has come back and is fighting that inner emotional battle of which so many news agencies have talked in stories that they run.  This is inferred right from the song’s lead verse, in which Braun sings, “Mary fought back tears when she saw that far off look in his eyes/Said, ‘what’d they do to you, baby?’/I can see you dyin’ inside/I got you six/Just like you’ve always had mine/These invisible scars don’t change the man you are/Everything’s gonna be alright/Put on your brave face Mary/Put on your brave face/Put on your brave face Mary/Put on your brave face.”  This verse alone certainly sounds like an addressing of the emotional scars that so many military veterans and their loved ones deal with together.  Braun continues in the song’s second verse, “VA’s understaffed/The lines are around the block/He calls up the hotline/But nobody there has the time to talk/Been talked up for days/Dealing with demons they don’t understand/Mary holds the line while he takes matters into his own hands/Put on your brave face, Mary/Put on your brave face/Put on your brave face, Mary/Put on your brave face.”  He adds in the song’s third verse, “Now he’s fighting for his life/Mary, she’s a rock/It’s all over the news/So Washington’s gearing up to talk the talk/Seven hundred billion/Somehow not enough to go around/It’s the price we pay are the 22 a day committed to the ground/Put on your brave face, Mary/Put on your brave face.”  Whether one is a veteran or knows a veteran, this song so hardly hits at the heart of this matter, of veterans dealing with PTSD and having no help other than family.  This isn’t the first time the Reckless Kelly has taken on the government’s leaders for their handling of the military.  The band took on George W. Bush and the government in their handling of the Middle East conflict on its 2008 album Bulletproof through the song ‘American Blood.’  That song was a damning indictment of the government’s focus more on American intervention in the Middle East for the aim of controlling the region’s oil supply more than to help free the region’s peoples.  Those with any connection to the military that the band has once again stood up for military personnel and holding those in power accountable here.  Keeping that in mind, this song proves once more why American Jackpot/American Girls is such a powerful new offering from Reckless Kelly.  When it is considered with the other songs noted here, the singles that have been spawned already from the album and the rest of the album’s songs, the recording in whole proves to be another strong new offering from the band and another of this year’s top new country music albums.

Reckless Kelly’s new double album American Jackpot/American Girls, the band’s 10th album to date, is another impressive offering from the alt-country outfit that is certain to resonate with the band’s established fan base and country music fans in general.  That is proven in each of the recording’s albums, and is evidenced here through just three of the songs featured in the album.  When those songs are considered alongside the album’s already released singles and the rest of the album’s works, the recording in whole proves itself a work that is deserving of as much praise as any of Reckless Kelly’s previous albums.  American Jackpot / American Girls will be available digitally Friday and physically in July.  More information on the album is available along with all of Reckless Kelly’s latest news at:










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Iron Sky A Modern Day Comedy Cult Classic B-Movie

Courtesy:  Entertainment One

Courtesy: Entertainment One

Iron Sky is hilarious.  In fact it’s so terrible that one can’t help but laugh at this triple threat of a farce.  On the surface it’s obviously a sci-fi spoof.  On another, having it be about Nazis living on the moon coming to invade Earth makes it also a spoof of the war movie genre.  And having a Sarah Palin look-alike as the President makes it a political spoof, too.  Put all of these spoofs together into one pot and this movie is sure to become a modern day cult classic.  Despite what director Timo Vuorensola notes in the director’s commentary, the spoof of all three genres is there, even if it was meant first and foremost to be nothing but a war comedy.

Iron Sky comes across as one of those movies that were it made in the heyday of science fiction, would have been one of the movies featured on the former Syfy channel series, Mystery Science Theater 3000.  The very concept of generations of Nazis living on the moon, planning an eventual attack on Earth is absolutely laughable in itself.  But then again, the very concept isn’t meant to be taken seriously.  For that matter, nothing in this movie is meant to be taken seriously.  Even Vuorensola notes in the “Making of” featurette that the movie was completed in thirty-seven days and that it wasn’t even intended to be the next movie that he made.  The first movie he made was a spoof of the Star Trek franchise.  On a side note, audiences will laugh hysterically at the short clips of that film.  But having completed this movie in such a short time and making it just as hilarious as so many classic sci-fi movies puts it right up there with the likes of B-movie master Roger Corman.

The political spoof side of Iron Sky is just as hilarious as the sci-fi and war movie spoofs thrown into this laugh-a-minute mish-mash of a movie.  The very fact that those behind the cameras would have a Sarah Palin like figure as the leader of the free world is just as funny as the concept of Nazis living on the moon, planning an Earth invasion.  The concept of a figure such as Mrs. Palin leading the country isn’t so much what’s funny.  Rather, it’s the spoof of the former Presidential candidate that is funny.  The president here is a total caricature of Palin that’s completely over the top.  Even funnier is what Vuorensola notes in the director’s commentary about her.  He notes that Palin originally wasn’t even the person that was going to be spoofed.  Rather, he says that his original plan was to use a spoof of *surprise surprise* Jenna Bush.  That comment alone is worth its share of laughs.  The randomness of her as an original choice makes both that choice and the latter that much funnier.  Again, there’s more comedy added to this movie and more proof of the value of bonus features and commentary for a movie’s home release.

The Palin caricature in this movie makes for so many laughs.  Add in the absurdity of her interactions with the world’s other leaders, and viewers can’t help but laugh at the story’s political commentary.  One glance at the news on any network today shows that while what’s shown here is a spoof, there is at least some reality in the leaders’ over the top immaturity and fighting.  During the huge space flight scenes, audience even see the President’s campaign manager on the bridge of her ship with monitors in the background flashing the word, “Vote” interchanging with images of the President.  Sure, jokes of that style are common in political movies.  But that it was so subtle is what makes it so funny.  Even before that, there is another subtlety that audiences will love if they catch it.  As the attack on Earth begins, the President and company are watching the news of the attack.  The crawl on the bottom of the screen reads something to the effect of the FDA had determined that nearly everything causes cancer.  Again, it’s that subtlety that makes this joke so funny.  Here’s this message about people’s health safety begin run against news of an attack on Earth.  It makes for so many laughs for those who manage to catch it.  Of course, there is so much more that viewers will catch and enjoy from this way over the top triple threat of a spoof. And in catching all of the other jokes and subtleties will leave any viewer agreeing that this movie is bound to become a modern comedy cult classic, albeit an underrated one.  But it’s bound to be a cult classic nonetheless for those who are open minded enough to appreciate its total absurdity.

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New Frontline Feature Examines The AIDS Epidemic In Black America

Courtesy: PBS/WGBH/, Ford Foundation, MAC AIDS Fund, Corporation For Public Broadcasting/MacArthur Foundation/Reva & David Logan/Park Foundation/Frontline Journalism Fund

AIDS has devastated America since it first began appearing in the early 1980s.  When it first became known, it was thought to be a disease only of homosexual males.  Since that time though, knowledge of the disease and how to treat it has broadened.  Despite that knowledge, AIDS continues to ravage one group more than any other.  And it isn’t the gay community.  As presented by PBS’ Frontline, the community that is still being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic is the African American community.

In its new special, Frontline examines in an unbiased manner, the spread of AIDS in the black community.  It examines the factors that have led to the spread of the disease and the stigma attached to those who have contracted it, both straight and homosexual.  The stories told firsthand by those who contracted the disease are both powerful and moving.  And learning how widespread the disease is in the Black community is just as eye opening.  Through the program’s near two-hour run time, there is a message of hope that it can at least be reduced and slowed if not wiped out.

The stories told firsthand by those who contracted the AIDS virus come from members of every walk of the African American community.  On one hand, there is Nel.  Nel is sixty-three years old and a grandmother.  Nel married a deacon in her church who it turned out had lied to her about being HIV positive.  Even upon being confronted by her, he still lied about it.  Another story is that of a young woman who ended up contracting the disease from a man after having unprotected sex with a man she thought was Mr. Right.  And in another, audiences are presented the case of Jovante.  Jovante is a football player who ended up contracting the disease from his partner.  It shows the far reaching impact of the disease and the personal emotion felt by each victim. 

The feeling that each victim experiences illustrate the stigma still attached to the disease even three decades after it first appeared.  That stigma crossed lines of straight and gay.  Even more interesting is that the stigma itself was more self-imposed than having been placed on them by those around the subjects interviewed.  That is one of the most interesting aspects of this documentary.  That victims regardless of straight or gay would self-impose the stigma is a powerful statement.  Some claimed that they didn’t talk about it because they believe the stigma.  But the vibe of the general public was not one of subjugation, but of acceptance.  That comparison is subtle.  But it’s more than enough to generate lots of discussions.

Also sure to create is a segment of the program highlighting former President George W. Bush’s pledge to send aid to Africa to help fight the AIDS epidemic there, too.  It provides the clip from Bush’s State of The Union address in 2003 in which he publicly pledged millions in aid to fight the disease throughout Africa’s nations.  Whether political or otherwise, this is a moment that is certain to lead to discussions, too.  The inclusion of interviews with NBA Magic Johnson will lead to just as many discussions.  It’s interesting the view that some developed on AIDS after seeing that Johnson recovered.  It actually created a hope.  And that sense of hope is what viewers are left with by the program’s end.

While there is still work to be done in terms of education and other aspects, there is hope that cases of AIDS can be vastly reduced if not wiped out with proper education among America’s Black communities.  The education must be spread to African Americans of all ages.  From education about abstinence and contraception to general knowledge about AIDS, it can combine to finally lead to the endgame in question for Aids in Black America.

Endgame:  Aids in Black America is available now on DVD.  It can be ordered direct via PBS’ online store,

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New PBS DVD Shows The Importance Of Knowing One’s History

Courtesy: PBS/Inkwell Films/Kundhart McGee Productions/Ark Media/WNET Thirteen

America is a melting pot.  Its history is made up of the stories from the immigrants who settled here from its earliest days.  Sadly, many of those stories have been lost because we as a nation have forgotten our roots.  We have forgotten from where we came.  Now thanks to PBS, a new special has been released that will hopefully re-ignite the fire among Americans to learn their family roots. 

“Finding Your Roots”, hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a ten part special spread across three discs.  Gates interviews many of this great nation’s most famous names, discussing their family roots with them.  The famous names come from the world of music, acting, politics, and more.  One of Gates’ most interesting interviews comes in the segment featuring musicians and friends Harry Connick, Jr. and Branford Marsalis.  Another was his interview with actors Robert Downey, Jr. and Maggie Gyllenhaal.  And one of the most interesting cross sections shown in this ten-part special comes in his interviews with Doctor Sanjay Gupta, comedian Margaret Cho, and famed personality Martha Stewart.  They, along with the other unmentioned interviews, make this special one of PBS’ best to date.

“Finding Your Roots” starts with gates interviewing musicians Harry Connick, Jr. and Branford Marsalis.  Starting the mini-series with this pair of interviews is more than just an interview with a pair of famous musicians.  What gates and those behind the camera intended to do with this segment was to try and bridge the racial gaps of our nation.  The connection between Connick and Marsalis shows that while people may have different color skin, that’s all that really separates us.  Connick admits in his interview that he wanted to be black.  He says that he dressed and acted the part.  What’s really interesting about this is the discovery that one of his ancestors, James Connick, fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.  On the good side, it should be noted that James Connick  did not fight for slavery.  He fought solely for economic reasons.  He wasn’t even a slave owner.  He was just trying to support his family.  Apparently, Harry didn’t know this.  But it raises what becomes a very interesting trend that viewers will see as the special moves to other notables.

Just as Harry Connick, Jr.’s roots proved to be rather interesting, so did those of Branford Marsalis.  Interviews with Branford’s famed father Ellis Marsalis, reveals that Branford may have actually gotten his musical abilities not so much from his father, but from his mother.  Or rather, he got his talent from her side of the family.  What’s more, it’s also revealed that one of his ancestors was actually the result of a relationship between a white man and black woman.  This brings this very first pair of interviews full circle.  Gates tells audiences that despite the popular belief, far fewer African American males were born of Native American blood than believed.  Many more will find that they have deeper African American and European roots than Native American.  What it seems that Gates is getting at in this first segment is that while the color of our skin is different, blacks and whites may be far more closely related than we think.  We need only take the time to look back and find our roots.

Gates’ interviews with Harry Connick, Jr. and Branford Marsalis are both entertaining and very insightful.  They’re just one part of what makes “Finding Your Roots” so impressive.  Another interesting pair of figures interviewed for the special is Robert Downey, Jr. and Maggie Gyllenhaal.  It’s revealed that both are descended from Jewish ancestry.  What’s more, Gyllenhaal’s Jewish ancestry is one hundred percent pure Jewish.  She admits in her interview some interesting facts that reveal ancestry and genetics play directly hand in hand.  Again, viewers will see this pop up a lot throughout all ten parts of the mini-series.  What’s really interesting to learn about Maggie Gyllenhaal is that apparently she’s descended from nobility.  It’s revealed through investigations and Gates’ interview with her, that Maggie Gyllenhaal is actually descended from King Henry I.  And somewhere along the line, she’s also linked to both George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush, as well as Shirley Temple, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  She showed that she had no clue about any of these links, and just how amazed she was by all of it.

Robert Downey, Jr., on the other hand, had much different roots.  He and Gyllenhaal both are children of film makers.  And like Gyllenhaal, he too has Jewish roots.  It’s also revealed that he has Swiss roots.  Unlike Gyllenhaal’s roots, though, he can’t claim connection to any real famous historical figures.  Ironically enough, he himself has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood throughout his career.

Musicians and actors were only a tiny portion of the whole that makes up “Finding Your Roots.”  Gates also interviewed Sanjay Gupta, Margaret Cho and Martha Stewart.  This feature offers perhaps some of the most interesting material in the series.  These segments reveal to both the celebrities in question and to viewers some rather unexpected and surprising information.  One of the most interesting pieces of information is that Martha Stewart has links back to the Mongols.  She laughs in discovering this as she admitted to Gates that her dog is actually named Genghis Khan.  What’s more, many of her ancestors also had professions that involved much of what she does today.  As noted in previous segments, it seems yet again that there is at least some link between one’s ancestry and one’s own personal genetic makeup.  Maggie Gyllenhaal admitted her pleasant surprise at her link to her Jewish ancestry due to her own recent personal choices before her interview.  Branford Marsalis’ parents told Gates that he got his musical abilities from his mother’s side of the family.  That link is explained in the connection to specific well known acts from the rich history of music. 

The roots discovered in conversations with Martha Stewart are the revelations of Margaret Cho’s family.  Her interview reveals that one of her distant ancestors was a very well respected member of his community.  What’s most interesting in her discussions is that members of her family are not actually Korean.  They came from other regions of Asia.  She shows her surprise, laughing about it.  She tells Gates that this was a surprising revelation, being that her parents always claimed such national pride for Korea.  This discovery is made through genetic testing.

Sanjay Gupta’s interview was one of the most moving of the entire mini-series.  Gupta shows just how amazed he is by all of the information discovered through the research done for his interviewed.  At one point, he even begins to tear up.  That single moment is perhaps the defining moment of this entire special.  The emotion that he shows is the entire point of the presentation.  So few Americans are aware of their families’ histories.  It doesn’t matter if someone is related down the line to this famous person or that, or if they are simply related to some random person.  It’s that discovery of one’s past is the most important.  It can make all the difference in a person’s life.  It adds that much more to the nation’s already rich history as a whole.

Gates’ interviews with members of the entertainment community reveal some very interesting notes about them.  It also reminds viewers that they might be just as interested if they take the time to do some research into their own family roots.  There’s no telling what viewers might find if they take that time.  “Finding Your Roots” is proof of that.  “Finding Your Roots” is available on DVD now.  It can be ordered online at

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